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Title: Jukudo Clan
Description: Hippy? Try Flora Sprite

Lord_of_Tayopia - March 13, 2006 01:07 AM (GMT)
Clan Name:
Name of Bloodline Technique:
Shokubutsu Ma-ji no jutsu (Plant merging Technique)
The Members of this Clan have extensive Knowledge of the Flora in the world and have the Natural ability to merge with and Eventually Copy the Plants with their unique genetic structure without the actual plant even around them. The User’s also have the ability to speed up plants growth rate and also reverse the growth of the plant to get overgrowth foliage out of the way. The Members of this Clan all have relatively tan skin and green shades of hair, There eyes are far more colorful than normal people so whatever color natural (Green, blue, brown) and unnatural(Orange, yellow, Purple, Green, etc….)

Extra Item:
The member’s in this clan cry a large number of different types of seeds in pouches and pockets to use for other jutsu in the tree chart.


Name: Shokubutsu Ma-ji no jutsu (Plant merging Technique) lvl 1
Type: Nin
Chakra: N/A
The User has a general idea of the flora surrounding them, can merge with normal plants, such as trees, grass, vines, etc. To aid there fighting, but at this level only single body parts can merge at a time, such as making a body part covered in thick bark, turning a body part into movable almost snake-like vines, changing arms or hair into razor sharp blades of grass, etc……

Name: Flora growth
Type: Nin
Chakra: N/A
The user is able to focus his chakra into plants to make them grow faster creating a number of useful things when used with the many seed’s carried with the User. Can be used with other techniques.

Name: Leaf Shuriken no Jutsu
Type: Tai.
Chakra: 750
User Focus a small amount of Chakra into a Leaf making it as sharp as a razor blade and as dense are thick tree bark, because of the chakra flowing through it they are ridged and are thrown as one would throw a playing card.

Name: Leaf Spear no Jutsu
Type: Tai
Chakra: 1,000
User forms a number of hand seals grabs a special seed from there container claps there hands together and while they pull them back apart a spear forms between them, growing to full length after being held in the user’s hand which is 7 feet from base to blade. The Bladed part is made up of three thorns which are as dense and sharp as any forged metal weapon, The Thorns are positioned so that it’s much like this weapon.
user posted image

Name:Flora Clone no Jutsu
Type: Nin
Chakra: 1,500
User takes a number of seeds from whatever container they have them in, (number depending on how many clones they want) then using Flora Growth they begin to make the seeds sprout and grow. The user then punches there hand into the ground and depending on the number of seeds they used that number of flora clones that are identical to the user raise out from the ground in about 2 seconds per clone. These clones are made of a physical substance but are rather weak, But when they are attacked the clones dispel showing they were made out of a mass of vine plants these vines then wrap themselves around the opponent, causing them to have a minor moment where they are open for attack for as long as it takes the opponent to get untied if the vines do in fact bind them.

Name: Shokubutsu Ma-ji no jutsu (Plant merging Technique) lvl 2
Type: Nin
Chakra: 2,000
User now has an educated idea of the properties of surrounding flora and can bond with just about any plant they wish. The User now can form there full body into whatever plant they merge with to make armor, weapons, etc…

Name: Hidden Flora Transportation no Jutsu
Type: Nin
Chakra: 2,000
The User Melts into a Flora in the area and can stealthily move throughout that plant, until he needs to resurface, making them able to hide in trees during a treetop battle. In most practical uses the user wont use this in battle because its mostly used for transportation, but if stealth is needed in areas with an abundance of plants it can prove useful. This can only be used with plants that are alive if the plant is killed while the user is hiding inside it he will be forced to leave it.

Name: Konoha Katchu (Leaf Armor)
Type: Tai/Nin
Chakra: 3,000
The User Merges with a Vine plant, they may use a vine plant seed but it will take longer this way. Their body becomes significantly lighter increasing the speed and stamina of the user. The user’s hair becomes a thick mane of Leaf’s which can be taken off and user for Leaf Shuriken no Jutsu. The User can also in this form Their Arms into up to 5 vines and use them constrict or grappling objects. Vulnerable to fire, and very low defense thus why his speed is so high.

Name: Thorn Forest no Jutsu
Type: Nin
Chakra: 5,000
The User takes a number of thorn bush seeds, and how much chakra the user wants the thorns to sprout in. The User takes the seeds and takes 3 seconds to focus his chakra into the seeds, then pushing there hands into the ground the user keeps his hands in contact with the ground and a forest of sharp thorn plants begin to grow from the earth entangling anything or person caught by the growth of the plants.

Name: Kawa Katchu (Bark Armor)
Type: Tai/ Nin
Chakra: 6,000
The User Merges with a tree, they may use a tree seed but it will take longer this way. The user’s skin is covered in a thick bark armor, Also There physical body actually grows 2 feet a in this form as well. There arms become lethal weapons in this form speed decreases significantly but physical strength is drastically increased to the point where they can uproot normal sized trees with ease. Also in this form they can manipulate the wood on there body moving it around to form denser parts if they need. Vulnerable to fire, and although power and speed is rather slugish so any fast ninja could our manuver it.

Name: Fly-Trap Death
Type: Gen
Chakra: 8,000
The User lets out a certain scent and if the opponent breaths it his vision is blurring and before he realizes it he is being dissolved in a giant venus fly-trap mouth, if the opponent doesn’t break free from the illusion or realize its one they will pass out from the blinding pain they think they are receiving from being digested.

Name: Shokubutsu Ma-ji no jutsu (Plant merging Technique) lvl 3
Type: Nin
User now has an extensive idea of the properties of surrounding plants, He now can merge without the need of a seed or contact with said plant. The armors are even easier to use and the user no longer needs more time to transform into those armors.

Name: Venus Fly-Trap Armor
Type: Tai / Nin
Chakra: 10,000
The User Merges with a Venus fly-trap, they may use a fly trap seed but it will take longer this way. This Armor is used for poisoning, grappling and specializes in quick ways to subdue the opponent. The first ability of this armor is that the user can use the fly trap mouths on his hands and the one that his mouth had formed into as well, to spit a highly acidic poison acid that stings rather nasty, and if enough of this of this poison gets on the skin or inside the mouth of the opponent there bodies, or whatever part the poison gets on begins to go numb . The Bodies physical performance is rather all around, speed, strength and stamina all increase significantly making this is strongest armored form. The arms in this form can also extend to twice their actual length. This is the only armor that is not vulnerable to fire, can leave the user drained if its used for a long time.

Name: Bark Pillar
Type: Nin
Chakra: 15,000
The User focus’s his chakra into any near-by tree’s and into seeds inside the users hands, the seed’s are thrown at the opponent while growing in mid-flight. The Seed’s and the Roots of the nearby tree’s both the growing seeds and the roots then follow all nearby enemy opponents with relentless speed and strength is the opponents don’t pay attention they could be in a very flat predicament. Strong Taijutsu users and and fire users if they are quick enough can survive this jutsu rather easy though.

Name: Ultimate Plant Defense
Type: Nin
Chakra: 20,000
The User takes the seed pouches from wherever they have them, focusing as massive amount of chakra into them. Then the user throws them while they are growing the user leaps into the air and the seed form a large Flora ball around them. The Dome is just about almost impregnable. Strong Taijutsu users and and fire users if they are strong enough can stop the forming before it finishes completally. Although the dome can attack with giant thorns, and vines that’s not its purpose. This is the first half to the Jukudo’s Ultimate Jutsu.

Name: Ultimate Plant Offense
Type: Nin
Chakra: 40,000
The User now inside of the Ultimate defense Dome focuses another massive amount of chakra, the plants begin to form a 20 ft. figure, if any plants are in the area they suck into this large figure making it larger. The Figure then begins to form more, it has a body of large dense wood limbs held together by throne bushes, It has sharp thorn claws , and A giant Venus Fly-trap mouth that can spit the same acid the armor could, if hit by the spit the opponent’s body will go numb. Thorn vines can also be shot out to constrict any nearby people. Although Strong Taijutsu users and and fire users if they are strong enough can stop fight off this jutsu, if this happens the user either must waste chakra rerforming or they must abort the jutsu. Also if from before when the user performs the Ultimate defense jutsu and its not completally finished the Flora Golem will be imcomplete and it is up to the user to make it have a disability wither it be smaller than normal, or missing a limb.

OK that should be good tell me if i have to fix anything else

Kintaro - March 16, 2006 03:40 AM (GMT)
GOod job man, I like the clan. We got a couple things we gotta handle though. First off everything bark armor and up needs to be tweaked a bit. Either weaken it or make it cost more chakra. Then everything is good up to your last two. While I like a strong last jutsu those are a bit tough. The second to last is alright, I mean it should be able to broken into though... the last seems on the level with kinjutsu though. I mean look at it, you are inside a huge unbreakable dome and you can kick some major ass from the inside. Edit it up and you got an approval my friend.

Kintaro - March 17, 2006 02:34 AM (GMT)

Your clan or bloodline has been reviewed and accepted by the moderating team. This bloodline now exists in the world of Naruto Jiyuu. If you have any other questions, please ask the moderating team.

Thank you

(I can't post it in the accepted area till you PM me the village it is in... thanks.)


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