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Posted by: Mazrith986 Mar 14 2006, 02:09 AM
Character Name: Adu'Cross Usemkai
Rank: Chuunin
Character Age: 15
Character Height: 5'7''
Characters Weight: 138 lbs
Starting Village: Village Hidden in the Sands
Clan: The Forest-Fire Clan
Character Appearance: Black vest with black-ninja pants and boots. Leaf headband wrapped around forhead, a little over the eyes with mask over mouth and nose. Hair is black and wild. Wears elbow-long black gloves with metal bands on the top of the hands.

History: Adu'Cross was born in the Village Hidden in the Sands like any normal person. He does want revenge for his dead friend. Thats his one goal, and once he gets it, he will live his life to pursue being one of the top ninja ever, as the Fire-Glove Ninja!

-1000 yen
-5 Kunai
-10 Shruiken

Missions Completed

Starting Jutsu
Name: Fire-Glove Style
Type: (Mix) All Three Jitsu's
Rank: Any
Special Items: Special glove that can withstand the heat of the jutsu.
Description: This chart is all about Fire-Style Ninjutsu and Taijutsu techniques. Its a combination between them for you use the power to manipulate fire.
Fire-Glove Unarmed Level 1
--Type: Taijitsu
--Chakra: N/A
--Description: Level 1 basic Taijitsu Fire-Glove style. Increases speed and strength. The most basic level.

Fire Glove Jitsu
--Type: Ninjitsu
--Chakra: 7,000
--Description: By using the power of Fire-Glove Style Ninjutsu, you focus your chakra into a fireball that forms at the bottom of your right hand. This ball is used to send a very powerful attack. It is very light and the master of it ignores its extreme heat.

Wild Fire Jitsu
--Type: Ninjitsu
--Chakra: 7,000
--Description: This is a wide-range attack. By manipulating the fire, you can spread it around. Better watch it and not be near any trees!

Fire-Glove Unarmed Level 2
--Type: Taijitsu
--Chakra: 3,500
--Description: Level 2 of the Fire-Style Unarmed Combat. Improves your accuracy in the Fire-Glove Tree.

Fire Speed Jitsu
--Type: Taijitsu
--Chakra: 2,000
--Description: This jitsu uses Taijitsu chakra and increases your movement by twenty times. You use the chakra and send bursts of heat to your feet, which act like a rocket.

Fire Barrage Jitsu
--Type: Taijitsu
--Chakra: 2,000
--Description: This is the most basic of the Fire-Glove Style Jitsu's. It uses your chakra and adds more strength into your fists, feet, and head, for any headbutts you may want to commit.

Fire-Glove Unarmed Level 3
--Type: Taijitsu
--Chakra: 10,000
--Description: Level 3 of the Fire-Glove Unarmed combat. This level adds even more fire to your punch and helps you control fire a bit better.

Flame-Thrower Jitsu
--Type: Ninjitsu
--Chakra: 1,000
--Description: This is one the most basic of the Fire-Glove Style Jitsu's. It uses Ninjitsu. You manipulate the flame into a kind of throwing star and launch it.

Solar Flare Dragon
--Type: Ninjitsu
--Chakra: 10,000
--Description: A powerful Fire-Glove style jitsu. It is a punch that will burn you, literally.

Fire-Glove Unarmed Level 4
--Type: Taijitsu
--Chakra: 12,500
--Description: Level 4 of the Fire Glove Unarmed combat tree. This level enchances your fighting speed. It also helps you add more damage to kicks.

Solor Flare, Blinding Light
--Type: Genjitsu
--Chakra: 5,000
--Discription: This Genjitsu technique commenses a bright light that temporarily blinds everyone around the area. Either to escape for commense a secret strike.

Fire Dragon Replica
--Type: Genjitsu
--Chakra: 750
--Discription: This Genjitsu creates illusionary Fire Dragons that appear everywhere around a target or targets.

Extra: Fire-protection gloves and wear.

Edit: Fixed the Unarmed Combat.

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