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Jace - March 13, 2008 03:28 AM (GMT)


Respect for players, characters and posts. Under no circumstances whatsoever will there be any spamming, slandering or belittling of ANYONE and this includes the Cbox. I do not care if you hate or dislike another player we do not all need to hear about it and neither do they.

No sexual, racial, or religious comments will be tolerated on this game. End of story.

This rule is one that is most important, if there is a problem between players, bring it to an admin so it can be handled properly. No one will ever be dismissed but "All" I cannot promise that you will always get what you want either.

In and out of character hate are two different things and should be handled as such. Try not to take everything personally and please do not make everything personal.

The IC Cbox is for enjoyment, not slander and spamming. There is no way to draw a line for each and every person to what is too much and what is not. Therefore, Iím going to ask that each person use common sense, plain and simple. NO NOT take it to heart.

You might think someone went to far and someone else might say they didn't ... In that Cbox, post at your own risk.

God Moding

OK, we all know this, it is on every RP board known to man and I really don't think I have to go into detail. If you want to knowledge something in a post just get the other player's permission.

Cursing, sex and violence.

All allowed but nothing over the top, this is a game intended for mature writers but I don't want porn threads everywhere and not everyone needs their throats ripped out OK? Just give enough details where we get the idea.

Abuse, rape and such, it may happen, this is an adult game and as close to reality as we can get.

Game rating is R.


We're not looking for novels but we're also not looking for crap ya know? You want to one paragraph, great, you want to post eight, wonderful, just be decent.

Do not post IC until you are accepted.

We post in 3rd person only.

Posts should be at least two, five to ten sentence, sold paragraphs. No one liners and no crap either. A post can be short but still very good, we all lose the muse "roads" sometimes. Be sure though to take your posting partner's feelings into consideration however, try to notify them if you are bored or busy. Being ignored sucks.

Proper grammar please.

Check all claims before having your heart set on something, if someone else has it, you canít.

Always mark post as Open or Private or whatever. Also, though a topic says open ... And God knows this is an issue I see on every game ... If the thread has been on going for some time be respectful enough to PM the active players and ask to join. If you have had a player about to score or about to break down and someone jumped in wouldn't you find it annoying? Also, if you stat a thread and you need the subject changed to private send a PM to an admin and edit the first post of the thread stating it is now closed to new people.

Do not use out of game knowledge. This means if Player A and Player B broke up, Player C does not know about it unless she/he was there or happen to be told about it.

Characters and Accounts

No character here is all powerful or God like, that's it. You want strengths fine, but you also have weaknesses equal to or more then youíre strengths.

If you're first character is a vampire, your second must be a human or other and then your third must me the remaining. Three characters a person for now, PM an admin if you're looking for another one. Keep them all active and we should there should be no problems having as many as you want. NPC of course don't count for this, if you already have three and are going to play for someone else that is fine but please do not make promises you won't keep to people.

One character, one account, only NPCs can be played within you main account.

Lastly, play your character the way they were born to be played, donít change them to suit a situation, itís not fair to anyone.

Sign up with FIRST and LAST name or Alias, no numbers or numeric

John Smith or Shadow, fine

Lize08 or Starlightx2x, not


A Sire is like the parent of the new vampire and in most case should take responsibility "lead" for their creation, though of course this does not always happen. In the case of humans being changed on this board the hows, whens and whys must be worked out between players. However, as a Sire do not and I mean this, screw over another player.

Faces, Signatures and Names

First name, last name or alias.

Real people as Avatars only.

Signatures are encouraged but Aviís are necessary before posting IC as well.


OK, this is a loaded gun, God moding is a very big issue and I advise being very careful, remembering that no one is invincible and everyone has weaknesses. If you want your character in a fight and donít know what to do or where to go or if both players are to stubborn then PM an Admin (only if you both agree) and request a dice roll. Basically, we will more or less flip a coin and kiss it up to God. The outcome will be final but no one dies without the playerís permission.


Each character must be posted once every 7 days, no less. After 14 days of not posting or notifying us you will be moved to the archives and inactive. Wither or not a Face Claim will be used or not will ďtoĒ be a decision the Admins will make on a case by case bases. Bios may be posted incomplete but will be moved to archives if not finished in 14 days. Please PM an Admin (and not with a crap story) to be placed back on active.

Inactive accounts will be deleted the first of every month. If you come back then reregister.

All characters must have a personal plot posted before posting


Admin word is final but seriously, our characters bite, we don't. If you need something come to one of us.

If one Admin tells you no, don't go to the second Admin looking for a yes, it will piss us off. However, if "Rome" you honestly do feel like you are being treated unfairly by one of us you have the right to seek a second opinion, we would just appreciate the heads up on the fact that we are the second opinion.


First problem we have with you, you're gone for a week

Second time, two weeks

Third time, your out, you would no longer be welcome here,

Again same goes for abusing the Cbox abuse.

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