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Naruto Jiyuu > Announcements > ATTENTION ALL ACTIVE AND NEW MEMBERS!!

Posted by: Haraki Aug 13 2008, 06:43 AM
Me and Ds (The only remaining staff left it seems) has decided it would be in Jiyuu's best interest to have the possibility of a domain switch. This was all unneeded topics, characters..and inactive members will be weeded out, leaving only the fresh RPs, characters..and Active members.

But the problem with the move is...we can't think of a domain name for the new site! So, we come to you, the loyal active members, and the new comers for suggestions.

We have come up with ONE domain name, but we would rather ask your opinion than change it blindly. The suggested domain name is "Shinobi Nations"

If you don't like it, thats fine, give your suggestion for the domain name.

Keep this kind of stuff in mind:
1)if it doesn't have Naruto directly in the name, it should be easily related to Naruto
2) It should be creative, I mean...whose going to want to go to a site that seems the exact same as all the others
3)keep it with a bunch of "_" in them can be to hard to remember.

Talk about it, debate about it. But we need opinions VERY SOON. Even though the posts will tell suggested names, I will put them all in the first [this] post, when i see them that is. (for simplicity purposes)

-- Shinobi Nations (Ps, on that, Great can be added, making it more related to Naruto. [Great Shinobi Nations]
-- Naruto: Undying Battle (But the domain name itself would probably be JUST undying_battle)
-- Shinobi Destiny
-- The Book Of Shinobi
-- The Rising Generation
-- The New Shinobi
-- Shinobi Rising

Posted by: Haraki Aug 13 2008, 05:55 PM
Well a new name to the list!

Naruto: Undying Battle

Posted by: Kanki-chan Aug 14 2008, 02:24 PM
Undying battle seems like a good name since that's all that seems to be going on for the major story lines >_>

Posted by: Haraki Aug 15 2008, 05:02 AM
Yeah..well..this thread is irrelevant now, me and Ds decided to work with what we already have here, just adjusting, replacing and what not..

and Kanki-chan...when did you get back?

Posted by: Kanki-chan Aug 15 2008, 01:05 PM
...>_> < _ < probably after I finished planning stuff for Anime NebrasKon and got used to working at Sears.

If you and Ds need any help, just PM me on what you need me do.

Posted by: Haraki Aug 15 2008, 06:07 PM
Lol thanks Kanki..I'll have to wait for Ds to get back, to see what help we'll need. but I'll definitely keep that in mind.

On a side note, we have another inactive RP, because Ds is gone, and Rain was involved. So...That means its all quiet on the NJ front (sorry, I had to read that book for summer reading sad.gif)

BUT...I think we can have a temp RP to keep everyone entertained until Ds gets back to continue the story line. Its up to you guys. It can be uninvolved in the time frame, and as soon as Ds gets back, our characters can return to the story line...but we need a "filler"

Posted by: Haraki Jul 1 2009, 01:38 AM
ONCE AGAIN THE SITE RETURNS. Me and Ds are once again attempting to revive the ever dead NJ...we are deleting everyone, deleting posts..we are REVAMPING everything we can..we want it to appeal to new members as well as old, we would appreciate anyone who would rejoin, and keep things active.


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