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Title: A Few Things to Talk About

Uchiha Satori - February 10, 2006 12:53 AM (GMT)
Welp, I've been somewhat MIA, due to being wrapped up in Tenjo Tenge, one of the best manga's in all of existance. Anyway, there are a few topics of discussion, and I'd like a bit of feedback from you all.

First off is, the clear slowdown we've had on the site. We were going solid for about a week there.. but something happened to slow things up. Is it because I yelled at Yukio and Kulmiye? For the most part I thought it was somewhat justified.. but you guys can give me feed back on that.

I'm sure I've said it more than a few times but.. if you guys have any friends that would be interested in Jiyuu, don't be hesitant to ask them to join!! We can always use more people, of any rank or disicipline, whether they've never RPed before in their life, or have been for years.

Secondly, There's the whole.. normal genin vs special genin thing. Of course with the system we have in place here, having a bloodline is not too much of an advantage over having a normal technique chart.. but still, we've got a situation where the number of characters with bloodlines or clans out number the number of normal genin. (I'm guilty of this myself, with an Uchiha already, and a Hyuuga in the waiting.. but I do have one normal nin =X)

I was thinking of placing some sort of restriction.. maybe like, out of the 3 characters you are allowed, one must be a normal ninja, meaning no bloodline or clan. Your thoughts on this?

Last but CERTAINLY not least is, The Chuunin Exam!!! Our first chuunin exam is tentatively set to begin March 13th, but it may change. I urge all of you with genin characters to get ready to participate, as it will be a challenging one. I say before hand that the majority of the genin who enter will not pass... The exam will be held in the Sand village. While no genin are FORCED to participate, it's heavily recommended. The chakra you gain during the exam will be more than you'd gain on your own anyway =X

Look for more information on that later and.. that's it!!! Post your feedback on all this please =X

PS: Maz is back!! Yay!! =D

Pride-kun - February 10, 2006 02:42 AM (GMT)
user posted image
^zOMG, Aya!! :P

But yeah, TJTG anime hella sucks compared to the manga. BtW, where do you read your manga? All I can find are RAWs. :(

But yeah... for the bloodline thing, I decided I dun really like rping with bloodlines because they just make me feel like I'm cheating. And yeah... I kinda made a tech chart with a bloodline, but I want to get rid of that now, its hard coming up with a good bloodline anyways.

And yeah, I'm going to start rping now. Was juss kinda tired. =.=

Kulmiye - February 10, 2006 03:21 AM (GMT)
its not that you yelled at us its because our mission was very very slow. I was waiting for feedback and it never came. i don't know about the other guy

Lord_of_Tayopia - February 11, 2006 02:30 AM (GMT)
oh i was curious...and i never got this my twins are counted as two seperate characters?......or are they going to be counted as one because they are basically like having a pet....they wont have different jutsu....hmm just curious i dont mind if they are seperate would just make more sense to me if they were one....because alot of there moves rely on eachother much like a inuzuka clans just curious

but as for that other stuff im sorry about not posting my highschool has this stupid project that we have to do so ive been busy with that...oh and also some dandy relationship stuff....silly girl was rather confused but its all nice and dandy now ^__^ ^__^ so yah ill be posting when i get the time....because as much as i love this site...i need to graduated still haha....and this project has been a B*+@#..female dog that is...haha

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