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Naruto Jiyuu > Hidden Leaf > A smiple trip to the Ramen Shop

Posted by: Haraki Apr 29 2010, 04:35 AM
((OOC: This is a carry over of the indepth understanding topic, beinging from when Nasu joined))

Haraki removed his hands from his head, almost instinctively grabbing at his card pouch, how had he known their names? What was a sand ninja doing in Konoha? Haraki slowly withdrew his hand from his pouch, rubbing his nose with pride of the acknowledgment of his bloodline. Haraki extends it outward to the newest ninja.

You uhh saw the battle huh?...The name's Yokori Haraki...What you saw was only a taste of my bloodline..

Smirk of pride followed up the rubbing of his nose, rolling his neck, he didn't want to be rude, but the question more or less slipped unintentionally.

So, what brings you to Konoha?

He spoke casually, and more or less attempted to distract Nasukara while he assumed the others attempted to make heads or tails of the ninjas arrival, and determined if he should be considered friend or foe.

Posted by: Nasukara Apr 29 2010, 04:49 AM
Nasukara really didn't think he should have to tell Haraki his business but since he was in Haraki's villiage he might as well.

I was sent here on a mission, and my mission is only half over, My job was to make sure a couple of our merchants make it to your city in one piece, and then back again.

Nasakaru sighed at the thought of what he was about to say

You see... The sand villiage has had a problem with a group of rogue ninja that think they're the coolest thing in the world, problem is they're not even a threat to ninja like you or me, all they do is pick on merchants and other weak travelers.

Nasakura pauses, looks up to the sky, and then back down to Haraki.

The rogue ninja are so spread out that we cant decide on one place to attack that would really force them to stop... but I'm sure with time a plan will be unveiled

Nasakura ends his reasoning, standing still, staring at the group, in case any of them had anything to say to him.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Apr 29 2010, 04:54 AM
Akuitora's ears perked at Nasukara's reason for being in Konoha. While they headed to one of the best ramen shops, Akuitora couldn't help but look thoughtful.

Rogue ninja huh... Akuitora schemed a bit, and as they entered the restaurant she glanced between Kyo and Vox, hoping one of them could get the hint that Nasukara just gave away a mission chance.

Posted by: Vox Apr 29 2010, 04:02 PM
Vox grinned. It had been a while since he'd had much to do. "Are you pondering what I'm pondering, boss?" he said, turning to face Akuitora. "What if we give them something to attack?" he asked. "We give them a nice, juicy target, some merchants carrying something very valuable. Get the rumor mill going. Then, we pose as the merchants, lure them in, and take them out."

It had been a while since he'd gone undercover, but this could be fun.

Posted by: Nasukara Apr 29 2010, 08:53 PM
Nasukara thoroughly thought about Vox's plan, it was pretty decent. But Nasukara also knew that he had to finish the mission he started. He would only be in town for a couple of days before he would have to move out. So if he wanted to be apart of Vox's plan, he would have to make it apparent, and get the anxious group to sort themselves before they left.

The rogues are punks, but not idiots. Vox, if they see merchants running about without an escort then they're likely to be suspicious of the merchants. they wont attack untill they're sure that what they're up against truly are merchants.

Nasukara thought for a minute

But if we include a younger ninja as an "escort"... then its quite possible that the rogue ninja will think that they can outnumber him or her. And go for the attack.

Nasukara then thought of the merchants he was supposed to protect in the first place If I can convince my merchants of this plan, then I'll be able to buy us some time for preparation

Nasukara paused, waiting for Akuitora to state her opinion.

Posted by: Kanki-chan Apr 30 2010, 12:26 AM
Akuitora heard Nasukara's worry, and couldn't help but grin.

I understand your concern about tricking the bandits, but they apparently left the caravan alone because there was a shinobi around, Akuitora mentioned as they headed over to the ramen bar, I think what Vox was saying is that we spread the news about getting a lot of treasure home, but I think the news should change a bit: the caravan couldn't get a shinobi to escort them home due to the terror that the bandits have been causing, so they paid a tall and mysterious mercenary from Konoha to come with them as they return home to Suna. Of course the rest of us would be disguised as merchants, and we'd follow up if not enough of the bandits are defeated.

Akuitora flagged down a waitress and ordered herself a bowl of beef udon. While she waited on the rest of the party to order, she looked towards Vox.

How good are you at pretending to be a mercenary-for-hire? Akuitora jokingly asked him.

Posted by: Haraki Apr 30 2010, 01:12 AM
Haraki was intently listening, not throwing around ideas, more or less gauging everyone's opinions in the matter. He scratched his chin gently, nodding at appropriate times. He spoke up in a moment of silence while Akuitora awaited Vox's responce.

Who said anything about any form of defense? We need the bandits to think this is the catch-of-the-day! If we convince people in the village that its a low profile return to the Sand Village, and their guard had died on the way here by bandits...Then the bandits would have a morale boost, thinking that one of their own had the power to take down the guard, as well as leaving the 'merchants' unguarded and scared of returning with their precious items alone. If we have Vox scout, and plan the venture at night, we'll have the advantage of a 'counter-ambush'...

Haraki quickly got silent, he had a tactical mind, but he wasn't sure if what he said maid any sense, not because they were stupid, they were far from it, but rather sometimes his ingenious tactics get rambled in his explination, he took a calming breath.

We say they're returning at night because their guard died, Vox will scout from the trees. The bandits will assume they hold power over the caravan and attack more recklessly, we attack, the end.

He assumed his bored state, resting his hands back on his head, stretching his back and staring at the sky.

Posted by: Vox Apr 30 2010, 03:00 PM
Vox listened to Haraki's plan. "But that still leaves the problem Nasukara mentioned. Namely, will it be such obvious schmuck bait that they won't touch it?"

He started to run through the plans in his head. A lot of this depended on things he didn't know. He looked back to Nasukara. "If we're gonna do this, we need a bit more information. What caliber of ninja are we talking here? Are they all just punks, or do we know of any serious threats among them? Secondly, what level of force are we using?"

Posted by: Kyo Hyuuga Apr 30 2010, 04:13 PM
As they group was discussing the plan, Kyo ordered a big bowl of standard ramen while remaining silent regarding the plan. They certainly seemed to be throwing around some good ideas while giving critique in order to attempt to come to a final plan. Kyo was quite content to sit on the sidelines for the time being as he was still trying to regain much of the chakra he had used during his mission. What was a simple escort mission had resulted in Kyo expending most of his normal chakra and a bit of the sage chakra. Certainly, the Hokage taking the time (and it was a lot of time) to teach him the basics of gathering sage chakra had paid off for the moment. However, he replenishing the little sage chakra he could use did nothing for the depletion of his main power source.

So, for the moment he remained silent, slightly wondering if anyone would ask his opinion, though he knew the only one who would was Akuitora. The others...well, he wasn't even sure if they knew who he was. Now THAT would be nice for a change.

Posted by: Haraki Apr 30 2010, 09:56 PM
Haraki nodded in agreement, sitting at the ramen shop bar, ordering nothing yet. His eyes focused on the ground, panning left to right as he planned out all the ideas that were being tossed around. Haraki spoke up again, this time not giving a tactical idea, but rather speaking in turn to Vox.

You're right Vox, first things first, we need recon right? and I suppose that would lead into the kind of force we would use, there's no point in killing some street punks, but if we're dealing with some hardcore missing nin or something, we might want to prepare to kill.

Haraki took a deep breath, this was turning out to be a great day indeed, first he tagged along with a Sennin, then he kind of got thrown into a mission with a sand ninja whom no one really knows if he can be trusted, he focused his attention around the room, removing his thoughts from the conversation, when he jerked his head forward.

Hey Kyo-san...Do you have any ideas? It seems like you've been the most quiet in this ordeal...

Posted by: Kanki-chan Apr 30 2010, 11:32 PM
Akuitora watched the rest of the ninja talk for a bit while waiting on her ramen order. She was going to wait until there was a quiet moment to discredit Haraki's first idea of traveling at night (How in the world can you convince a caravan to do that, much less keep them hidden during the night), but then Haraki asked Kyo for his opinion. Akuitora knew that Kyo probably had an idea or two up his sleeve, but then again he just got back from a mission.

I'll wait and see if Kyo has anything to say. He probably won;t mention anything about his bloodline unless necessary, knowing him. she thought to herself as she traced a circle on the wood table in front of her.

Posted by: Nasukara May 1 2010, 03:45 AM
Nasukara listened and commented on vox's previous statement

The sand village doesn't know if the rogues are controlled by a powerful leader of any sort. Their movements have been spontaneous, unorganized, and all-together unprofessional. looking into the matter of if they do have a leader or not would be wise, and if they do, then their leader is smarter than he seems, to make it look like his recruits are nothing but a bunch of punks.

I'll wait for kyo to speek his thoughts, since everyone seems to be dependant on him, he must be important to them.

Nasukara sat up right staring at Kyo calmly, yet sharply, he wanted to observe every action of every person that would be helping him rid the trails of the thieving rogue ninjas.

Posted by: Kyo Hyuuga May 1 2010, 05:56 AM
Suddenly it seemed like everyone's eyes were set on him. He opened his eyes again to see the sand ninja, the ninja who was sparring with Akuitora and Akuitora herself looking him to him to see if he had any ideas. Of course he had one, seeing as he would be the perfect recon man for this situation. Even if he had an idea of where they usually hung out, he could probably pick up each one in a general area. He could do the recon easily but he wouldn't be able to participate in the fighting.

Doing recon first would likely be best so there are no surprises. Kyo said fairly calmly as his eyes met with Akuitora's for a second before glancing to the rest of the ninja. It would be the most advantageous that I do the recon seeing as my eyes can aid me in finding all the members of this little rag-tag group. Also, my range is quite large so even if I am just brought to the site of their last attack. The only thing is my chakra is still recovering from the mission I recently returned from so I am afraid I will be in no shape to fight. It is just as well, I doubt that these ninja will require two of the Hokage's students. If they did, then I imagine they would be going for more than just merchants.

As he finished speaking, his and Akuitora's ramen came in. With a slight smile, he broke his chopsticks and looked around before eating. But whatever you decide, I will be more than happy to do what I can to help.

Posted by: Haraki May 1 2010, 03:22 PM
Haraki's attention sparked and focused on Kyo when he began explaining his idea to the group, he was sure that recon was the best method, but he also understood that Kyo wouldn't need to fight in combat, because his chakra.

Wait......He said "two of the Hokage's students...That must mean he is another Sennin!

The excitement of this knowledge buzzed in Haraki's head, he didn't dare say the epiphany out loud for fear of seeming stupid, but he enjoyed the realization.

Kyo's idea seems like a smart, and logical start. I think everyone here can understand being drained after a mission. So if we go through with the recon, I think we should do it before we even set foot out of the village, that way we know the best path to take, and how many to expect. But I also don't see the harm in Kyo following us, if he's up to it of course, from tree top when we actually pose as the caravan...Does that sound good?

He scratched his head lightly, leaning back against the bar, his elbows resting firmly in the middle of the bar, the chef slapping his elbows, telling him to order or get off the bar. Haraki groaned and ordered his normal ramen, then settled back onto the bar jerking his head tauntingly toward the chef, but he didn't notice.

Posted by: Kanki-chan May 1 2010, 07:46 PM
Akuitora could hardly stand it anymore. Haraki wasn't making the best sense out of what to do. She cracked her chopsticks open and had a bit of her beef ramen before setting the wooden chopsticks on top of her bowl with a sharp *clink.*

I would be okay with your plan Haraki, if weren't for the fact that you keep overlooking one major flaw: the attacks aren't in the Fire country, they're in the Wind country. I highly doubt the rogues would try to bother two countries at the border, so we wouldn't be scouting in treetops. Akuitora sharply pointed out. If I recall correctly, Kyo's range is quite far, so what we can do is travel with the caravan into the Wind country, with Kyo at the front scouting ahead. If any red flags come up, we prepare for an attack and get to the bottom of this.

Akuitora knew she was ignoring Kyo's point that they technically didn't need both sennin, but dammit she was bored these past few days, and it had been a while since she had a chance to fight with the old gang.

Posted by: Nasukara May 2 2010, 03:55 AM
Nasukara listened carefully to what all had been said, but he noticed that Akuitora was wrong about one little detail

Akuitora, I never did say where the attacks were taking place, and in fact they are taking place in BOTH fire and wind countries. It didn't really occur to me until now, but now that you HAVE brought it up, it is very strange that they would do something like that.

Nasukara felt uneasy about skipping over how unusual the attacks were to be in two different territories.
Maybe the attacks are more organized than we would have previously thought.

The sand village has been receiving reports of attacks from both countries, and since I'm usually well informed in the sand village my information is usually strait form the horses mouth, I apologize for any confusion I may have caused.

Nasukara looked down at his plate of food that was barely eaten. He wasn't very hungry, his mind had other matters more important than food to deal with.

Posted by: Vox May 3 2010, 02:36 PM
"This is good." Vox said. "In the Wind Country, the open terrain gives us an excuse to keep Kyo's peepers shaded. Attackers won't know about his eyes until it's too late, and sunglasses won't be suspicious there. I've got some experience in desert warfare, so that's two points in our favor. In the Fire Country, we all know the terrain pretty well already."
He sat back and thought for a moment, going over it in his head. Note to self: Check weather forecast for the Wind Country.

"Of course, once we hit the desert they can see us from pretty far off, too. Can't have word spread after only one ambush. What route will we be taking?"

Posted by: Kanki-chan May 5 2010, 12:08 AM
Akuitora nodded with Vox. She could always depend on Vox to have the crazy ideas that somehow work beautifully. In her mind, she was working over who had range skills and who had melee skills. In a battle, if the rogues were cowardly enough to fight from far away, only Kyo, Haraki, and possibly the sand ninja could help. She was hoping that the battle would be melee.

One would think that we'd take the obvious route, but then again the trails might've changed since I visited the Wind country a few years ago. Akuitora thought to herself as she resumed eating her beef ramen. As she was staring into the broth, she couldn't help but sigh.

Damn I miss being the feared Yukikage...

Posted by: Kyo Hyuuga May 5 2010, 01:06 AM
Kyo began to eat his ramen for a moment while the group was forming a more concrete plan by the moment. Everything seemed to be settling around the idea that Kyo would be scouting using his eyes. However, a thought came to his mind as they spoke more. As a result, he turned to the Sand ninja.

I apologize if this question has already been asked, but what has this group taken? Perhaps knowing can give us some insight. If they are stealing from both Fire and Wind country, then it is less likely the group is merely punks.

Posted by: Nasukara May 5 2010, 02:27 AM
Nasukara responded.

The group takes whatever they can manage to get their hands on. be it food, weapons, or other supplies.

All-though, they could be taking everything that they get their hands on just as a cover up for their actual target... I wonder if anything important is due to be delivered to the Hidden Leaf Village

Nasukara thought it out for a minute but couldn't think of any important documents that were to be transported from the Hidden Sand village to the Hidden Leaf village, but maybe the Hidden Leaf was planning on transporting an item of importance to the Hidden Sand Village.

Say, The Village Hidden in the Leaves wouldn't happen to be transporting anything of importance, to the Sand Village would they?

Posted by: Haraki May 5 2010, 02:49 AM
Haraki sat focused intently on his noodles, slurping them into his mouth, fiddling with the wooden chopsticks in his hands, he stared at the edge of his bowl, contemplating attacks, paths, anything he could think of, his plans didn't exactly sound the most intelligent when he was trying to show off his skills to the Sennin, so he figured he would try to come up with something in his head first, as his thoughts drifted in and out he somewhat caught the comprehensive scheme of things. Haraki hadn't spoken in the group in sometime, he figured he wouldn't show he was completely beaten. He shrugged halfheartedly, staring intently at the guest ninja.

Not that I'm aware of...I check mission offices frequently, and if something of value was being delivered, I figure Konoha would prepare some sort of rendezvous team to meet with the group half way. Although I am a chunnin, I do get a lot of requests to do missions like this. Discrete I mean.

Haraki resumed staring at his food for a brief second, eying the group slightly, hoping he didn't again make himself seem foolish again, for assuming that Konoha would have sent a group of their own ninja to protect a valuable item.

Posted by: Kanki-chan May 5 2010, 03:18 PM
Akuitora thought about this information. There wasn't anything of value being stolen, ninja showing up would cause the rogues to leave them alone, and the attacks were spilling into Konoha from Suna. Akuitora finally finished off her noodles and drank the rest of the broth before finally saying,

So we've covered who the rogues are and what they've been taking, how we can disguise ourselves to scout ahead for them, and whether this was just a Sand country problem (which it isn't), and for the most part it sounds like we can take the main roadway to go to Suna and see what happens. Akuitora set her chopsticks for the last time on her empty ramen bowl before concluding, It sounds like all we need to do is pack and leave with the caravan at this point.

Looking at Nasukara again, Akuitora asked, When are the merchants planning on leaving for Suna?

Posted by: Nasukara May 5 2010, 11:30 PM
Nasukara got up from his seat.

My merchants are planning to stay in the city for another 2 days. I don't carry much, but I will be prepared. I can convince my sand merchants to let you borrow some extra clothing, that way you will be in disguise as a sand merchant. I'll meet who ever is willing to help with this mission just inside the city entrance 2 days from now at dawn.

This will work Nasukara thought as he walked out of the restaurant.

Posted by: Haraki May 6 2010, 01:17 AM
Haraki had set a few yen on the counter, slapping the bar conclusively, rotating far enough to stand up, rolling his neck and stretching his arms, he dug his hands into his pockets.

Well guys, I'm going to take the Sand ninjas lead, and take my leave, I guess I'll see you guys in two days.

Bowing respectively to the remaining people he shoves gently through them, adjusting his card pouch on the way out, he put his hands back in his pocket, returning when he pulled out a peace of gum, gently placing it in his mouth and began chewing.

Haraki stepped out onto the partially cobbled road, staring at the sky he noted the sun had appeared to have began its decent a while, the sky spotted with shades of red and maroon that began to creep up to swallow the blue for the day. He began to walk the main roads, nothing the distance from his house his path quickly changed to the back road, a much quicker path.

Well I guess I better get home...Heh, its kind of interesting to be alone after having so much company for the day..Good news is I guess I'll see them in 2 days...What would they need two days for? rest? Bah..

He chuckled, shaking his head at the merchants stay being so extended, he smirked, lost in his own world.

Posted by: Kyo Hyuuga May 7 2010, 12:10 AM
Kyo bid farwell to both the sand ninja as well as Haraki until it was down to just himself, Akuitora, and Vox. As he finished his ramen, his placed the chopsticks down and looked to the two of them. With a slight smile, he spoke to Akuitora.

Well, perhaps we should take out leave as well and return to the house. Kyo then looked over to Vox. Vox, you are of course welcome to join us. I'm not sure how clean it is since it's been a few weeks but I'm sure that Akui-chan kept it looking nice.

He then reached into his pocket and pulled out some more for both his and Akuitora's meals. He knew she would object, but it had been a while since he saw her and he was feeling really generous. After putting the money down, he looked over to her, a smile on his face.

Posted by: Kanki-chan May 7 2010, 12:16 AM
Akuitora's eyebrow couldn't help but twitch as she noticed that Kyo put down enough money for the both of them, but she calmly put down enough money to cover for Vox's food, leaving Vox to decide if he wanted to cover tip for all three orders or not. Akuitora looked between the two, and sighed.

It really has been a long day. I'm ready to go home as well. Maybe tomorrow I can see about cleaning up our place before we leave on that "huge mission" that sand kid wanted us to help out with. Akuitora said a small, tired smile. As she and Kyo waited for Vox near the doorway, the sun's rays were just setting for the night.

Akuitora couldn't help but sigh to herself. What she thought was going to be a boring day turned into a pretty good spar with a chuunin, a chance to see Kyo back from his latest mission, and a chance to have a proper mission again. If she was feeling tired after all of that, she definitely needed this chance to get back to her normal level of strength.

Posted by: Vox May 9 2010, 07:16 PM
Vox counted out the money for the tip. "Sorry, folks. Gotta get back to my place." he set the money down. "I'll be at my flat if you need me. Until next time. . ." Vox gave a quick salute and walked out.

Vox sighed as he checked his watch. That had taken longer than expected. He was almost going to be late for his interval. He quickly headed off towards his apartment.

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