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Posted by: Ds14 Jan 25 2008, 12:22 AM
I'm thinking of current problems to solve and then future innovations to add so that it won't be the same thing over again. Just thought to myself, "Why did people leave?"

1. Chakra Updating
2. Tech Chart Disagreement with Mods
3. Character Design Flaws
4. Items Not Monitored
5. Not Enough NPC's
6. Ranks Don't Mean Anything
7. Transportation Time Between Villages is Arbitrary
8. Bijuu are kinda... nonexistant except Yukio
9. Inactivity
10. The Hokage
11. Elemental Affinity
12. Additional Jutsu Creation
13. Rank Within Clans

1. No clue
2. If there's a disagreement, a 2/3 vote amongst the mods, no matter what they do, will get it approved/disapproved. Also, they can always be argued, but there must be significant change from the previous decision.
3. Make a Guide to character creation
4. A mod for that. And when creating a character, decide which weapon you want an unlimited(not like, butt rape unlimited, but within reason) amount of: shuriken, kunai, or needles, because it seems that way in the show.
5. A List of friendly NPCs and Bingo Book of hostile ones of any rank
6. Give each rank EQUAL but different abilities
7. Not sure.
8. Not sure. Roaming? Jinchuuriki? How rare?
9. Incentive for activity w/ activity factored into chakra gain equation
10. What all can you do without a chart? What's the point of learning Katon/Suiton/Doton/etc.
11. Not sure
12. Not sure

Posted by: Ds14 Jan 25 2008, 12:33 AM
Rank Abilities

Genin: 3 man cell, Chuunin exam, Can't leave town without Jounin, Can do up to C-Rank missions alone, More Rapid Chakra gain, need Chuunin to arrest criminals.
Chuunin: Mentor a genin for chakra gain rate boost, Jounin exam, Proctor Chuunin exams, Can do up to B-Rank missions alone, Must ask at Hokage's office to leave village, Can arrest criminals.
Jounin: Teach three man genin cell for chakra gain boost, jobs?, Hokage Promotion, Any rank missions. Can arrest or kill criminals.
Anbu: No less than A rank missions, Limitation on communication with other villagers w/ penalty if any slip-ups made?, can travel to other Villages for Missions, Special specific fourth tech chart, can kill/arrest criminals
Hunter-Nin: Special weapons for this rank only, can travel to other villages, can leave village for extended periods of time without becoming a missing-nin, individual assassination missions, special specific fourth tech chart.

Posted by: Ds14 Jan 25 2008, 12:37 AM
Village Laws? Different for Each village?
Major NPC's - Combatant and Non-combatant
Story Arc emphasis, but not requirement
Contests - In character/Out of Character
Chakra for non-combat posts and consolation for losing fights/events
Summoning System Revamp
And a list of absolute tech chart no-no's that can never be done

Posted by: Uchiha Mikyas Jan 25 2008, 12:52 AM
I can handle chakra updating pretty well. I know how the system works, and how to change it very easily. i actually have changed my own chakra from my training post with Vox O.o, so that's proof I guess.

We need at least one more active person on the moderating staff to come up with ideas for a Chuunin exam.

Posted by: Ds14 Jan 25 2008, 01:01 AM
Any opinions on anything else I put there?

Posted by: Uchiha Mikyas Jan 25 2008, 01:12 AM
I think ranks should mean something. Genin shouldn't be able to take on Jounin. I mean it's not like Naruto vs. Kakashi, where they're practically at the same level now.

Also, Jinchuuriki should be fine. Especially since they're easy to rely on for a new arc. However, if we start an arc about a Jinchuuriki trying to be attacked, then that member who has the Jinchuuriki character doesn't come to the RP for a while, we'd be stuck in that arc.

I guess what we could do with Jinchuuriki is keep them, but assume that they've "run away from their respective society" if they're inactive long enough.

There will be an npc account for criminals.

All kages will be NPC's. However, they won't simply be little bots that assign new missions. Every kage NPC will have a personality, specific apperance, and specific jutsu.

Posted by: Ds14 Jan 25 2008, 01:16 AM
But Genin Gaara could rape some jounin in one hit. I think rank should mean something, but there should be exceptions. Like if someone's ability is gunpowder and they're a kage and an academy student that can use fire fights them, a win is still semi-plausible. (crappy example)

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