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Posted by: Kintaro Mar 29 2007, 03:02 AM
Clan Name: Aoike

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Village: Hidden Mist
Bloodline Technique: Chouryuu (Tidal Current)

Description: The Chouryuu is possibly one of the oddest bloodlines recorded throughout the entire history of the hidden mist. Unlike many different bloodlines that only effect a single part of the body like doujutsu this bloodline effects the entire body. The Chouryuu actually causes the shinobi’s body to act like a “moon” in some ways. By this I mean they can do two things, the first one and more obvious one is they can give off an eerie lustrous glow and light up dark areas if they wish too. By no means is this technique special and anyone with the proper training and chakra can do it but what is special about this is that they can create this light by simply reflecting light off of their own body. This means that blinding techniques have little to no effect on them.

Now the true ability of the Chouryuu is something else, it does what the name might suggest. Whether the user wants his body to or not their body creates a “mini-tide” of their own. While the tide they create, either high, low, or anything it isn’t the same exact thing as the moons effect. Instead of working on just water this technique can work on everything from fire to small little items. The Aoike can member can attract things in their direction with the high tide, or they can (More commonly used) push it away or they can do even more remarkable things explained later on.

How this works is simple, the user’s body releases a very minute but constant stream of chakra from their body. When I say minute I mean very minute, it isn’t enough to kill them by just having the bloodline. At most it means they will never feel like they will get a full nights rest and tire a bit more easily. Anyway, their body constantly emits an aura of chakra that effectively imitates the conditions of a high or low tide. But since this “tide” is created by chakra it works not only on water but on other things. The shinobi must always have one of the tide techniques on although it doesn’t matter which or what stage of the technique they are using, they can even muffle the true potential of the technique and only have it effect things that are less than in inch away.

They also seem to have a strange ability of inherently being able to create “lunar” based jutsu.

Clan Elements: Water and Earth

Clan History:

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When the sun and moon collide there shall be only darkness.

Harmony, it was suppose to be a utopia, and at first it was. They existed together in peace, they were not two separate entities but rather a single being, they were known as the Ankokuki. There was no Aoike or no Akage, no red or blue, no sun or moon, they were one in the same… no, instead they were the eclipse. They lived on their own, on the border of leaf and the ocean that separated it from mist so that they could lend their talents to both countries. Towering spirals of radiant and glowing stone reached towards the sky, one half of the towers yellow one half gray, their home was one that demanded respect.

So for a time they lived together, the ones with blue hair and the ones with red hair. They formed a makeshift government, a democracy of sorts where ever male member would be allowed to place a vote if they desired so. They worked with one another forming odd jutsu that focused not on their individual powers but a combination of their unique techniques. Their goal was simple, to serve for the greater benefit of both countries, to act as a conduit of peace between both of the nations. Things didn’t remain this way forever though, how could they? With such a free form government things within the confines of the clan soon blackened to the point of corruption. Nothing was what it seemed, secret deals, conspiracies, bribes, but that was not the worst. In fact, what was the worst was the rivalry and prejudice forming between some of the family members, they discriminated against each other. Those of red hair despised those of blue hair and vice versa, they started to detest each other. Soon they started plotting each other, the prosperity they brought to the land fell to pieces and the era of the Ankokuki had ended.

On the outside though, it was well known that both of the villages felt a jealously towards the villages. They took this jealously and turned it into rage; they did not conspire with each other but rather separately planned an invasion on their miniature village. It was only a coincidence that their planned invasion ended up being planned on the same exact day, but how the next step happened no one knows for sure. You see, each half of the clan claimed their own names, they crafted their own signs, they even stopped using their jutsu in synchrony. They turned on each other for the red haired, now named the Akage, felt that they were superior to the blue haired, now known as the Aoike. It would be easy to imagine that the villages took this advantage and used it for their own gain. You see, each village approached the leader of either faction with an offer. It was simple; they offered them a place in their respective village if they would help them destroy the other half of their clan. In the end it would seem to work for both of them but it only truly helped the villages. The harmony of peace throughout both of the villages was shattered as both of them accepted the offer.

They choose to attack at night, when the Akage where at their weakest. The mist shinobi, who had allied with the Aoike infiltrated the base with ease in three groups of five. Fifteen mist nin and up to thirty Aoike snuck to the center of the clan town before lighting fire to everything in sight. It wasn’t long before backup was called, an equal number of leaf and Akage members fought back, the battle itself lasted all night.

By the end of it the village was nothing more than a smoking pile of ash and all of the mist and leaf shinobi laid dead or dying upon the ground. Only a few of each of the clan survived, and they themselves retreated to their “new village”.

Even now that rivalry still burns with a passion, the Akage and the Aoike still hold that grudge kindled centauries ago.

The Aoike themselves quickly rebuilt themselves and set up a new town within the confines of the hidden mist village. Over the course of the next two hundred years their population increased back to normal but their democratic ways were lost forever. Their virtues that they once held were dead and a new type of government was chosen, one that resembled that of a tyranny.

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Clan Customs and Heritage:

Clan Appearance: Members of the Aoike seem to have a rather pallid complexion. They seem to let off a very cold aura almost; those around them normally find the Aoike member to have a surreal appearance. Upon that members normally have gray eyes although it isn’t uncommon to see deep blue or a very light shade of purple within the clan. Like their name suggests all the members of the clan are born with blue hair. Upon that the clan members are normally less than six feet and weigh less than 180 pounds.

Once every several generations a new leader is born and his image is vastly different when compared to his clan mates. Instead of the normal blue hair, his hair is oddly and ironically… red. The main reason for giving them the rite to leadership is simple. The member is actually born with the bloodline active whereas most members would need to perform a ritual to unlock the potential they hold.

Clan Hierarchy: The governing body of the Aoike is simple, there are three people who lead the clan. The Satsuki, the "king" of the clan and his two advisers, the Kidou. Pretty simple... they decide what course the clan takes. People may lodge complaints but it may or may not influence the decision of the Satsuki.

Clan Festivals and Holidays: The Aoike have two festivals... the Mikadzuki (New moon) and the Chuushuunomeigetsu (Harvest Moon). The Mikadzuki is self explanatory, it is when a new member gains the bloodline. Unlike the Akage the genin do not get sick while the bloodline develops rather for an entire week they walk around and let of a glow that can be harmful to normal humans. So instead they are locked in the confines of the clan housing complex. Members must rp this out in a single thread. After this there is a ceremony held in one of the many temples where the member is anointed with blessed water. Pretty simple.

The Chuushuunomeigetsu happens every time there is a harvest moon. This celebration involves heavy drinking and eating no matter how old the member is. Pretty simple... it lasts all night and even non clan members can be invited.

Clan Clothing: Just like the Akage the Aoike members just need to wear the clan symbol somewhere as well as wear silver, black, dark blue, or purple colors.
  • Chouryuu: Deshio Ichi (Tidal Current: High Tide One)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: The first of three in the Deshio series. This technique is the less used counterpart of its cousin the Hikui techniques. Like how a high tide affects water by pulling farther along the shore this technique brings things closer to the shinobi. The Aoike member simply uses his chakra to cause the aura of their body to pull objects, energies, or substances closer to them. The aura extends out to ten feet in every direction at this point and it takes a full post for something as small as a kunai to be pulled to their position. Things cannot be flung, thrown, or tossed with this technique. Once an object or substance (Like water) comes in range it simply lifts off the ground and floats around them like a moon orbiting a planet. This technique will NOT hinder the movement speed or stop something that has been thrown at them or aimed at them with force. The technique also exhibits a tugging force on animal and people but it isn’t enough to do anything. Rather it just makes them feel uncomfortable.

  • Chouryuu: Hikui Ichi (Tidal Current: Low Tide One)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: The first of four in the Hikui Ichi. This technique is quite useful especially in later levels as it serves a multitude of defensive purposes. This technique does the opposite of Deshio and puts a pushing force instead of a tugging force on an object, energy, or substance. Like above the aura extends out to three feet in every direction. At this level it can slide things across the floor away from them or slightly throw a small projectile off course. This of course does not mean an infinite protection against projectiles… that would just be silly, instead it takes a very well aimed projectile to actually hit. A chuunin or jounin throwing one would experience no pushing effect at all on their projectile. The pushing force may also prove to be uncomfortable for an enemy as they feel like someone is trying to push them away but not having any effect at all. They won’t actually be pushed or thrown off balance.

  • Gecchouseki (Moonstone)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: A simple technique that uses the Chouryuu. The shinobi infuses a simple piece of earth, or a rock, with chakra causing it to turn a light gray color. The rock can then be levitated in the air before being tossed at an enemy. The rock can leave some bruises but nothing to serious. For every five hundred chakra one additional rock may be thrown at the target. (Maxes at five rocks)

  • Tsukiton: Getsuei Eikoudan (Moon Element: Moon Flare)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 5,000
    Description: A technique that shows the real first signs of “lunar” energy. The Aoike member releases a single large (about a foot long and a few inches thick) blue spark from their mouth that speeds towards an enemy. The blue glowing spark is capable of causing first degree burns and knocking any enemy over. If the shinobi does not remove the spark from the spot it hits it is capable of catching clothing on fire. It also serves as a nice signal light or flare – hence its name.

  • Chuushuunomeigetsu (Harvest Moon)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 7,500
    Description: The Aoike member releases chakra directly into the ground below him turning all of the rocks within twenty feet a faded blood red. The chakra acts as a sensor for the shinobi allowing him to technically feel where movement is coming from. When someone steps it affects the chakra in the ground which sends a message back to the user. The jutsu doesn’t tell where the sound was from exactly, what or who made the sound, how tall or big the person is, or anything like that. It just tells what general direction it came from. Again not the exact pinpoint direction just something like, north, east, west, or south. The technique lasts for a single post due to the amount of chakra needed to sense the movement. After the duration the colors turns back to normal. Do note that it is a big give away when someone uses this technique because the color the rocks turn.

  • Chouryuu: Deshio Ni (Tidal Current: High Tide Two)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 10,000
    Description: The next step up from the last Deshio. This time the bloodline is more powerful in its pulling force. It can pull things as small as kunai through the air and drag things like swords across the ground. Just like before anything pulled to him without force behind it will float around him until the aura is smothered or someone grabs one. This time the aura extends out to fifteen feet instead of ten though. Unlike last time the force is strong enough to pull a small critter towards them or make an enemy use a little force to keep from falling over themselves.

  • Chouryuu: Hikui Ni (Tidal Current: Low Tide Two)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 10,000
    Description: This Hikui is a vast improvement over the last. The aura extends out to five feet now and is quite capable of throwing a kunai or shuriken directly off course (Unless the person throwing it happens to take a taijutsu chart that involves projectiles). This does not effect jutsu created items such as the ice senbon from the Sentakushi clan due to the chakra aspect of the senbon. On the other hand though the aura is capable of throwing off any ninjutsu that takes requires less than 5,000 chakra to perform. By throw off I mean moves it slightly so that the user will not take it full force to the face of chest but it is incapable of negating the effects totally. Anyone who physically enters the aura will feel a force pushing on them, it can be strong enough to knock someone over if they don’t resist it.

  • Tsukiton: Gekkou (Moon Element: Moon Beam)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 15,000
    Description: The first actually dangerous jutsu for the clan. The shinobi forms a single ball of chakra in one of their hands and infuses it with “lunar” energy. The ball turns a radiant blue color which can be seen from at least a mile away at night. The small ball (About the size of a tennis ball) can be launched at an enemy like a spear. The ball can cause second degree burns and send an enemy flying. The user must wait one post before using this technique again and at 20,000 chakra the shinobi can launch one Gekkou from each hand.

  • Chouryuu: Nimo Chouseki Ichi(Tidal Current: Eventide One)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 15,000
    Description: The third of the three Chouryuu. Unlike the other two Chouryuu this aura is not defensive or supportive but rather offensive. This actually manages to activate both auras at the same time. While normally this would negate both of their effects this technique separates the aura with a very thin layer of chakra. That means the inner layer of chakra is Hikui and the outer layer is Deshio so anything within five feet is affected by Hikui and anything past it but within fifteen feet is affected by Deshio. Each aura has the respective strength of the ni version. The shinobi is either pushed or pulled into the area (About five feet away from the user) where they are affected by both auras at the same time. This limits the range of movement that the shinobi has as both pressures would be pushing on the shinobi at the same time. At this rank the user can still escape the auras easily by fighting against either of them but they make it slightly annoying to fight normally.

  • Getsuei Gosunkugi (Moon Spikes)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 17,500
    Description: The user releases chakra into the ground below them causing two gray straight, parallel lines to form. They usually extend underneath their enemy and quickly there after jut upward in an attempt to impale their target or targets. This can effect several shinobi at once and the lines extend out about ten feet.

  • Tsukiton: Shinsei Gekkou (Moon Element: True Moonbeam)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 20,000
    Description: An obvious upgraded version of the Tsukiton: Gekkou. This jutsu doubles the effectiveness of the jutsu but only one may be launched at the time and they have a two post cool down. The user creates another ball of blue moonlight in their hands but this time it is the size of a basketball. The shinobi then releases it towards their target but this time the ball can curve and bend a little to chase after a dodging shinobi if they should try to evade the energy. Upon impact the ball literally tears up flesh and leaves behind second degree burns once again.

  • Funkakou (Crater)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 20,000
    Description: A rather strong jutsu that is used simply to create shrapnel explosions. The shinobi transfers chakra into the ground where it can turn up to two small five feet spots within thirty feet into a gray color. The following post the gray surfaces explode in a wave of force and rock that not only throws an enemy around like a rag doll but can cut them up with sharp and jagged pieces of stone. The force of the explosion only covers about seven or eight feet though leaving a lot of time for an enemy to run away from any gray spots.

  • Chouryuu: Deshio San (Tidal Current: High Tide Three)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 25,000
    Description: The last and most powerful version of the Deshio branch. This tide is far stronger than its predecessors and it is very visible now. The force of the Chouryuu: Deshio San can cause any sized weapons or items to zip across the air and orbit around the shinobi. It also works on all energies and substances such as water and fire to a minimal degree. (The fire would probably sit in the air for several seconds before dissipating and it might actually hurt the Aoike doing it so that isn’t recommended… has a cool effect though!) Just like always it can’t stop an attack or something that his kinetic force behind it but it can cause a shinobi to topple over their own legs and slide across the floor if they don’t actually stop and take the time to readjust themselves against the pull. The force proves to be rather hard to fight in at this stage. It is still maxed out at a range of fifteen feet.

  • Chouryuu: Hikui San (Tidal Current: Low Tide Three)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 25,000
    Description: This time the Hikui extends his aura up to eight feet where it shall remain even for the next installment of the series. The pressure of the Hikui can cause any jutsu that cost less than 5,000 chakra to be totally thrown of course, and slightly redirect any technique that costs between 5,001 and 10,000 chakra. Projectiles not thrown by a projectile specialist might as well be someone trying to throw a napkin against the wind and expecting it to not fly back in their face. Unlike any other aura before this actually has a duration. The pressure can be held out for three posts before having to revert back to a lower stage Hikui or a Deshio (They can change back to Hikui San after five posts). When the shinobi reaches 50,000 chakra this may be held out indefinitely. If an enemy comes within the aura they feel like someone is shoving them out. Unless they are of at least chuunin or jounin rank (Genin) they will be unable to remain in the circle while others simply need to fight against the aura like above. (This is geared to resist ninjutsu more than Taijutsu like Deshio.)

  • Tsukiton: Getsuei Kasai (Moon Element: Moon Fire)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 27,500
    Description: The trademark moon element technique that is known throughout the entire water country and beyond. The shinobi releases a surge of chakra into the very sky itself where it gathers over head. What looks like a thick blue circle that imitates the moon forms overhead which can be seen for miles in every direction! The following post a series of beams is released from the circle upon the heads of the Aoike’s enemies. The beams are capable of leaving third degree burns if they are not dodged. Only three beams can be released before the false moon dissipates.

  • Chouryuu: Nimo Chouseki Ni (Tidal Current: Eventide Two)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 30,000
    Description: The second strongest aura available to the clan members. This aura, like before extends out with two different auras and tries to force a shinobi in between them. The point that separates each aura is now eight feet out instead of five but the force is much stronger than before. The Chouryuu can literally immobilize an enemy hindering them unable to move unless they have a taijutsu chart as their primary chart and are of jounin rank. This aura may only be held for two posts and no other jutsu may be used while this aura is on. This aura may only be used twice a thread and needs a three post cool down between each use.

  • Shikkyaku Getsuei (Falling Moon)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 35,000
    Description: A very powerful jutsu that can be quite devastating. The user literally forces a rock the size of a small shed to rise into the sky above the battlefield. The rock slowly turns gray and resembles a moon above the field. Two posts after it is summoned the rock falls back down to earth in a designated spot with such a crushing force that the area around it actually shakes. The ball of earth is capable of causing a house to collapse and may only be used three times per thread if permitted.

  • Chouryuu: Hikui Shi (Tidal Current: Low Tide Four)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 45,000
    Description: The most powerful defensive technique seen throughout all of the hidden mist. This aura is so strong that not a single jutsu can pierce the great pressure caused by the Chouryuu. Taijutsu users are simply thrown through the air like a football being punted by a professional. This aura is so powerful though that it may only be held out for a single post and the pressure actually works in the opposite direction too. The shinobi on the inside using it most definitely suffers several broken bones usually in the chest area and may feel exhausted afterwards. This may only be used once per thread.

  • Tsukiton: Getsuei Kasai Boufuu (Moon Element: Moon Fire Storm)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 50,000
    Description: The most powerful technique known to the entire clan. Much like the original Tsukiton: Getsuei Kasai the Aoike member releases a surge of chakra into the sky. This time though the chakra creates several ominously large glowing moons in the sky. The hanging balls of energy block out the sun and only the glowing light accompanied by the humming sound from above is the only sound and light visible. The following post numerous and beams rain down from above in such a fashion that it resembles a storm. Those caught underneath such a massive jutsu rarely survive. This technique lasts three posts and may only be used once every three threads. Due to the nature of the jutsu it can and will hurt/kill allies that are not of the clan and upon that it knocks the user out for the rest of the day.

Notes: When the two heads or future heads of the clan meet in combat a strange effect comes into play. If the sun is out the sky suddenly darkens and what seems like a shadow of the moon blocks out all light from touching the ground, only the artificial lights or the two glows of the clan members can be seen. If it is night out the moon is blocked by shadows as well. This doesn't effect jutsu itself though.

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