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Title: Apocrita Family Summons

Ds14 - March 26, 2007 10:31 PM (GMT)
Due to rank overlaps, the summon that is brought out when the scroll is used depends on how much the Apocrita summon group like the summoner. If the users relationship with the summons is good enough, the summoner can choose which of the summons to bring out.

The more powerful members of this family are especially prone to rebellion and can harm the summoner if they are inexperienced.

Name: Ant
Rank: Earth
Chakra: Genin
Size: About two feet long. About as big as a car tire.
Description: An average ant. Ranges in color from black to reddish brown.
Abilities and Jutsu: The ant has extremely powerful jaws. It weighs about 20 pounds and can lift 50 times that if it chooses. Though the jaws are strong at lifting and clamping down on things, they are next to useless when it comes to attacking because they can easily be pried open. Even a small child could push the jaws of the ant open due to weak muscles for resistance to pressure. Another ability of this summon is the ability to secrete a pungent odor from its abdomen. It is about as strong as a skunk's smell and is used commonly for pranks.
Genin Level Summons

Name: Flying Ant
Element: Earth/Wind
Rank: Genin
Size: Same as Ant
Description: Has the same abilities as the ant, but cannot lift the half a ton that the Ant can because it only weighs about 5 pounds in order to fly. Useful mostly for labor situations as it can lift a maximum of 250 pounds over long distances by flying.

Name: Bumblebee (Mountable)
Element: Wind
Rank: First true battle summon in the Apocrita family. Genin summon.
Size: Very large for a first summon because of its species. About the size of a Volkswagen Beetle
Description: A big bumblebee with yellow and black alternating bands of hair. As it gets stronger the stripes progressively change into less organized spot-like bands, with the black to yellow ratio increasing to a maximum of 7:3. It has a stinger that is close to one foot long and it weighs nearly a half a ton.
Abilities and Jutsu: The bumblebee can fly, but not terribly fast. If it is; however, not dodged, it could crush a human being easily. It is the first member of the Apocrita summon family with a stinger. Venom from the stinger does not cause any sickness, but hurts intensely and causes the point of entrance of the stinger to swell.

Element: Wind
Jutsu Description: The bumblebee hovers and causes a strong Wind to blow an enemy back. The Wind speed it about 40 mph, so it is possible for one to stand through it, but very difficult to do so.

Name: Honeybee (Mountable)
Element: Wind
Rank: Genin (Stronger genin. Honeybee has a temper and may turn on a weak summoner)
Size: Smaller than the honeybee. About the same size as a rhinoceros or hippopotamus.
Description: A large honeybee. Its smaller size lets it zip quickly through the air at speeds of 60 to 70 mph. It must slow down slightly to attack. It has a stinger with venom more potent than that of the bumblebee. This summon can also be mounted
Abilities and Jutsu: The honeybee's stinger will cause excruciating pain that will eventually make the stung area go numb. This complete and total numbness will relieve the pain, but make it nearly impossible to accurately use that limb or body part. Automatic muscle functions, such as breathing or heartbeat are not affected by numbness as they continue regardless of feeling.

Honey Geyser
Element: Earth
Jutsu Description: The honeybee shoots a jet of honey at an opponent. This is not special honey, it behaves like normal honey. It is sticky and will slow the victim down.

Element: Wind
Jutsu Description: Sends a blast of Wind at 50 miles per hour at a target. These Winds can be spread over a small area and can be sustained for a maximum of five seconds.

Razor Gale
Element: Wind
Jutsu Description: Same as gale except tiny currents of extremely fast Winds that are capable of cutting through flesh are laced through the larger gust.This Wind is instant and cannot be sustained.


Name: Killer Bees
Element: Wind
Rank: Chuunin
Size: Normal bee. About a half an inch long.
Description: These are normal killer bees, but they come in a large swarm cloud that takes up approximately the same area as a jumbo jet. These bees are extremely disagreeable and will almost definitely kill a summoner if they are not strong enough.
Abilities and Jutsu: They must be destroyed or somehow avoided before they converge on a target or they will likely suffer fatal or near fatal sting wounds. These are normal bees (albeit more intelligent), but their strength is in their massive numbers.

Name: Yellow Jacket (Mountable)
Element: Wind/Lightning
Rank: Chuunin
Size: About the size of a blue whale. (110 feet or 30 meters)
Description: This insect, despite its size, is extremely fast. It is, like the rest of the Apocrita, very hot tempered and quick to turn on a summoner.
Abilities and Jutsu: (Include all honeybee jutsu except for Honey Geyser) Just the flapping of its wings create 35 mile per hour Winds. It has a Lightning affinity and primarily uses the jutsu listed below:

Electric Javelin
Element: Lightning
Jutsu Description: The yellow jacket can hold a large javelin with its six legs. This javelin can extend and retract and will cause severe burns and a shock upon entry. (Think Kuwabara of Yu Yu Hakusho's spirit sword for a visual.)

Lightning Sting
Element: Lightning
Jutsu Description: In addition to the normal poisonous sting, the Yellow Jacket can also deliver a fully paralyzing sting that will cause a victim's body to convulse violently for two to three posts based on strength.

Jounin Level Summons

Name: Hornet Lord (Mountable)
Element: Wind\Lightning
Size: (60 meters [Gamabunta is 100 meters for comparison])
Description: This Hornet is not as fast as the Yellow Jacket, but is still extremely fast. Rather than avoiding trees, it simply bowls them over, creating a trail of wreckage as it travels through the forest. A black miasma emanates from its wings. The hornet is innately evil and will destroy and kill anything it can, but will most likely obey a jounin loyal to the apocrita summon family.
Abilities and Jutsu: This hornet is not capable of properly stinging humans because of the massive size of its stinger. It can impale them, but cannot inject its venom. It has all of the jutsu of the Yellow Jacket, with the exception of gale.

Element: Wind
Jutsu Description: Kick up Winds of up to 100 mph. Winds can be sustained for five seconds.

Element: Wind/Lightning
Jutsu Description: A 60 mph blast of Wind for a duration of about 3 seconds that is electrically charged. If hit directly, effects are comparable to being struck by Lightning.

Element: N/A
Jutsu Type: Genjutsu
Jutsu Description: The hornet's large ruby red eyes glow and a massive storm full of flying debris kicks up. The storm grows progressively worse as time goes on, creating absurd scenarios such as Winds the speed of sound and the ground itself being ripped up and violently shot away by the Wind. This jutsu, the most powerful of the Apocrita Family, is a double edged sword because it will also affect the summoner.

Black Wasp King (Mountable)
Element: Wind/Earth
Size: (About 80 meters tall. [Approximately 60 feet shorter than Gamabunta.])
Description: Though the Hornet lord is evil and arguably equal in strength, the Black Wasp King is neutral in alignment, but will still not listen to even a Kage that is not loyal to the Apocrita family. It is a large black wasp that unlike its family members, is not very fast. Its sheer size makes up for its lack of speed (Relative to other family members. It is still pretty fast) and it can easily destroy large patches of forests.
Abilities and Jutsu: The Black Wasp King is a paper wasp, meaning that it makes its home out of hardened saliva mixed with leaves to form a "cement". Its jutsu are based on this.

Killer Bee Summon
Element: N/A
Jutsu Description: Summons two swarms of the aforementioned killer bees to fight alongside it.

Cement Spit
Element: Earth
Jutsu Description: Launch saliva at an enemy. The saliva will then harden, locking them into place. Larger or smaller amounts of saliva can be used for different things.

Cement Dome
Element: Earth
Jutsu Description: The Black Wasp King can completely surround a group of enemies with its cement spit and layer it on as thickly as needed afterwards. If used in conjunction with killer bees, this would most likely be fatal .

Cement Shot
Element: Earth
Jutsu Description: Can shoot a smaller amount of cement at high speeds, hardening it into a sharp point. Due to the size of the Black Wasp King, the final product will likely be a pointed boulder.

------ Consult that for wind speeds.

Omega2042 - March 27, 2007 10:24 PM (GMT)
While I only made it to the first chuunin summon, this is all way overpowered. As a genin you can produce the same power as a chuunin using the wind chart. Its just too strong.

Also none of these have a chakra amount on them so there is no way of telling when someone would learn these anyway. It looks like when someone becomes a genin they can summon all of that.

Apart from being overpowered, there are 21 things here. Thats a lot to be summoning. Also there is no information regarding how many you can summon at once, for all we know you would make an unstoppable army.

Ds14 - March 28, 2007 04:26 AM (GMT)
Response: There are only 7 things. The rest are attacks. And the strongest Genin summon is meant to be summoned when you're a stronger genin, meaning like 5k-6k. But I didn't want to put definite chakra levels on there because they're not definite.

The level needed to summon is more relationship based than anything. But to put a check on that, I made it so that they're rebellious and you have to be a certain strength to keep it in check.

And then for the bumblebee, it's not nearly as strong as the
summon Temari used to kill Tayuya. It might have been bigger, but not as strong. That one leveled a whole forest. The honeybee's wind attack will blow you back hard, but it won't kill you. As a summon, that seems like a fitting attack.

Ds14 - April 10, 2007 04:02 AM (GMT)

Ds14 - April 16, 2007 10:01 PM (GMT)
Review by mods requested.

Omega2042 - April 16, 2007 10:19 PM (GMT)
I think every problem I had with this is still there. Exactly what did you edit? It looks the same to me.

Ds14 - April 16, 2007 10:21 PM (GMT)
The highest wind speed went from 200 mph to 60.

And there are also no academy student level summons. Ant got bumped up one rank.

Ds14 - August 15, 2007 09:24 PM (GMT)

Uchiha Mikyas - January 20, 2008 09:40 PM (GMT)
I would accept this, but along with the genin summons being slightly over powered, there simply has to be chakra levels.

Personally I don't think genin summons should be able to attack, it'd be nice if you could adjust it so that they are strictly for defense, moving obstacles like boulders, or mounting. However, the attacks are fine as long as there is a reasonable specific chakra level for each genin summon.

The windspeeds are definitely fine now. They are reasonable for each summon per rank.

The Bumblebee should not be able to crush a human if it does not dodge. At the most it should knock them out.

I don't think a genin should really have the option of three different summons, so it'd be better for the Honeybee to be out. Either that or you make Honeybee a Chuunin summon.

I understand what you were saying about chakra, but seriously, there HAS to be a specific minimum chakra level per summon.

Ds14 - January 21, 2008 02:47 AM (GMT)
On rereading this, I think I nerfed the really strong ones too much 100mph is nothing for something that big. Especially for a single gust. The fastest natural wind speed recorded was 318 mpg, so if Temari's little weasel can cut down patch of forest with wind moving so fast it turns to blades, I think like 200-250 mph would be reasonable for something that strong.

But yeah, thanks for looking at this. I'll try to edit it ASAP. Thanks again, holmes.

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