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Posted by: Mazrith986 Dec 1 2005, 01:59 AM
All of these prices are for one of each item Unless it says otherwise..

Shruiken (5)
Yen: 100
Description: A 5 pack of the old fasion steel throwing stars.

Senbon (10)
Yen: 100
Description:Needles used mostly by extremely fast, accurate shinboi. These needles along with the right training, can be deadly!

Ninja Wire
Yen: 100
Description: A thin wire, commonly used to retreive projectiles.

Kunai (5)
Yen: 200
Description: A common genin weapon used for throwing, as if it was a shruiken, or in close hand to hand combat.

Yen: 500
Description: basicly, a bat for beating people.

Bo staff
Yen: 500
Description: A long stick, commonly bamboo or other woods, with no blades..But can do some damage.

Yen: 500
Description: A blade, thats handle fits around your hand as a glove, the common length is 2 feet. Used mostly by assassins.

Yen: 500
Description: A larger than average knife for stabbing people, easy to carry around.

Hand claw
Yen: 500
Description: A claw that clips on and extends from the wrist into 3 or 4 blades spanning past the fingers.

Yen: 500
Description: A glove, commonly equiped with metal along the knuckles

Yen: 500
Description: A thin dagger with one long blade in the middle, and two shorter blades comming out of the sides.

Yen: 1000
Description: A common wooden bow, Fires arrows.

Yen: 1000
Description: A smaller and shorter version of the common katana.

Short sword
Yen: 1000
Description: It's name can be deceiving.. this straight edged sword is large enough to do any kind of damage needed at the time.

Yen: 1000
Description: A light, sharp-pointed sword lacking a cutting edge and used mostly for thrusting.

Metal staff
Yen: 1000
Description: A metal stick, used to beat up folk, and does alot more dammage than the bamboo staff

Hand Scythe
Yen: 1000
Description: A small curved blade alone the tip of a short stick

Hook and chain
Yen: 1000
Description: A hook, equipped with a chain, so the hook can be thrown..and can get stuff for the user happy.gif

Yen: 1000
Description: A short pole with a fanned-out blade.

Fuuma Shuriken
Yen: 1,200
Description: Commonly known as the "Windmill Shruiken", and it can collapse into itself. It is larger than the common shuriken, and has very low accuracy, but is much more powerful.

Yen: 1500
Description: A one sided, curved blade, most commonly used by guards or ANBU.

Long sword
Yen: 1500
Description: Longer reach than the Short sword, but does about the same ammount of damage.

Yen: 1500
Description:A pole with a sharp triangular piece on the tip.

Broad sword
Yen: 2000
Description:A double edged blade that when placed in the hands of the right shinobi, these can be a deadly weapon.

Full Scythe
Yen: 2000
Description: A little bit longer than a hand scythe, in both blade and pole length.

Scythe and chain
Yen: 2000
Description:A hand sythe with a chain attached, giving the user the ability to throw it.

Two-Handed Axe
Yen: 2000
Description: A longer version of the Axe, however this Axe has blades that fan out on both sides of the pole

Zabuza sword
Yen: 2500
Description: Similar to the broad sword, but with a single sharpened edge for slicing through objects and opponents

Posted by: Kazuma Jul 31 2007, 12:58 AM

One pack of Kunai (5): 200Y
Two packs of Shuriken (10): 200Y

Kaz's inventory and money:
Kunai: 10
Shuriken: 10

Posted by: Ds14 Aug 25 2007, 10:50 PM
Ayame is buying a gauntlet.

2500 -> 2000

Posted by: Kinbaku katonzuka Oct 6 2007, 01:36 AM
hei walks into the store and

buys some (ninja wire) 100 yen
hei now has 900 yen

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