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Description: (I.E. the Plot)

The First - January 21, 2011 02:41 PM (GMT)
No one knows exactly how the first vampire came to be. Whether he was born a human like everyone else and made a pact with the devil and he became the first immortal, or if by some act of god he was born as one, killing both of his parents in his coming to be. Or by the most amazing way of all, he simply came into being, no mortal or immortal parents birthing him. In what ever ways he came into being, we know that the first appeared around 10,000 years ago.

For a time he only watched humanity, taking what blood he needed to continue on living, and yet leaving those he drank from alive. Yet he was alone, living from century to century with no one by his side for more than the span of a single human life. After nearly 800 years of being alone, The First decided he would somehow make someone like him..make someone who wouldn't grow old like he didn't.

Although even after coming to this decision, the first waited a little longer, waited until he had found the one he would want to spend eternity with. And he had found her, the perfect girl, and after months of growing closer they both decided that they would be together, and that she would become the second immortal.

But this happiness did not last forever. After only five hundred centuries together, they grew apart. She longed for others..and so reluctantly The First allowed her to go. Several more times The First attempted to turn others, both male and female, giving them all different amounts of his blood in the turning process. But with each different try, the result was the same. They all left him.

Perhaps that was why, with the last one he turned, he made sure to pick someone who would stay with him forever. The First spent the most time with this human, the both of them growing close over the years they spent together before he turned him. The first even gave him more blood than he had given any of the others. It was then that this immortal became known as The Second, even though he was not numerically the second.

As more centuries past, more and more vampires began to appear, all being made by those other than the First and Second. But the First did nothing to stop this increase. No, he planned and paid his attention to something else. He had been awake and active for close to six thousand years, and he grew tired. And so deciding that he would go underground and sleep, he called all of the vampires he had made himself to a meeting.

He warned them not to increase too much in number while he slept, and that in time, they too should sleep to keep themselves sane. The First was never seen again after that meeting. Soon after, his second disappeared as well, leaving all of the others to themselves.

It was then that the vampire race saw it's greatest increase in numbers. That was also the point in which they saw the differences in themselves. Each vampire The First had turned had their own strengths and weaknesses, each differing very much from one another. And so the six houses were formed, Luc Sveta, Shirokimi, Xabrij, Zatemnja, Grezki, and Vodja. But this did nothing to sooth the coming war..if anything things were only made worse.

This time was soon to be called 'The Great Divide'. The younger newly made vampires began to bicker among themselves, trying to prove that their line was the superior. In time, some of the elder vampires began to join in on these fights, creating great riffs among the vampires. It soon began to escalate to the point where none of the vampire houses would even associate with the other, even taking to killing their own kind.

In the midst of the war, three new houses arose, Zivotni, Vtoroj, and Obitalinshe. But due to not having any real leader who was turned by the first, none of the other head vampires acknowledged them as real houses. Although this did not stop them from joining in the war and gaining new members. Some alliances were made among the new and old houses, and the war raged longer.

But in time a greater threat was realized. With each new turning, the newly born vampires that were made became weaker, more easily killed, sicknesses even began to break out among vampires killing many. This wasn't helped by the rising of vampire hunters, who showed the immortals just how many more weaknesses they had.

Something was wrong, and all of the immortal community knew it. Even older vampires began to become affected by the younger vampire's diseases. The only ones that showed to be immune where the ones directly created by The First, and those they had created. The vampire community was dying...and they didn't know the reason. All they could do was search for The First, and pray he had the answer.

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