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 ATTENTION! J4Y is going to be moved!
Posted by girl of winter - 10-6-06 21:42 - 42 comments
Since Holly mei doesn't do it, i'll just do =)
It' more
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Posted by ryou - 08-19-06 01:08 - 23 comments
Go to later posts to see more updates
So happy.. So happy!!!! =) I chan more
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Posted by ryou - 08-1-06 17:07 - 12 comments
which one do you prefer? Arghhh.. I like both, but more on the 2nd one ><
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 About New Mods =]
Posted by ryou - 07-17-06 01:29 - 0 comments
Hey guys, as you know, our current "new mods" are Lily & Andie! ^^ They will be m more
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 Photos -> Chit Chat
Posted by ryou - 07-15-06 19:52 - 0 comments
Hey guys.. I deleted the Photo Album forum because I think that it's more like random stuff whi more
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 Please Welcome Andie Jie as our Mod! ^_^
Posted by ryou - 07-15-06 18:08 - 9 comments
Please welcome Andie as our mod!! ^____^

HOWEVER, Andie will be a mod for a mont more
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 Please Welcome Lily as our Mod!
Posted by ryou - 07-15-06 01:20 - 8 comments
Please welcome Lily as our mod!

HOWEVER, Lily will be a mod for a month, and be eval more
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Posted by ryou - 07-7-06 01:41 - 3 comments
I got this idea from another forum.. Please go to the Graphics section to see what I'm talking more
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 Jerry Yan Fanlisting Layout?!
Posted by lilly-chan - 07-7-06 01:41 - 1 comments
Its been a while since I've posted about running a fanlisting for Jerry, but I' the only th more
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 Calling All Members' Attention
Posted by ryou - 07-6-06 23:29 - 3 comments
Due to the inactivity of some staff members, they were removed from the staff list. ( more
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