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World War III brought mankind to the brink of utter destruction, bringing their number count down to only a few thousand. Survival of mankind has been thanks to several different vampire houses. With time the different houses began to fight over their food sources causing a rift between them. What's more, sickness has begun to sprout in the world of the vampire, killing many of the young ones and some of the elders as well. What will the future for man and vampire kind hold? Utter destruction? Or a time of renewal?

The skin has been changed to a Vodja house theme skin. It's a peaceful mix of ocean blues that is relaxing to the senses...just like the Vodja vampires. Once the skin has all it's frills added an activity check will be done with e-mail accompanying it so we can get Levin Rov back on it's feet. ღ Celest


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 Phoenix d'Ombra, Vampire, Zatemnja HoH
Posted: Mar 29 2011, 11:06 PM

Head Of Zatemnja House

Group: Zatemnja
Posts: 10
Member No.: 66
Joined: 29-March 11

Phoenix Emilie d’Ombra

user posted image

You know the games I play
And the words I say
When I want my own way
You know the lies I tell
When you’ve gone through hell
And I say I can’t stay
You know how hard it can be
To keep believing in me
When everything and everyone becomes my enemy
And when there’s nothing more you can do
I’m gonna blame it on you


Hey ya'll! I'm *Phoenix, but my friends call me AlyGator.
I've been at this party for 18 (almost) years, but just hopped on the
roller coaster four years ago.
Need me? Just drop me a PM or AIM (stardustangels88)!


*..Name..:Phoenix Emilie d’Ombra
..Nicknames..: Phee, Em, Emmy, Shady
..Birthday..: December 18
*..Age..: 6,800
..Hometown..: Fraghul
*..House:Zatemnja (HoH)
..Special Abilities: The strongest abilities of her house within her house
..Turned By..:The First
..Turned..:Bravery Orlin and Marcello Vetri (both advisors to her house now) among others.

..Eyes..:ice blue
..Hair..:thick and black
..Height..: 5’ 6’’
..Build..: Perfectly irresistible, deadly curves, deceptively fragile in appearance.
..Play by..: Amy Lee

user posted image

..Style..: If ever there were a dark Victorian fashion revolution, Phee would be set for its entire duration. She likes exposing as much skin as she can in the most alluring way possible. She knows exactly what she’s doing and why she’s doing it. It comes as no surprise that she’d stick to blacks and greys but she does make exceptions for colors of strength like blue, purple, red, and occasionally white. The regalia itself is enough to kill in her hands.

..Appearance..: Phoenix has an easy way about her wherever movement is concerned. Her build is light and feminine but once you get a good look at her face although beautiful, it is obviously apperent that something in her eyes is just a bit off. The crazed expression that always seems to be lurking just under the surface makes many people feel uncomfortable around her and with good reason.

..Personality..: Ruthless, vicious, insane and calculating. If ever there was another being more merciless than she it would be quite a sight to see. It’s easy to see why she’s the head of such a viscous house and those not under her direct dominion usually have tough luck upon meeting her. Even her own subjects feel the sting of her wrath on days when she’s in a particularly bleak mood. Although she’s all that and much more it’s incredibly easy for her to force back her harsh temper and act like a perfectly normal being. Of course, only when there’s something at stake for her.

There isn’t a single soul she trusts freely. Not even herself. But she guards what’s hers with ferocity and that includes her house, morals, and secrets for she has a past that plays largely in the way she is now. Phoenix is notorious for luring mortals and vampires into her ready grasp. The mortals she kills after breaking them beyond repair with her illusions and shadows. Since the vamps are harder game to get she plays with them longer and sometimes draining them painfully a little bit at a time, or freeing them back to their places in a crazed state to remind everyone she isn’t to be reckoned with.

Alone there’s a whole other side to her. If you thought she was manic around others then you’d want nothing to do with her alone and in close quarters. Her past seems to chase her restlessly and depending on circumstance she can go anywhere between throwing fits of rage and destroying everything in her path to breaking down and questioning everything’s existence. Careful around this one.

..Habits & Quirks..: She snaps her jaws shut loudly when she’s ticked but doesn’t know what to say. Her first retaliation to any offense is always to lash out with shadows, a fist, and an illusion that’s sure to make your toes curl. Other than that she seems to have the habit of playing with her hair be it running her hand through it, flicking it back, or braiding random sections of it. For this reason she rarely puts her hair up.

..Pet Peeves..: Kindness, mercy, annoying voices, not getting what she wants, people who ask to many questions especially if that question is why.

..Likes & Loves..: messing with peoples minds, the feeling of breaking bones, being challenged, sneaking around. She can go completely unnoticed by even the strong advisors of her house. Above all else she adores how much she can get away with thanks to her cunning mind.

..Secrets..: Her history. It’s something she hides religously

user posted image

..Mother..: Larach Grey killed at age 45, Phee hated her until the day she killed her herself
..Father..: Blake Coniff killed at age 48, terrible relationship, she killed him and her mother upon her turning into a full vampire
..Siblings..: one little sister that died at age 10
..Extended Family..: none that she knows of
..Best Friends..: None. She doesn’t let anyone get close to her
..Worst Enemies..: To many to name. Many people hate her for how she acts and she loves it

..Your History...: Phee grew up in a small town under the name Lucinda or to her friends and family, Lucy. She had a great childhood with a younger sister and a loving family. Her and her sister Melanie (or Melly) were never apart for long and they loved playing hide and seek out of doors.

There was had been a thunderstorm the night before and they went out to play as they usually did. After a long time it was Lucy’s turn to hide. Her little sister was close by to her hiding place and kept trying to trick her to get her out of her spot in the tree but Lucy ignored her thinking it was all part of her game even after she heard Melly’s cries for help. By the time she gave in it was to late. Melanie had fallen into the river, and was dragged away by the force the previous rain had added to the river.

A few days later the body washed up on the next town over. The guilt tore the girl up inside and her parents did nothing to help. They sent her to an asylum where she saw terrible things but she was let out after years because she slowly spun into a silent state that the officials couldn’t find an issue with. Back home her parents still hated her for what she hadn’t done. They did everything they could to tear her to pieces. Make her pay for what she’d done. And the ghosts of their accusations and her sisters cries are the ones that followed her and follow her still.

But then The First found her in a broken state. And she was reborn as Phoenix. She channeled the hate she had towards the world into her rising power until she became so close to an animal no one dared stand before her.

user posted image

...Your Role Play Sample...
Thoorkook they’d named him. An angry spirit returned to exact his revenge they’d said. The more daring ones cursed him and he laughed silently at their futile attempts to defend themselves against fearing him. It was impossible he was war, he went hand in hand with death and for that matter alone there could be nothing to do about it but fear him. Especially when he was in this state of mind. Something animalistic had taken over his mind. He had made it that way, Ares had allowed himself to stop thinking. It was best that way or there was no saying how out of hand his small reign of terror could become. Only now, during midday, when Helios was highest in the sky, did he allow himself a small portion of time to reflect. The backed and cracked red sands were radiating waves of heat and if he had not been a god he would have collapsed by then. Days he’d gone without any type of nourishment and even less sleep. He didn’t need it, he didn’t need anything or anyone and in allowing himself to return to those that called themselves his family he had forgotten that.

He ran nimbly over the red sands, not picking up dust, not leaving footprints in the sand. The bright sun illuminated the tone of his skin, a shade with the perfect amount of color made all the more beautiful by the musculature just beneath it that made no attempt to hide itself beneath his hide. With grace he stepped into the brush where he used one strong arm to swing himself into the boughs of a tree. He splayed out on a branch leaning his head back on the trunk, the bark dug into his bare skin. As did the two swords he had strapped to his back in the form of an X, the hilts easily accessed with a reach over the shoulder. All he had kept on were a pair of loose fitting shorts, for the sake of decency really. Ares realized that living the rest of his life this way wouldn’t bother him in the least. He could be this thoughtless forever, have no problems, cause troubles in the outback where no one bothered to contact higher authority. He could take hikers when he ran out of the aboriginals he’d been preferring.

He hadn’t come with the intention to kill but once he’d got to thinking about his situation, how many times he’d screwed everything over and had come so close to losing it all, he’d been driven so close to tears he’d ran out until there was so much blood running down his face that he forgot his troubles for a good while. Not having anything better to do he waited lazily until the sun began to set. Then, then he transported himself to the next settlement in his line of attack. He covered himself in the shadows of the night near the outskirts, just close enough to see the line of guards that ran along the outer edge. Their bodies were painted with white tribal patterns and each one held a spear. They’d sent out for help, they’d brought the best warriors they could find to guard themselves and it was all to no avail. Quickly he formulated a plan in his already trained mind and that was when he executed the first phase flawlessly.

With a swift and graceful ease he stepped up to the first guard and smiled. The gesture held every battle, every death, every ounce of terror Ares had ever seen, heard of, or read about in one glance. The mere force of his stare sent the man to instant death and before his body hit the floor Ares had dispatched two others by gouging them open, from their navels to the crowns of their heads, in the same motion. Their innards splayed out across the dirt with the bodies and the rest of the guards ran in fear alerting every one of his presence with their screams of terror. His mind went on lockdown, all rationing pushed to a corner that could only be extracted once the animal in him was sated of its need for rivers of blood. Ares loped deeper in the camp at an easy jog cutting down whoever got in his way, pleading for mercy. He hadn’t even made it to the center of the small village before he was thoroughly tainted with blood, spots of it everywhere on his body. His arms, easily wielding two of his most prized weapons, were slick with the redness of death all the way to his elbows. And the smile on his face, only grew with each blow.


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The First
Posted: Mar 29 2011, 11:18 PM

The Originator

Group: Admin
Posts: 270
Member No.: 1
Joined: 8-April 08

user posted image

But you knew you'd be didn't you.
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