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Title: Meanwhile, back in Konoha

Kanki-chan - November 30, 2010 09:52 PM (GMT)
Rikiko stood at her post near the gates of Konoha. While being a chuunin was great and all, her assignments had been pretty menial lately: protect the Hokage around town, stand by the gates...all sorts of boring crap.

Mer, just want somebody to walk by so that I can talk for a bit...I've got this shift for another two hours, Rikiko thought to herself. As she was standing, her hands strayed to her favorite weapon: a line of blades. They were pretty fun, she had to learn ribbon dancing in order to get the hang of using such a weapon. But once she got the hang of it Rikiko was comfortable enough to wear the weapon as a belt.

Soon enough, the sun was just about to set, meaning she had ten minutes left before her shift got over.

Well, I guess it's just another boring shift, Rikiko thought to herself, leaning against the gate's wall.

Zaku - December 1, 2010 02:02 AM (GMT)
Zaku, started to walk toward to the giant gate he felt ashamed for abandoning his team, he walked with his eyes to the ground he twirled a knife in his hand thinking about his decision. As he aproaches the gate he sees Rikiko standing there looking bored Zaku stood up strait and put his knife in his pocket out of site his guard was up as always he looked Rikiko in the eyes and said in as cheerful as a voice as he could make:

"Hello, i am Zaku i am here returning from a mission that i decided to resign from if i may ask who do i have the pleasure of meeting?"

Zaku holds out his hand as an offering of friendship.

Kanki-chan - December 2, 2010 12:28 AM (GMT)
Rikiko couldn't help but smirk when she heard that Zaku had left a mission, but did her best to be nice.

"The name's Rikiko. Nice to meet you, Zaku Hyuuga." Rikiko shook Zaku's hand with her mitted hands. When Zaku's eyes widened a bit, Rikiko's smirk grew wider.

"Come on, how many people in Konoha have clear, pale eyes and aren't part of the Hyuuga clan? Anyway, I've got about ten minutes left at my post. If you want, I can walk with you to the mission station so that you can report on your part in the mission. Rikiko offered to her new acquaintence.

Zaku - December 2, 2010 02:30 AM (GMT)
Zaku smiled and stared at his new acquaintance and said

"sure why not i could use the company so id imagine that watching the same wall all the time would get pretty boring what do you do to pass the time?"

Haraki - December 2, 2010 07:13 PM (GMT)
Haraki's hands were firmly dug into his pocket, kicking at the dirt, cursing between each kick, as if blaming the dirt for his removal from the mission, but he knew who's fault it was, his own, he shouldn't have continued the fight, he should have continued on and left his cards in tact. Unfortunately he was near defenseless, and he had to wait before the council decided if he was worthy of getting new cards.

He scratched his nose lightly, walking past as he heard a familiar voice, Zaku Hyuuga? He stopped by the wall, he heard an unfamiliar voice, offering to accompany Zaku to the mission station. That probably wasn't such a good idea, so he had to think quick. Haraki strolled out from behind the wall, nonchalantly looking up, as if he had just walked up and heard a little of the conversation.

Hey Zaku! What are you doing here? Why aren't you...You know...other places?

Haraki made a clever path to lean in closer to Zaku, where he was hopefully only audible to his target.

Zaku..she can't accompany you to the mission station for debriefing.. The mission technically doesn't exist, we prepared the mission with no permission from Konoha itself, to avoid panic, or I guess in some cases restrictions.

He turned around to the new comer that Zaku had introduced himself to, he smiled widely, bowing gently.

I apologize, how rude of me, my name is Haraki, Yokori Haraki, of the Yokori clan. And you are?

Kanki-chan - December 9, 2010 03:41 AM (GMT)
Rikiko gave a sly half-smile, and shook Haraki's hand.

I'm Rikiko, regular chuunin guard...who's job is to question and follow through on newcomers. Zaku said that he came back from a mission, so we need to get back to the station so that we can get everything debriefed. Rikiko said, trying to not sound too authoritative, You're more than welcome to come along.

Should make things easier: If they refuse, I'll just break out the whip. Would probably be an interesting fight against a Hyuuka and this Yokori guy, Rikiko thought to herself, waiting on Zaku and Haraki's responses.

Zaku - December 10, 2010 03:38 AM (GMT)
Zaku could feel the tension start to build he hated conflict more then anything but he knew how some things just cant be solved peacefully he could only hope that this was not one of these moments zaku didn't even attempt to smile knowing that no one would be able to see zaku calmly tried to defuse the situation.

"So Haraki maybe if there is some time we can stop and get some food before we head over i have not eaten all day and wouldn't mind getting some food and Rikiko can finish his job and if fate lets our paths cross again it will be for a reason no?"

Zaku hoped he avoided a conflict because Rikiko looked like he would make a fearsome opponent and Haraki being in the condition he is in may not be ready for such a battle hopefully he sees the same way.

Haraki - December 10, 2010 09:56 AM (GMT)
Haraki's head dropped slightly as a smirk spread across his face, he voice was beat, hesitant, his hand had instinctively began to move toward his empty card pouch, if this girl was a chunnin she had to have some skills, so he couldn't just rely on his own taijutsu to get him through a fight, he took a deep breath as Zaku made a suggestion to eat, he nodded in agreement, withdrawing his hand from his side almost as casually as it had moved downward.

That sounds like a great idea. It was nice to meet you Rikiko, I'm sure we'll have the pleasure of meeting again some time.

He was calm, collected, reserved, he made it sound no more vital that they get away than they stay and chat. His voice didn't waver intentionally making it seem as if it was in Zaku's best interest that they skip the debriefing, at least until Akui-chan and Kyo got back, as Sannin they had to have SOME pull.

So Zaku where do you think you want to eat? I'm sure if you don't have a plan we can just roam aimlessly until we have an idea, and we can let Rikiko get back to her post at the gate.

He flashed a genuine smile with his hands in his pockets, and he began to march forward expecting Zaku to be close behind.

Zaku - December 13, 2010 03:19 PM (GMT)
Zaku waved to rikio and followed haraki and asked in a serious tone

"what are we going to do next?"

Kanki-chan - December 20, 2010 04:59 AM (GMT)
Rikiko's eye twitched as she watched the pair turn away. Her guard duties were pretty clear, and they were walking away like she was some kind of door greeter! Letting her anger get the better of her, Rikiko grabbed her bladed whip from her hip, and whipped it so that it hit near Haraki's left ear.

Now just hold on a second! I'm not somebody you just ignore! If you want to go eat, fine, but just know that unless you leave a place to rendezvous before debriefing, I'm going to find you with about three or four of my comrades with me! Rikiko snapped. After she yelled her speech however, Rikiko realized that she sounded like she over-reacted.

But dammit, they're acting pretty suspicious and if something bad happened because I let these buggers go, I'd be in some deep you-know-what. Rikiko thought to herself as she waited for Karaki and Zaku to react, ready to fight if they drew out weapons.

Haraki - December 20, 2010 09:52 AM (GMT)
Haraki let out a low growl as he fought back the urge to start a fight, he rotated slowly, his feet digging into the ground at one point beneath him. His hand moved slightly back, he his hand readied at a kunai made of chakra tangible metal, it was a training kunai his clan was given before they were given their final weapons, he had saved it from training, and until he got more cards, it was about 2 of these he had for defense, and he really hadn't ever practiced combat with them, it was to learn to have chakra flow threw the blades. He spoke with an unsettled calm as ice and acid spat through his words.

What the HELL do you think you're doing!? What kind of glorified door greeter are you? My friend and I have other places to be, and reporting to the mission station isn't one of them... So it would be kind of you to let us go, because I don't think a fun game of hide-and-seek fits into my schedule now.

As he spoke, he knew that he would strike a nerve, especially with the door greeter comment, but he couldn't sell out the group yet, if anything what he had to do was stall for time until they got back to better explain the situation, he was a chunnin, he could easily be disregarded, but if 2 of the legendary Sannin came in telling what's what, they would get acknowledged. Since the mission wasn't reported in the first place, they probably didn't want anything said, so for now, stall and evade the mission center.

Haraki took a deep breath with an over dramatic exhale, his knuckles white around the training kunai, he slowly started loosening his grip, trying to calm himself down, he was almost certain that his temper had gotten ahead of thinking, and at least him, maybe Zaku, were about to get an unexpected fight.

Kanki-chan - December 21, 2010 04:44 AM (GMT)
Rikiko's eyes started firing up when he made mention of being a "glorified door greeter," and she almost started running towards Haraki. Before she could let the rage take over, Rikiko remembered a vital piece of information.

Her weapon's a range weapon.

Rikiko drew her arm back and whipped her flying blade at Haraki's hand to try and hit him across the knuckles to disarm him of his weapon.

You know, I try being nice and lawful, but if you're going to treat someone like that for just following the rules, then I guess we've got a problem. Rikiko starts, If you're not going to follow correct procedure, then I guess I'll have to take you to the mission center!

Haraki - December 21, 2010 07:31 AM (GMT)
Haraki had expected retaliation, so he lifted his hand to deflect her blade with the tip of his own. He looked down, a smirk crept onto his face, shadows concealed his eyes.

I'm not treating you like anything for following the rules, I'm treating you as I am for trying to threaten me and my friend if we didn't play the way you wanted it played, last I checked we didn't need an escort to the mission center, so what makes you think we need to set up a rendezvous to do it?

He let his arm hang gently at his side, lose as he put all his weight on his left foot, his right foot grazing the ground.

Just to make sure we're clear, nearly hitting someone with a whip isn't nice, and threatening to get your buddies to go on a hunting spree doesn't seem like the most lawful way to do things.

The kunai hung loosely in his hand, reading it for a block or throwing if necessary.

Zaku - December 23, 2010 06:46 PM (GMT)
Zaku saw that this was going no where good and that his attempt to diffuse the situation failed and now he knew that things could go two ways Him and haraki could get into a fight or they could get away Zaku said little while he listened to them argue but he noticed that Rikiko has a temper and long ranged weapons Zaku knew all to well that in a fight you must have a calmed mind and think of your next move cause it could be your last Zaku figured if he made Rikiko mad enough he could get closer to her and then this battle might not be as tough as he thought. Zaku looked at Haraki and said in a low and deep voice:

"Haraki im not sure what your thinking what you want to do but i just want you to know im behind you on either decision you make"

Zaku put his hands in his pocket and gripped his shuriken tight.

Haraki - March 28, 2011 04:59 PM (GMT)
Haraki grinned casually, hidden to the enemy by his downward tilted face. His gaze shifted from Zaku to the enemy that wasn't even really an enemy, it was a fellow leaf ninja trying to do her job. Haraki brought his kunai closer to his face, preparing not only a block, but to conceal his face to communicate to Zaku without Rikiko's knowledge.

To be completely honest, I'm not even sure what I want to do about this, I've gotten her all rilled up, but I really don't want a fight...Especially with no cards and another leaf ninja. The problem is I'm not sure if the mission the team went on is even a "Konoha approved" mission, and if we turn it in we could get 2 sannin in a whole lot of trouble..

His voice was a hushed whisper, more so masked by his kunai's blade, however, he smiled more openly than before, dropping his blade, and returning to a normal stance. His hands rested burrowed in his hair and he laughed.

Alright, alright! If it really means that much to you, you're welcome to join us for lunch.

He nodded reassuringly, offering out his hand to his distance enemy that he was attempting to make friends with.

Kanki-chan - March 28, 2011 08:33 PM (GMT)
At first, Rikiko didn't know whether Haraki was joking or not, but when he started nodding, she relaxed her posture and brought her whip back to its original holster around her waist.

All right...where were you planning on going? Rikiko asked, trying her best not to sound stupid after being the aggressor.

While she was waiting on Haraki to reply, Rikiko couldn't help but feel a nudge in the back of her mind that she was going to get yelled at by her superiors, but technically...

Oh look, it's the end of my shift... Rikiko thought to herself before walking closer to Haraki and Zaku.

Haraki - March 28, 2011 08:47 PM (GMT)
Haraki's smile was friendly , and part of him let out a heavy breath of relief, knowing he wouldn't have to get into a fight with 2 chakra receiving training kunai's. Haraki's response to her question was similar to what i t always was when faced with the next part of his escape plans, a simple shrug.

Haven't really made any food decisions yet, any one have any ideas in the subject?

His feet casually swept against the ground, dust kicking up all around him as he walked, his arms loosely dangling at his sides, playfully spinning one of his kunai, whistling softly to himself as he awaited a recommendation for where they would eat.

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