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Title: DS14's cousins best friend's sisters...
Description: boyfriends mothers techtree making guide

Not DS14 - May 3, 2006 02:52 AM (GMT)
Hokeydokey, friends. I may not be the best tech tree maker, but I do have plenty of common sense. Apparently, some do not or are just not good at making tech trees. I won't name names, but I can give examples. And I will do just that.

-------'- bloodline is a way to keep chakra held up in the body. The user has his chakra then also a chakra puch which holds an extrodinay amount of chakra for times of great use.

It's great to be specific, pal. I mean, come on. Can't anyone keep chakra held up in the body? Is the chakra pouch internal or external? Extraordinary amount? Okay, but not super specific at all.
You fail[


The Koushou(breakdown) Daisho(long and short) consists of a set of a katana and wakizashi. The koshou chikai(breakdown short) is a specially made wakiazashi, and is made as a double edged sword, with both sides sharp and deadly. The ends are also serrated like a saw. The koshou nagai is a specially made and ancient katana. It is much longer than a normal, regular katana. Both blades are etched with complex runes that are written along the blade. Some say a monster lurks deep inside these swords...

Panzer Gauntlet
A metal-plated, leather half-glove imbued with brass knuckles and metal plates. The gauntlet reaches up to his elbows, and is secured to Pride's by several belts that wrap around it. It is a bit bulky, and is used as an arm guard and shield.

Metal ball
A lightweight, hollow metal ball used to hit people. It is fastened to Pride's scarf.

Great! It's descriptive, original, and very cool in my opinion. If you read further, it also goes into showing that the user of this style breakdances. I mean, how original is that.
Certified Shmexzy

Clan Name:------
Description: The Taijutsu Maikeni is like the Sharingan except its blue and can see Taijutsu movments too, plus anyone who has it is 2X faster and 2X stronger when using Taijutsu

Type:Taijutsu Maikeni
Chakra: 0(to see minor moves like a normal punch),5000(to see special minor moves like a chakra infilled punch),10000(to see special attacks,such as drunken or iron fist moves),20000(to see any taijutsu attack)
Description: The Taijutsu Maikeni is like the Sharingan except its golden and can see Taijutsu movments too,makes harder to see nin and genjutsu,and harder to tell a genjutsu from reality, plus anyone who has it is 2X faster and 2X stronger when using Taijutsu

Come on man..... no.

Clan Name: Akimichi Clan

Name of Bloodline Technique: Baika no Jutsu

Description: A clan with a variety of jutsus that basically all have to do with using larger size and focusing all their physical strength with chakra to help win the battle.

    * Baika no Jutsu (Multi-size)
      Type: Ninjutsu
      Chakra: N/A
      Description: This technique is the most commonly used technique used by members of the Akimichi clan. It makes the user twice as large as himself and in most cases, a giant balloon version. This jutsu is the part of a type of combo, where it is followed by other attacks.
      (Side note: The more you have eaten, the longer this jutsu lasts)

    * Kasui Nikudan Sensha
      Type: Taijutsu
      Chakra: 1,000
      Description: A Taijutsu technique incorporating the Baika no Jutsu (Multi-size no Jutsu) and a line of kunai wrapped around the ninja's body. Once the ninja's body has become massive, they tuck their arms, legs, and head into their body and become a lumbering ball of spiked meat.

    * Baika Bunshin no Jutsu
      Type: Ninjutsu
      Chakra: 2,500
      Description: While in Baika no Jutsu, this technique creates up to 4 Baika bunshins, which are only solid enough to a point when one comes on contact with a sharp weapon or attack to the stomach, which is what makes them dissapear. Since the weight of the clones are divided they are skinnier with about 1/5 the strength of it's user. This jutsu is usually a lot more helpful outside of battle rather than in it.

    * Katateoichi Baika no Jutsu
      Type: Ninjutsu
      Chakra: 2,500
      Description: A Ninjutsu technique which is a variation of the Baika no Jutsu (Multi-size Technique). With this technique, the ninja increases the size of only one part of their body, such as their arm of leg, and then attacks their opponent with just that part, crushing them.

    * Asshou
      Type: Taijutsu
      Chakra: 5,000
      Description: A Taijutsu technique where the ninja drives their fist into their opponent while they are on the ground, crushing them and grinding them into the earth. With impressive strength, this technique could be quite devastating.

    * Mega Baika no Jutsu (Mega Multi-size)
      Type: Ninjutsu
      Chakra: 10,000
      Description: A Ninjutsu technique which is a variation of the Baika no Jutsu (Multi-size Technique). With this technique, the ninja increases their burning of calories to boost their chakra enough to increase the size of their entire body and their mass until it is 100 times larger than normal.
      (Side note: This jutsu affects the body in that when you return to normal size, you have lost enough calories to be 1/3 of what your original weight is, which of course will keep you from being able to use your Baika jutsus until you gain a lot of it back.)

    * Mega Baika Bunshin no Jutsu
      Type: Ninjutsu
      Chakra: 15,000
      Description: Similar to the Baika Bunshins, this technique allows up to 10 Baika (meat) bunshins to be created when using Mega Baika no Jutsu. This is useful in battle as well as out of it because the clones can help eachother out in an attack, and corner their enemy easier.

    * Shougekishou
      Type: Taijutsu
      Chakra: 25,000
      Description: A Taijutsu technique where the usera lifts up their opponent with one arm, retracts, and then drives their palm upward into their opponent, hurling them into the air. With impressive strength, this technique could be quite devastating.

    * Isshi Resshin
      Type: Taijutsu
      Chakra: 50,000
      Description: A Taijutsu technique that only the strongest ninjas of this clan can accomplish. With just one finger, the ninja can merely tap the ground and create an enormous split in the earth before them. Of course, with this strength, one finger could do more to the enemy directly.

Not original in the slightest bit, but very good. They took the Akimichi clan from the Naruto Universe and brought it into jiyuu with a very smooth transition. Congrats.


So, what we've learned today would be:

1. Be original. If you're being original and you make a character everyone thinks is stupid, at least you tried.

2. Sharingan(and variations) + you = Failed tech tree, almost guaranteed.

3. Don't write your tech tree up in 5 mins and submit it. That's like eating a burrito really fast and farting in the admins' faces. Chew it slowly, digest, and the gas won't smell at all or half as bad.

Thanks for your time, if you read, you went up two ranks on the chart:
n00b --> n00btastic --> slightly n00bish --> Good rper --> Smexzy --> God --> DS14(only one person has achieved this rank... not me, of coruse :rolleyes:

Omega2042 - May 3, 2006 04:40 AM (GMT)
It also depends on the type of chart you are making. If you are making a Taijutsu tree the main part of it should be just the abilities it gives you, with maybe a few moves on it. Most of the time though different people will make different attacks for hand to hand combat.

For Nin and Genjutsu the chart is the attacks you learn. Not much here else really.

2. Sharingan(and variations) + you = Failed tech tree, almost guaranteed.

Well, its pretty much any variation on a bloodline will have that happen. it just happens that the Sharingan is copied the most, which is beyond me since I dont see why anyone would want the damn thing...

Speaking of bloodlines, they are different from making a normal chart. If you look at the bloodlines in Naruto, the clan makes a fighting style off of their ability. So one way to make them would be to think of the ability you want, then make a style that requires that ability to use.

They also require some history of the clan. I mean is it a new ability or has it been around for awhile? Is it well known or not? Is it even known outside of its village? You get the general idea.

Well that should cover most of it.

Ds14 - May 3, 2006 10:40 PM (GMT)
I think this "Not DS" guy is trying to impersonate me. Mebbe you should try to respond to his posts with your opinions and he'll disappear... like a ghost. Or a boner when looking at fat old ladies.

Omega2042 - May 25, 2006 10:00 AM (GMT)
Since I wanted to clear this up and its about charts I am posting here.

For the chakra amounts for charts look at it like this:

N/A-2,000: Starting genin skills.

2,001-4,999: Genin+, Intermediate genin skills. Nothing too impressive here.

5,000-9,999: Genin++, Advanced genin skills. Still a beginner, but close to chuunin.

10,000-14,999: Chuunin, remember chuunins are normal ninjas. Dont let the hype of the chuunin exam fool you, or the fact you have seen hardly any chuunin at all in Naruto. Point is this level should give you some good strong skills, but nothing that could really overpower anyone easily.

15,000-19,999: Chuunin+, Now this is where some the the crazy skills can start to appear. Still shouldnt be anything too strong though.

20,000-24,999: Chuunin++, Almost a jounin now! This level should have some crazy crap in it, but still not quite high enough to really dominate anyone.

25,000-29,999: Jounin, Well the rank of this should give away what goes here. Jounin are elite ninja, so the skills at this level should show just why jounin are elite.

30,000-50,000: Jounin+, Ok, anything that a starting jounin cant do goes here.

50,001-75,000: Jounin++, the elite of the elite. Pretty much anything goes at this point.

75,001+: Kage, OK, only a few kages around, so you can guess what goes here.

Well, I hope that helps someone.

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