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Posted by: Uchiha Satori Feb 1 2007, 03:17 AM
Alright, it's time to really get things moving. More than anything else we really need members. Once I'm done posting this I'll be sending out a mass email to all past members inviting them back. Of course you can all help, by suggesting the site to a friend, or advertising somewhere. I'm hoping that over the next month or so we'll pick up at least 6 new solid members.. but let's try and get as many as possible.

On another note, there's been quite a bit of controversy with the character apps and things as of late. Yeah, I know we've been slow, no excuses on our end, but I would ask you all to be more open to critizism. I addressed this in a seperate topic, but really, we're only here to help, not to spite you all. We appreciate the creative stuff you guys all bring to the table, but in the interest of keeping things fair and balanced, we have to make sure each chart is right. As of now there's not a single one of you that I don't enjoy talking to, and I'm sure if we make an effort on both ends, the application process will go smoothly.

Lastly, there's the matter of growth and flow of the roleplay. There's a couple different roads to go down here, but I want to open it up to the other members as to which we take. I'll be opening a seperate poll for all of you to reply in. Your answer depends on which you'd prefer.

1) A free roleplay that focuses on genin growing into advanced ninjas, with overlying story lines and arcs created by the staff. In this setting, a genin would have a relatively slow paced growth, and not become jounin until early next year.

2) A roleplay that has no particular focus, but contains story arcs created by the staff to involve all ranks of shinobi. A genin here could probably reach jounin level by October

3) A plain free roleplay. The only story arcs will be created by the members themselves, there will be no real focus, and things will be for the most part left to the users. A genin could reach jounin level by October

4) A mission based roleplay in which members would progress the story by completing missions that would affect both villages, and different things around the board. The growth here would be like option 1, but some missions may be mandatory. The story would consist mostly of feuding between the different villages.

PS: If we get enough members, more villages will start to open up, so don't get too down if you don't see Sand. Also, let's stop the flames, all around. Every topic seems to end in a shouting match lately.. Why can't we just be friends?

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