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Title: F.A.Q.s
Description: Last Updated: 3/21/2011

The First - March 21, 2011 03:25 PM (GMT)
If you have any questions about Levin Rov, here is the place to ask them ^ ^.

Q: Why don't all the areas have descriptions?
    A: On LR, I've decided that the leader of the houses should choose how their house looks. Why? Well their characters are the ones who started the house, so they should have a say in what it looks like.

    If a house doesn't have a leader, or if the leader hasn't decided what the place will look like, then it lacks a description currently.

    If you would like to suggest things or become the leader of a house, please go and do so in the proper place.
Q: What are the vampire houses? // What's the difference between the vampire houses? // What are the powers/abilities of vampires?
    A: All of those questions can be easily and quickly answered here
Q: I want to make a vampire, but the kind I want to make currently has a ban on it, what can I do?
    A: There are several different vampire houses, and while I encourage you to think about making one for a house that doesn't have as many vampires, you could always make a human account! Humans are always allowed to be made, and you can have your character turned into a vampire by one of the kind you want it to be.
Q: What does each forum mean, and are there any forums, non-house based?//What i meant, will there be forum description, for what the area is?
    A: Each forum's name is a spin off of a Russian word, or taken from an actual Russian city. There will be forum descriptions for each area (if it doesn't have one it's because the HoH of that area has not given it one). Crystal City and Onyx City are the "human" cities. The woods are also not house based(Although the Zivotni vampires do dwell there), as well as Castle Smyeot and the two ruins areas. ((***Humans can also live in some of the area that are in the Vampire territories, as they do have human towns/cities surrounding them))
Q: What does the technology of the world look like?
    A: The technology that can be found all over LR differs from area to area. Most locations at the very least have electricity for light bulbs and the most basic of phones, some will be more advanced and have small televisions that play local news. They have running water, and most areas will have working lavatories. More advanced areas will have cell phones(that only work in that specific area, i.e.: A phone that works in Crystal city won't work in Onyx city), as well as working cars that can move them about time but isn't advised to travel too far away to distant towns, especially if said distant town doesn't have fuel for the car. Places like Crystal and Onyx city will have some movie theaters, and more advanced electrical wiring. Most small and unimportant day to day life objects such as coffee makers, toasters, refrigerators, microwaves and stuff like that can be found almost anywhere, as long as the city/town has the proper electrical wiring to support it.
Q: What are vessels?
    A: Vessels are humans who know of the existence of vampires, are owned by one, and give their owner their blood whenever it is needed or asked for.
Q: Vampires are dead, so that means they're infertile and can't have children right? Or is vampire pregnancy allowed on here?
    A: The vampires on this site aren't dead, so yes vampire pregnancy is possible. Male vampires have been known to get human women pregnant, so they are more than capable of getting a female vampire pregnant. The only thing is, a female vampire only has the ability to get pregnant every few years; and once she has given birth to a child she won't be able to conceive for another hundred years or so.

Q: I saw in the head count thing that you had Hunters. Any info on them, and where do they operate? Like home base or whatever...and human or vampire born?
    A: Vampire hunters, as of now are mostly human born; there are some of those elite hunters who may have been born of a vampire and a human, and took after their human parent and hates vampires. There have also been cases of vampires who have become hunters out of bitterness towards their own kind.
    Good hunters, although only mortal and human, have had success in their jobs because of a few things: They have made weapons specifically for hunting vampires. They have learned the weaknesses for each house. They have studied how to spot vampires who are trying to blend in. They have also been helped by 'doctors' who give them shots that make drinking their blood harmful to vampires. Hunters just starting out will usually be paired with a much more experienced hunter.
    It is a Dhampir who is most likely to join the vampire hunters.

    Home base is:
    Castle of Smyeot
    Built long ago by a very wealth noble, Smyeot stands as one of the very few castles that are still whole and can be lived in. It's amazing that vampires haven't thought to live here, but perhaps that is good for both the most recent inhabitants of Smyeot and the vampires. Hunters find this to be the perfect base of operations...
Q: What exactly happens to fledglings when light is present or they are hit with a weapon or are out side when it becomes light?
    A: Unless a vampire was made by the First, any of the ones they made, or a vampire of the Luc Sveta house, they have a severe weakness for sunlight. If they are older they usually burn easily, but they don't catch fire as quickly as a young vampire would. If the vampire's house weakness is sunlight, then they catch fire much more quickly.

Q: What is a Dhampir and what are they capable of?
    A: A Dhampir is a half-vampire born of a human mother and vampire father. Dhampirs are common as vampire males are very potent and can easily get a human female pregnant. They age just like any other human would, and they can get illnesses as well. Their most notable ability has been shown to be their ability to sense other vampires, even if the vampire is trying to hide what they are or where they are; a Dhampir even has the ability to tell how powerful the vampire is.
    Some Dhampir have been shown to carry a weakened state of their father's abilities, if their father is a very old and powerful vampire, they may even be able to match a newly born vampires abilities. They are also much stronger and faster than any normal human.
Q: What is a Succubus and what are they capable of?
    A: A Succubus is a half-vampire born of a human father and a vampire mother. Succubus' are very rare, as female vampires can only get pregnant once every few years; more so most vampire females will not go through with a pregnancy if they know the child to be of a human father.
    Succubus', just like Dhampir have the life span of a human; but unlike Dhampir, they have a much higher chance of being turned into a full vampire. They have been known to carry their mother's abilities, even more so they have a heightened version of their mother's weaknesses.
    Most males, vampire or human, find a Succubus to be irresistible(whether the succubus be male or female).

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