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Posted by: Haraki May 6 2010, 10:54 PM
Haraki spit out his gum, he hadn't been to that particular ramen shop before, so he could almost feel the pressures of being lost, as a ninja no less! he considered making it to the roofs, but he didn't want to panic any of the civilians, so he stuck to the ground. His hands were dug in his pocket, his feet dragging heavily across the ground, he could almost feel the exhaustion hit him from fighting Akui-Chan, but he at least needed to make it home.

Heh..Pretty eventful day, Its a wonder I'm only starting to feel it now...I guess all the momentum had left...Oh well.

Haraki looked around, the sun's appearance to the village quickly fading for the night, the sunset set the sun ablaze with reds and oranges, Haraki stared up at the sky, smiling slightly, rubbing the necklace he had hidden under his shirt, focusing on the good days, when he was little, the academy, he was glad he had new 'friends' or he suppose acquaintances, he looks from the sky panning to the ground, focusing on the ground intently as he quickly became lost in thought.

Posted by: Deus Ex NPC May 6 2010, 11:02 PM
As Haraki was walking through the streets of Konoha, a pair of male leaf ninjas were following him. One was taller than most people, walking a foot or two above the rest of the crowd. The taller one was also quite thick, with a round belly and thick legs. The shorter shinobi had a constant sneer on his rat face, staring intently at Haraki. Finally impatient with following after Haraki, the rat-faced shinobi ran up past the roofs and with a floursih landed in front of Haraki.

Haraki! You and I have a score to settle! he yelled as the taller one jogged towards Haraki and his companion.

Posted by: Haraki May 6 2010, 11:14 PM
Haraki turned around, facing the kid, when he turned around he mentally slapped his forehead, digging his feet into the ground, his hand twitching slightly toward his cards. He could feel the exhaustion creep into his bones, combating the new found adrenaline fought it down.

Nezumi?! What the hell are you doing here?!

Shock was laid thick in his voice, he took a deep breath to subside his warring amounts of energy, before correcting his tone to be more calm and collected, though he didn't remove himself from the battle pose. He glanced over at the tall man next to Nezumi now. He wasn't sure what that rat had planned, but he was sure he wouldn't like it.

I could have sworn you left the village when you dropped out of the academy, what are you doing back? And who is your friend?

Haraki's hair on his neck stood on end, he could practically feel the tension in the air, Nezumi had lost to him quite a few times at the academy, it really embarrassed him when he lost after planning a cheep scheme or plan to catch him off guard. Nezumi had made a few enemies, but some really powerful allies, though Haraki was almost certain the reason he stood before him today, was the time when Haraki had purposefully gathered all of Nezumi's little gang, and humiliated him in battle, then embarrassed in front of his group and the school by gluing random signs on his desk and shirt that said things like "Nezumi is more of a chicken than a rat" and "Nezumi is 0-10 Maybe he'll realize he can't win". Yet, here Haraki was, facing one of his biggest rivals from the academy yet again.

Posted by: Deus Ex NPC May 6 2010, 11:26 PM
What does it look like? I was going to fight you for humiliating me at the academy, but I decided that money would work better than muscle, so I asked Yorumaru here to help me deal with an arrogant pest. Nezumi calmly explained as he leaned against Yorumaru. Yorumaru sneered at Haraki, with a look in his eyes that said he couldn't wait to pound the crap out of Haraki.

As you might have noticed, Yorumaru here is an Akimichi, and one of the best. He should have no problem dealing with you, even with your cheap card tricks. Have at him Yorumaru! Nezumi slapped Yorumaru's shoulder and leaped away to watch the ensuing action.


Yorumaru grins, and quickly makes the handseals needed for his first attack:

Baika no jutsu! All of a sudden, Yorumaru grew three times his size into a large round ball. From there, Yorumaru's head and legs disappear beneath his shirt, and one could hear the dreaded words:

Nikudan Sensha! The Yorumaru-ball started spinning towards Haraki at a fast pace, threatening to squash Haraki and anything in its way....

Posted by: Haraki May 6 2010, 11:40 PM
Haraki stared in shock at the size the guy, apparently Yorumaru, Haraki focused on the guy barreling at him at an incredibly fast speed, Haraki quickly reached for his cards, grabbing three cards from the holster, but before he could prepare an attack, or even move his arms up, he noticed exactly how close this hit man was, Haraki jerked to the right. His hand jerked back as he hugged the wall, allowing the wrecking ball to pass by him with in a few inches, the wind from the ball jerked his clothes.

He patted himself with one hand, happy that he had made it out safely, or so he thought. Haraki reached down to remove two more cards, groping at air where the pouch used to be. His heart began to race, when he had jerked his hands back, they must have cut the pouch off! He had possessed 26 cards, half of a deck, the other 26 would be rewarded to him when he had passed the rest of his clan's training. He cursed himself under his breath, out of the 26 cards he had, he had 3 left. He stared at the ground, what was left of his pouch was pressed into the cracks on the rocks.

Haraki pressed his hands together, as if he was shuffling, spreading his hands out as the cards lifted over his head in an arch, one of the cards tinted in a dull red, another one almost as stone, and one was hidden by a thin layer of mist surrounding it. He jerked his hands forward, the three cards joining together aiming directly at Nezumi. Haraki jerked his head back, checking on the ball that could possibly come back.

Posted by: Deus Ex NPC May 7 2010, 12:05 AM
Yorumaru circled around, heading straight towards Haraki, almost undeterred from missing the first time. He came closer and closer to the wall Haraki was sprawled upon...


Nezumi was keeping a close watch at the ensuing battle, but was still surprised when he saw the three cards heading towards him. Angirly he made some simple handseals before yelling:

Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu! Nezumi brought his right hand up to his mouth and with a deep, furious breath spewed out a blue and red fire. The cards were in the middle of his inferno, so whenNezumi was finished with his jutsu h couldn't help but grin.

Posted by: Haraki May 7 2010, 12:13 AM
Haraki attempted to press against the wall even more, though it was to no avail, when Yorumaru came around, Haraki was clipped in the gut, jerking him forward and up, causing him to get a second time more than just a clip, he was hit full on, bouncing off the ball and landing in the path it had just taken.

The cards had been stopped, clanking desperately too the ground, they didn't move anymore, Haraki groaned slightly, holding his almost certainly cracked ribs. Though he could feel the exhaustion and the pain slowly begin to consume him, he smirked condescendingly. He wheezed out a final remark before he fainted.

Wow Ne-Nezumi..Actually...Lear- learned..Gah..a jutsu did you?...

He enjoyed his final chuckled before passing out, his body severely damaged, his clothes tattered as blood flowed slightly from the wound on his stomach. While Haraki's vision faded with his conscious, his cards lay on the ground, helplessly at the mercy of his rival's feet.

Posted by: Deus Ex NPC May 7 2010, 12:22 AM
Nezumi allowed a final crack from Haraki, but then his face turned serious as he picked up Hraki's cards and handed them to the now dizzy Yorumaru.

You know what to do with these. Nezumi said as he handed them to Yorumaru. Yorumaru grinned and took each card in his mouth an ripped each card skillfully in half.

Meanwhile, Nezumi stood above the fallen Haraki and laughed. When he was done, he spat in Haraki's face and stomped on Haraki's stomach.

You're pathetic. Train better and kick my ass next time. Yorumaru! Let's go! Yorumaru spit the metal shreds at Harki's side, and shuffled away with Nezumi into the setting sun.

Posted by: Haraki May 7 2010, 12:32 AM
Haraki's eyes jerked open as the pain flew through his stomach to the rest of his body, he screamed, the only reaction he could manage. His fingers twitched in a feeble attempt to stand up and start fighting again. The twitching quickly subsided as he was overcome by darkness, still barely conscious.

Hah...I just got done fighting a Sannin...not to mention it wasn't even you that beat me, it was your very large hit man...You're still weak...

Haraki's lips quivered to a smirk as he thought that comment, if he could have he would have said it out loud, but his body wasn't really cooperating with him, the only thing he knew for sure, is that he was out of cards, and to make more is going to take time, especially after he took a day or two to recover. He had a specific way he had to make them, and though he regretted this thought, he knew he would probably have to go to the clan elders for help.

He took a deep breath of the sweet early night air, then proceeded once again to pass out, surrounded by the last remains of his last three cards.

Posted by: Zaku May 13 2010, 01:38 PM
Zaku jumps down from a nearby roof top half. his face was shielded by the nights shadow. he quickly ran to Haraki's side he picked him up and did a quick double take and took him to safety. As he Zaku was running he started to think aloud

Who is this guy? A better question yet is who was the guy he was fighting?

when it is safe Zaku stops and gently puts Haraki down and tends to his wounds

Posted by: Haraki May 14 2010, 04:13 AM
Haraki's limbs twitch to life, his eyes flutter as they attempt to focus on the world around him, he could see the sky, clearly he was laying down, a shadowed figure loomed above him. Haraki rubbed his eyes gently, attempting to reassure that what he was seeing was true. Haraki's fingers delicately trailed down to his now missing card pouch, cursing himself, he allowed his arm to fall limp, quickly noting the stranger appeared to be taking care of his wounds. Clearly the man wasn't sent by Nezumi, if he was...He sure wouldn't be trying to tend to his wounds. He cleared his throat silently, his voice rasped out.

Excuse me...Who...Who are you?

He drew in a long breath, exhaling it much slower, he was banged up, and all the strain of movement and talking further depleted his well earned energy. He rolled his body gently, stretching what he could from the laying position. The clouds that loomed over head in the now rising sun added mystery to the fire rising in the sky, they moved gently, luring Haraki into another sleep, yet he refused the cloud's requests, keeping as alert as he could with heavy and drooping eyes.

Posted by: Zaku May 14 2010, 01:21 PM
I am Zaku from the Hyūga clan i was passing by when i saw you and the other man fighting when every one left i decided that you would need someone to mend your wounds so i took the responsibility of patching you up

zaku smiled even though his mouth was covered, but you could tell in his eyes that he was smiling Zaku stood up and look onto the city his body silhouetted by the sun. Zaku looked at Haraki and said:

We better let you rest up. We got to get moving before we are spotted, no telling whose out there watching us.

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