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Posted by: zmanx1 Dec 5 2005, 08:51 PM
Clan Name: the fallingwater clan

Village: Hidden Village of the mist

Main Element: water

Head Leader: oni, Tazaki (oni, sargeras's dad)

jutsu Type: Ninjutsu Taijutsu

bloodline ability:
kappa foomu (water demon form)
The user's eyes turned black and his eye color turned blood red The user's body turned to liquid and becomes liveing water and the use of water type jutsu's becomes more power full

Stage I: in this stage the user's new form is faster somewhat more Strength is given and water type jutsu's are two time's more power full. but in this form the he can be very badly hurt by alot of jutsu's at one time or being hit in the head more time's then once. this form can make one type of weapon out of this form and that is Shurikens they are very usefull in this form as the user can shoot 5 or 6 Shurikens out of his body

Stage II: in Stage II this is more of a Defence Stage the user's form is now more harder to hit. jutsu's are still powerfull. but in this stage more chakra is used to keep the form's Defence up so one or two jutsu's can be used. weapons like the Shuriken can be made in tis form like the kunai but only 2 can shoot out.

Stage III: it's very VERY! rare that this Stage is use y it's rare is when useing it the user will fall asleep for 3 days to a week at the end of useing it but when in use bat like wings form on his back(no *beep* lol)two horns form and the water will now be as blood the new form it is call the akuchi foomu(impure blood form)and his Chakra is now that of a Chuunin(if i'm like a genin but if i'm a Chuunin it be the Chakra of a Jounin you get what i'm saying)jutsu's are very hard to do but when a jutsu is used in it form it will be as if you were being hit a hokage's jutsu's.

Technique's:soul steel jutsu (bloodline Fuuinjutsu type jutsu)
blood rage no jutsu (bloodline taijutsu type)
Suiton: rain of death (bloodline ninjutsu type)

fighting Style:mix of tae kwon do taijutsu Ninjutsu and Monkey Styles this Style is to hit the opponent with the power to break his bones and the mind to hit the main part's of the body there for killing the opponent faster if not fast then very slow and pain full

Social Standing: there a odd clan in the Village of the mist but they but do not start chap in the Village of the mist there more of a clan that helps out

# of RPC members allowed: 10

Description: a clan from the mist Village that has a long spanding History for there water type jutsu's and bloodline ability the clan has bin a big part of the mist Village be cuz members of the clan that have the bloodline ability have all bin ANBU's with that the clan has gone on Missions from the Mizukage himself(the mist hokage lol) so the fallingwater clan play's a big role in the mist Village

Posted by: Mazrith986 Jan 6 2006, 03:02 AM
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