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Posted by: sashaki Jan 1 2006, 06:14 AM
Name: sashaki's chart
Type: Taijustu/Ninjustu
Rank: genin
Descrption: sashaki's technqiues mostly of taijustu and ninjustu skill.
  • kakkeigyuutou genko no justu (sledgehammer fist technique)
    Type: Taijustu
    Charka: N/A
    Description:using charkas to strengthen the muscles and bones in a shinobi's body, he uses either using one or both hands with strength, this justu slams like a sledgehammer and causes great damage
  • isei toransu no justu (power trance technique)
    Type: ninjustu
    Charka: N/A
    Descrption:increases strength rapidly but in consequence, drains down charkas.
  • tora tsume no justu (tiger's claw techique)
    Type: Taijustu
    Charka: N/A
    Description: focusing on pressure points on the oppoent's chest, it can send a powerful blow to the oppenent and possibly stun him for a while

  • tori dageki no justu (bird strike technique)
    Charka: 1,500
    Description: Lv.1 of sashaki's chunnin's training, this attack is best as a arieal attack and is a swift and strong attack.
  • supiritto gesuidou no justu (spirit drain technique)
    Type: Ninjustu
    Charka: 2,500
    Description: Lv.2 of sashaki's chunnin's training, this attack is dangerous to opponents and the inexpirenced because it may use too much charkas and may drain too much charkas to the oppoent, resulting in death
  • gouzen doragon genkotsu no justu (roaring dragon fist technique)
    Type: Taijustu/Ninjustu
    Charka: 5,000
    Description: Lv.3 of sashaki's chunnin's training, this is also the most difficult. this attack uses 2 already known attacks and also control it to send a gaint explosive attack and it is also dangerous.

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