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Posted by: Kazuma Aug 18 2007, 02:03 AM
Yeah, having some trouble with it right now. Not in a way I cannot get on, but the charger is not fulfilling its purpose at the moment, the laptop is less than half-way to death.

I could use the desktop in my parents' room, but I dare not enter the lion's den. (I'll try to on weekends. Sucks not having my own computer. sleep.gif )

I'll try to get to what posts I can, and it might be like this for a while.

If Zenkai or FinalRagnarok happen to see this, can either of you PM me a summary of our part of that "After a Spy" mission? I am not feeling up to skimming through the posts, looking for those parts. lol

Posted by: Kazuma Aug 21 2007, 10:39 PM
Thanks to those who sent me a PM about what was going on. Let's just say Takashi is going along with everything rather silent. Like he is slightly excited about that or something. Or depressed about the fight. Whatever works for what happened so far.

Thanks again. My activity on weekends will come back this hopefully, though, I still need to figure out my password to my SN on AIM so people can spam me with their nonsense. I miss my random intarnetz conversations.

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