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 KAMEN RIDER MIKA'EL, my own original kr of shotaro creation
Posted: Mar 2 2012, 01:53 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 10
Member No.: 41
Joined: 2-March 12


in 2012 , the mayan predict the end of the world will soon fall upon us . Onenight a lot of meteor rain fall down to earth, then a girl named Sagiri Utsuki make a wish to one of the brightest star which she hope she can meet her guardian angel who always protect her whreever she go. Few days later when she was about ready to school , she saw a news about lots of people especially young boys and girls disappear on the way to titans highschool where sagiri is attending. this news make her feel something fishy about as she is trying to find out what exatcly happen on that road. As she walk into that rumors alley she lost her way out somehow become labyrinth then she found lots of missing people stuff . Something wrong comes to her thought that this is a paranormal activity . Suddenly a sound like an ox running and breathing towards her way . Suddenly a bull face monster appear in front of her while holding a fork and knife and saying unknown language to her. Sagiri was freak out as she was trying to run away from it she tweaked her ankle . As she think she is going to meet her end suddenly a pierce of light falls down and turn out to be a gold armor warrior . Soon the battle between these two creature begin .Then the victory goes to the light warrior as he manage drive off the creature . Then Sagiri lose her conscious and fell down. to be continues..... time for classes, "

ep 2

After Sagiri woke up , she find out she was in a giant mansion a tall old man walk towards her and say ," are u okey ,meehh". then Sagiri freaks very loudly as she was scared by that man appearance. The oldman resemble a legendary satyr with one horn was broken with a scar across his face. After hearing Sagiri screaming, Mikael the protagonist enter the restroom with an arrogance look and say , " mortal u must offer me good food for saving your pathetic soul from minotaur ".S agiri become confused as she ask him, "What the hell i dont care who are u what are u just take me back to my school i still have lots of class to attend NOW!" . Then mikael become furious and reply ha???????????. Sagiri answer back "hey how much do you need ? i mean why dont be my personal servant and bodyguard . Just give me any number you want for salary per day HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" , mikael " onore" and as mikael was about to do something on her satyr the butler push his master away while saying, " bocchama dont forget our purpose in human realm and pliz dont cause trouble or your highness will lose his cool" . mikael " i dont care with that old junk". Suddenly the judgement scale is responding meaning a fiend is attacking mortals somewhere. Then a little fairy like statue fly into the room while bumping mikael to the ground and says " i can feel it the minotaur has return" to be continue .......

part 2 bgin with mikare transform by turning pixi into a belt then he pull out the leg of pixi he transform into mikael then he insert the handle into the judgement scale into swordmode with lightning power. which can paralyzed the fiend movement . as he is going to finish minotaur off a wall pop out of the ground and the fiend horn become a drill trying to crush mikare along the wall. as mikare armor was damage suddenly sagiri appear along with a gold box as she openend the box all the wall forming the labyrinth seems blur. it appear just an haluciantion made by minotaure bell taht surround his horn so mikael quickly change the sword into bowgun blast through the bell as the bell was destroyed . mikael pull out the handle then summon lots of floating platform which forming a stair way as he climb to the top all the step combine form a giant shoes for mikael make his nonstop kicking on the fiend while shoot out thunder to stop its movement. after the bull was destroyed he seal the soul into the pandora box and close down. as he reverted to his human form he ask her" how come u can opened the box" , it has no lock at all isnt it a silly to ask me tht said by sagiri.

nno what i mean is those who opened it will be absord into the box forever , only us the keeper can opened it. the end

next will be the debut of medusa fiend . to be countinued " only those with light shall pierce the darknight " ............

ep 3 : after that incident Sagiri was scold by his father for skipping class, then Sagiri tell herf father the truth but he dont buy it. and said that he will hire a bodyguard to watch over her . Then Sagiri say ," Otosama Omae wa baka n i hate you to death ". After that she cry the whole night as she think that no one understand her feeling plus nonone care for her at all . All she has just lots of yen tahts all. The next morning after school she go to mika'el mansion cause she remember that she lose her cellphone there. she knock the gate but no one open it as she thinks ," they must be out huh forget it then buy a new one " as she was turn back an explosion occur boom so loud . Sagiri then sneak into through the back door she saw Mikael was reparing his bike , Then she ask hey taht monitor isn taht is my i phone screen what have you done do you know how much is this its a limited edition balablablabla.... then Mikael reply here your phone i m sorry to use it without your permission but i have a bought a new one for u . Sagiri cry , mikael become wordless n shocked hey i have bought u anew one for compensate whts now stop crying will u Miyagi is heading home now n Pixi is recharging (eating Battery) pliz calm down. tehn Sagiri say today is my birthday you idiot . tehn miakel say happy ... sudenly the jugement scale is spinning ... part 1 end

part 2 Mikael along sagiri reach a male hotspring sagiri was reluctant to went in cause she is a girl then mikael tease her don need to worry we immortal always walk natural in heaven then sagiri slap him. a big red mark on his face makes pixi keep laughing nonstop . after search everycorner they conclude the human statue was cause by gorgon sister s but which one no one know. then they went back to pck up sagiri suddenly sagiri screm as miakael arrive he saw sagiri lower body has been turn to stone then quickly mikael shout henshin! and form his scale to a sword quickly pierce of the medusa hair but it keep s growing other snake more nmore tehn a long cobra bite his sword which turn it to stone therefore mikael has to use hand to hand combat but medusa body was too slimy n long cant hit her at all suddenly sagiri take out a pen made by her company titan which can be a cutter she throw it to mikael as he ctach it he draw her anger by saying did my uncle invite u to his wedding party last month? medusa became mad and keep attacking then quickly mikael insert ligntning magic to the pen as he cutg off cobra head hair medusa lose her power the sword return to normal , slash medusa head off from her body as sagiri open the pandora box medusa soul seal into it . as sagiri close it 2 more soul come out of medusa body one was fly away as another one still floating around . What the heck is this? say mikael . what of what hey help me i cant open it again . forget it lend me your chanel bag for a while say mikael. what??????????????????????? say sagiri . to be continued ..........................

next is the debut of his bike blitzstallion also the debut of great balcksmith mr hermes to help his old friend miyagi san thx ^^ stay tuned

ep4 : in the morning a guy with straw hat descendt from a carrier with a letter in his hand, ohayo miyagisan . Satyr turn back n reply ooh its heremasu san oh long time no see mehhh. Sagiri then thinks so he is the legendary messeger hermes huh? bow to him now mortal girl say hermes to her. What ? tehn mikael reply forget it hermes so what bring s you here is it my old junkies send something to me ? hermes tehn give him aletter n ask him " where is my blitz stallion taht i forge for you mikare " follow me n there is somethin i need your opinion abou this . " hahahaha mikare ( curry noodles) hahahaha i cant stop laughing " said sagiri to miyagi . oh yeah happy birthday sagiri sama i bought you some dress the shopkeeper says this is the latest fashion right now hope you love it mehh. Now return to hermes n mikael . so what do you think is this useful say mikael to hermes . uhm this soul didnt fled but it got attracted by your energy uhm maybe it can be your machine new source energy all right start working now . after that sagiri come down to basement and hand him the scale say "ooi curry chan somthin happen right now we need to go now! ..... to be continue . A chrysaor is running with full speed which cause every car near him being explode due to the air pressure he release through his nose n butt. Mikel is exhausted n his bow gun can reach that fiend ," why you huh run huhhuh sosososo fast i huh cantcant cat-ch a b-re-ath at all" then he fell down . Soon a stallion kneigh running towards ikari , hey mikare check this out . hermes n sagiri hand him a paper n say pliz sign here . huh for what say ikari to hermes. Sagiri reply just do it youll find out later . after sign that letter mikare bike become alive it move itself n keep shouting then it near him seems like wnt him to ride on his back as ikari get on. krysaor form a metal wing on his ear then flies off to the sky , quicly mikare grab sagiri and hand her the bow gun and order her shot him when he reach him. kneighhhh the bike form an air road as it allows the bike to float n spin on sky , tehn sagiri quickly adjust the angle n shoot the airrow trough the metal wing as the tapir falling down mikare jump up and deliver his signature move . but sagiri also fall down but tahnkfully to the bike it saves before reach the ground soon night fall down sagiri n mikare are sitting side by side near on tokyo tower top. a shining meteor just cross down the sky sagiri close her eyes n make a wish in her heart . mikare tehn say wht are you wishing for ?why do i have to tell you. fine tehn get down by yourself i leave you here maybe there will be more more star falling down bye. hey get me down i have no wing hey you owe me remember? teh next morning sagiri went to mikare house in furious as hshe saw miyagi with no hesitation she shout you old pervert take this sagiri kick hyak!!!!!!!!!!, mehhhhhhh !!!!!!!! miyagi down in pain as mikare pick up the thing that she throw on miyagi. its a sexy bed pijamas then mikare says good riddance . he left miyagi then says whats wrong ? i just send her a pyjama thats all .. to be continued .... trivia why teh blitzstallion can fly on its own ? its because a pegsus soul is injected into the machine by signing teh owner handsign that horse will acknowledge his master scent n share its power of him ^^

ep5 : Last episode end with a scene where a meteor crash down to earth, after land on a deep forest below mount Fuji two men in black cape come out and say, " so this is ourdestination " and the other say , " im home baby " . then from somewhere near a lake a long javelin shoot out with a fast speed . and headed to those people, Whos that show yourself coward. then a letter with a words welcome to my realm. ok lets move on to mikare mansion, sagiri has become a regular visitor since that incident. suddenly pixi fly to her ear and ask " sagiri , can you lend me your uniform for tomorrow morning". huh ? for what ? my uniform is bigger than your tiny self! pixi chan. just lend me will tcha i promise you i will return it asap. all right then. the next morning Sagiri bring her second uniform to school" where is pixi i didnt see her ", then someone call her name " sagi over here i m here". it turn out is a girl with pony tail hair more again its pixi chan in human form. what the ? how come you have a human form . yup thnks to miyagi san hermes san . now just call me Sae chan yes my namde Sae Tenjoin.part 1 end to be continued.................. hello everyone today we will have anew classmate now introduce yourself. Hello minna san watashi wa sae tenjoin from tenoh city nice to meet you all. What the TEN OH CITY STUFF ? come on what a lousy name ! said sagiri to herself . meanwhile mikare has a tough battle with cyclops . what the hell ? too big i cant teach his eye a lesson. where r you pixi at this critical moment. after school pixi arrive along with sagiri then mikare quickly shout henshin!!!!!! but a mysterious figure throw a javelin into the cyclop eye later the cyclop giant soul is transfer to a jug hold by this blue figure. Who are you bakemon !!!!! . thx mikare for your kindness hopefully til we meet again . what is taht is it your angel friend said sagiri while scratching her head in vexed. nope this must be poseidon plan . to be continud .......... trivia what kind of jug is that , actually it is aquarius jug which can be use stored fiends with much larger space inside so its arbsorbtion speed is much faster tahn pandora box which is poseidon precious gift to undine a mermaid ^^

ep 6 : Sagiri begin to school everymorning along with sae aka pixi, ohayo saechan . ehh where is she miyagi san ? sagiri himehhhhhh , sorry forgot to tell she has gone to school with bochama. What ? that idiot couple ok ill drop by later bye, tehn sagiri rushed off . after reach school she saw sae give a kiss on mikare cheek . suddenly sagiri heart begin to break , whats this feeling so sour and bitter huh?. Oi sagi brat i need yuor help later remember drop to my mansion with sae later. Mikare went off , after that sagi receive a letter in her locker , is this a love letter? . wow utsuki this must be from yor prince charming huh why u didnt tell me u have a secret admirer . no this must be some kind of prank from the antisagiri fans. the letter say ' meet me at 6 in school top floor ' from sincerely yours M.U . Soon after school sagiri with sae went to the top that has mentioned in the letter . as she get there she saw a nemean lion battle against a blue color warrior resemble mikare armor. mi-ka-re? said sagiri in a confusing look. No this is not my darling said sae return herself to pixi. hey michan they have notice us , should we finish this lion somewhere else? said by his belt.shut up u two peace and chase said the blue figure. soon the lion notice sagiri presence , it catch her and vanished to a pond in her school. Sagiri oh nooooo what should i do ? i gotta need mikare help!. fine lets follow taht fiend we got a bigger lion to catch quick summon dustardhare said the peace n chase to their michan. to be continued .............. trivia nemean lion known as a creature in myth which loves to kidnapped girls and lure a young warrior out as its prey ^^

ep 7 : huh, my eyes i can see anything said sgiri to herself. so cold so dark Mikare where r u ?. what r we suppose to do for our beloved sister HUHUHUH said by python demoness. stop crying , it wont help unless we lure the killer out said by red snake demoness. Bocchama i'm feeling dizzy uehhh mehh? said miyagi while throw up on the boat. We must get her back , i cant let that hideous thing harm her said mikarewhile looking at his scale spinning. return to whre sagiri is being held, sagiri i'm here . it must be mikare , help im over here. suddenly two demoness appear behind sagiri n they threatens will devour her if he move any closer then the euryale give him a sword and order him to stab it into his chest. soon mikare arrive to where sagiri was and he saw a big soul orb floating impaled under a sword , "this , who did this ? sagiri are u okay?". fine nothing hurts , a figure save me from two demoness and he say he wnt to pay his debt so he give this to you. Bochama could it be that one which hermes had send to us about ? said miyagi. Definitely ill retrieve the aquarius jug.... trivia the gorgons sisters are stehno, euryale, and medusa they were known for their hatred toward young man ,only medusa is a mortal but the others are immortal so their souls are able to regenarate a new body for them in 7 days ^^

ep 8 : so what it says said sagiri in low energy . Mikael the great son of zeus we shall have a match in 7 days , i have release lots of siren soul near the harbor only us can hunt them down the first one able collect more souls than the other guy he shalll be named the winner simple. and also the winner may know everything about the loser and take his precious stuff im sure you know what i mean right? sincerely yours m.u. i see this is a challenge for me huh said mikare in furious eyes. bochama could this be a trap ? said miyagi in confusing look. yeah listen you must think twice said sagiri n pixi. i don care i only want to know who is he and what does he want tahts it . the next day just 5 am mikare left alone with pixi to harbor to fight those siren. as he reach there he saw many fisherman begin to jump into the sea without tool with a happy look . hey everyone come to your sense hey listen to me . thereis no use to speak to them the only way is beat those sirens before too late said pixi while forming his belt. meanwhile in titan high a young man approach sagiri clas while holding 99 roses and a big basket of chocolate . Sagiri neesan are you here ?????????? said a young admirer voice. who , just who calling my name , show yourself you idiot said sagiri stand up on her chair. here pliz accept my trueness for you while showing her a diamond ruby ring. huh ? ( mary him marry him marry him said by her classmates) why so sudden who the heck are you exactly and then sagiri fainted . don go too far sonny said by peace and chase ..... trivia siren was known by their lovely and seductive voice which will made lots of sailor lose their sense and jump into the deepsea ^^

ep 9 : now lets meet that mikael , yes yor father is right we must hold our promise said the pisces statue to uriel. all right all right i got it but i have to make sure she is fine first after all i have accept his father begging. after along battle mikael exhausted and fall into deep sea rusty ship named odyseus. my leg something is pulling my leg i cnt breath n move uarghhh!!!. suddenly a blue figure appear and lift him up to the surface . sorry for your waiting , just as he was out of the sea the ship beneath it pops out a giant squid creature . what the isnt this is kraken said mikaelrevert to mikare. darling run we must run there is no way we can beat this stuff said pixi in panic . all right my show is on now lift up odysseus. sudenly the rusty ship rise up from ocean and pops out a bike which forming a head of aries against the karaken. lets bring it on ugly squidy said uriel from top of aries bike. a fierce battle soon begin. menwhile sagiri begin to remember something while she was being held as hostage . she appeared has heard some conversation between two craetures and uriel ..... kraken is a giant squid like monster which likes to wreck the big ship near the greek sea nad norse sea actually this big thing really does exist the longest one ever recorded is anout 12 metres long along with its tentacles just wondering how many sushi can we serve in japan ^^

ep 10 : now lets get cookin said uri'el in high spirit, curse taht guy stole my show said mikare in despair. mean while sagiri out of the school restroom and heading to meet mikare trying to tell him something likely. darling im so proud with my boy said peace in tears. quit it drop it later now focus said chase. then uriel moving the aries ram to attack the kraken . but the kraken use its ink to blinded the aries and then use the tentacles to wrap the mecha into deep sea. huh? is this what you got bring it on !. suddenly the ram horns is spinning making double water wave to spin n cut the tentacle . soon the uriel take this chance by crashing the kraken with the horn n kick it to the surface. after that the kraken exploded and its soul orbs get arbsorp by mikare pandora box . surprising its sagiri who open it , after taht she fell down again and keep saying the end of the world is near pliz save us mika uhhh. sagichan has fall asleep thank goodness said pixi while holding her hands. so now i win this challenge now tell me who you are and what you want and where you come. easy idid say if we win but i didnt say win it by sealing thekraken i said by siren so its a drawi supposed. damn it you bas..said mikare in angry face. come on someday you will need our help hopefully we will work together in near future. after saying those words uriel left by dive in to the ocean . meanwhile in hell realm a shadow figure is sitting and watching , yes my paln my supreme plan looks like soon will be fulfilled hahahahah.... Aries is the zodiac star in constellation which is represented by the figure of a ram ^^ also uriel birthday is on aries date

ep 11 : during the nights the siren swim up to the shore to arbsorp moonlight , so all of you still havent done yet said a black figure. hades sama order is absolute said another black figure. after the conversation the sirens began sing a song trying to hypnotized them . no use cause i'm deaf dont you know said the black figure . after some exchange battle the sirens was defeated one by one and seal into a grey color pandora box. wow you r indeed great huh ? stop flattering gotta work to do . after taht sagiri come to her sense in mikare mansion. Sagi chan a re you okay cqan you hear me ? said pixi keep flying around her head. stop spinning im so dizzy . mikare where is he i have to tell him something. he is making some medicine for you now in the kitchen. later mikare go upstair and bring a bowl of soup . hey mortal here drink tehm before it turn cold. mikare you have to know actually the gorgons sisters have made a deal with the blue guy . they said they will turn this world into uph ehm ehm ehm.....mikare said stop your words first here drink it first lets talk it later. ehm ehh uhhh ( my voice i cant speak my sound i can make a sound) . sagichan are you okay why you dont talk . wait this soup screw that old satyr ! MIYAGI COME OVER HERE WHAT THE HELL IS THESE SOUP I NEED YOUR ANSWER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. bochama its a soundless remedy by my descendent recipe it can boost someone stamina n health but the effect is that person will lose ts sound for temporaryly ... trivia in thse series we have known 4 riders each were based of saint archangel like mikael uriel and 2 more which will be revealed later so stay for it thx ^^

ep 12 : what should i do tomorrow i have a test write by sagiri on a paper, test oh yeah i almost forgot its spelling test said pixi to mikare. so ? what do we supposed to do said sagiri in her paper. i got a good plan said miyagi n pixi together. what is it ? bochama dont you remember the shade n microspeaker made by sagiri hime company?. oh that kind of junks ehh so? hehehe i know what you mean miyagi lets do this after all we have no choice anymore said pixi witha sinister smile. the next morning pixi ask sagiri to tell the teacher that she cant attend the class today. sagiri begin to get nerveous as the clock is thicking down . ok everyone ill introduce a new homeroom teacher to replace me from next week cause im pregnant so ill be taking 8 month leave. 1 2 3 yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111. silence shouted by the teacher in pain. calm down marui sensei let me handle it said a tall male teacher. minna yoroshiku said the teacher my name is zen... stop it mikkare darling pliz give me your hug uhm said by the microphone brought by sagiri. crap trouble has come is this my end ? . are you okay miss said the teacher. tehn pixi answer sure just a little tickling by little bug on my leg. thank goodness pixi has on goodjob sis. ok then lets begin the test now ill be your inspector .what the test will begin in few minutes later? think by sagiri. All right im ready i can see her classroom from this shade said mikare . now its sagiri uekusa pliz step forward. yes teach said pixi in sagiri microspeaker. just after answer the 5th question she accidentally drop her speaker n the teacher pixk it up n said nice try sagirikun . after class pliz come to my office . but sensei do you hav any idea who is sagiri is ? said marui sensei in panic. i don care i only know she is my student n im her teacher thats it said the teacher with a strict tone. oh no im doom now think by sagiri.after school sagiri is on the way to the office the guy name mizuichi come from behind and give her a bottle of mineral water. utsuki nee san are you thirsty here i bring u a water quick drink them up and hopefully youll get past your test bye. hey wait! soon mizuichi run away from the corridor. what a note : taste my remedy hopefully you will get a full marks . that guy is from that day my admirer since highschool r just trying to obtain my wealth? oh no its late. after she reach the office sudenly sagiri felt that her voice has returned and then she explain everything to teacher the whole truth. ok i got it but remember do not tell others about it okay its better less people know that said the teacher . thx teach for buying my stories n let hav a chance to remedial again . ok its getting better get home soon . ok . isit okay u give her your half of the power said chase n yeah sonny do you know tht temporarily your power wont be back to the top level said peace. afterall this is my duty as a private guardian to her said mizuichi..... trivia

ep 13 : sae chan lets go to school shouted by sagiri in front of mikare mansion. ok ill get down soon , ok lets go. wait ! sae cahan where is your bra , i can see through your black dots said sagiri in blush . kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa miyagi you pervert where is my stuff shouted by pixi while cover up her upper body. after that they get punished because of being late by standing outside of the class room except sagiri can sit down on a chair. not fair why sagi can sit but i have to stand . sae there is something i have been trying to ask you about . what is it go ahead. its mikare why is he descend to earth n whre are those creature come from n who exactly is he a mortal or immortal. well you must a price for me to answer them ^o^ said sae in a up to something look. so whats the price ? ask by sagiri -.- in a displeasure look . oi miyagi where is that button that hermes mention before ask by mikare . i have no idea bochama mehhh answer by miyagi while covering something. show me now or you will know the taste of my kick -.- said mikare in anger. bochama i beg you pliz dont use that function . suddenly the scale spinning again but this time is much faster than last time. bochama this could it be the whirlpool. not the sea fiends again how am i supposed to fight them curse it said mikare >.<.></.>

ep 14: curse it where is the direction exactly said mikare in vexed. the scale is keep spinning around which makes mikare very annoyed. meanwhile miyagi is waiting for sae n sagiri to return from school. " its 3 o'clock already where exactly they are ? bochama will be in trouble meehhhhhhh". then in school sae is keep eating lots of battery n drnks lots of fuel . sagiri begin to worried about how is she supposed to pay that . soon when the waiter ( transexual )arrived she asks her still keep ordering ? sagiri has no choice but tell the waiter do you need a dishwasher or cleaning service ? hehehe smile with discontent look . well then said the waiter with low n strong which is different from the sweet and clear voice. i 'll pay for them how much ? wow so handsome n tall its 50000 yen but ill give you discount so its 5000 yen . you r that mi mi mi . its mizuichi said the handsome guy . no way how come from a geek turn to a ehhh. you mean gorgeous i supposed huh ? ok now lets go . suddenly sae n sagiri was being drag by him to a sportcar. keep the change bye said mizuichi, but mr wait i havent give my fb account yet ? T.T said the transexual waiter. where r we going said sagiri in panic. hey sae are you allright you r vomiting the whole fuel oil yuck said sagiri in panic. leave her alone she will be fine after all she is not a human right ?,what so you shit i shouldnt say that just now . easy ill keep my mouth shut . so where are we going . look at that big tank of water of titan aquarium . yeah , egh is that a whirlpool no way we didnt set any device for making this how come could it be ????? whispered by sagiri . here we are sagiri now go to meet him . who ? asked by sagiri .after dropping them mizu then drive his car away full speed. suddenly a giant ram mecha called aries appear from the lake near the aquarium. suddenly she heard "henshin!" urghh mikare is that you. just as she turn to right side the uriel come near her . look out ! suddenly a big water stream break through the glass and rush toward her nsae . but uriel manage to save her n sae was carried by mikare which come from behind. i'm sure who did this right said by uriel to mikare. certainly no time to waste got to stop it or the whole city will be flooded "henshin" shout by mikare. whats this smell full of oil said mikare in disgust look . suddenly all the water from the city forming a giant porifera .... trivia did you notice that why sae drink fuel oil n eat battery in restaurant ? what kind of restaurant provide such menu ? well the answer is that just the name of the food plus sae in human form she can eat anykind of food but in doll form she can only consume electricity ^^

ep 15 : after that the giant porifera entity keep firing high degree water bullet to every angle of the city. every building which was hit by the bullet evaporated in less than 1 minute. then mikare n uriel have no choice but work together only for defeating this menace . first uriel controlling its giant first after that mikare hop on the arm of aries and begin transfer his thunder power to the fist for launching electrifying punch . but after push the punch into the creature bulletgap ,the creature didnt feel anything even though its a highvoltage attack. soon the creature counter it by aiming all the gap on aries and then fire . aries was in critical damage afterwards meanwhile a giant meteor crash to the earth . which cause the cresture fall down to the ground. after that miyagi call mikare" bochama, lets do it though i'm not like to use it but better than keep this nonsense battle mehhhhhhhhhhh" .you old pervert because of you we will certainly dead now said sgiri n mikare together. soon miyagi place his broken horn on a capricorn statue head . after that the mansion shout meghhhhhhhhhh! turning the mansion to a giant armor body . mikare drive his bike to the hop to form the head . now! Capricorn the thunder beast is ready to rumble. at first due to its slow movement capri is keep being hit . but its thunder aura which surround its body repel the bullet damage. now final execution set on said mikare . the horns spinning fast to arbsorp thunder from sky while its legs plug into the ground soon a gigavoltage thunder stream flows toward the creature in less than one second. this time it hit it from below cause its a hollow. after that the vicory goes to mikare himself . as for uriel he leaves without being notice by them .... trivia the porifera creature who cause whirlpool is known as charybdis which was known as a creature hidden inthe sea with a power to cause ships sink into its whirlpool on the sea ^^

ep 16 : after mikael revert back to mikare he notice that he hasnt found the presence of the creature soul. curse it where is it ? could be being arbsorp by that uriel again ?. later pixi shout over here look down the bottle . huh? the soul way much smaller than a walnut but how come it has such tremendous powr. i suppose because of the water substance can shrink n expands freely. whatever better than nothing ok lets call it a day . yes bochama but can you carried me cause i cannot move this must be side effect of turning my soul into caopricorn . well then why dont you stay there for a night perhaps some people feel pity on you n give you some monay to take a cab. bochama huhhuh T.T dont leave me here , i dont know the way to return home . then sagiri pick up the bottle and saw a signature on the cap . to-mi-su-ki ...this belong to my dad ? is this just a coincidence but i remember sae said the soul on can be kept in pandorabox only . but how come this weird bottle i have to find the answer definitely. soon midnight falls down a man with his look coverd by a helmet come to titan corp . may i know your purpose sir . tell your boss " one glass of water " ok? sure please this way sir mr tomito has been waiting . soon after he went to tomito office the guy give him his report about sagiri n his recently befriended strangers photo n file. thats all you got in two weeks said tomito with displeasure. well better than nothing if you r not happy with you may terminate our contract anytime you want . all right i have a task for you to do but do it in secretly n quickly . what is it ? tomito then he stand up point his hand to an artwork and said................

ep 17 : finally the exam is over now its holiday from next two week yeah ^o^ said sagiri in joy . sae then reply sagi chan heheh . what with this up to something look huh? here i got it from your admirer ( a brochure given by sae to sagiri ) . huh ? a resort on okinawa ? it 5 days 4 nights trip wow splendid but must gather 10 people to have 50 % discount . ah man this is impossible me you currymie pervert and that handsome geek the total only 5 of us . easy just leave it to me hehehehe said sae with an up to somethin look . can i really trust you whisper by sagiri with -.- an unconvinced face . soon the first day of the trip begin sagiri arrive with mikare n others . whats this why do you need to bring this many stuff said sagiri in angrily. so ? if i dont bring them what will happen if any fiends appear on there hey you have to know its you pleading us to join your trip not me mortal said mikare angrily. hehm hahaha laugh by miyagi. whats the funny pervert ? said both sagi n mika. nope it just that you more n more like a young couple on honeymoon mehh. after that both mika n sagi stare at miyagi precious magazine. oi do you want to see some lightning spark on your magazine said both to miyagi. forgive bochama i'll shut my mouth from now on til the trip is over said miyagi in panic T.T. soon a sportcar arrived along with sae n mizuichi also 10 hot ladies. hello sagi chan , looks like we will be spending together these few days together . sae i need some explanation said sagiri n mikare . well you see i did tell some girls about mizuichikun is gathering people to that resort in okinawa and i didnt expect that so many people would like to join in especially the girls. yeah nice story huh girls but more like a nightlife ladies in my view. its fine , more and merrier . who is this guy ? ask mikare to sagi. well he ehm he is my. hi yoroshiku my name is mizuichi ( trying to shake mikare hand ) the b f of sagi chan . no need ( shakehand ) i dont my hand get dirty by filthy mortal said mikare . no non o he is my junior and he is the member of my fans club explained by sagi in panic. whatever I'M NOT INTERSTED AT ALL LETS GO DOLLIE PERVERT .geez is he jealous said mizuichi to his admirers. hahahah laugh by the girls. ( oh my god i hope mikare didnt take it to heart , but from the way he treat me its more like a boyfriend trying to protect his girlfriend from harm geez is he really have somekind of feeling for me ? ) shake head by sagi >.< . quick sagi chan or you will be left over alone shouted by sae from the ship. what ? hey wait ! ....

ep 18 : after they reach the destination resort , mizuichi show his member card to a staff. " this way sir " said the man in polite words. yeah finally i can have fun as long as i want to said sagiri injoy. did you feel said by mikare. yes mehhh , something has been here before us said miyagi n sae. but my scale didnt give any respond to it . better not to take it lightly i guess said mikare to them . all right everyone tonight we will have barbecue over there the top of the hill said mizu. after that lets have a spooky tour to the mountain , legend said there something over there whenever we get close to them said mizu in frightening voice . i wanna go home T.T said sagiri while keep grappiing mikare's hand. hey stop it my hand is hurt said mikare >.

ep 19 : step by step mikare reach the top of harpies nest . and he saw a group of harpies feed their youngs with the flesh of those missing ladies . " hey all of you do you have any idea who are you going to face next " said mikare begin to transform. " kyaaaa " shout by the harpies in anger. the battle begins. mikael quick change the scale to a gun and shoot down their wings but they move very fast n agile in mid air . after that they counter it with their feather blades and sharp wind blow . blow off mikael scale away " curse it i cant reach them what am i supposed to do " suddenly a stream of beam blast off to one of the harpies to the ground . hey mikachan need some support . its uriel with its laserbeam rifle. lets work together for now . what do you think ? whatever just finished them quick . then uriel begin by shoot their wing as they lost their balance mikare jump up and hit them with his kick . after everyone was defeated. mikael become hesitate to finish off the youngs. as he flashback to his childhood . but uriel spear through them from mikael back with the javelin . and say " your weak point will make you suffer in future" after that he leave with his bike. mikael revert back , sagiri went to search him. after that mizu said mikare is killed by a monsters. sagiri then scold him that doesnt convince her to accept mizu feeling . the conversation was heard by mika. then he graps her hand n walk off while tell her no need to explain, i have understood. sagi smile in joy. mizu say " yeah , enjoy as long as you can " n peace n chase said " what are you going to do with these harpy unborn eggs " . dont ask me , this is her dad order ....
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