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 OOO Nobunaga's Desire Director's Cut
Kiva Den-O
Posted: Oct 2 2011, 03:53 AM


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OOO Nobunaga's Desire Director's Cut

user posted image

With the release of the rental copy of Kamen Rider OOO W Feat Skull Movie Wars CORE Director's Cut film, many have been wondering what changes happened. The film will be released on September 21st.

Since the Director Cut changes the order of the movies, here are the edited stuff from Kamen Rider OOO: Nobunaga's Desire:

    * In the beginning, there are a few extra seconds of Kougami painting on the floor while whispering "ambition". There's a shot of Nobunaga's rusted emblem and a quick flashback to Warring States era Nobunaga when they find his body underground.
    * Right before they revive Nobunaga, Kougami is shown preparing a "Happy Birthday" cake, and the machine that brings him back stays on screen for slightly longer. A brief flash to the aforementioned cake, shown after Nobunaga's revival, is removed.

user posted image

    *  Eiji is shown delivering newspaper to several locations before meeting Nobunaga, rather than just once.
    * Eiji is actually shown inserting medals in the OOO driver one by one before facing Nobunaga for the first time.
    * There's an extended cut when Eiji finds the unconscious human Nobunaga. He attempts to wake him up several times.
    * Eiji is shown in the kitchen preparing the food before giving it to Nobunaga. After the underpants scene, Eiji wonders about what Nobunaga is going to do and suggests going to the police.

user posted image

    * Completely new scene.  Eiji is working in another part time job, carrying some crates with drinks. Nobunaga returns, and Eiji wonders if he didn't look for the police. Nobunaga offers to help Eiji. However, he ends up stumbling and dropping his crate, breaking some drinks. The owner of the shot complains. Eiji apologizes for him, however, Nobunaga refuses to apologize, suddenly showing a completely different personality.
    * There's an extended shot of everyone reacting in surprise to Nobunaga buying all of a company's stocks during the first scene with the ballerina.
    * ompletely new scene. After they start eating with Nobunaga, Ankh appears, just as an arm. Eiji notices him and asks about what he had done to the detective. Rather than that, he talks about the monster that has appeared lately and killed humans, and asks Eiji if he wonders about his identity. Ankh shows one of the papers with the family emblems that Nobunaga drops after killing people, and says that the monster has some relation to the Sengoku era. Afterwards, through a glass, he points at Nobunaga. Meanwhile, Nobunaga and the dancer have a heated discussion about Mitsuhide Akechi and her ancestry. Eiji yet again asks Ankh about the detective. Ankh grabs Eiji by the mouth and says that he's returning to his place.
    * When Kougami and Nobunaga are in the car, before the rest of the conversation, Kougami congratulates him for his nice trick during the auction. A cut to outside of the car is moved to before they start the conversation that they had in the original movie.
    * Kougami nods to Satonaka who gives Nobunaga the Birth Driver. Goto is shown to be there too, and he's surprised to see it, clearly not liking what's going on.
    * Completely New scene. Kougami is shown dropping Nobunaga in his company and the scene follows Kougami leaving in the limousine. Goto wonders why Kougami gave the belt to Nobunaga. Kougami tells him to not worry about anything, it's all part of an experiment and calls Nobunaga a "doll".

user posted image

    * Completely New scene. During Nobunaga's battle as Birth against the Dino Yummy, there's a sudden cut to Eiji in the Cous Cossier. He asks Hina if she thinks he's an useless human. Hina asks about what happened, and Eiji wonders if Nobunaga will be okay, because he seemed strange. Meanwhile, on tv, there's a report about an "Unidentified Lifeform" attacking. Eiji and Hina turn their attention to that. It mentions that the police hasn't answered yet, but there's someone else there... the camera then shows Birth fighting.
    * Before Birth uses the Crane arm, Birth throws its gun away and there's an aerial camera shot.
    * Completely New scene. The news report that the warrior in armor defeated the Unidentified Life Form and then goes on to show that his identity is Nobunaga. Eiji and Hina wonder why he transformed.

user posted image

    *  There's an extended cut when Nobunaga grabs the dancer. He calls her beautiful and she stands around for a few moments before trying to escape.
    * OOO vs Nobunaga. There's a brief extended clip of OOO running around with the Cheetah legs before the scene returns to the ballerina. There's a brief clip with Nobunaga's vision failing while he fails to recognize Eiji right after their second battle.
    * Completely New scene. In a meeting with his company, one of Nobunaga's employee talks about a cellphone, but Nobunaga fails to recognize what it is. The employee takes that to be joke, but then Nobunaga has another headache + vision failure and leaves.

user posted image

    *  After Nobunaga falls from the stairs, he looks at his own hand, which is turning black and cell medals are falling from it.
    * When the people Eiji helped early in the movie offer to take Eiji to a party, they actually are shown dragging Eiji to it.
    * There's a big ugly "DIRECTOR'S CUT" with a black bar over part of the "Count the Medals" screen. They also didn't bother fixing it to remove the Blue medals and [color=redinclude Ankh's Taka medal there.[/color]
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