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Posted by: Keymage32 Feb 3 2007, 09:45 PM
Name: Ishida Kaoru (Adopted last name, since I don't know the Archer Clan name)

Rank: Genin

Age: 12

Height: 5' 2

Weight: 120 lb.

Elements: Wind/Fire

Starting Village: Hidden Leaf Village

Appearance: Deep blue eyes, hidden by glasses. Long red hair. Wears a jacket and hakama, which is cut off at shorts-length, giving the appearance of loose-fitting Bermuda shorts.

Personality: Ignorant socially(no, not racism. More like telling a girl she is talking too much or something.). Insensitive, laughing at people's misfortune. Driven/determined to rise above his peers.

Ishida was born during a devestating hurricane season. It had lasted for more than 10 days with relentless winds howling. But on the tenth day the wind stopped howling and instead a baby started crying. Unfortunately, the father had died in the storm, and the mother had died in labor. Rather than living with blood relatives, Ishida became adopted by a kind couple.

Yes, Ishida always has had a unique connection with the wind. His friends often fought over him when they went wind surfing at a nearby lake, because whatever boat Ishida was in, seemed to go a little bit faster.

At age 5, Ishida had no intention of becoming a shinobi; he just wanted to do whatever. But that all changed after his trip with his adopted parents, just outside the village. Halfway through a forest, Ishida and his family were attacked by a group 3 of rogue Kohona shinobi. In an attempt to mug them, they were about to slit his parents' throat with kunai when 3 arrows rang out striking each of the ninja in the heads. They all fell to the ground unconscious, not dead, and then a silent archer appeared.

Ishida had never seen a ninja up close before, and seeing one up close made his stomach fill with butterflies. This ninja actually had similar facial characteristics of Ishida, seemingly a connection through relation. Curious, he asked the ninja “Hey Mister, your headband is shiny can I touch it?”
“Sure...” the ninja replied as he took the headband off and bent down to put the headband on his head. Ishida felt proud and warm that he pointed out the headband to everyone on the trail until they arrived back to the Village. Where the ninja bent down and said, “Well, it looks like I’ll be needing my headband back now” “No!” Ishida protested sticking his lower lip out. “You can't keep It , know why,” the ninja said smiling. Ishida opened an eye and asked “Why?” “Because,” the ninja said pointing at the headband, “Because you have to be a ninja to wear this.” “Do you want to be a ninja” he asked. Ishida nodded enthusiastically. “Then, you know what you have to do right?” Ishida shook his head. “Well you have to protect your family, your friends, and you home can you do that?” Ishida shook his head again. The ninja chuckled “You’ll make a fine ninja I bet.” The ninja stayed close to the family until they left and when they did he gave Ishida a miniature crossbow and arrows. “So now you can practice and be a ninja just like me."

For a few years, Ishida would play around with the toy-like bow. It seemed to be a part of him, as if archer ability was in his blood. Even his parents had to admit he had amazing for his age.

After his 10th birthday, 5 years later, Ishida enrolled in the academy and found that he could apply Wind jutsu with his forms, inconspicuously though. Ishida was thrilled but still practiced with a bow regularly ignoring snide remarks from his classmates. After meeting with the Hokage and Chuunin, he was asked to keep from purposely using Wind jutsu until he was at an adequate rank. Ishida agreed to wait till Jounin level to begin using Wind jutsu consciously. However, he was still thrilled that his two great passions had suddenly formed into one, archery and subtle, unconscious wind manipulation, enhancing the speed and accuracy of his arrows.

As he progressed, archer jutsu was learned naturally by Ishida, without a teacher. After a year at the academy, he had achieved the first three jutsus among the Academy Chart, which allowed him to graduate to Genin rank. To this day, he is in love with his headband after waiting years to finally have one in his hands.

Jutsu List:

Starting Jutsu
    (*)Third Eye
    Type: N/A
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: This eye is not a physical eye, but the user concentrate charka in their eye to see farer and clearer.

    (*)Wire charka control
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    There is a wire attached to the arrow that is hold by the user and with this string the user can control the arrow.

    (*)Power Shot Arrow
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: The arrow is enhanced with charka allowing it to pierce
Academy & Village Technique Chart
    (*) Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: This technique must be mastered by any ninja who has graduated from the Academy at the Hidden Leaf Village. It's the most basic technique a Genin must know, since it can be a real lifesaver. This ninjutsu creates an illusional clone of the user.

    (*) Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: Henge no Jutsu is the basic skill a ninja must know to become a Genin. It is a very useful and widely used skill in the series, as it has many uses. It's mostly used as a decoy, to confuse the opponent by transforming into somebody that's an ally with the enemy.

    (*) Genjutsu Kai (Genjutsu Release)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja focuses their chakra and screams "kai" or "release." They can perform it on themselves or on others. It will effectively ward off most Genjutsu, unless extremely powerful or when used in conjunction with an advanced bloodline.

Posted by: Mazrith986 Feb 4 2007, 05:20 PM
For the most part this is fine. I do need to get a second opinion on a part of it. I'll let you know in a while.

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