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Posted by: Uchiha Mikyas Jan 11 2007, 02:43 AM
Name: Kiku (Fear) Chart
Type: Genjutsu/Ninjutsu
Rank: Any
Special Items: Paper/Parchment for Seals, and ink for the Hora Aiga Jutsu.
Element: N/A
Description: For shinobi who plan on having a tech tree that is primarily Genjutsu. The theme of Genjutsu is for the user to trigger fear in the enemy, which will help the user escape battles they can't fight, buy time for attacks that need concentration to be used, or just use some of the less effective techniques for fun, to scare friends.

- Unari no Jutsu (Screech)
Type: Genjutsu
Chakra: N/A
Description: Basic attempt to distract one's enemy. Releases aren't really needed for this beginner's ability, but that still doesn't make it any less iritating for one's ears.

- Giragira no Jutsu (Glare)
Type: Genjutsu
Chakra: N/A
Description: A confident glare to throw off the user's enemy. Effective against Academy Students and beginning Genin. This is a great preempting move for a fair match.

- Kamakaze no Konpaku (Exploding Phantom)
Type: Genjutsu/Ninjutsu
Chakra: 5,000
Description: The user fakes an image of the enemy trapped in a room with a ghoul chasing him around, seemingly waving an exploding tag. (Lasts for one of the enemy's posts) The whole time the user may run away, or attack the enemy and trigger an early release of the illusion.

- Giragira no Jutsu (Glare - Rank 2)
Type: Genjutsu
Chakra: 10,000
Description: More effective than the first level, this jutsu will cause someone of Chuunin rank to succumb to it. If the enemy's eyes meet the user's, the enemy may be intimidated enough to either close their eyes in fear, or cry in Achilles' heel, which should allow the user to distract the enemy for enough time to pull off an attack or possibly flee.

- Bakuha no Konpaku (Super Exploding Phantom)
Type: Genjutsu/Ninjutsu
Chakra: 15,000
Description: The user transforms into a ghoul and flies into the air, spinning around the enemy, releasing 5 exploding tags. One aimed for the face, two aimed for each shoulder, 1 aimed for the ribs, and 1 aimed for the spine. It is rare that all 5 reach the enemy's body before it's interruption. It should be considered GM if 4-5 are used successfully.

- Hiroimono no Jutsu (Fear Detecting)
Type: Genjutsu
Chakra: 20,000
Description: Achieving this skill means being able to sense what one fears most. The only way it will work is if the user knows all the possible fears one can have. Through this a flash of each fear will appear in front of the enemy's eyes for a split second. The image that the enemy flinches mostly too is the detected fear. This can be time consuming and may not work at first, but with training this jutsu, the user will notice that it can actually work.
Side-note: "Making up" a fear won't work, because this skill isn't about telepathy, it's more about empathy. Everyone, even cold hearted assasin ninjas, has some kind of emotion. Just look at Zabimaru, I bet no one expected him to cry after the event with Haku. Having a fearless character should be flagged as GM.

- Kiku Henge no Jutsu (Horror "Attack")
Type: Genjutsu/Ninjutsu
Chakra: 22,000
Description: Requires some experience with the "Fear Detecting" jutsu. With this the user apparently transforms into one's greatest fear and then performs an attack that relates to the fear.
Side-Note: Example - The enemy is most afraid of fish. The user becomes a fish and attacks by flailing and waving its fins at the enemy.

- Hora Aiga no Jutsu (Horror "Movie")
Type: Genjutsu
Chakra: 30,000
Description: A technique in which the user requires the "Fear Detecting" jutsu, to place the enemy in a virtually inevitable trance(however someone other than himself may release him), where his greatest fear is surrounding him, simply staring him into complete dread for 1 hour, and then stabbing his body for 24 hours. The only way to block out this jutsu completely is with the 3rd stage of Sharingan or higher. The move is carried out by making a seal and sticking it on the opponent's forehead.
Side-note: Keep in mind that this comes dangerously close to Tsukuyomi on the Uchiha Clan tree, but applies differently for the enemy. The illusion won't just be any random torture idea the user can think of. It will be the exact fear of the opponent that will be implanted into their minds, which could cause even the most level headed of people to become insane/disturbed. And if this jutsu can be flagged as GM, please try to consider that this is what Genjutsu is mainly about and that there are actually two possible ways to escape it, keeping it.

Posted by: Omega2042 Jan 16 2007, 06:55 AM
Really nothing wrong with the chart, get someone else to approve of it, though.

Posted by: Kintaro Mar 28 2007, 11:57 PM
Yea, right... approved!

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