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Posted by: Kanki-chan May 9 2010, 11:52 PM
As Kyo and Akuitora walked back home from the ramen shop, she couldn't help but feel a little disgruntled toward the Hokage: besides the bad missions for her, he'd picked p on Kyo and Akuitora's relationship and lately had been sending Kyo on missions that took him away for a longer time.

The fact that Kyo is on missions so often isn't the problem, it's that the Hokage likes to leave me with nothing to do... Akuitora tried to not frown so much, so instead tried forcing a smile and bumped Kyo with her elbow.

So how was your latest mission? Akuitora tried asking in a convincing "happy" tone.

Posted by: Kyo Hyuuga May 11 2010, 03:59 AM
Kyo could tell that, despite her forced smile and chipper tone, Akuitora was pretty upset at the Hokage for making her going out on such long missions. As a response, Kyo deftly slipped his hand into hers and intertwined his fingers inbetween hers. The slight elbow make him chuckle a bite as they walked. If he was in a good mood, it would help actually cheer her up as well.

This last mission? It was supposed to be an easy transport mission...but while we were traveling, we got trapped by some enemy ninja. We were forced to make camp inside a cave for a couple days as I tried to keep the merchants safe while fighting the rogue ninja. That, coupled with the long trip as it was, made it quite exhausting. But, it is good to be back finally. Especially with company who is not constantly complaining about how their merchandise is getting dusty. Kyo chuckled a bit as he recalled the merchants complaining.

It was then that they stopped in front of their house. With a smile, Kyo moved towards the door and opened it for Akuitora. Ladies first Kyo said with a smile, ever the gentleman.

Posted by: Kanki-chan May 11 2010, 06:18 PM
Akuitora was flattered by Kyo for still being a gentleman, and went inside their place. As she slipped off her simple sandals, she realized something.

Aw, crap.... Akuitora tried to not swear out loud: it had been at least three days since she had bothered cleaning anything. There was dust everywhere, the dishes from her simple meals were stacked in the sink, and she certainly didn't remember to tidy up their bedroom.

Frick frick frick! Akuitora continued to think as Kyo entered their place. Sighing, she turned around and faced him.

Well, at least we have something to do tomorrow. Akuitora mentioned nervously.

Note to self: don't let Kyo do the dusting...

Posted by: Kyo Hyuuga May 14 2010, 12:02 AM
Kyo smiled a bit at Akuitora's nervousness about the dirty room. In all honesty, he did not mind when the house was messy. Sure, he preferred when the house was nice and tidy but he had grown accustomed to the idea that it would get dusty from time to time and that the bed would not always be made. Don't worry too much about it, He said simply as he walked into the bedroom. From there he sat down on the bed and yawned slightly. Boy, it had been a while since he had slept in this bed. I think it would just be nice to get some rest. Perhaps we can clean after the misson.

Motioning her to come lay with him, Kyo rested his head on the pillow and closed his eyes, content with being at home and being with Akuitora, at least for the night.

Posted by: Kanki-chan May 14 2010, 08:34 PM
As the sun was peeking in through their bedroom window, Akuitora woke up with a smile on her face. Kyo was still sleeping next to her with his left arm under her for a pillow, his hair falling over his eyes in an adorable way. Akuitora kissed Kyo's forehead lightly, and got out of bed. After washing her face and brushing her tangled blonde-and black hair, Akuitora put her hair into a high ponytail, and then started tidying up the place. She must've looked ridiculous cleaning up in her plain black pajamas, but she wanted to get this done hopefully before Kyo noticed she was out of bed.

First Akuitora got a washcloth damp at the sink, and wrung it out until water stopped dripping from it. Looking over the coffee table, the simple couch, the TV, and the bookshelf in the living room, Akuitora sighed and got to work.

The dusting went along fairly well, and tidying up didn't take more than just stacking mission notes and putting away some of the books and scrolls she had out. Finally, AKuitora decided it was clean enough and got back to the kitchen, and started washing some of the dishes.

After this, definitely some breakfast. A cheese and bacon omelette would sound like a great idea! Akuitora planned to herself as she dried off the last pan and got out the ingredients for her and Kyo's moring breakfast.

Posted by: Haraki May 18 2010, 03:33 AM
Haraki stood in front of Akui-chan's door, much to his relief. Quite a few curse words, angry residents and a few shurikens thrown at him, he breathed a sigh of relief. His moment of tranquility quickly subsided, once again he feared that this was either the wrong house, or she were not up yet. Bracing himself for screaming, or more shurikens, he rasped on the door gently, bringing his arms up in a defensive manner, before gradually working his arms back down to his sides.

Haraki glanced around at his company that had managed to follow him without killing him, yet they did appear to be the ones slinging out the curse words quite a bit of the times, though Haraki couldn't blame them. In his defense he had never been to the part of town Akui-chan lived in.

Thank you for sticking with me on this guys. I really hope this is the right place...I don't think I can dodge another shuriken...

As he said that, twinges of pain crept back into his limbs and abs, he groaned with pain, clutching the wound gently, attempting to add pressure to fight off the pain. Haraki rolled on the balls of his feet, whistling half to himself as he awaited the door to be opened, and whatever was happening after that too.

Posted by: Kanki-chan May 18 2010, 07:56 PM
Akuitora was just about to start cracking the eggs onto the hot frying pan when she heard the knock at the door. Akuitora looked down at the pan, put the eggs back in their container and grabbed the emergency kunai pack on top of the fridge before heading straight towards the front door. Akuitora didn't bother to look through the peephole to see who was outside, so she was kind of surprised when she saw Nasukara, Haraki, and a Hyuuga kid standing on the doorstep. One look, and she simply said, "Get in. Now." and stood back to let the trio in.

Looks like I'm going to need more eggs... Akuitora thought with a mental roll of her eyes.

Posted by: Haraki May 18 2010, 09:24 PM
Haraki quickly stepped in, bending his body in a gracious manner, sliding off his shoes at the front door, he stepped aside as the other two entered. He heard the rush blot itself into her voice, he bowed again. His voice came out in a quick raspy whisper.

I apologize for the intrusion, especially this early in the morning, Akui-chan, but I fear we might have a problem...

Haraki halted himself, getting a wiff of the air he could smell, and now hear, the crackling of heat under a frying pan. He mentally slapped his forehead, sighing.

We can, erm, wait until after you have had breakfast if you like...I'm sure it can wait that long. Oh! and this is Zaku, he is a...friend, of mine.

He had a slight hesitation to the word 'friend' after all he had just met the guy, but he had met him as he was attempting to heal Haraki's wounds, so he can't be all bad. He offered up a sincere smile, digging his toes into the floor beneath him.

Sigh...You should have waited at least a little later, its still assumed that the mission is tomorrow morning... I don't know of any changes, I'm sure Nasukara would have mentioned something...

Posted by: Kyo Hyuuga May 19 2010, 03:11 AM
A problem? Kyo questioned as he came out of the bedroom, dress down in white pajama bottoms but no shirt. He would have gotten dressed had they been expecting guests but he supposed this would have been good enough considering the time. He had taken notice of how clean the place was as well and would make sure to thank Akuitora for the excellent job that she did when they were alone.

He smiled and nodded to the three guests, recognizing all three, including the third seeing as the boy was apart of his family. However, that did not shift his mind from what Haraki had said when he came in. What exactly do you mean by a problem?

Posted by: Haraki May 19 2010, 05:27 AM
Haraki's eyes widened unnoticed when he saw Kyo appear from the room which he obviously assumed to be a bedroom. Haraki bowed as it had quickly become apparent that he had not just visited Akuitora's home, but Kyo's as well.

Heh..Must be more than a friendship then...I feel kind of bad for interrupting so early.

Haraki's feet were digging themselves a nice hole in the ground with Haraki's concerns weighed greatly on his shoulders, he kept his head bowed, yet the bow quickly became a slumped head, almost ashamed of the cheap shot he fell to.

Last night, as I was walking home from the ramen shop, I was attacked by an old rival of mine, and what appeared to be a hired hit man, it seemed to be a jounin from the Akimichi clan...I survived...however, my cards did not. All 26 of them were crushed under the weight, the last ones were chewed up and spat out. I know some simple taijutsu, but without my cards I can't do anything...

Haraki took a deep breath, worry escaped in the exhale, he rubbed his neck, he hadn't even realized he had begun pacing the floor.

My clan cannot focus chakra into jutsus, only the weapons chosen by us, forged for our special chakra. We can control all elements, but they can only be focused though our weapons...So as of now, I'm worthless..

Haraki's worried pacing had ended with a very abrupt plop onto the couch, his elbows resting on his knees, his head cradled in his hands.

Posted by: Kanki-chan May 19 2010, 06:43 PM
Akuitora stayed silent through the last two minutes of hubbub, including Kyo walking in on the crowd.

crap....well, at least he was wearing something, Akuitora thought to herself as she considered how to react with everything. After Haraki explained how important those cards were to his usefulness on the mission, Akuitora felt a little sorry for him. Her weapons didn't channel chakra, but they were just as important to her. Akuitora decided to speak up when Haraki finished pacing.

It is a shame to hear about your weapons, Haraki. However, I don't believe you're going to be useless for the mission. We'll need everyone on this mission, including your new "friend" Zaku. That is, if you're interested in coming to the sand country, Zaku. Akuitora started, and then walked over to the stove.

We can talk more about changes to the mission once everyone's had a chance to sit and something to eat. Please, let me know whether you want cheese or bacon added to your omelette. Kyo, if you could please set the table for everyone... Akuitora pointed towards the dinner table for everyone, and started cracking eggs into the hot frying pan.

Posted by: Haraki May 24 2010, 02:57 AM
Haraki leaned forward, pivoting to rise onto the ground, standing at full height he glances around, bowing graciously at his hosts, then turning to face the two people he had brought with him to find the two. However, the two appeared to have met an unfortunate date with Medusa, appearing as statues, not moving or speaking since they entered the house. Haraki heard Akui-chan's obviously gracious words about him not being useless on the mission.

I certainly appreciate your words about being needed, not to sound hard on myself, but I'm not sure how much use I'll be, my clan is taught a lot of taijutsu, but that is at a young age, we quickly learn to use our weapons...

He once again recognized the signs of rambling on, he began to laugh, rubbing the back of his head nervously entwining his fingers with his hair.

Bacon please.

Haraki took one more glance at the silent duo standing at the door, he wasn't sure what they were doing, but he would leave them be until they so decided to join in the conversation. He made his way to the table, sitting on the right side in the middle of the table.

Haraki cleared his throat, making way to attempt to create some sort of casual small talk, by the end of this mission they could end up very close, and he figured why not sooner than later. Since Kyo was directed toward the same area as him, he looked at him, making a weak attempt at small talk.

So are you fairing after your last mission, being a sennin I'm sure you are more than strong enough to handle our newest mission, that we've self assigned of course..[/COLOR]

He mustered a half laugh, smiling widely exposing his teeth, giving off a light mood, one that always seems to surround Haraki's clearly laid back personality.

Posted by: Nasukara May 24 2010, 03:58 AM
Nasukara looked upon at the pickings of food. He didn't feel like eating, and therefore did not request for food. he thought about Haraki's lack of weapons and how that might slow them down. Though Nasukara was pretty certain that Haraki's skill level far surpassed the needs of weapons, he wasn't too terribly certain of the condition Haraki was in.

Akuitora, do you have any healing abilities or skills?

Posted by: Kanki-chan May 25 2010, 02:56 PM
As she was creating Haraki's omelette, Akuitora heard Nasukara's query. She was a little distrustful still for a shinobi from another land, even though he was definitely polite and sincere in his plea for help.

I'm not a medic-nin, but I do have basic first aid skills. Just don't lose a limb during our mission and we'll be just fine. Akuitora said with a joking grin. She turned back to the kitchen stove and folded over the omelette, the yellow and white treat cooking wonderfully. After another moment to make sure everything cooked together, Akuitora scooped off Haraki's omelette, and set it on a plain white plate. Akuitora then added to the frying pan the eggs needed to make an omelette for Kyo.

Here's your food, Haraki.

Posted by: Zaku May 26 2010, 04:07 AM
Zaku sat and starred at the table that was in front of him and fiddled with a shuriken under the table. When Zaku was asked if he would be joining he replied

" i sure hope so"

Zaku kept his eyes down at the table and only brought his eyes from the table when asked a question but when he thought he should ask about the next mission he thought it best to keep his mouth shut.

Posted by: Haraki May 28 2010, 10:10 PM
Haraki fixed up a great smile, his eyes doing most of the work in this case. His hands were resting under the table as he scooted the chair forward as far as the table would allow him. He bit his lip lightly, his stomach growled with anticipation of the meal, it had been quite some time since he actually had someone cooking for him.

Thank you very much Akui-chan!

He had tried to keep his cool, but fell short, he could hardly contain the excitement that crept through his voice. He took a deep breath, attempting to wait until someone else had food in front of them, to gauge if they would eat or not, everyone would get food, but he would feel rude eating in front of them.

He noticed Nasukara's question toward Akui-chan, a completely harmless question, a very smart one to ask. Yet it seemed to him as if Nasukara was almost certain something would happen where medical attention would be required. He took another deep breath, this time holding it before releasing it in short bursts to cool of his omelet.

Haraki smiled inwardly, glad that Zaku was more than willing to participate, hardly knowing not only anything about the mission, but the group of people he now sat in the room with. He looked over at Zaku.

Thank you again for helping me out back there, I feel pretty good considering what happened.

His smile was sincere but strained, while Zaku had done a good job, he was still very sore, exactly as if someone had plowed through him like a steam roller.

Posted by: Zaku May 30 2010, 04:02 PM
it was nothing i just saw someone in need of help and i was near so i just did what any good person would.

Zaku gave a warm smile back to Haraki his nerves started to calm after a while and was feeling more at home here with his newly found company but Zaku knew not to get attached because he had a feeling on this next mission it will take a great deal of concentration.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Jun 4 2010, 08:42 PM
((OOC: Okay, it's been almost a week since anyone's replied, so I'm just going to move the story along a bit))

Akuitora finished making food for herself and Kyo and noticed how everyone ate in silence. Understanding that everyone was not only hungry but also feeling a little doom from Haraki's mishap, Akuitora finished her omellette, got up from the table, set her dishes in the sink and left for her and Kyo's bedroom.

Akuitora quickly changed out of her black pajamas to her normal ninja wear: blue shinobi-grade pants, a black tank top, and a simple belt with two pouches: one filled with kunai, another filled with slips of paper, a bottle of ink, and three calligraphy brushes. Akuitora put the belt on around her hips, and grabbed her jounin vest and Konoha headband and walked back to the dining room. Once everyone looked up towards her, Akuitora took a deep breath and finally asked the question that was probably on everyone's mind:

Nasukara, with the recent attack on Haraki, will the caravan need to move out a day early towards Suna?

Posted by: Haraki Jun 5 2010, 08:08 PM
Haraki had long since finished eating, his fork hovering above his empty plate, his cheek nestled into his fist, as if acting like a bored child. Haraki's fork made a pendulum motion over the plate, as Akui-chan reentered the room, he smiled graciously, removing his hand from his cheek.

Thank you for the food Akui-chan, it was wonderful!

Haraki had leaned back, his spine resting over the back of the chair, stretching the muscles, placing his hands firmly on his head as Akui-chan asked Nasukara the fatal question that was potentially staked into everyone's mind. Haraki was first to respond, though he knew where the question was directed.

The attack at me, and the bandits, as far as I know have no connection what so ever. However, Moving it forward couldn't hurt, it means that we will return quicker...

Haraki cleared his throat, heat yet no color welled in his cheeks, causing a boiling sensation under his skin.

That is off the assumption that I can go, and you all feel I could still be needed...

Again he trailed off, this time his focus shifted to the sand ninja that had remained quiet throughout his mini speech, he gave him the floor, after all she had asked him.

Posted by: Zaku Jun 8 2010, 05:08 PM
Zaku listened to Haraki's words and thought about them long and hard he piped up and in his deep voice said:

"I may not know much but i saw you fight if you can fight like that with cards i bet you will do just"

Zaku smiled he knew it really wasnt his place to say

Posted by: Nasukara Jun 14 2010, 02:47 AM
((OOC: Sorry about the delay, To be honest, I've been friggin lazy, SO LETS GET THIS STARTED))

Nasukara felt rushed, but that's okay because he can roll like that. He knew that leaving sooner will only help in the overall success of the mission. Since Haraki was willing to push forward he thought to himself -Why not?-

I Have all my equipment ready to push forward whenever I need

Nasukara Grabbed the hilt of the sword on his back.

Believe it or not, everything I've taken with me on the trip here is everything I have with me at this moment, so I could even say lets go ahead and leave right now, but of course because of Haraki's condition we might want to let him rest for the day

Nasukara felt that to be an adequate responce, and eagerly waited the responses of everyone around him. The quicker they got things going, the better.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Jun 14 2010, 05:34 PM
Akuitora considered Haraki's eagerness to push forward despite the loss of his weapon, and Nasukara's mention of how easy it would be to leave.

It would certainly be in the merchant's best interests to leave a day early. We might actually miss the bandits completely, and keep things safe for the merchants. I say we push ahead, and Haraki is allowed to come if he feels he's able (which you've apparently been announcing to us). Akuitora diplomatically replied. She circled around the table, gave Kyo a quick kiss, and got near the front door.

I'm going to go meet with my bodyguard, and if everyone who wants to help could meet at the front gates by noon today, that would be great. With that, Akuitora turned, put on her ninja sandals, and left for Vox's apartment.

Posted by: Nasukara Jun 15 2010, 10:21 PM
Nasukara looked at the others.

Well, I'll be waiting... I'll see whoever's going later at the gates as well, I need to go take care of a few errands first though

Nasukara quietly made his leave, and was off to find a supplies store nearby, he needed to replenish his food supply and also practice his fighting skills.

Posted by: Zaku Jun 16 2010, 03:55 PM
after everyone left zaku looked at haraki and said:

Haraki i hope you will be going on this trip

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