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Posted by: Haraki Jun 30 2009, 03:56 PM
Okay, I'm going to go through what I meant in the little description. This is a temporary RP. You really don't need to worry about registering a character at this point...Its temporary. But please keep in mind that this is not with the "Naruto Universe" The characters from the anime/manga will not be included at all, only their clans (EG: Huyuuga, Uchiha) will carry on.

Biggest thing I'm worried about, the lack of restraints. Please please PLEASE do not go off saying that your character is the most powerful of all. They're not. We don't want people getting pissed off and leaving in the TEMPORARY RP. (lol)

Other than that, have fun, start a little something to get you by until we get the work done. Another thing, try to keep your threads open-ended, not just where one person could enter, its mainly used to get to know new people, and get the feel for RPing on Jiyuu.


Posted by: Kanki-chan Jun 30 2009, 05:04 PM
((okay, whatever you say Haraki happy.gif))

Akuitora kept walking around the streets of Konoha, trying to keep her sour demeanor from ruining the sunny day. It was summertime, and her lack of interest in missions kept her from gaining more money which consequently meant she was a little low on rent.

I could always sign up for a mission, but knowing the hokage he's probably sent a memo to the mission staff to give me the suicide missions, even if they're C-ranked. Akuitora grimly thought as she looked down at her thin, sandaled feet. She decided to take off her "claws" today, although like any competent ninja she had her packet of kunai and shuriken at the ready.

I could always go to the training grounds and beat the crap out of some genin, but that wouldn't be fun...what to do, what to do... Akuitora thought as she passed the fruit market.

Posted by: Haraki Jun 30 2009, 11:22 PM
Haraki's eyes were fixated on the bricked and cobbled streets beneath his feet, softened voices were blocked from his mentality, the aroma of sweet fruits filled his nose, causing a sharp inhale to enjoy the scent.

Well...Mission less or not...I guess I can't complain too much, even though I've never been so BORED...Guess I just gotta get over it...

Haraki weaved carelessly through the crowd, his shirt was the only thing to make contact with other life. He yawned, not stopping his commute, his eyes watered and threw him off balance, knocking him into Akuitora.

Sorry... Haraki yawned in a generic, half hearten tone as he past the stranger, without a second glance.

(I realize the post is whoopsie, but you can decide if the characters know each other or not...biggrin.gif)

Posted by: Kanki-chan Jul 1 2009, 10:04 PM
Normally Akuitora wouldn't bother if someone brushed past her in a street, but from sheer boredom she decided to cause some trouble.

Akuitora turned and grabbed Haraki's shoulder.

Didn't your mother teach you to watch where you're walking? Akuitora growled, her free hand set above her kunai pack. Shinobi or not, she hoped this person could get easily riled.

Posted by: Haraki Jul 1 2009, 10:47 PM
Haraki was forced from his downward gaze to stare up at the person with a dull glare, a dash of boredom spread on his face. He laughed slightly, carefully moving over every detail of the situation.

Perhaps...but she also taught me to ignore pathetic excuses for trouble makers...

He smirked, half expecting her to beat his face in, the way she acted, the way her hand was already placed at her side for a fight, he could tell she got very angry very quick, his comment was a mere ruse to get her worked up. He jerked out of her hand slight, turning back around.

Now if you'll excuse me...I'm sure I can find something more important to do than attempt to entertain a show off...byyyyeee.

He took a few steps, dust rising around his feet, he was walking slow, figuring that she wouldn't just let him pass, he chuckled inwardly enjoying his own game. His hands placed at his side, his coat blowing gently in the wind, his movement was almost at a complete stop.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Jul 7 2009, 04:16 AM
((Sorry for the late post: fireworks=not on the internet))

Akuitora tried to act nonchalant as the boy turned and walked off. She could deal with being called a show-off (she'd been called worse in her life), but Akuitora had a better idea than just let Haraki go.

She shrugged, and put her hands in her pockets as she went the other direction. After walking away for 2 blocks, she went into an alleyway, and climbed onto the rooftops, and circled back so that she could watch Haraki from above.

He might not be interested in showing off, but hopefully he'd be interested in a fight later... Akuitora planned as she watched Haraki walk through the streets.

Posted by: Haraki Jul 12 2009, 04:58 AM
Haraki had completed his halt of movement a few seconds later, the wind grabbed at his coat, tugging playfully at the edges.

How unexpected indeed, she really just let me go...Oh well, she looked more riled up than that...Oh well..

He shrugged off her absence, the daggers holstered to his back in an 'x' shape began to weigh him down, the urge and need to fight grew, his boredom had a chance to be ended with this girl, and instead she didn't follow what he expected.

Haraki frowned to himself, his eyes once again drawn to the ground beneath him, shrugging as he offered the tired and boredom to host itself in his body, his feet dragging through the dirt, his hands dug into his pockets, curled into fists.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Jul 20 2009, 11:13 PM
((Using your character slightly to move things, along, hope that's ok ^.^""))

After watching Haraki for a bit, Akuitora finally decided that once he got to a clearing she would appear again.

As luck would have it, after a while she saw Haraki turn into an alleyway that was certainly wide enough to fight. Preparing her hands with chakra, Akuitora decided to show off by walking down the side of the walls on her hands.

She "walked" for about ten feet, and then flipped her way in front of Haraki.

So, long story short, I'm bored, you're clearly bored, and I'm ready for a fight. Are you? Akuitora purred as she put herself in a fighting stance.

Posted by: Haraki Jul 21 2009, 06:38 AM
((Not at

I figured I hadn't seen the last of you...Oh well...I don't mind a quick fight, you certainly got the bored part right.

He chuckled to himself, he reached into the pouch on his belt, a belt that sagged and was not worn directly in the belt loops. The pouch was black, and not quite as big as a kunai pouch, he pulled out about 5 throwing cards, rimmed on each side with a metal that absorbed the users chakra.

The cards were fanned in his hand like a war fan, he extended his arm, releasing the battle cards to fall to the ground. As they began their decent each began to glow with a feint tint of blue chakra, as they floated into a straight line, horizontal to him.

I guess it's whenever you're ready.

He smiled wildly, he wanted her to know it was fun, he had no intention of really killing, or hurting her...TOO bad that is

Posted by: Kanki-chan Jul 23 2009, 12:14 AM
Akuitora watched as the cards fell from Haraki's hands, and still didn't show any hint of fear. True, Akuitora only had kunai and shuriken with her, but she wasn't a former sennin for nothing.

Those lades probably make it so that he likes distance between opponents, let's see if he can work up close... Akuitora planned as she started handspringing towards Haraki. When she got close enough, Akuitora tried landing a kick infused with a bit of chakra in order to land a hard kick.

Posted by: Haraki Jul 23 2009, 08:53 AM
Haraki's eyes widened at the obviously unexpected attack, his instincts threw his arms up toward his face, but the cards whipped to block the kick, Haraki smirked behind his hands, realized that the chakra focus in the cards did allow him to pull them up as a shield.

Haraki stumbled back, catching a final chance at footing just before he fell, his arms fell to his sides, his smirk high on his face, a few drops of blood slid down his cheek, gracefully falling to the ground, a slight pool around his feet.

Wh-What happened, did her foot have some--No, no she had enough power in that kick that blocking with the cards stopped a lot of the force, but it actually had enough strength to push my cards into my cheek?! Shit...Looks like if I use the cards to block, I'll have to move too...She's too strong for just blocking with them...I'm gonna have to rethink this...

Haraki's smirk faded into a slight worry as he realized what happened, the calm cool face he attempted failed as it fell into a subtle frown.

My turn.

The cards flew in 5 opposite paths all to her, they weren't flying fast, but as they neared their target they began to interweave and dance amongst themselves.

She can certainly throw in an unexpected blow... but lets see how she can do with a few mind games...

He wiped the blood from the cut, smirking once again.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Jul 27 2009, 03:22 AM
Akuitora was glad that the kick connected, but she wasn't trying for a one-hit KO. Fortunately, Haraki stood back up and tried something different with his cards.

Crap! Gotta dodge them all! Akuitora thought as she noticed the cards coming towards her. Because of the card's weaving, she tried to dodge the cards while taking a step back hoping that each card would get to her one at a time.

She ducked to the left of the first card, and handsprung backwards for the second one. Unfortunately, what Akuitora didn't expect was when she landed on her feet. Both the third and fourth cards sliced across her cheeks, adding red lines across her striped face. Fortunately, both cards weren't deep cuts, so they didn't slice through the facial artery.

Akuitora didn't have time to ponder about the cuts as the fifth one whizzed towards her neck. Instinctively, Akuitora went into a center split to avoid the card. As she stayed there, Akuitora couldn't help but applaud Haraki.

First blood. Impressive.

Posted by: Haraki Jul 28 2009, 03:02 AM
Haraki, roughly when the first card attempted contact, planting his feet firmly on the wall as his feet thudded against the alleys left wall. He crouched against the wall, fist clenched to a white glaze over his knuckles. About the time the cards flew at her face, he awaited the moment when it would be best to strike.

After the fifth card he had sprung form the wall, throwing his clenched fist out ward at her in the middle of her splits smirking a bit as he added some irony, clenching his fist tighter, a blue tone encircling his fist as he inched closer.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Aug 3 2009, 01:02 AM
Akuitora simply fell flat on her back, watching the fist fly past her face while she moved her legs to a more comfortable position. While Haraki flew over her, she took the chance to put two hard pokes in Haraki's side: one in the underarm, and one in his ribcage.

He left himself open...

Posted by: Haraki Aug 7 2009, 04:10 PM
Haraki looked down and noticed her hands, closing his eyes and shaking his head, he knew that he had left himself open, he pulls his arms down in a last minute attempt to stop her fingers from making it any farther, he knew that it wasn't happening through and prepared a wincing face and tensed his muscles in anticipation.

Well...She got me on this one...

Posted by: Kanki-chan Aug 12 2009, 05:01 PM
Akuitora's fingers dug into Haraki's side, even as he tried to clamp his arm down on her hands. That movement however made it easier for Akuitora to quickly move to her targets.

Haraki's underarm was softer, and probably more painful as she felt his arm socket, and his ribs simply felt like hard muscle. Akuitora took this chance to push Haraki away far enough to hurt him and give her room to stand up.

Posted by: Bansoko Sep 1 2009, 10:11 PM
(promission to enter)

Posted by: Haraki Sep 3 2009, 10:09 PM
(of course, its a free enter thing, sorry I haven't replied..i kinda didnt see the second page, so when it kept telling me Kanki had replied..I didn't believe it....heh.)

Haraki jolted backwards, completing at least a full rotation before making contact with the ground, landing hard on his side, as he bounced up from the pressure, he caught himself, sliding to a stop, his hand on the ground as if he was ready to lunge, he charged forward, removing 3 cards, throwing them at her abdomen as he jerked his arm and a kunai slid from his sleeve, he ran forward.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Sep 7 2009, 08:33 PM
((Sinus infection and internet problems=no replies for a while))

Akuitora sprang up in time to see the three cards speeding towards her. Grabbing a kunai, Akuitora tried slicing the cards so as to stop them from going for her abs. The first card split, then the the second card, and the third card continued and had a small cut on Akuitora's black tank top.

After the third card, Akuitora took a quick hop back in time to see Haraki charging forward with his kunai. Having little time to react, Akuitora took a defensive stance.

Posted by: Haraki Mar 11 2010, 02:28 AM
(( I dunno if anyone still checks the site, but I'll try))

Haraki's foot dug into the ground as he brought the opposite leg over and around, pivoting on the firmly planted foot, his kunai readied he brought his leg down, bringing the kunai out in a large horizontal slash, the hit would 'hopefully' be non fatal, he didn't want to kill her, this was fun.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Mar 11 2010, 07:35 PM
((dude, you'd be surprised at how often I check this site))

Akuitora stepped back from Haraki's roundhouse, her kunai still out, and met with Haraki's kunai. The clang from the two knives clanged and stopped for a short second, but Akuitora took hold of Haraki's wrist, twisted his arm around while circling closer to Haraki, finishing by pulling Haraki's caught arm over her left shoulder into a perfect The force of her throw probably took Haraki's breath away, but she decided to spare his pride by not sitting on him afterwards. Instead, Akuitora hopped a good two yards away, ready when Haraki got up.

So, it'd be great to know who I'm sparring with. Akuitora said aloud, fishing for Haraki's name.

Posted by: Vox Mar 18 2010, 03:20 PM
((OOC: Entering.))

Vox was on his way back from the pharmacy when he heard the Boss's voice. He shook his head. Vox had long ago realized the pointlessness of being the bodyguard of someone who loved fighting as much as Akuitora did. Once she got started, it was best to just stand back and let her finish.

He turned down the alley to see her sparring with another ninja. Calmly, he pocketed his prescription, lit a cigarette, and stood back to watch the fight.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Apr 26 2010, 02:24 AM
((DUDE! Welcome back!))

As Akuitora waited for Haraki to reveal who he was, she noticed Vox in the background. Akuitora loosened her stance a bit, and waved towards Vox. She knew that his job was pretty tough considering her love for fighting, but he was a great travelling companion and sparring partner.

Vox, good to see you. I got a little bored waiting for you, so I found someone to play with. Akuitora called to Vox. She then resumed her stance, and then mentioned playfully, They're being a little rude and not introducing themselves though...

Posted by: Kyo Hyuuga Apr 26 2010, 04:28 AM
((Man, I feel all rusty coming back XD))

As Kyo had re-entered the village after he had finished some training he had began in the woods, he could tell that something was going on. He could see that there was a slight elevation in chakra levels within the city. A bit concerned at first, he quickly activated his Byakugan to see if he could recognize either of the chakra. Almost instantly, he know one of them belonged to his senin teammate, Akuitora. He began to laugh slightly as he came to this revelation and made his way over to their location.

It seemed like it had been quite a while since he had last seen him and he had to admit that he found himself missing her. He wondered how she would greet him, if she would at all. He wondered if she had any ill feelings for him, given the length of time it had been. Well, there was only one way to get the answer. He got closer and saw Akuitora's bodyguard standing over by where the fight was going on. He couldn't help but feel sorry for that man; knowing full well that protecting that woman was more difficult than protecting the Hokage.

Then, he heard her voice and all of those memories came flooding back to him. He had intended on trying to chastise her for fighting within the town, but he could not help himself. The smile would simply not leave his face. Looks like you keep yourself occupied just fine. And here I was worried, Kyo said with a laugh. It has been a while, Akui-chan. I hope that you are well.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Apr 26 2010, 04:46 AM
Akuitora was surprised to see Kyo appear so suddenly next to Vox. Her boring day was certainly shaping up to be more interesting. Haraki wasn't moving at all, so she decided to step around the hacking shinobi and walked towards her two favorite friends.

Just got a little bored waiting on Vox. I was nice and didn't try to break anything. Akuitora coyly answered. Even though Kyo was gone for a while, she knew that it was in the job description of being a ninja, especially if you were a sennin. Still, she was the best at the game of "pretend it was no big deal when it really was."

So how was your latest mission? The Hokage's been mean lately and has been trying to get me to go on suicide missions.

((OOC: Haraki, you might want to post soon, unless you want your character to be ignored =P)

Posted by: Kyo Hyuuga Apr 27 2010, 03:05 AM
I can tell that you went out of your way to stay away from the buildings this time. I must say I'm impressed and proud. Kyo said, a slight teasing in his tone of voice. He was glad to see that Akuitora was not mad that he had disappeared for so long, though he imagined that it may be a slighter bigger deal than she was letting on. After all, this was how she always was, even when they trained together. Instead of bringing up what he did that bugged her, she'd just take it out on him in another fashion. He'd just have to throw caution to the wind and believe that it was no big deal.

Kyo frowned slightly at Akuitora's mention of the incredibly deadly missions that the Hokage had been giving her. To say that he cared about her well-being was a severe understatement and he did take notice of the Hokage's distaste for her. He had hoped that it might have subsided a bit, however that did not seem to be the case. Well, I am glad that you have come back from them alright. It seems as though I will have to speak with the Hokage now that I have returned. Perhaps I can take a few as well or perhaps we could take them on together.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Apr 27 2010, 03:23 AM
Akuitora's "mask" broke a little when Kyo mentioned that he was planning on talking to the Hokage about the missions. Even though she understood why Kyo would be worried, she was afraid of what the Hokage would tell Kyo if he brought something up. Make the Hokage mad, and he could do something like send Kyo away on a long mission or worse: tell Kyo about how messed up she really was.

Still, Kyo was back, and he was offered to be the nice guy again. Why screw this up by worrying? Akuitora turned back to Haraki, and decided to help the shinobi out. She took out a slip of paper, wrote her name and Kyo's mailing address on it.

I enjoyed sparring with you. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to get your name or have a proper introduction, but if you need my help or if you want a rematch, just stop by and say Hi. Akuitora offered Haraki. She then got up, put an arm around Kyo and Vox, and looked between the two of them.

Where to, gentlemen?

Posted by: Haraki Apr 27 2010, 04:59 PM
((OOC: Sorry..Guess I didn't check it frequently ENOUGH lol ^^;;))

Haraki groaned slightly as he sat up, resting his arms on the dusty road of the alley way. He scooted backwards, stretching slightly as he stood up, bending over to retrieve his fallen cards, placing them back in their holster he calmly jogs to catch up with the group of three. Chuckling inwardly he speaks up.

Well.. You were certainly more than enough competition for me...I hope you don't plan to throw in your friends as well...

He threw in a toothy smile to better represent his joke. He bowed slightly, extending his arm toward his competitor.

It was a pleasure and honor to fight you miss.... He decided introducing himself would be more polite first, so he didn't give her time to fill in his obvious blank. I'm Haraki by the way...Yokori Haraki...And you are?

Posted by: Kanki-chan Apr 27 2010, 07:50 PM
Akuitora looked behind her shoulder and smirked at Haraki. She was glad that he didn't get any broken ribs, but she couldn't return the handshake due to an arm around Vox and Kyo. It was also pretty surprising that Hraki had no idea who she was, considering her reputation among the higher ranks.

Name's Akuitora. To my right is my bodyguard Vox, and to my left is Kyo Hyuuga. You did pretty well considering you just went up against a sennin. Akuitora replied, Keep that piece of paper, I'm usually up for a spar or mission help whenever possible.

Posted by: Haraki Apr 27 2010, 10:47 PM
Akuitora...That name sounds familiar... Haraki gazed at the sky slightly, an unintentional glimpse of shock ran over his face.

I just had an unintentional spar with a Legendary Sennin...and didn't do too shabby, a few scrapes and bruises, nothing major..Being a chunnin..hell, it seems like I need a raise or something..heh...

Haraki bowed gently to her company, Vox and Kyo. Laughing slightly, he inquired.

What would someone with your fighting skills need with a bodyguard?

He waved his hands quickly in surrender of his sentence, covering his last, possibly offensive, statement.

Not saying you're not capable or anything, I'm just saying...Its nice to meet all three of you...I'll keep the'll be nice to fight you again.

He turned slowly, taking a deep breath, adjusting his card pouch, digging his hands into his pocket, walking back toward the alley, seeing if he had left any cards. He threw his hands up in a nonchalant wave.

I hope to see you around..

Posted by: Vox Apr 28 2010, 08:49 PM
Vox chuckled. "Simple answer, Haraki. Like all shinobi, the Boss has some weaknesses I don't share." He rolled up his sleeve, pulled out a knife, and made a long, shallow cut along his arm. Then, he slid the knife back along the cut. The wound closed behind it, not leaving a trace. "She's human. You like that? I call it the Zipper Trick. I could do this all day."

Vox calmly rolled up his sleeve and put the knife away. "You should see your face right now. Priceless."

Posted by: Haraki Apr 28 2010, 09:37 PM
Haraki's moment of shock quickly passed, a smirk arising from his face, then a slight droop of his head.

And here I thought my techniques were special...

Haraki's hands unintentionally grazed his cards holster, tapping them gently. As he waved his half goodbye, and went toward the alley, he picked up the remainder of his cards, prying the last one from the wall of the building.

Ya know, a Sennin and a, from the looks of it, immortal. It would defiantly, add to the day, I wonder if they would let me tag along a bit, maybe I can even get my promotion to Jounin...

Haraki's feet bairly grazed the ground as he jogged to catch up, calling out to stop the running group. A twinge of excitement, a rarity for him, locked into his face.

Hey! Akuitora-sama!

He closed the gap in between them, taking a deep breath before returning to his normal bored-with-the-world face.

Mind if I tag along? I have nothing better to do to day, and for quite some time the missions have been slim to nonexistent, and the ones that ARE there..well they're boring to say the least. Tagging along with you guys could prove very fun.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Apr 29 2010, 12:15 AM
Akuitora couldn't help but jokingly roll her eyes at Vox. She knew of his regeneration abilities, mostly due to the injuries she inflicted on him in the past...

With a smirk, she grabbed his fist with her right hand, and pulled him forward into her outstretched left hand. The finger kunai went through one of his ribs and into his lungs, and who knows where else. While stabbing him, one of Vox's makeshift brass knuckles dug into her right hand, and Akuitora looked at the blood coming out of her palm.

Akuitora snapped out of her quick trip to memory lane in time to hear Haraki's question. Technically she was planning on waiting until tomorrow to try and ask the Hokage for a high-ranking mission. Before she could tell Haraki that, her stomach gave a beastly loud growl. At that moment was when Akuitora realized she hadn't eaten since very early that morning.

I don't know about Vox or Kyo, but I was planning on going somewhere to eat, Akuitora said with a rare blush, You're welcome to come with us tonight, and tomorrow morning Vox and I will be looking into doing a mission. But for now, who knows a good place to eat at this time of day?

Posted by: Haraki Apr 29 2010, 12:33 AM
Haraki nodded somewhat thankfully that she didn't tell him to buzz off to be alone with his boredom. He placed his hands firmly on his head, stretching lightly and yawning as he panned his gaze around the village.

Well...all I can really think of this time of day are ramen shops...Anyone for or against that?

Haraki fixed his gaze back to the group, rolling his neck, the thought of a mission bored him, most of them were delivery missions now-a-days, but the thought of a HIGH RANKING mission, now that sounded like it could cure his boredom, at least for a little bit. Perhaps he would try to get involved with that, but he would have to see.

Nothing's really happening in Konoha...Like I said, missions might be hard to come by...

He paused for a moment, fighting down his pride enough to mumble out, in a sincere moment of thankfulness and letting his emotions show.

Thanks for letting me tag along...

Haraki didn't really like thanking anyone for anything, its not because he was rude, but rather he felt if he got something he had earned it, and he felt awkward for showing even a hint of emotion to anyone else, other than his normal attitude of bored.

Posted by: Nasukara Apr 29 2010, 03:35 AM
(( Howdy ))

(( Nasukara Character Descriptions: Green eyes, Blue hair ))

Nasukara had been following the small group ever since he finished watching the fight, It was the first fight he had seen ever since he arrived in Konoha. Being from the Sand village he wasn't allowed to visit much, unless he had a good reason to.

Nasukara wanted to introduce himself but didn't really know how to act with people from a different villiage

Maybe I should just forget about it, no, I had better introduce myself to arouse less suspicion as to my being here

Nasukara walks slowly and calmly in Haraki's and Akuitora's General Direction.

Haraki, Akuitora, Those were some interesting Jutsus you have, There seems to actually be some real talent here in Konoha... I'm Nasukara of the Sand Villiage.

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