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Posted by: Uchiha Mikyas Jan 3 2007, 02:33 AM
Character Name: Akimichi Chibi

Rank: Jounin

Character Age: 32

Character Height: 5' 9

Character’s Weight: 240 lbs (Mostly muscle)

Starting Village: Hidden Leaf

Elements: Lightning/Akimichi Bloodline

Character Appearance: Does not wear shirt/top because it would burst once he's in a high level Baika no Jutsu state, toga-like pants/bottom, blue sandals, and he wears/places his head plate on his belt.

History: Chibi was born into the Akimichi Clan, a clan with very large and portly shinobi in it. He was born small, giving him the name "Chibi" (runt), the smallest in his family, let alone the entire clan. Chibi was always looked upon as frail and weak. Unlike the other members, Chibi was smart, resourceful, and fast. He would eat a lot, but that wouldn't make him fat like the usual members of the clan.

This disorder did not keep him from finding a way to achieve his family bloodline technique, Baika no Jutsu, where you need to have a relatively high amount of body mass to use. Instead of losing fat in his body, he trained to make his muscles overweigh fat by enough to make up for it completely. This helped him to accomplish Baika no Jutsu the earliest among his siblings, at age 9. As a Genin he had combined techniques from his clan as well as learned lightning jutsu abilities from his Jounin sensei. He became strong, and at the same time very clever, graduating 2nd top in his Academy class next to a superbly talented Uchiha.

By age 13, he had passed his Chuunin selection exams with flying colors. As a Chuunin, he had learned the family’s most rare technique, Mega Baika no Jutsu. Chibi became a Jounin after 6 years of being a Chuunin, teaching at the Academy. The Hokage had never known the team of Genin that Chibi should teach, so up until today, Chibi has never had a team of Genin to guide. He is not a laid back person, training vigorously each day to keep his muscles from growing softer and lighter, literally no excuses. Chibi has one goal in life, to learn the Isshi Resshin technique, an ability which only 1 other person in his clan had achieved in their life time.

-2,500 yen
-5 Kunai
-10 Shruiken

Missions Completed

Starting Jutsu:

Main Tree: Akimichi Bloodline

• Baika no Jutsu (Multi-size)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: N/A
Description: This technique is the most commonly used technique used by members of the Akimichi clan. It makes the user twice as large as himself and in most cases, a giant balloon version. This jutsu is the part of a type of combo, where it is followed by other attacks.
(Side note: The more you have eaten, the longer this jutsu lasts)

• Kasui Nikudan Sensha
Type: Taijutsu
Chakra: 1,000
Description: A Taijutsu technique incorporating the Baika no Jutsu (Multi-size no Jutsu) and a line of kunai wrapped around the ninja's body. Once the ninja's body has become massive, they tuck their arms, legs, and head into their body and become a lumbering ball of spiked meat.

• Baika Bunshin no Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 2,500
Description: While in Baika no Jutsu, this technique creates up to 4 Baika bunshins, which are only solid enough to a point when one comes on contact with a sharp weapon or attack to the stomach, which is what makes them disappear. Since the weight of the clones are divided they are skinnier with about 1/5 the strength of its user. This jutsu is usually a lot more helpful outside of battle rather than in it.

• Katateoichi Baika no Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 2,500
Description: A Ninjutsu technique which is a variation of the Baika no Jutsu (Multi-size Technique). With this technique, the ninja increases the size of only one part of their body, such as their arm of leg, and then attacks their opponent with just that part, crushing them.

• Asshou
Type: Taijutsu
Chakra: 5,000
Description: A Taijutsu technique where the ninja drives their fist into their opponent while they are on the ground, crushing them and grinding them into the earth. With impressive strength, this technique could be quite devastating.

• Mega Baika no Jutsu (Mega Multi-size)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 10,000
Description: A Ninjutsu technique which is a variation of the Baika no Jutsu (Multi-size Technique). With this technique, the ninja increases their burning of calories to boost their chakra enough to increase the size of their entire body and their mass until it is 100 times larger than normal.
(Side note: This jutsu affects the body in that when you return to normal size, you have lost enough calories to be 1/3 of what your original weight is, which of course will keep you from being able to use your Baika jutsus until you gain a lot of it back.)

Secondary Tree: Lightning Technique Chart

• Paralyzing Shock (Sutangan no Jutsu)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 1,250
Description: Sends a small bolt of lightning into the foe in order to stun them for a very brief time.

• Lightning Warp (Raikou Sori no Jutsu)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 2,000
Description: Allows the user to move as fast as lighting to another area close by. From the amount of concentration needed, and the amount of hand signs, this is almost useless in battle.

• Lighting Palm (Raikou Hirate no Jutsu)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 5,000
Description: The user concentrates lightning into their palm before slamming their hand down upon the ground, sending the lightning towards their opponent.

• Dual Lighting Palm (Raikou Dyuaru Hirate no Jutsu)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 10,000
Description: The user may now concentrate lighting into both their palms, giving this attack greater power and versatility.

Third Tree: Magnet Limbs

• Implosion (Combo of Baika no Jutsu and Paralyzing Shock)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 5,000
Description: Through stunting the Baika no Jutsu's bodily stimulation with a paralyzing shock, the chakra is stored and absorbed, not released. Which, although not allowing the user massive size, will store more strength, increasing Chibi's overall speed, stamina, and strength by 15%.

• Ranged Destruction (Combo of Asshou and Lightning Palm)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 6,000
Description: Through a mix of brute strength and explosion of electricity, the user drives his fists into the ground, creating a gigantic force of chakra that will hit any enemy within a 3 foot radius.

• Total Destruction (Combo of Asshou and Dual Lightning Palm)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 10,000
Description: Similar to the Ranged Destruction jutsu, this technique has over twice the power. This massive wave of lightning has a radius of 8 feet.

• End of the World (Combo of Isshi Resshin and Dual Lightning Palm)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 50,000
Description: This technique is yet to be discovered by Chibi. This jutsu can not compare to that of the Total or Ranged Destruction. One finger absorbs chakra from all over the user's body. Combined with the Isshi Resshin, this attack allows the user to drive his arm through his opponent's body, severely wounding him/her. This attack requires 2 full posts to charge up. On top of that, the user will be paralyzed for one week after using it.

Academy & Village Technique Chart

• Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: N/A
Description: This technique must be mastered by any ninja who has graduated from the Academy at the Hidden Leaf Village. It's the most basic technique a Genin must know, since it can be a real lifesaver. This ninjutsu creates an illusional clone of the user.

• Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: N/A
Description: Henge no Jutsu is the basic skill a ninja must know to become a Genin. It is a very useful and widely used skill in the series, as it has many uses. It's mostly used as a decoy, to confuse the opponent by transforming into somebody that's an ally with the enemy.

• Genjutsu Kai (Genjutsu Release)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: N/A
Description: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja focuses their chakra and screams "kai" or "release." They can perform it on themselves or on others. It will effectively ward off most Genjutsu, unless extremely powerful or when used in conjunction with an advanced bloodline.

• Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree/Wall Walking Technique)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 2,500
Description: By focusing a proper amount of chakra into the feet, the user is able to walk on walls and trees.

• Konoha Shunshin no Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 2,500
Description: An ability which allows the user to transport from one area to another in a veil of leaves. (Not to be Used in Battle)

• Suimen Hokou no Gyou (Water Walking)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 5,000
Description: By focusing their chakra in a similar manner to the Kinobori technique, the user is able to balance over the surface of water, allowing them to walk and run freely.

• Kawarimi no Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 5,000
Description: The Body Substitute skill is a widely used and very famous skill among shinobis. Put simply, the user uses speed to his/her advantage, and grabs an item from the environment and places it on his/her current position while moving out of the way.

Animal Companion: Bison (his transport, not a summon)

Extra: user posted image

Posted by: Omega2042 Jan 7 2007, 11:36 PM
If this is going to be a jounin, you need more on your first chart and then a second one as well. Thats all I am going to deal with in terms of this character. I normally dont do character applications.

Posted by: Uchiha Mikyas Jan 8 2007, 01:44 AM
I'm sorry I forgot to paste the second chart. I had more to it typed, I just missed that part.

Edited it.

Posted by: Mazrith986 Jan 15 2007, 12:06 AM
Okay, so You need to list what your two elements are somewhere. I'm assuming from your charts one is Lightning, you'll need a second one as a Jounin. Now I have a question for you, The bison is just a transport for him, it doesn't fight or anything like that?

Posted by: Uchiha Mikyas Jan 15 2007, 12:40 AM
Yes, it is just a transport. The bison is not meant to defend my character in any way. Do I need to pay for it? Or can I just keep it as a family inheritance as I planned?

I just added the third chart. Is there anything else I should fix?

Posted by: Omega2042 Jan 15 2007, 01:26 AM
The third chart is a mix of the first two. Its not another chart that you pick like the first two. Its something that will be unique to each character.

Posted by: Uchiha Mikyas Jan 15 2007, 02:24 AM
Ok, is that third tree okay now? Or does it seem to GMish?

Posted by: Mazrith986 Jan 24 2007, 04:48 PM
Your third tree does seem a bit powerful. Everything else is fine, if you can get one of the others to accpet your third tree then your app. is fine.

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