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Posted by: Vox Jun 17 2010, 02:38 AM
Vox was just finishing his breakfast when the knock at the door came. Admittedly, he was surprised to see Akuitora this early. "Come on in, chief. Take a seat." He sighed as he sat back down. "I get the feeling you ain't just here to say hi. What new disaster has crossed our path?"he asked with a chuckle.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Jun 17 2010, 05:29 PM
Akuitora promptly sat across the table from Vox, the small half-smile never leaving her face.

Good morning Vox. Fortunately, it's nothing mind-blowingly catastrophic. Haraki (the boy I was sparring yesterday) was attacked by a rival and his cards were destroyed. Haraki didn't receive any major injuries, but from what he explained to me earlier this morning, his cards were his ace in the hole. Without his cards, he isn't in perfect fighting condition. Akuitora paused and pulled out her signature weapons from her weapons pouch: ten metal kunai made to be fitted over the fingers. As she was putting them on, Akuitora continued:

Even though the attack on Haraki was personal, it brought up that we can't stand to have the original "team" injured before we even start. So, turns out we're leaving at noon today. I don't know if Haraki's going to come along to be a meat shield, but a kid from the Hyuuga clan named Zaku is coming along as well. Akuitora slipped on the last claw-kunai, and tapped the three-inch blades gently on the table so as to not mark the wood table.

We leave for the gate as soon as you're ready to go. Any questions?

Posted by: Vox Jun 23 2010, 03:08 AM
Vox nodded. Already, this was off to a bad start. He didn't like this coincidence, if it indeed was a coincidence. Maybe he could compensate a bit, though. "Hang on a second, let me check the stockpile. I still got some goodies." He opened a closet and started rifling through it. Vox came back a moment later holding a pair of satchels.

"Now we're going non-lethal, right?" he said, setting one marked "flash" down on the table. "But just in case, I'm considering bringing this, too." He set down another satchel, this one marked "ouch." He noticed the look on Akuitora's face. "I get bored sometimes. Don't worry, they're safely stored." There was a slight pause. "Don't tell my landlord, okay?"

Posted by: Kanki-chan Jun 28 2010, 09:51 PM
((OOC: Sorry for not noticing this for a week. That's what I get for trusting technology. *evil glare at the e-mail "topic reply notification" system*))

Akuitora quickly recovered her stare from Vox's special luggage, glad that he didn't pull out the one marked "s.y.a.i.h.m.f." When Vox made his request, Akuitora snapped back to her trademark smirk, As long as you don't tell Kyo's landlord about the "home security" system I had you put in a while back, I think we're good.

With that Akuitora stood up from the table, and walked towards the front door. She knew better than to help Vox with the satchels, lest she accidentally cause them to go off. The pair then quickly walked towards the gates of Konoha to meet with the rest of the group.

This mission just keeps getting better and better. It'd be a waste to not see what "ouch" contains on this trip. Akuitora thought to herself as she and Vox saw the gates of Konoha.

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