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Title: Adolphus Kroeger
Description: is his history literary masturbation?

Valen Tyz - October 1, 2008 02:18 PM (GMT)
Player Name:Doc
Preferred Method of Contacting: By any means necessary.
How did you find Meliora? I was camped out around Rage, and then the…but I already have another character, so you know this.
Other Characters: Valen Tyz.

Character Name: Adolphus Kroeger
Nicknames: Iron Warrior
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexual Orientation: Unconcerned
Follower of: Valen Tyz
Position: Commander of the 7th Army ‘Lucky Sevens’, stationed in High Rock, near Talafen

Physical Appearance:
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Adolphus Kroeger is indescribable.
He is a man of iron and steel; he is an ironclad juggernaut. No one has ever seen him without the Iron Halo; not that they would want to, if the rumors were true. He is never seen without his armouring, his chain of office, and a sword on his hip; being essentially captain of the guard in Talafen (for that’s the Lucky Sevens job as garrison troops), he needs to look imposing.
While what's left of his face does easily frighten small children, largely being a mass of scar tissue, drunks and soldiers are not so easily cowed, which is why he makes fitness a daily ritual for him, such that his (apparently 24-inch-circumference) guns do the imposing for him. Were that to fail, however, he has a booming voice that echoes perfectly across a parade square, and is actually rather scary when blasting at you about five feet away.
He is a big man; easily six feet, and, in full armour, which he’s in most of the time, is about two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle and iron.

Weaponry: Adolphus carries a silver-tipped spear in his left hand, which he habitually polishes every morning, and was a gift from his adopted father before he joined the army.
In the other…well, technically nothing. Adolphus’s right hand was removed in the Siege of the Old Palace, as old loyalists attempted to resist the new god’s entrance to the city. As a measure of appreciation, Valen gave him the Gauntlet; made of burnished brass and coated with silver, the Gauntlet is completely impenetrable, and bears a potent enchantment to counter many other forms of magic; decidedly useful against any future priestly rebels.
Not to mention the fact that it gives him twice the strength of his other arm.

Armory: Adolphus constantly walks around in regulation Army light armor, save for the Gauntlet aand the Iron Halo. A helmet of burnished silver reaching down past the eyes, the Halo was another gift from Valen, meant to cover up the disfiguring wounds he sustained when the Old Palace came under siege by former followers of Anasutagai, and the Lucky Sevens were called in. The Halo is a weapon of psychological warfare; the magical silver seemingly twisting into new shapes even as the enemy watches, and, beyond that, is meant to replace and enhance Adolphus’ means of vision, after he lost his right eye. There are still a few kinks in it, but he is happy nonetheless.
His regulation chainmail, backed up with a personal steel breastplate, is routinely polished, as he does so weekly. On those rare occasions that he does not have the time to polish, however, he will try to at least reduce the wear on the armor, resorting to leather and other less-obvious-when-dirty materials.

Adolphus is a man much like his patron; loud, boisterous, and generally the roughhousing sort. He greatly enjoys his command, much like he loves his troops, and is a great friend of his patron deity. In his role as watchman, he is the sort who puts the fear of god (or Valen, in this case) in misbehaving youngsters, and then lets them go.
So, like every normal, well-adjusted soldier, he goes batshit crazy in combat.
But a cunning batshit crazy.
The kind that says ‘I’m going to take the enemies’ colors, then throw them back in the thick of it, so they all scramble madly for the flag. Then I rip their lungs out.”
Despite his injuries, he is still steadfastly optimistic about the future, and is, in this sense, the ideal follower of Valen. His optimism extends to the people around him; he would trusts his friends with his life, and it doesn't take much to make him your friend. Even with his enemies (and with his nature, he doesn't have many), he does his best to spare them, or turn them into friends.
On the other hand, he has an unbelievably short temper, exploding into violent rage at the slightest provocation. He has tried, with some small success, to limit the destruction he causes when angry (largely due to the fact that most things he breaks are his own), but...he's still very aggro. Some speculate that this rage is due to his disfigurement, and indeed, on those few occasions he has appeared without the Halo in public, he has had to have a squad of footmen to protect those who would mock him, from him.
He himself merely states that stupidity is something that should be rooted out, and any civilian who mocks a professional soldier is too stupid to be allowed to live.

Adolphus Kroeger grew up in the Temple in Talafen. His mother had died in childbirth, and his father, supposedly a great holy man, had run off soon after delivering him. Nobody ever got a good look at the man, and so a search was probably out of the question.
A young priest, however, who had just joined the Temple, soon basically adopted him; raising him as his own son, and naming him for himself. This young priest had once been in the army, before he felt his calling as a man of the gods, and so he began to teach his adopted son what he knew; enough that he could safely avoid beatings by other boys, anyway.
Another twenty years on, and Adolphus was twenty-four. A rising star in the army, proficient with both spear and his hands, he was called into the city to protect his old home; the Temple of Earth, against former Anasutagai worshippers, resisting the New God, Valen Tyz, and his entrance into the city.
He led a charge into the heavily defended courtyard, where he got caught by a massive rockfall caused by a mage; the shards of sharpened rock took half the flesh from his face, his right eye, and took his right arm off at the forearm, but he nonetheless managed to stay alive until he and the other survivors were extracted, and Valen Tyz smashed the Old Palace down on the surviving rebels.
As a token of respect, Valen granted him the Iron Halo and the Gauntlet, both to cover up his wounds, and to replace the injured areas.
In recent years, he has grown to be a competent commander, as well as a feared warrior, leading to his appointment as Commander of the Lucky Sevens; a post he much enjoys, being so close to his hometown, and his patron deity.

Favourite Food: Sacrifices to Valen. Because. You know. Valen can’t finish ALL of it. And its usually pretty good. And I mean, he offered.
Favourite Drink: Kras, a peculiar drink distilled from a mix of beer and wine
Favourite Music: The martial sounds of the 7th’s band.
Favourite Pastime: Polishing his metal bits.

How old they appear: Adolphus appears exactly his age. As far as anyone can tell. They can’t see his face, but his hands don’t have liver spots. That’s…that’s about all you can tell.
Skin tone/type: It looks…okay…as much of it as can be seen, anyway.
Health: In the pink. Or the blue, as the case may be. Who the hell knows what he looks like under the Halo?
Habits: On weekdays, Adolphus drills his troops incessantly; on weekends, he’s usually at Valen’s temple, either talking to his patron deity, or his adopted father.
Family details:
Biological Father: Unknown
Mother: Deceased, died in childbirth
Adoptive Father: Poul Kroeger, High Druid of Earth
Earliest memory: Playing by the statue of Anasutagai in the middle of the Old Palace, sometime in spring, maybe.

A note:
Adolphus is, despite all appearances, intended for the rebellion.
Fascinating, I realise.
Nonetheless, its true.
If I can get him to Caius Lucius, or Caius to Adolphus, so much the better; plotting and scheming for the win.
Furthermore, I put in so much stuff about Valen for one simple reason:
Isn't it fun to know plot details before they should be known?

Venea Zephyrius - October 27, 2008 07:56 PM (GMT)
I'm satisfied. :D

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