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Posted by: Kintaro Mar 31 2007, 08:05 AM
Clan Name: Akage

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Village: Hidden Leaf
Bloodline Technique: Taiyouten Jisei (Sunspot Magnetism)

Description: Much like their cousins the Aoike, the Akage’s bloodline is slightly strange when compared to a normal bloodline. The source of their bloodline is incredibly similar but still different – even if only to the slightest degree.

First we will start with the very vague and little quirks of the bloodline, not the true potential of the bloodline or how it functions. First off the shinobi of the Akage family exhibit a strange glow like the Aoike family. The difference is quite astounding though, for you see, the Aoike families glow is produced by the reflection of light and it comes off as cold and eerie. The Akage family glow is produced by their body and it seems far warmer, far friendlier. It looks golden almost, like their body is producing very faded beams of sunlight. The glow seems to attract people as it seems to comfort them, most people would describe it as something that they just find genuinely alluring. What this does other than make people like being around them is it produces its own glow when in dark places. While it makes it nearly impossible for the shinobi to actually sneak around it means that dark places are never quite that dark.

Next is the actual true ability itself. The Akage release a constant pulse of chakra that is similar to the Aoike family but the effects they create are so different that it is amazing. The Akage’s body is able to produce something that can be compared to a solar sun spot in a certain radius. Now of course the actually magnetism produced by the body is no where near as dangerous or deadly as that of the sun, if that was the case the Akage might end up melting himself and probably part of the plant. Instead it decreases the actually power of the sun spots to a much more manageable level. When the bloodline is activated (Unlike the Aoike they can turn their bloodline on and off) a sort of bubble expands from the body encompassing a certain radius. The bubble seems to amplify the light inside of it causing a single ray of light to increase by about five times in intensity but that isn’t the real trick. The real idea behind the bloodline is that those caught inside are affected by an invisible magnetic field, such as that produced by a sunspot, that hinders their capabilities to perform jutsu. The magnetic field “clogs” and “interrupts” the chakra flow as it tries to leave the enemy’s body. (Also affects allies) This means that depending on the rank or the type of field released it may increase the amount of chakra a technique requires to perform or the concentration that one may require.

They also seem to have the ability to produce sun based ninjutsu.

Clan Elements: Fire and Lightning

Clan History:When the sun and moon collide there shall be only darkness.

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Harmony, it was suppose to be a utopia, and at first it was. They existed together in peace, they were not two separate entities but rather a single being, they were known as the Ankokuki. There was no Aoike or no Akage, no red or blue, no sun or moon, they were one in the same… no, instead they were the eclipse. They lived on their own, on the border of leaf and the ocean that separated it from mist so that they could lend their talents to both countries. Towering spirals of radiant and glowing stone reached towards the sky, one half of the towers yellow one half gray, their home was one that demanded respect.

So for a time they lived together, the ones with blue hair and the ones with red hair. They formed a makeshift government, a democracy of sorts where ever male member would be allowed to place a vote if they desired so. They worked with one another forming odd jutsu that focused not on their individual powers but a combination of their unique techniques. Their goal was simple, to serve for the greater benefit of both countries, to act as a conduit of peace between both of the nations. Things didn’t remain this way forever though, how could they? With such a free form government things within the confines of the clan soon blackened to the point of corruption. Nothing was what it seemed, secret deals, conspiracies, bribes, but that was not the worst. In fact, what was the worst was the rivalry and prejudice forming between some of the family members, they discriminated against each other. Those of red hair despised those of blue hair and vice versa, they started to detest each other. Soon they started plotting each other, the prosperity they brought to the land fell to pieces and the era of the Ankokuki had ended.

On the outside though, it was well known that both of the villages felt a jealously towards the villages. They took this jealously and turned it into rage; they did not conspire with each other but rather separately planned an invasion on their miniature village. It was only a coincidence that their planned invasion ended up being planned on the same exact day, but how the next step happened no one knows for sure. You see, each half of the clan claimed their own names, they crafted their own signs, they even stopped using their jutsu in synchrony. They turned on each other for the red haired, now named the Akage, felt that they were superior to the blue haired, now known as the Aoike. It would be easy to imagine that the villages took this advantage and used it for their own gain. You see, each village approached the leader of either faction with an offer. It was simple; they offered them a place in their respective village if they would help them destroy the other half of their clan. In the end it would seem to work for both of them but it only truly helped the villages. The harmony of peace throughout both of the villages was shattered as both of them accepted the offer.

They choose to attack at night, when the Akage where at their weakest. The mist shinobi, who had allied with the Aoike infiltrated the base with ease in three groups of five. Fifteen mist nin and up to thirty Aoike snuck to the center of the clan town before lighting fire to everything in sight. It wasn’t long before backup was called, an equal number of leaf and Akage members fought back, the battle itself lasted all night.

By the end of it the village was nothing more than a smoking pile of ash and all of the mist and leaf shinobi laid dead or dying upon the ground. Only a few of each of the clan survived, and they themselves retreated to their “new village”.

Even now that rivalry still burns with a passion, the Akage and the Aoike still hold that grudge kindled centauries ago.

The Akage set up in leaf, they too were allowed to recreate their own housing. Unlike the Aoike however, they choose to keep their democratic policy with a slight change. Instead, the house was split up into two powers, the elders and the sun. The sun is simply a single person chosen at birth because of a single attribute that is destined to become the "leader" of the clan.

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Clan Customs and Heritage:

Clan Appearance: Akage members are often considered conceded because of their views about themselves, the sad thing is that they are kind of right. Looking upon an Akage member often shows the peak of physical perfection although the same could not be said about their personality. The members normally stand over six feet and weigh a solid 170 pounds at the very least. They release a radiant glow that only adds to their physical appeal, the light can only be considered alluring. The members often have sky blue eyes but can have green or a light shade of orange. Almost every member has a head of orange hair.

Once every several generations a new leader is born and his image is vastly different when compared to his clan mates. Instead of the normal orange hair the members often have they come with a bright shade of blue. The sole reason that the member is given the spot of the sun is because they are also born with the bloodline without having to go through a ritual to activate it.

Clan Hierarchy: As stated above the Akage divide their running body into two separate houses. The elders and the sun. The elders consist of ten members from the Akage clan that are at least forty years old and have reached the third step of the Taiyouten Jisei. The sun is a single member chosen once every two generations and you can see why above.

Decisions are brought up between the board and votes are taken to reach a conclusion about the problem. The sun holds one half the votes and the elder the other half... if a problem cannot be solved a single jounin ranked member may be brought in to place a vote and end the dispute.

Clan Festivals and Holidays: The Akage members only have one festival,
the Kyokujitsu (Rising Sun). This is held every time a new member unlocks their bloodline ability. Unlocking the bloodline ability happens after the member becomes a genin (Meaning that the clan member does not start with it if they pick genin and have to rp a thread to get it) because the chakra released from their inner chakra coil messes with the body. It causes the clan member to develop a high fever and a severe rash upon several other symptoms that normally involves lighting things on fire and causing very bright lights. Members usually spend up to two days in this state and are unable to take care of themselves while it happens.

After this the clan holds a feast in honor of the new member of the clan.

Clan Clothing: Oddly enough the clan doesn't care about what the member wears. It must contain two things though... the clan symbol placed on a visible piece of cloth and the colors must be very cheery and normally yellow, gold, white, or light blue.
  • Taiyouten Jisei: Shouten (Sunspot Magnetism: Focus)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: The first step taken when ascending to perfection. The Taiyouten Jisei: Shouten produces a golden bubble about twenty feet in diameter. Those that enter the circle feel a tingling sensation as the electricity rushes their body and starts messing with their inner chakra coil. This makes it so that a shinobi loses concentration when using a jutsu, they must focus twice as hard on the jutsu they are casting meaning they may lose sight on their target or other things going on around them. The bloodline lasts for three posts at this stage before it must be reactivated.

  • Kashoku (Bright Light)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: Pretty much the first technique that an Akage member is taught. The genin is taught how to mold their chakra into a light source that they position between both of their palms. The small little ball of light produces a beam not much bigger than that of a low powered flash light that can light up darkness for a few feet past their body glow. The light can be held for up to five posts if required too but if they choose too a shinobi can intensify the light to the point where it can cause slight burns but this devours the light.

  • Tentei Bachiatari Ranpu (Goddamned Light)
    Type: Genjutsu
    Chakra: 2,500
    Description: One of the few genjutsu taught among the Akage family. The shinobi tricks the enemy into thinking that there is a very annoying but dim light in their eyes. It makes it hard to focus and very annoying to see minuet details that a shinobi may have otherwise caught. Lasts five posts if not Kai’d out of.

  • Senkou Boutuu (Flash Bang)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 5,000
    Description: A pretty simply jutsu where the shinobi fills a projectile or melee weapon with solar energy. Their next hit causes an eruption of light that blinds anyone within five feet for a post. Anyone within past five feet but within ten feet will just be disoriented for a single post. The charge must be used the same post that it is created.

  • Kokuranpu (Cutting Light)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 10,000
    Description: A ninjutsu technique that serves to be half offensive and half utility. The shinobi charges a single ball of glowing yellow light at the tip of his extended index and middle finger. The shinobi then releases a very thin but very hot beam of light capable of cutting ropes, bark, and even chip stone. A person hit by this technique will suffer a solid cut and a first degree burn, oh and a crispy burnt smell. This technique can easily start a fire.

  • Taiyouten Jisei: Kajou Chakra (Sunspot Magnetism: Excess Chakra)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 10,000
    Description: The second step on the quest to perfection. Ascending higher up in influence within the family this technique is a sign of status, it means that you may share your opinion as a respected adult. The bubble remains at a twenty feet diameter but now lasts for four posts. The sunspot is capable of increasing the amount of chakra a technique consumes to actually be used. This is simply because the electricity presses in against where the jutsu is being released so extra chakra is needed to overcome it.

  • Ranpu Yari (Light Spear)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 12,500
    Description: The Akage member creates a single spear of light that has a span of three feet. The center of the spear floats in the open palm of the user before the shinobi tosses it at their target. The spear releases a brief spark upon whatever it strikes before causing a first degree burn and sending the target flying with enough force to crack a tree.

  • Mabushii Enko (Radiant Arc)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 15,000
    Description: A pretty reliable jutsu used to cause havoc on the battle field. The Akage releases a single beam of lustrous light that purposely misses its target. Upon striking the ground somewhere near the target the beam splits into three separate beams. The new beams bounce in separate directions once again trying to hit whatever they can manage. If the beams fail to hit a target they break up into even smaller beams of light that arc through the air once again in an attempt to hit a target one last time. The beams cause second degree burns and can start a brush fire. The beams get weaker as they get smaller.

  • Boushi Ranpu (Spinning Light)
    Type: Genjutsu
    Chakra: 18,000
    Description: The second of the three genjutsu taught to the clan members. This tricks the enemy into seeing spinning lights all over the battlefield that circle the enemy. This technique is very distracting but it gets worse as the posts go on. The first post they do nothing but annoy, the second post they start to block the enemy’s view, and the third post they make it impossible to see anything.

  • Ranpu Chuuseki (Light Pillar)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 19,000
    Description: Considered to be one of the most powerful ninjutsu useable by the Akage despite the amount of chakra it costs. The shinobi designates a spot where a simple single beam of light the size of a penny shines. The following post a blazing fiery pillar of light falls from the sky and smashes into the ground. The pillar can cause third degree burns and melt right through metal. The user must be outside and it must be sunny outside to use this technique.

  • Taiyouten Jisei: Seichuu (Sunspot Magnetism: Control)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 20,000
    Description: The third step to perfection. Upon reaching this a member of the clan is consider to truly be an elder of a clan and they may offer a vote in decisions that require them. This field extends out to a twenty five foot diameter and is capable of increasing the chakra cost of techniques. It increases the cost of all ninjutsu techniques by a certain amount of chakra. (500 for genin, 1,000 for chuunin, and 2,000 for Jounin) This means if a jounin has a 20,000 chakra and a technique that costs 20,000 chakra it now costs 22,000 chakra and they will be unable to use it while this sunspot is active. This sunspot is active for two posts and requires a two post cool down between uses. One can easily tell when this technique is being used because occasionally sparks of orange and yellow static fills the bubble.

  • Taiyouten Jisei: Suji Omori (Sunspot Magnetism: Muscle Weight)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 22,500
    Description: The oddest of the sunspots… this isn’t even technically counted among the four steps to perfection in the clan… more of a side stop. The only difference between this level and the last level is that instead of increasing the cost of ninjutsu and genjutsu techniques it increases the cost of taijutsu techniques by the same amount. Everything else including diameter, appearance, and duration remains the same.

  • Heika no Ranpu (Swords of Light)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 25,000
    Description: The Akage member creates a single sword of solid looking light. The blade looks like an authentic glowing golden blade that could slice through just about anything. Instead of actually attacking with it though, the shinobi launches it up into the air where it explodes into a fiery eruption. Several seconds later it rains down miniature golden swords capable of causing second degree burns and slicing anyone who isn’t an Akage member up within a twenty foot radius.

  • Juujuu (Sizzle)
    Type: Genjutsu
    Chakra: 27,500
    Description: The last genjutsu available to the clan. The user causes the enemy to think that a beam of light is falling upon their head and burning their skin right off. No matter where they move the light follows and burns more of their skin off until they simply melt away. This jutsu lasts two posts and the pain is actually felt but upon the end of the jutsu everything returns to normal.

  • Kibaku Ranpu
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 30,000
    Description: The most known technique belonging to the Akage clan. Like Kokuranpu the user creates a single ball of light at the tip of their extended index and middle finger. The user then releases it in a straight beam that reaches out twenty feet. Several seconds after the blazing hot beam passes over an object or the ground it causes an explosion capable of third degree burns.

  • Taiyouten Jisei: Kyuukyoku Seichuu (Sunspots Magnetism: Ultimate Control)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 35,000
    Description: The final step to perfection. Upon reaching this stage the user is considered a god among men in the clan and they receive total compliance. The bubble remains at a diameter of twenty five feet but it is much more powerful than last time. It now literally causes any jutsu the enemy tries to use to simply fizzle away and die before it even leaves their body. This sunspot lasts one post and may only be used twice a thread on a seven post cool down.

  • Heki motte Ranpu (Pierce with Light)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 50,000
    Description: The final clan ninjutsu where the user creates what looks like a tennis ball sized orb in their hands. The orb is then super heated to the point where it burns the user’s hands disallowing the user to use jutsu or weapons in that hand for the rest of the thread. The ball is pushed at the target like it was a heavy object but upon leaving the Akage’s grasp it releases so fast that it is hard to follow. Whatever it touches is incinerated and it leaves a tennis ball sized hole in the burning corpses chest.

Notes: When the two heads or future heads of the clan meet in combat a strange effect comes into play. If the sun is out the sky suddenly darkens and what seems like a shadow of the moon blocks out all light from touching the ground, only the artificial lights or the two glows of the clan members can be seen. If it is night out the moon is blocked by shadows as well. This doesn't effect jutsu itself though.

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