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Posted by: Nara shuharo May 14 2006, 11:37 AM
b]Clan Name:[/b] Aburame
Name of Bloodline Technique: Kikiai bugs

The Aburame clan is one of the oldest families in the in the Fire Country. When Konohagakure was founded, they joined this newly formed shinobi group for promises of wealth and a respected position. The first Aburame shinobi became well known all across all Konoha for their incredible skills in various areas such as tactics and taijutsu, but that wasnít the real reason they were made famous.

The kikai bugs that had been their partners, incorporated into them since before any of them could remember, were the source of their growing fame among the community of hidden leaf. Their abilities to sap chakra from their opponents brought fear and respect among their comrades and enemies on the battlefield. Meanwhile, being a part of a shinobi village led to greater abilities among the Aburame, as their chakra abilities grew.

How did they bond with insects? There is a legend, dating from before the creation of the clan all about the first Aburame. Aburame Zaemon was a man passionate by the insect way of life and generally peculiar, all around. When he came to fire country, seeking rare types of insects, his research made him discover a story about four giant bugs with legendary abilities. Each of those bugs had been sealed in 4 distinct locations that he needed to explore.

The four giant bugs supposedly represented a form of power as Zaemon the insect hunter decided to take it upon himself to look for each and every one of them. It was said that the one who was able to capture them would be granted their protection and powers. The first giant bug was Makushi, a 6-foot tall praying mantis. Capturing the creature became one of his greatest tasks yet, as the creature was able to use its arms to cut through trees and all the traps that were set for it. Using his knowledge of the fiendís anatomy, Zaemon was able to create a trap that would hinder Makushiís abilities to use its terrible slashing arms.

The second challenge was Wajudo the giant moth. Strangely, this bug didnít offer any form of physical resistance but it was nearly impossible to catch it. This giant bug was incredibly fast and knew the forest like the bottom of her pocket. Zaemon couldnít count on his tactics or speed to catch it. Zaemon prepared a rather ingenious plan and quietly observed the bugís patterns for many weeks. Knowing exactly where Wajudo was running, he placed a net between two trees as she rushed into the trap and ended up being tied up and ensnared by the net.

The third challenge was in a dark cave. The scent of death traveled to his nostrils as he explored the underground cave. A cracking noise made him startle and fell on his behind as he turned on the light. Skulls, maggots, broken bones and spider webs all other the place. That was the den of Kashiga, the legendary spider. As he progressed down to the bottom of the cave, something intrigued him.

There was no sign of life or any kind of noise coming from the surrounding. His senses didnít fail him; with a violent spin and dashed back to avoid sting from the spider. Kashiga was already here and advanced with her long legs trying to reach him and put him against the ground. Zaemon didnít wait for being killed and kept on going down until his feet stomped on something.

All around him, eggs as far as the eyes could see. That was probably where Kashiga kept all her future children. Using the torch his hand, he pointed at the eggs room and the creature simply backed down and waited. How long did Zaemon stay in the cave? Nobody knew. Some said a few weeks, others said months, or maybe years. One thing was certain, after this long and patient hide and seek in darkness, he came out of the cave a changed man.

The last challenge was announced to be probably the hardest one yet. The stag beetle, Banzatsuia, was quite a sight to behold and unlike the other bugs was pretty confident of his offensive and defensive abilities. Zaemon knew that little trick wouldnít do it this time. Zaemon decided to call on his new found allies to aid in the task. The three giants werenít happy about battling one of their own, but they had sworn themselves into Zaemonís service.

The web of Kashiga was used to ensnare Banzatsuia and Makushi terrible claws were used to make some marks on its impenetrable carapace while Wajudo served as a mount for Zaemon to find the weakest spot of the beetle. After long hours, Banzatsuia bowed down in submission.

The four giant bugs accepted him as their new master and offered him a gift. Zaemon advanced toward the hall where they guided him. Inside little ant-like insects were walking around and the bugs seemed to point in that direction. Not being afraid for his life, he stepped forward as the insects leapt upon him and began to eat into his body. After hours of agonizing, he stood up and he felt a connection with the little creatures crawling under his skin.

The little bugs even had a name from his new gained knowledge of the insects, they were called kikai bugs. Zaemon and his children followed the same ritual to become Aburame. However, they did so without fighting the four giant bugs who had became the guardians of the Aburame clan from that day forward.

Today, they have become quite well known all over Konoha, despite their tendency to speak little of their abilities and of their high mission success rate. Their actions spoke louder than words.

Clan description:

There is no real set style with the Aburame. They have been known to have diverse ranges of hair colors from black to blonde to the more outrageous hairstyles. Their eye colors can range from blue to brown and depending on the way they dress, their skin tones are from pallid to tan.

In normal daily life, clothing is loose and light, more suited for the forests and for their kikai companions. During ceremonies, they wear kimonos and for the purposes of addressing the elders with serious discussions and political enquiries, the clan heads wear robes of cotton, with their family designs and emblems on them. The elders wear heavier robes, which are made of canvas or wool, with their family logos as well as a few simple and plain patterns. Dark glasses have become very common in the recent years, however, and many are made for those who want them.

The kikai bugs:

The kikai bugs, also known as destruction bugs, are unique to the Aburame clan, they are very small and behave much like ants. Those insects are sustained on the host bodyís chakra reserve but in exchange grant him incredible abilities. For instance, the Aburame can control his bugs to drain the chakra of his opponents.

Bonding ritual:

From birth, babies are brought to a secluded place where the bonding ritual occurs. The baby is put in the middle of a circle where the kikai bugs gather and penetrate into the babyís body. The ritual is known to be quite painful but necessary to make them official members of the community. Most children fortunately do not remember their bonding ceremony. It has happened at times that some clan members decided against doing the clan ritual and had normal children. The clan doesnít apply any strict laws against this, but their children would have no hope in interacting with the other clan members. Most families, therefore, do go through with the ceremony.


The clan lives not far from Konoha in the eastern part of the forest that surrounds the village. It is believed that they found the rare race of Kikai bugs there and interacted with them from now on. The Aburame estate could be considered a little village in itself. The houses look like huts and have many entrances. A larger hut in the center of the Aburame village is where the matriarch can be found, residing with her husband.

Each house is composed of basic rooms such as a living room, a kitchen and a number of bedrooms. They tend to have many children so having several bedrooms in each house is not uncommon.

The houses are made of earth and are mostly white with large holes serving as windows and a roof made of thatch. The well-insulated walls keep a warm temperature inside the homes. The kikai bugs hive can be found underground, spreading beneath a large portion of the village. The aboveground portion of the hive is quite large, standing 10 feet tall, and is usually crawling with billions of the little living beings.

Clan life:

The Aburame community is actually ruled by a matriarchy, meaning that the women are the leaders of the clan and the men are generally shinobi or soldiers. While it is not uncommon to see female clan members take on the role of shinobi, the males tend to be passive when he comes to the organization and ruling of the clan. Some older males though get to become elders, they are generally the most experienced warriors and help the matriarch in making her decisions regarding the shinobi aspects of the Aburame.

The small community is well organized between the people taking care of raising and nourishing the kikai bugs in a hive out of sight underground. The bugs are prepared for the bonding rituals for the newborn babies.

The Aburame tend to be rather calm because of the way that they were raised. Living in constant harmony with the ecosystem, they learn to listen to whatís going on around them. Unlike some stereotypes, the Aburame are not distant to people but are men of a few words and prefer to show that they care about people with actions.

While the Aburame can be found occasionally out of their estate, even people from Konoha are not welcome to their estate unless another clan member invites them. Only the Hokage is allowed inside the estate unescorted. Weddings can be made outside of the clan, as the children will most likely be compatible with the kikai bugs for the bonding ritual.

Loyalty to Leaf:

The Aburame are one of the oldest clana of Konoha and will never leave their village without a very good reason. They all follow the general ideal of Konoha and work as best they can for its prosperity. They will in no way ever harm their own country or village. An Aburame missing nin would not be unable to progress in the Aburame tech tree any further. This is due to the lack of training, as well as a lack of proper care for the insects, that only can be provided by specialists in the clan.
    Kikaichuu no Jutsu - Destruction Bug Technique
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: Kikaichuu no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Aburame clan of Leaf village. After being born, the clan member serves as the host nest for the kikai bugs. In return for feeding on the chakra the hosts' body provides, the insects will do the bidding of the clan member. The host can use the bugs to seek out the chakra of the opponent and attack them.

    - Kekkai Konchuu- bug Bunshin no Jutsu
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 1,000
    Description: A Ninjutsu technique that requires the use of the destruction bugs, which are the parasites of the Aburame Clan, so this technique belongs solely to them. By commanding the bugs, the ninja demands that they assume the form of the ninja's body.

    Mushi Yose no Jutsu - Insect Gathering Technique
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 1,000
    Description: Mushi Yose no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Aburame clan of Leaf village. After forming the needed handseals, the clan user will place their hand to a surface and extend a web-like chakra lure to insects in the surrounding area to their location. Running this web over the area will cause any nearby bugs to walk up into it and follow it back to the source.

    Mushi Kabe no Jutsu (Bug Wall Technique)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 2,500
    Description: Almost like the Insect jar technuice, only that this technuice creates a wall of bugs that can be used for offensive and defensive atacks.

    Pheremone Target
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: The user is able to direct a Female bug to emit pheremones that can be tracked by every bug in their body. This makes tracking simple and like with Bee's causes more bugs to be drawn and attack the target.

    - Destruction Bug Transformation Skill [Kikaichuu Henge no Jutsu]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 1500
    Description: A large group of Kikaichuu and/or Dokuchuu group together and form the shape of something. The user then expends some of his or her chakra to change the appearance of the mass of bugs into something else.

    - Destruction Bug Rope Skill [Kikaichuu Sakujou no Jutsu]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 1000
    Description: A combination technique that utilizes both Dokuchuu and Kikaichuu. Dokuchuu first set up facing each other and then Kikaichuu start to form between them on a chakra wave that resembles a rope. The Kikaichuu add substance to the rope, making it rain while the Dokuchuu guide the rope and allow it to latch other to other things effectively. The rope can be lengthened and manipulated per the Aburameís will and is easily capable of catching an ally or entangling an enemy. Once the enemy is entangled.


    - Healing Bug Skill [Chiyuchuu no Jutsu]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 5000
    Description: The Chiyuchuu are not a different breed of Kikai, but instead they are simply obese Kikaichuu that have engorged themselves on healing chakra, similar to the chakra type used in some medical jutsu. These bugs retain most of the chakra they absorb from the host in the form of a medical gel that promotes the bodyís natural healing. The bugs also secrete natural antibiotics, natural pain killer, as well as several other medical-based drugs. These bugs can be asked to go to a wounded person and secret one or more of these chemicals on the wound(s) to enhance the healing process. Since the host normally has these chemicals running through their bodies using these bugs on any Aburame would result in a harmful overdose instead of a healing. These bugs do not stay with their patients, but instead immediately return to the host, meaning that no Healing Bug Skill stacks retroactively

    - Poison Bug Skill [Dokuchuu no Jutsu]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 5000
    Description: Once the user starts to enter more dangerous and diverse situations, the need for a more solid guardian arises. The Kikai solve this problem with the Dokuchuu, which is a special breed of Kikai originally designed to act as defenders of the hive. They are larger then the average Kikai and much stronger, and also feed on chakra differently. Instead of extracting chakra from the victimís skin, these insects suck out the blood and extract the chakra directly while itís in their stomachs. Before biting their victim, they first release a numbing agent to prevent their victim from feeling their bite. Afterwards they release an anti-coagulant to prevent the blood from clotting. This drug also contains a poison that slowly deteriorates the body. The host is not capable of supporting many of these, but they make up for numbers with their strength and toxins.

    -Thousand Underground sting -Chi Chika Ken
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 5000
    Description:The user puts his hands on the ground and sends out thousand insects and bugs undder it and then it comes up a bug swarm behind the opponent that kills and draw out his chakra fast.

    Mushi Kame no Jutsu - Insect Jar Technique
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 10000
    Description: Mushi Kame no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Aburame clan of Leaf village. After forming the needed handseals, the clan user will expel the destruction bugs living in their body. The bugs will surround the member and fly at a high rate of speed forming a protective vortex. The vortex will be strong enough to destroy incoming bug attacks. The vortex can be disrupted and the clan members inside rendered vulnerable if sufficient explosive force is expended outside the protective shell.

    Kikai no Yoroi- Armour of Destruction Bug
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 17000
    Description: A secret technique of the Aburame clan, this Jutsu can be used to gain a defensive advantage upon the opponent. When using this technique, the user communicates with the Kikai within his body, giving them precise instructions. Waiting until the opponent strikes, the Bugs then swarm together underneath the skin where the attack is aimed at. The user then focuses their Chakra to densely pack them together, creating a hard plate of Kikai just underneath the skin that can defend against almost any assault, reducing the damage it causes dramatically. The drawback of this technique is the large Chakra that must be accumulated to pack the Bugs together tight enough to be an effective defence. This means it should only be used to defend against critical strikes.

    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 10000
    Description: Destruction bugs can remove foreign substances from the bug users body nullifying toxins and venom.(Will only work on another person if they are Destruction bugs BL)


    - Monster Destruction Bug Creation Skill [Monsuta-Kikaichuu Tsukuru no Jutsu]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 25000
    Description: The user first gathers a large amount of Kikaichuu into one place in front of them. Then the user expends a large amount of chakra to literally deconstruct the bugs and fuse them into a much larger version of themselves. The new creation is approximately eight feet long and five feet tall and is easily capable of carrying multiple passengers. The Monsuta-Kikaichuu naturally drains 20 chakra from everything within ten meters around him each turn. It retains all abilities it had as a small bug except flight (since it is now so heavy). If the bug manages to catch anything in its jaws, it can drain an additional 30 chakra per turn. After a few minuets (about 5 posts) the Monsuta-Kikaichuu reverts back into a collection of bugs that return to the host. The Kikaichuu used are far too weak after the ordeal to attack or defend.

    - Monster Poison Bug Creation Skill [Monsuta-Dokuchuu Tsukuru no Jutsu]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 25000
    Description: The user first gathers a large amount of Dokuchuu into one place in front of them. Then the user expends a large amount of chakra to literally deconstruct the bugs and fuse them into a much larger version of themselves. The new creation is approximately nine feet long and six feet tall and is easily capable of carrying multiple passengers. The Monsuta-Dokuchuu is capable of spitting out a stream of acid that is capable of burning flesh and melting some objects (30 damage) once. It also gives off a noxious gas that causes everyone else in the area to become dizzy and nauseous. The Monsuta-Dokuchuu retains all abilities it had as a small bug except flight (since it is now so heavy). The bugís true strength lies in its powerful taijutsu abilities. After a few minuets (about 5 posts) the Monsuta-Dokuchuu reverts back into a collection of bugs that return to the host. The Dokuchuu used are far too weak after the ordeal to attack or defend.

    - Monster Healing Bug Creation Skill [Monsuta-Chiyuchuu Tsukuru no Jutsu]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 25000
    Description:The user first gathers a large amount of Chiyuchuu and Kikaichuu into one place in front of them. Then the user expends a large amount of chakra to literally deconstruct the bugs and fuse them into a much larger version of themselves. The new creation is approximately eight feet long and eight feet tall, but is only capable of carrying two passengers, usually the host and a patient. The Monsuta-Chiyuchuu is the weakest of the Monsuta-Kikai, and thus has earned its reputation as one of the best support jutsu during the war. The Monsuta-Chiyuchuu releases a wave of healing chakra that enhances all nearby allyís (Including Aburame) bodyís ability to heal itself greatly (30 HP a turn). It is also capable of holding one patient in its jaws, which are now shaped more like a table then actual jaws. When it does so it secretes a large amount of medical secretions its smaller version used to. Although the patientís body is completely covered, the liquids apparently gain a level of intelligence and only do what is needed. The over-all healing from this is the same as though the Aburame host was using normal Chiyuchuu to heal. To accomplish all of this, however, the Monsuta-Chiyuchuu must drain 10 Chakra a turn from its host each turn. If its chakra supply is cut off the Monsuta-Chiyuchuu reverts back into a collection of bugs that return to the host. The Chiyuchuu used are far too weak after the ordeal to attack or defend. Using this technique more then once a battle would leave any Aburame unable to use any more Chiyuchuu or Kikaichuu.

    Destruction Bug Regeneration
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 50000
    Description: The user has attained such a high level of symbiosis with their insect parasites that the bugs will repair any damage done to the body. This includes any serious wounds or deadly blows. Combined with The defencive ability of Kikai no Yoroi it can make a truely fearsome Demon of a human being in battle.

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Your clan or bloodline has been reviewed and accepted by the moderating team. This bloodline now exists in the world of Naruto Jiyuu. If you have any other questions, please ask the moderating team.

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