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Title: Jounin Character
Description: For those who knew my 1st character

Uchiha Mikyas - February 4, 2007 03:07 AM (GMT)
Feel free to post any opinions. I'm just trying to decide what to choose, since Ayame referred to me in DS's post, it was kind of like the light bulb effect you'd see on TV. Just an idea to bring back Uchiha Mikyas as a jounin as well. However, if people who've read the history/appearance/jutsus of my other character, Akimichi Chibi, and feel that Chibi would make a better jounin for the arc(s), I may sway towards keeping him.

Ds14 - February 4, 2007 03:43 AM (GMT)
Original Mikyas

FinalRagnarok - February 4, 2007 01:55 PM (GMT)
I guess I'd like to see what your old school character was like.

Uchiha Mikyas - February 4, 2007 03:39 PM (GMT)
Thanks guys, this input really helps me in my decision.

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