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Posted by: Lord_of_Tayopia Jan 3 2007, 11:13 AM
Name: Shaneal "Garde" Exocet
(nick name-Flying Fish Guardian)
Rank: Genin
Age: 14
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200lbs
Elements: Earth and Water (Mud)
Village: Mist
He styles his hair to look like that of a shark fin, has a plain face, and wears black face paint on his lips. He generally wears the same clothes all the time, because his family made a special cloth that is very easy to clean once water is pourn on it, because of the dirty jutsu they preform. His clothing choice is a dark teal jacket, with a mess shirt under, a pair of dark blue shorts, and a pair of black nin shoes. He wears two head bands both of which were sown onto his jacket, one on each shoulder. The mist one on the left and the Shaneal Clan symbol on the left.

Cynical, loves to be blunt and to the point. This boy has a drive and that is to do what his family is good at hunting, and hunting well. He has been on about 10 ride along missions that weren't as dangerous as others so he has the taste of blood in his brain. He is usually first to initiate a fight and the one to finish it, backing down would be a failure to the clan. This has lead to his academy teacher literally having to pick him up and move him away from fights.

Exocet was a boy born of men. He was raised like a full grown person sense the time he could walk and treated like one. If he wanted something he was taught to get it, if he needed help he was expected to do everything he could before asking. Some would call this deglectful parenting, the Shaneal Clan calls it "The first born right". What this means is every first born male in each family was trained to be an alpha male, someone who could and would be able to fend for themselves in the toughest of situations. This made him cynical towards normal kids. Long story short he didnt get along to well with most.

Although he did get to be taken on many missions with his father and has tasted the sweet taste of a fresh hunts blood on his lips, he only just graduated the academy. Now fully capable his clan has booted him, leaving him to live with the branch families daughter, Tobiuo(dont worry they make sure to not have any family freaks if you know what i mean) that would be his mate once they were of age, this is how things were this is how they always were, His cousin had lived with his mate for about 4 years now and they would be of age in 1 more so he looked forward to being an uncle. But Exocet's mate was this girl she was about 2 years older than him and a rebel of the clan, the only reason this could be said is because she had Asma, this made her useless to the clan because they were prided on holding their breath something she couldnt do. Though that was the thing Exocet fancied Tobiuo ever sense they were little it was the one person he was always nice to, the one person he took care of, and for that his parents knew that she would be his mate. So as things worked out they were moved into a hive house in town, this would be their first year by themselve, hopefully things will work out.

-2,500 yen
-5 Kunai
-10 Shruiken
-Clan's Spiked Shield/Chain

Missions Completed


Jutsu List

Primary Chart:
    Land Shark lvl 1
    Type: Nin
    Chakra: N/A
    The user makes the Bird Seal and He slowly sinks into the ground, then he can move freely just as though he was swimming underwater although at this point he can only do it at half his normal speed, and only as long as he can hold his breath. This allows the user to be underground for a total of 2.5 mins, at which time the user will need to resurface or suffocate in the earth, Most do not stay in for that long of a time. (2 posts both total)
    (The user can go through, soft earth, like rich forests, and beaches.)

    Chakra Breath lvl 1
    Type:Chakra Contral (Bloodline ability)
    This is a move the Shaneal clan developed to allow them to hold their breath longer than normal, using chakra and focusing it on their lungs they can make a small amount of air go a long way in their body. This enables the user to hold thier breath for double what they could before allowing the user to stay under for 5 mins. (a total of 5 posts.)
Academy & Village Technique Chart:
    Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: This technique must be mastered by any ninja who has graduated from the Academy at the Hidden Leaf Village. It's the most basic technique a Genin must know, since it can be a real lifesaver. This ninjutsu creates an illusional clone of the user.

    Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: Henge no Jutsu is the basic skill a ninja must know to become a Genin. It is a very useful and widely used skill in the series, as it has many uses. It's mostly used as a decoy, to confuse the opponent by transforming into somebody that's an ally with the enemy.

    Genjutsu Kai (Genjutsu Release)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja focuses their chakra and screams "kai" or "release." They can perform it on themselves or on others. It will effectively ward off most Genjutsu, unless extremely powerful or when used in conjunction with an advanced bloodline.

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