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Posted by: Uchiha Satori Dec 19 2005, 11:51 PM
Name: Warfan Technique Chart
Type: Taijutsu/Ninjutsu
Rank: Any
Special Items: Warfan
Description: While a fan may not seem too intimidating, in the hands of the right shinobi it can become a lethal weapon. Not only is the large fan useable in hand to hand combat, it can be used to attack at a distance, giving it an edge in taijutsu battles.
  • Ichi no Hoshi
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: 500
    Description:A Taijutsu technique involving a giant fan and a strong arm. This technique involves unfolding only one-third of the full fan. It is then swung, creating a small, quick gust of wind able to deflect shuriken, kunai, and other small projectiles.

  • Ni no Hoshi
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: 2,500
    Description:A continuation of the Taijutsu technique Ichi no Hoshi (First Star). In this stage of the technique, the user unfolds two-thirds of the full fan. It is then swung, creating a larger, more powerful gust of wind able to deflect any projectile weapons, and reaching speeds upwards up 15 miles per hour.

  • San no Hoshi
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: 5,000
    Description: A continuation of the Ichi no Hoshi and Ni no Hoshi (First Star and Second Star), and the final stage of this Taijutsu technique. In this stage, the third and final creast, unfolding the full fan. It is then swung, creating a massive, incredibly powerful blast of wind, reaching almost gale force speeds.

  • Kamaitachi
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 10,000
    Description:A powerful Ninjutsu following the revelation of the San no Hoshi (Third Star). The ninja swings their large fan, creating a monstrous gust of wind, which is then imbedded with chakra to direct it at their opponent and increase its speed.

  • Kenkaze
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 20,000
    Description: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja creates a whirlwind blade around their opponent with their chakra. It can slice through most surfacese easily, and can kill unsuspecting shinobi. As it is said that "nothing can stop a blade of wind."

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