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Title: Helping the merchants travel safely

Kanki-chan - July 7, 2010 05:40 PM (GMT)
As the terrain changed from forest to desert, the caravan moved slower to prevent sand gumming up their wheels. Akuitora was starting to get bored with the slow travel, but on the bright side they hadn't seen any trouble. To blend in better with some of the other merchants, she had on a slightly white cloak. Akuitora looked back to Vox, Nasukara, and Zaku, trying to force a grin.

Looks like a regular day so far. Akuitora reported to the others.

A regular boring one....

Nasukara - July 8, 2010 06:50 AM (GMT)
things are bound to get interesting

Nasukara was wondering what was keeping the thieves from attacking. He looked around the environment as he walked, spying his eye on a decently sized hill he said "We can stop and rest up there, on that hill, it gives us good ground to check out our surroundings, and to see what may lie ahead for us" as he finished talking he heard a faint rustle in the bush behind him but didn't react to it as to startle anyone in the group.

A lizard rushed out of the bush and onto the road right next to where Nasukara was walking, Nasukara picked up the lizard, pet it, and then placed it back near the bush.

as they walked up to the top of the hill, Nasukara felt the ground and trees around him, looking hesitantly into the distance. waiting for any sign of anyone that may cross their path. he felt distant footprints, and looking out he saw a shimmer of light on the path. As if the sun reflected off of something metal.

Someone's coming, so act casual, it could just be a regular person, or it could be a ninja disguised as a merchant like us, either that or just a flat out stupid thief that doesn't know much at all.

Haraki - July 8, 2010 07:30 AM (GMT)
The shadowy figure planted his feet firmly on a sand dune high in the dry sands of the desert, his toeless ninja boots filled with the sand, as his cloak very thoroughly concealed his face. As of recently he was known, and feared, simply by the title of "The Bandit King". The barren air swept over him and his group of thieves, he rotated his head toward the group, to better allow his speech to be heard.

Well boys, I have asked you all here because I have received a rather generous tip that there would be a incredibly valuable piece of merchandise traveling within the next day or so, if we retrieve the item it could mean the end of my reign. I would just like to let you all know it has been a pleasure working with you all...

A powerful laugh escaped him, despite himself. The group contained 5 squads, a jounin squad leader, followed by 4 men each, though most of them weren't even qualified as gennin, their purpose would sadly end up being distraction. The Bandit King shook his head his stare turned downward, he hated having distraction participants, his first rule was never kill, and only injure if completely necessary, yet sometimes the ninjas guarding the items weren't so kind.

He had a group of 25 men excluding himself, 5 of those men could fight well, 10 if not less could hold their own, the rest could barely throw a kunai, but they were excellent thieves. Thieving alone won't be enough in this case, he knew there was a fight for the goods.

He stared off again into the endless sand, he knew there would be a fight, he had heard that the item appeared to have sloppy and careless guards. The thought of an easy steal pleased him, though unease crept into his gut, he was certain if the item was that valuable then the guards were very skilled, or there would be a lot more than anticipated.

Well, we might as well get moving...There is no need for stealth, we will encounter the group, and they will put up a fight, of that I'm sure. So we will move toward Konoha, my informant tells me that is where the caravan will begin. Let's move out now.

He tasted the potentially last order he would give as it slid off his tongue, the words were bitter sweet. He wished he could move on, hurt and steal no more, but he had his dues and he had his reasons, and he would fulfill what he needed before removing his title and returning to his life. Yet, he enjoyed being in charge, respected for what he could do and accomplish. Though this isn't what he had hoped for when he would be in charge of a group, he had hoped for a group of ninjas with honor who would die for their country, and maybe someday he will be able to do that.

He shifted his cloak, adjusting the large blades strapped to his back in the shape of a very deadly 'x'. He removed his foot from the temporary borough created by his weight, and moved it forward. He and his men marched forward toward Konoha, and that was the first step to what could conceivably be his last mission as the Bandit King.

Kanki-chan - July 8, 2010 09:00 PM (GMT)
Akuitora stopped at the top of the hill, breathing a little heavily due to the dry heat, but once she heard Nasukara's warning, her left hand flew to the pouch where she stowed her weapons. She didn't want to give away their level of expertise by putting the claws on, but having them within reach was comforting.

Remember guys, we're a couple of schmucks until they actually show themselves. Akuitora hissed towards Zaku and Vox, waiting in barely hidden anticipation for the bandits to come by.

Nasukara - July 9, 2010 06:57 AM (GMT)
Nasukara nodded toward Akuitora in agreement of her statement. He wanted whoever was on the road to be the enemy, but he couldn't risk a mistake. It was noon, and what better way to add to the casual mind set than to break out some food for a lunch break. Nasukara reached into the back of the merchant's cart and pulled out a few biscuits, he sat by a tree where he still had good sight, and watched as the potential enemies drew closer.

Don't be so tense, if these aren't the bandits then we might just be making ourselves paranoid over nothing, but of course we also need to stay alert, and calm. Casual, just in case.

Haraki - July 11, 2010 04:02 AM (GMT)
((OOC: Zaku and me had a chat about his involvement in the RP and as of right now he can't participate in it, rather than end the storyline or just leave or wait for him, I felt this would work out much better))

As the Bandit King's men and himself marched ever closer to the caravan of his payday, the sand picked up and danced amongst the air, adding mystery to the mood. He laughed inwardly behind the cloth that rested in front of his mouth. His hands clenched into tight fists at his side as he struggled balance in the strengthening winds.

Elsewhere, two of his men had taken orders to spot the caravan as close to Konoha as they could, with strict orders to postpone and not to kill any members, yet kidnapping was certainly not out of the question. The thieves, and soon to be alleged kidnappers hid in the trees. spotting a caravan of 5 members, looking like they were about to enjoy lunch. The two men noticed that one must have felt out of place because he ventured away from the group, just in their reach.

The two bandits jumped down from the trees, one of them firmly placing his hands on the boys mouth, the other placing a kunai at him and restricting his hands. as I say and you will live... do you understand?

A hesitant broken nod was the boy's reply.

Good...First, tell us your name...then...Tell your friends that you must return to the village and they should go on with out you.

In a cracked and strained voice the boy said his name was Zaku, then he repeated on script what the bandit had told him. The bandits carried him away, laughing slightly to themselves.

We may not have postponed them but we cut down their numbers! Ah Ha!

The bandits agreed it would be beneficial to the Bandit King, they tied him down in a secluded hole they had specifically for hiding out and stashing stolen goods, They went to report to the bandit king.

Vox - July 14, 2010 01:18 AM (GMT)
Vox shook his head. Just out of the gates, and they were already down two members. "i've got a bad feeling about this." he grumbled. "Call me paranoid, but this seems like an odd coincidence. One attacked, one deserted. Anyone else think this is strange?"

Vox checked his watch. Probably not paranoia yet. "I wonder if that kid had anything to do with the attack."

Kanki-chan - July 17, 2010 02:21 AM (GMT)
“I agree that it’s strange, but I’m not sure whether or not Zaku had anything to do with Haraki’s attack. I’m thinking he didn’t have a “pressing matter” to attend to.” Akuitora ventured with Vox. She was really starting to get worried. They were now down two ninjas, and unfortunately Akuitora knew all too well what her previous limits were.

Akuitora stared at the half-moon scar on her left forearm.

Okay everyone, now we just need to gather up these little monsters and- before she could finish, a roar was heard behind her. Akuitora looked behind her, and was for once caught speechless. A gopher the size of a huge dog was crashing through and jumped at her. Akuitora (now facing the boss gopher) tried holding her hands up to stab the gopher, but it still tackled her to the ground, now biting into her left forearm. She couldn't help but cry out from the sharp pain, but took her right hand to quickly make a cut-seal...

I need to see about that flask of yours, Vox. Akuitora calmly ordered Vox.

Last year not only was she attacked by a rabid mutant gopher, but twenty-four hours later the same arm was broken by a Mist jounin’s forbidden gate kick. The scar was dark against her pale skin, and reminded Akuitora the pain from that time. Before her reminiscing would cause an awkward pause, Akuitora cleared her head of the depressing thoughts.

Paranoia was Vox’s job, being a leader was her job.

Akuitora went to the wagon holding her and Vox’s rations, and pulled out their lunch sacks. Before walking back to Vox though, she pulled out a scrap of paper, scribbled something on the paper, and put it into Vox’s lunch sack. As she walked back to Vox, Akuitora tried to smile a bit.

“Looks like we might have to walk and eat if we want the cargo to make it to Suna on time.” Akuitora instructed Vox as she handed Vox his lunch sack and then returned to her post.

Haraki - July 17, 2010 07:11 AM (GMT)
The Bandit King and his men marched ever forward, the rolling dunes around them swirled into a common monochromatic blur. Luckily the Bandit King was familiar with the area, and knew they were on the path to the gate to Konoha.

As they walked a strong smell of food hung in the air, the wind spiting the smell in their faces, 5 or so of the weaker men fell, while the others turned him back. He had just recently received news that the caravans numbers have been reduced, yet now so were his own. Down to only 15 men including himself, he felt a stronger pressure hang over him, along with the food's aroma

The sand slowly began to blend and twist into grass as trees specked into sight. The bandit king took post atop a larger hill just as he noticed 4 vague blurs over the distance, he couldn't resist himself. His voice rang in powerful echos through the hill down to the tiny group.

Well now...Is this the group that is supposed to cause us so much trouble? There is only 4 of you! HA!

He stood proud, his men crowded around him in an intimidating wave of shadow. his hands on his hips, preparing himself to grab his weapons in a hasty first strike attempt by the caravan.

Vox - July 19, 2010 02:07 AM (GMT)
Vox stared at the bandits for a moment, then glanced at Akuitora. "I don't need to say anything, do I?" He couldn't believe it. All of their careful preparations, for a bunch of goons who announced their ambushes.It seemed like a wasted effort, really. Calmly, he turned to the rest of the caravan.

"Well, folks, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that we've found the circus. The bad news is that it consists entirely of clowns." He waited to see if they would rise to the bait. They seemed arrogant, and almost completely stupid, for having pointed themselves out, so it hopefully wouldn't be too hard to taunt them into focusing on him.

Haraki - July 19, 2010 05:28 AM (GMT)
A mental laugh echoed through the Bandit King's head as he heard the obvious taunt from the tiny caravan.

The Bandit King shook off his thoughts, retreating slightly to show that though they announced their presence, they could easily escape into the shadows and become invisible. Sadly after he offered his bodily hint, the less strategical of his men, namely all of those other than the 5 jounin squad leaders, rushed down the hill in a violent provoked rage.

The Bandit King shook his head miserably, he thought some common sense had sunk into them, if the enemy provokes you it clearly means they have something under their sleeve, yet his men ran forward. The hasty charge had to seem planned otherwise the chain of command would fall and it would be them vs themselves.

I see you've weeded out the weaker of my men, but that's the plan! They are fully prepared to die!

His hands merged together seamlessly as his howl of laughter echoed in the air. As he finished the combination of hand seals he muttered under his breath.


Sunaarashi, or sandstorm, was a concealing jutsu that rose a large wall of sand between the bandit king and the caravan. Himself and the 5 jounin leaders escaped into hiding along with himself, he lay in wait in the nearby trees as the barricade of sand fell harmlessly back in place.

((OOC: Any men fighting the caravan other than the Bandit King, can be controlled by the person fighting them.))

Kanki-chan - July 19, 2010 07:01 PM (GMT)
Yeah, I thought these guys would be a littler more original in trying to capture people. Akuitora agreed with Vox as she watched the twenty or so gruntmen running towards the caravan. She noticed the ring of rising sand that took away the "bandit king" and about five of his other subordinates, but the gruntmen were gaining to the caravan.

Have fun with the first round chumps. Akuitora called towards Vox. She put on her signature claws, and started flexing her hands for the gruntmen. Her plan was to let Vox take care of the majority of the gruntmen while she and Nasukara picked off the ones that Vox wasn't fighting.

Here's to bodyguards. Akuitora sumgly thought to herself as the gruntmen crowd got closer to the caravan.

Vox - July 24, 2010 12:21 AM (GMT)
"Won't take but a minute." Vox said, cracking his knuckles. His pupils dilated to take up his whole eye, and the world seemed to slow down. "Let'sgo!" he blurted out, charging the bandits. Two of them were flung backwards, simultaneously punched in the gut. Another one tried to catch Vox off-guard, but he backhanded the man's legs out from under him and slammed him into the ground with both hands. "Whattareyouwaitingforguysdon'tletmehaveallthefun!"

[[OOC: Vox is in highspeed right now. He's talking normally from his perspective, but he seems to be quickly babbling to everyone else.]]

Haraki - July 24, 2010 01:45 AM (GMT)
The Bandit King and his jounin squad leaders remained camouflaged in the nearby foliage of the trees that have become thin as they mix and combined the clash of the two worlds of desert and forest. The Bandit King had all of his men in plain sight, both in cover and the ones that tossed themselves hastily into the mix, he gave a frown that remained covered by the cloth that covered his mouth. He knew his men would die, he hated the loss. He made sure to catch the eyes of the men in the trees, then jerked his head into the battle field, sending them in from behind and on both flanks.

As he maneuvered from his placement in the back, he noticed a glimpse of long claws equipped by one of the merchant's guards. His eyes opened in shock, quickly gaining his composure.

Well well...It can't be...I can't call off the attack, it'll seem suspicious, I'm sure she can handle herself...

He reached for the long slender blades 'x'd over his back, the blades slid out of their custom sheaths as he adjusted himself to crouch on his left foot, to spring from the left flank whenever he had the chance.

Kanki-chan - July 24, 2010 04:02 AM (GMT)
Akuitora grinned when she heard Vox babbling as he fought. It was rare that he got to fight as roughly as this, so she tried her best to be as quick as him.

Akuitora leaped from her post and finally started fighting. First she dug her right hand's "claws" into a grunt's neck, let go as soon as she felt flesh give in, then kicked another grunt's knees out before stabbing into his lower collarbone with her left hand claws. Each of her claws soon became stained with blood as she and Vox started flying into a quick frenzy.

After she stabbed about five of the grunts, one of the larger grunts tried to swing one of his arms into her head from behind. Akuitora glanced behind and saw the grunt cock him arm. When the grunt tried to swing however, his arm met thin air. Akuitora had pulled a perfect split to avoid his muscled arm, and quickly reached up into the man's forearm. She stuck a pre-made paper seal with the kanji "Betrayal" stylized on it.

Gengaku: Betrayal! Akuitora shouted from above as she infused a small amount of chakra onto the paper seal. The burly man's eyes went cloudy, and then they became red. The burly grunt turned towards his comrades and started knocking over anyone in his reach.

It is good to be king... Akuitora smirked to herself as she watched the grunt fight through everyone.
Gengaku: Betrayal
Type: Genjutsu
Description: A paper seal with the kanji for Betrayal written on the paper is attached to the shinobi, and when activated makes the sealed attack their comrades believing them to be enemy ninja. The paper-seal then burns off after the sealed’s comrades are slain, or after three posts, whichever comes first.

((OOC: by this time about 15 grunts are alive. Also, the first person to realize who I'm quoting gets an internet cookie!))

Haraki - July 27, 2010 05:12 PM (GMT)
The Bandit King hid in waiting, his blades itching in his hands for action, an impressed gaze was clearly marked on his face as he watched the two fight, he saw another person with them, though he wasn't doing much, he assumed he was possibly a scouter of some sort, and instead of wasting his energy in the fight, he would be hunting for the Bandit King.

He smiled subconsciously as he watched Akui-chan fight, one of his more favorite pass times in earlier years.

Ya know, I clearly could tell they were excellent fighters, but its a bit frustrating to see them take out my pawns so quick...and so ruthlessly, they had strict instructions not to kill, yet the other team wasn't playing that way...Oh well...

The Bandit King resheathed his blades, jumping toward the top of the trees, sending a gunfire quick barrage of kunais and shurikens in a fan-like spray from their left flank to their back, before jumping from the tree, removing his swords from their sheaths, and charing right between Vox and Akui-chan, swords extended fully to each side. His footsteps near hovered from the ground in silence and percision.

Nasukara - July 29, 2010 03:05 PM (GMT)
(( mnah ))

Nasukara quickly took the hilt of his blade-less sword and slammed it into the ground where he stood, he pulled out a blade of rock, held together and strengthened through a steady stream of chakra.

Nasukara then ran as fast as he could through the dust straight between vox and akuitora and in attempt to defend his allies, he threw three shuriken, and placed his blade in such a position to where if the bandit king continued to run forward he would be impaled upon it.

With nasukara's free hand, he built up some chakra and was able to clear away some of the sand that was around him and his caravan.

Haraki - August 3, 2010 12:59 AM (GMT)
The Bandit King noticed a shimmer of a blade move into his path just before reaching Vox and Akui-chan. The Bandit King laughed and shook his head.

Heh...if this guy knew who I was he certainly wouldn't be so foolish as to openly rush me.

He bounced off the tip of the opponent's blade, flipping over him and planting his foot firmly in the back of the ninja's head as he formed hand seals with his hands, forming together, ending with a bite of his thumb, blood trickling down.

As he landed on his hands his blood mixing with the dirt beneath him, smoke forming in a poof a large formidable boar appeared under his feet. He stood on the boar's head, plowing directly for Akui-chan, the pig's tail swinging frantically, keeping the others at bay.

Vox - August 3, 2010 03:11 AM (GMT)
Vox turned in time to see the Bandit King's charge. Finally, he thought, A real challenge. His pupils dilated again, and time slowed down.

Vox hadn't been willing to risk their cover on something as big as a sword, but he had another surprise. Reaching into his coat, he pulled out a small extendable shovel with a serrated edge. The entrenching tool's handle snapped into place, and he charged to intercept the boar and its rider. Darting in from the side, he brought the business end of the shovel in an upward arc toward the boar's throat.

Kanki-chan - August 5, 2010 08:54 PM (GMT)
Akuitora was surprised by Nasukara's open attack to stop the Bandit King from attacking her and Vox, and hoped that he wasn't hurt by the King's kick. When Akuitora saw the boar come to light however, she couldn't help but pause for a moment

A summoned boar? It can't be him, please don't let it be- Akuitora's train of thought was disrupted by a sideswipe to the face. As the malicious tigress recovered from the blow, she saw a grinning grunt, happy that he could finally hit her. Akuitora stood up again, spat out some blood, and made a move to slap the grunt.

Five deep slashes came across the man's face, and while he was blindsided by the cuts, Akuitora grabbed his ankle and pulled him onto his back, knocking the air out of him. The grunt hacked up a gob of blood before falling into unconsciousness, thus stopping Akuitora from continuing her violent tirade against the grunt.

When Akuitora turned back to look at the boar, she saw Vox disappear in a flash. At this point, Akuitora knew tat to keep herself from getting in Vox's way, the best option was to stay put and stay still.

If the Bandit King is who I think he is, he's going to learn proper greeting etiquette the hard way... Akuitora thought with a smirk, despite the purple bruise flowering near her mouth.

Haraki - August 6, 2010 07:06 AM (GMT)
The Bandit King's keen eyesight proved useful as the glint blur of silver swung skillfully under the boar's throat, The Bandit King jerked the strong muscle of the boar away from the deadly guillotine arising from beneath. A draw was formed when the blade cut into the left side of the boars neck, as it fell to the ground the Bandit King flipped off the boars back his hands near his mouth. As he flipped to the ground fire flew in a deadly wheel in Vox's direction. The boar struggling to stand despite the flesh wound opened on its neck lost the final battle, and disappeared in a dramatic scene of smoke.

You really just have NO idea who you're dealing with...

He shook his head, sympathy for the poor soul that had just nicked his boar with a glorified shovel. He bit his thumb, running the fresh red ink from the palm of his left hand, to the joint of his elbow. His fingers divided his concealed face as he focused chakra, slamming his hand into the ground once again, a more elaborate cloud appeared in view. This time his opponent stood beneath him and a trio of boars, near doubling the size of the last he had summoned, now standing at a firm 15 feet high. Each boar with a distinct tint of color, the middle one, a fiery red dusted into a brown fur, stood a foot or so taller than its companions. The left wore a distinct green in its fur, the other a blue.

I am Tok...

His eyes shifted to Akui-chan, cursing himself inwardly for getting too caught up in the fight to realize what he had done, he had not only summoned his infamous boars, but he had nearly just announced his name! A twitch of cockiness swept over him enough to announce his correction.

Lets just say I'm you're nightmare!

He laughed his typical hearty playful laugh, interrupted by him jumping down toward Vox, accompanying his decent was more flips, followed by him removing his blades from their sheathes and bringing them down crossed, aimed directly at Vox's head.

Hell, I guess it doesn't matter, I've practically told Akui-chan its me, why not have fun while I'm at it? She's the only one who will probably know me anyway! Ha!

Vox - August 10, 2010 02:56 PM (GMT)
Vox took a moment to look around. With three not-so-little pigs surrounding him, it was time to up the ante. He reached into one of his satchels and pulled out a pair of metal pipes wrapped in tape, with fuses sticking out of the end. His other hand fished a lighter out of his coat, and he lit the fuses near the bottom and dropped the pipes.

Like a blur, he darted between the boars. He hadn't left much time, but he didn't want to give them a moment to react. Hopefully he should be-

Vox's train of thought was interrupted by the explosion. The bombs went off inches from the ground, scattering nails and bits of shattered metal. Vox only caught the edge of the blast, but it was enough to stagger him. He stopped and brought himself back to normal speed, tensing up to push the shrapnel out of his back. Bits of scrap rattled to the ground.

"I'm sorry, did I break your concentration? Please, continue. I believe you were saying something about 'worst nightmare.'" he said calmly.

Haraki - August 11, 2010 02:10 AM (GMT)
A large explosion caused shrapnel to fly into the sky, the boars once again disappeared in a cloud of dust, though the Bandit King was no where to be found in the rubble created.

The Bandit King appeared inches from Vox's ear, his clothes tattered by bits of stray shrapnel that caught him at the edge of the blast radius. A simple Kawarimi jutsu had clearly saved his life, that and a dash of talent he had. His face serious, and his tone was no longer enjoying the fight, much similar to himself.

Those are the 2nd set of boars you destroyed, you're really starting to piss me off.

The end of the sentence was abruptly ended by a sharp knee to Vox's back. The bandit king stood staring directly at Akui-chan, the smile returned to his face, his hands high in the air, his face fully exposed, along with most of his torso and lower legs.

Alright alright you caught me, its your favorite person! Magashi Tokuro at your service friends!

His signature laugh ringed through the tattered battlefield, his hands still above his head, showing a clear sign of surrender.

Men stand down, these people aren't our enemies, and they sure as hell don't have anything of value with them, looks like they knew we were coming too..

The few remaining men followed suit, dropping their miscellaneous weapons and lifting their arms in the obvious, we give up format.

Kanki-chan - August 11, 2010 05:45 PM (GMT)
Akuitora was also safely away from the blast radius of Vox's attack, and kept a smirk on her face as she watched Vox work, although the smirk had a frozen aspect to it as she watched the "Bandit King" knee Vox painfully in the back.

Once Tokuro finally revealed his identity to Akuitora, she walked quietly over to Tokuro. Once there, her frozen smirk wavered to an ugly grimace for a second, and then she pulled Tokuro closer to give him a good knee to the groin.

That's for leaving Konoha without a goodbye, you bastard! Akuitora yelled, and then smacked him across the face while he was still down, And that's for damaging my bodyguard!

After a moment of rage, Akuitora took a deep breath, backed away a step, and resumed her amused smile.

So what have you been up to Tokuro-kun? It's been what, five years since you've shown your face near Konoha?

Ds14 - August 12, 2010 12:27 AM (GMT)
Rain had been helping Ayame look for flowers outside of Konoha when he saw the team leave. Before he left, his "adopted" mentor told him, "I don't think you should follow them, but I'm not going to stop you. You're a chuunin now and trying to join ANBU, so you had better be able to make good decisions on your own. But just know that I know people and I'm watching you."

Rain thought about this as he left town. He had been back in Kumogakure , where his entire clan had been forcibly removed, to help defend his home town from dangerous invaders. He missed his friends from Konoha, but when he returned from his long trip, he appreciated his growth. As his team and clan had more or less moved on without him, Ayame decided to take him under her wing and help him reach his potential.


Rain watched the battle from far enough away that he could barely make out what was going on. He was a very fast runner, and his lightning augmented quick step and wind affinity improved this even further, so the distance could be bridged relatively quickly.

"I guess this is none of my business. They don't seem to be fighting anymore, but I'll hang back here just to be sure."

Haraki - August 12, 2010 04:29 AM (GMT)
((OOC: DS!!!!!!!!!!!!))

After all Tokuro had survived with this fight, an explosive attack, a vicious looking shovel, and a rather sharp sword of stone, he was brought down by a strong knee to the groin. He choked out a pained laugh, silencing temporarily as the hand met his cheek. After assuring himself there was no more physical abuse he hobbled himself up, giving himself a make shift cup while he recovered. He stood up to look at her, his eyes fixed firmly on her chest, giving up the urge to hide it long ago.

Boy you sure haven't changed Akui-chan, its been too long, regrettable that I deserved the first one but...

He turned around, looking at Vox, turning back and cocking his head, meeting her eyes out of sheer curiosity.

A body guard? Why the hell do you need one of those? did you go soft on me?! Besides, he'll be fine, I made sure not to paralyze him, my motto is never to kill unless you have to, you know that.

He laughed again, and his curiosity subsided as he made another quick look to her chest. Eying wearily the company she had with her.

I'd say about five years covers the time, but I had some business I had to take care of, but no worries! I've covered my business and I look forward to returning to the city. So Akui-chan, how have you been? Still with the final one of our group..Kyo-san?

He stopped making his rounds with his eyes and returned fully to the conversation.

And who are these guys?

Kanki-chan - August 12, 2010 08:12 PM (GMT)
Akuitora felt like ripping into Tokuro again when he saw his eyes stray too closely to her chest, but since she'd already driven the message home with the knee to the groin, Akuitora kept her smirk fixed. Once Tokuro was done with the questions, Akuitora tried to answer evenly.

Vox is an invaluable member of my staff, and his experience and abilities have proved him time and again to be a useful comrade, Akuitora started, And don't you ever think that for one moment I've gone soft, or else I'll do more than render you impotent, you'll lose a viable organ or two!

Akuitora's rage moment had a more threatening feel than she wanted to portray, but dammit hiring Vox wasn't because she was going soft, anyone who was watching the fight (or knew what everyone else was doing) would understand that.

As for Kyo-kun, he's doing fine, he'll definitely be glad that you're alive and well. The "Bandit King" business though...what the hell is that about?

Haraki - August 13, 2010 06:00 AM (GMT)
Tokuro laughed, waving his hands helplessly in front of his face, smiling a toothy over dramatic smile.

Alright alright! Not soft got it!

He nodded sincerely at the obviously good news that his good friend Kyo was still well. He may hold resentment for the triangle created by the two love birds, but he still considered both of them dear friends, who have shared far more memories both good and bad than one should have in a life time.

I'm glad to hear about Kyo, but the bandit story is a tad lengthier than I care to mention standing so close to the desert. Perhaps we can head back to one of the villages, and discuss it over a meal...

Replaying the moment in his head he felt it was good to add a good measure.

Of course you and your friends are all welcome, paid for by me. Including the friend of yours that is still over there.

He pointed his finger directly in Rain's direction. Then shrugged slightly.

The short version is, I got distracted by entertainment, and I couldn't afford the tab. The owner cut me a deal, said if I stole equivilant to what I owed, we would be clear. I told him I didn't kill unless completely necessary....Then...Ha, if I continue much longer there won't be much left to tell...lets save the rest for dinner.

He looked around at the other members of the makeshift party, Bowing politely he announces.

My name is Magashi Tokuro, I am the third sennin, accompanied by Akui-chan and Kyo-kun, at your service.

Ds14 - August 13, 2010 07:23 PM (GMT)
Rain saw Akuitora attack the dangerous looking man while Vox and the others stood back. Then, his heart skipped a beat when he pointed to him.

I mean... Akuitora-sama and Vox are there, its not like I could help much. I could just leave. But then again, Ayame was being extra creepy when she sent me out here. Even though there aren't any plants around, she's probably watching me with that creepy third eye jutsu.

Rain looked warily at the shrubs around him, then looked back at towards Konoha, at the dense forests his mentor could be hiding in.

Screw it.

He quick stepped into motion to get himself running at a fast pace. Once he got close enough, he quick stepped again towards one of the downed ninja, held him down in one hand and put a kunai to his neck. He scoped out the situation, noticed the surprised looks on everyone's faces and dropped the man.

"Umm... hey."

Name: Quick Step
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: Any
Special Items: N/A
Description: Uses chakra to decrease weight for a split second in order to move at a speed that is second only to teleportation. Body conditioning used for these techniques requires that no other taijutsu charts are learned. Note: Shukuchi technique inspired by Soujiro Seta

Quick Step Level 4
Type: Tai
Chakra: 10,000
Description: Quick step with 8x normal moving speed, at this level it is hard to see the shinobi at all while they use this technique. Can be used twice per post.

Vox - August 17, 2010 06:46 AM (GMT)
Vox got back up just in time to see Rain embarrass himself. He allowed himself a chuckle before checking his injuries. The wounds had healed nicely. "I'm fine, boss. Been through much worse than that." He surveyed the damage that the battle had caused before turning to Tokuro. "I tried to hold back a bit. I don't think I killed any of your men. None of them will be able to walk for at least a month, and bachelor #3 probably busted a few ribs, but they'll live."

Today had been full of surprises. A sannin turned into a petty thug, another shinobi jumping in after the battle had ended- he wasn't sure he wanted to know what surprise would be next. "So, kid," Vox said, turning towards Rain. "What brings you out here?"

Ds14 - August 18, 2010 03:52 PM (GMT)
"Not to be rude sir," started Rain, "But it doesn't matter much anymore."

He analyzed his surrounding more now that he was in the middle of where the action was.

I mean... it looked like there was a fight going on. This is really weird. Are they under some sort of genjutsu? I might as well play along.

"I think I'll head back to Konoh-" started Rain. He stuttered slightly as a thought crossed his mind.

Ayame. Ayame's probbaly creeping around here somewhere watching me. In fact, I know she is. She told me not to come, I came, and now this happens. If I go back to Konoha, she'll tell ANBU I'm a punk and if I stay, she'll tell ANBU I'm insubordinate.

But if I stay, I won't have to deal with her for at least a few days... I think.

"-aaactualy," Rain said, trying to switch words mid-word, "Do you think I could move around with you all for a little? I think it'd be a waste to go all the way back to Konoha right now."

Haraki - August 24, 2010 05:55 AM (GMT)
((OOC: Sorry it took so long for a response! I was partly waiting for someone else so I wasn't hogging the RPing..and partly I was moving and getting settled in my dorm))

Tokuro noted the analytical nature of the boy, and also noted it was in full effect, just from looking at his eyes. He decided to let the boy examine some more, instead turning to Vox, extending his hand politely, his common grin plastered obviously across his face.

I'm glad you're ok, I had no intention of hurting you too bad, and I sure didn't want to kill you either..I don't personally like killing...there's no reason for it.

He turned his head slighly, yet left his arm fully extended to accept or decline a responsive hand shake from Vox. Pulling his head and thoughts from the lower area where they had resided, he turns to Rain.

Don't worry, there's nothing going on out of the normal here, it turns out we were fighting friends..So each side surrendered...

He chuckled softly, paranoia detection is his job, he became a sennin on his detection and recon skills, he was a good fighter, but he had to pick up the fighting 100 fold to meet the sennin expectations, they told him he was too kind, he always went for the stun instead of the kill.

Now! if you care to join me on that dinner invitation I can fully explain the situation to all of you...

Kanki-chan - August 25, 2010 04:52 PM (GMT)
Akuitora's jaw set when she noticed Rain in the background, trying her best not to supress a laugh when Rain tried to see about following along once again.

Looks like not much has changed from him, Akuitora thought to herself, then turned towards Tokuro.

I suppose that would work. Lead the way, Akuitora gestured back towards Rain and Konoha further back.

Haraki - September 1, 2010 10:54 PM (GMT)
Tokuro grinned warmly, offering out his arm, partially as a playful gesture, but also because he felt the need to be a gentlemen to all women in general, it was part of his nature. He waited patiently for a few seconds, then decided Kanki-chan was completely capable of catching up, so he dropped his arm and began on his journey forward, leading the group off toward Suna, since the major problem that he would need to tell them of resided in Konoha, it was best not not allow the chance of ears hearing.

Well Lady and Gentleman, I hope you don't mind the journey, what I'm about to tell you hardly has any business being said in Konoha, so we must make a...Detour if you will, to Suna.

He began whistling shortly after his general explanation of their journey, his tune was happy, as he rested his hands in his pockets, his head tilted to the sky, with his eyes shut tightly, sort of feeling his way.

Ds14 - September 13, 2010 01:06 AM (GMT)
[OOC: Sorry for the short post. I don't really know what else to say and I felt like you might have been waiting on me.]

"Thanks for letting me head out with you guys, I'm trying to spend some time away from Konoha," said Rain, grimacing almost unnoticeably. He turned to Tokuro, "And sorry for the interruption. I thought something was... y'know, going on."

Vox - September 14, 2010 01:45 AM (GMT)
"There was, you just missed it." Vox said, going to inspect the men he had been fighting. "Not sure about Suna, though. I doubt they like you any more than we do. Ultimately, though, it's not my choice." He inspected their wounds, then returned to the group. "We've got two with pelvic fractures. They won't be walking for a while, but nothing life-threatening. It's the third one that worries me. I smashed his ribs pretty good. I don't think he has a Flail Chest, but we should probably get him some medical attention. Is there a medic-nin in the house?"

Kanki-chan - September 18, 2010 01:45 AM (GMT)
Akuitora sighed when she heard Vox's injury report: Suna was closer for their medical needs.

There went my chance to collect some more bounty Akuitora thought to herself. Not changing her now tired face, Akuitora took Tokuro-kun's arm.

We'll be glad to follow with you to Suna, especially if it would help your...surviving comrades. She said with a tired smile.

He would probably fetch at least 5,000 yen...

Haraki - September 20, 2010 09:48 PM (GMT)
Tokoru smiled warily as she took his arm, his eyes strained at the desert sand beneath him. He nodded gently to himself, recalling past memories, before he was drawn into stuff way beyond his comfort, he would never steal, never kill, he just needed a way out of what he was in. Now things had potential to change, with Akuitora's help, as well as this new character Vox, and possibly his old friend Kyo, perhaps they could eliminate the problem.

He stared up warmly at the sky, his eyes drawing in the light above them, he looked over at Akui-chan.

My comrades, most of them are farmers, or healers, they were well prepared to face what they had to..But it wasn't myself that prepared them. It was the person pulling all the strings.

Anger doused his words and scorn flared in his eyes, he took a deep breath through his nose, finishing the statement with shaky calmness.

I'll tell you more about that at dinner. the point here is they are more than capable of healing each other, we will leave them. Its the only way I can ensure they don't have to return...

He shifted his head enough to face the wounded men, nodding graciously in their direction. Thank you comrades, you've all done well. Maybe I can get us all out of this...

He took a moment of self collection, then threw on his casual smile, calling out loudly to his makeshift troop.

Soooo where are we going to have dinner?!

Tokoru refrained from sneaking glances, he was in gentleman mode, he had no intention of trying anything anyway, but he was always a gentleman and kind when he was working with company of any kind.

Kanki-chan - October 21, 2010 05:19 PM (GMT)
Akuitora felt a twinge of sadness when Touro-kun mentioned what most of the bandits did, but that was his style: make the opponent feel bad because they were fighting people, not some spirit-demon or summon that doesn't die easily. Still, she was hungry after that spar.

How about teppanyaki? I'm really hungry for some beef. Akuitora offered. She didn't know if there were any in Suna, but considering the country's size there had to be one shop there.

Besides, it'd be a perfect place to trap Tokuro-kun if he's in a public area.... Akuitora thought to herself.

((OOC: Sorry for the radio silence, midterms+cold+staffing for an upcoming con does that to a person B) ))

Kyo Hyuuga - October 28, 2010 03:37 AM (GMT)
It never seemed to be hard to track Akuitora when they were separated. It didn't hurt that his eyes allowed him to track chakra much easier than other people but it was the little things he picked up from living with her. He would have met up with them earlier, however it was more important to free one of his own in young Hyuuga boy who had been kidnapped. He then sent him back to Konoha before he resumed his tracking.

As he followed the trail, he noticed that it seemed to be going towards the Suna village, which made sense considering that was where he thought they would be heading. As he walked, he could start to feel Akuitora's chakra, which told him that they were close by him. He then smiled a bit as he lowered his chakra levels so that he couldn't be tracked in case any one else was following him. It was only a moment before he could hear Akuitora speaking. With a smile, he yelled out. Going on a date without me? I'm hurt. He then laughed lightly as he got closer to them.

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