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 Character Formation, here is where you make your character :]
Posted: Aug 21 2007, 07:14 AM

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Group: Admin & I.C Staff
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Joined: 21-August 06

i'm just gonna make my dude now and stick him in the story somewhere xDDD gonna make this guy somethat similar to me, minus any girly-like things haha

Name: Kilik Uesuki
Gender: Dude Male
Likes: Mystery/detective-related novels like Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, slurpies, ELLEGARDEN, ranch(yes...ranch dressing...), climing/sleeping on trees, rubik's cube(HAHA), and his harmonica(random thing i just decided to stick in xD).
Dislikes: People that lie, bitter things/food, people that butt into other people's business, anyone that doesn't listen to reason, those that judges someone just by their looks, and bullying the weak.
Personality: Kilik is super lazy when it comes to anything physical, like sports or P.E., but he's actually pretty good at acedemic subjects, mainly math. He's always happy and free to give out any help needed. Might seem like a boring guy and a geeky nerd at first, but he's really playful when he's around anyone he trusts. When alone, he likes to compose short melodies with his harmonica.
History before high school: Kilik is half american, half japanese, and he's also fluent in both languages. He barely has any friends when he was in middle school, since his school was filled with the kind of people that he hated so much. That was when he found a passion for the harmonica and loved the moments of peace a quietness. One day in his middle school, he witnessed a kouhai of his being bullied and threatened with a knife by one of the punks in the school. When trying to save him, he was slashed across face on the nose, leaving a huge scar. From then on, he was always taken for as a gangster just from it. His parents, being worried about him staying in that school, decides to move after he graduates.
user posted image (just imagine that thing on his nose is a scar xDDD)
Posted: Sep 3 2007, 03:22 AM

Smiley Reporting for Duty!

Group: Exorcists
Posts: 137
Member No.: 333
Joined: 11-March 07

i havent RPed here in a long time XD can we pretend Nyoko went back to japan? or she never exsisted? because im lost with her standing point x_x


Name: Shin, Mina
Gender: female
Likes: Tennis, asian culture, sports and studying.
dislikes: over dramatic and racist people.
Personality: A bit ditzy and sometimes resilient but loves to smile and make new friends. Although shes a bit picky at times.
History before high school: Although she was born in america, she and her family moved back to korea when she was 4. She's a normal girl and has a younger brother. Both her parents are hard working and so they have no time for children. Her fathers job caused them to move back to the states where as she has to come late into the school year.
Appearance: user posted image
Posted: Apr 1 2008, 02:37 PM


Group: Exorcists
Posts: 25
Member No.: 2,896
Joined: 1-April 08

Name: Chouko Chidori
Gender: Female
Likes: Arisa,Toui,Sousuke,Kyoushiro,Toushiro The Milchberg and Natsuno Twins
dislikes: All People (her logic is people are envious of her)
Personality: Prissy unlike her Older sister
History before high school: Unknown
Crush:Her Tutor Kyoushiro
Posted: Jan 29 2009, 08:22 AM

I Less Than Three You All!

Group: Exorcists
Posts: 4,674
Member No.: 79
Joined: 25-October 06

Name: Jean-Claude Adams
Gender: Male
Likes: Basketball, reading, and drawing/sketching
Dislikes: ....not much, probably people who pry too much.
Personality: Jean is capable of being very smart; however, because of his habit of putting things off, he usually gets average grades by not turning in homework. But as for tests goes, he usually aces them. He is a very adaptable type of person. He learns quickly and gets along well with others. However, when someone ticks him off, oh boy. Violence sometimes IS the only answer for Jean.
History before high school: Jean's father is French while his mother is Japanese. So, because of his father's job he moved to France for two years, studying there. He knows how to read/write/speak French and English, as for Japanese, he can pretty much do all of it, but may have some weird mistakes here and there because his first language is English. Also, he has a different accent to his voice when he speaks Japanese and doesn't totally fit in (you can tell he's a foreigner.)
Appearance: Natural Green Eyes, Natural Blonde Hair, Average Body and stands at 5'9". He also loves to flash his crooked smile that would make most girls swoon. (MOST, only MOST! LoL! Not everyone has to swoon~ ;D)

user posted imageuser posted image

Name: Alicia Markons
Gender: Female
Likes: Dancing, acting, candy, and CAKE! Oh, CAFFEINE is good too~
Dislikes: Lizards, spiders, Vitamin C water, arrogant people.
Personality: Alicia is bubbly~ She says what she thinks and forgets to think about what others may thing. But when she finds out that it has hurt them, she is REALLY SINCERELY sorry for it. Alicia is secretary for the Student Council. Her grades aren't top notch, but they are still within the higher grouping of grades (around top 15).
History before high school: Alicia's mother is Japanese and her father is German. She has lived in Germany until her family moved to Japan in her 5th year of Elemntary School. She speaks Japanese fluently and her German is so-so.
Appearance: Alicia dresses very professionally because she works as an errand girl at a high profile company. She is a person that knows fashion well and can dress herself to fit any occasion. She has natural light brown hair and blue eyes. She is usually in heels or boots. She loves to accessorize her clothing with bows and ties; also, she usually has her hair up with chopsticks, just because she thinks it's cute. With an almost-model frame, she stands at 5'5".
Posted: Jan 30 2009, 08:39 AM

Red Baka Ranger: ~Destroyer of all that is innocent!!~
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Group: Admin & I.C Staff
Posts: 2,414
Member No.: 4
Joined: 28-August 06

Name: Caleb Michaels
Gender: Male
Likes: Cracking jokes, basketball, sweets, playing his guitar
Dislikes: Whiny girls, English class, homework, brussel sprouts (who doesn't?) and people who lie
Personality: Caleb is an easy going guy who gets along with basically
everyone. He's not the best student in the class and mooches off of Dani's
homework to get through. He's considered the class clown since he's always
cracking jokes or doing weird things to get attention. In all actuality,
he's a really nice guy and is very open and honest.
History before high school: Caleb is the youngest of 3 siblings, all boys
(both his older brothers are in college). He grew up with loving parents
and they have a german shepard named "Rocko". His father is an accountant
and his mother is a lawyer, so his family is pretty well off. Up until
middle school he was a pretty good student, and then he started to notice girls and he got lazy with his studies. He's best friends with Dani ever since elementary school.
Appearance: Grey eyes; reddish-brown hair kept semi-short and usually styled back; 5'11" and in pretty good shape since he plays sports. Has a pretty casual to trendy sense of style (depends on his mood).

user posted image

Name: Danielle "Dani" Mayer
Gender: Female
Likes: Reading, video games, singing, and listening to rock music, sushi, comfortable clothes (like Abercrombie & Fitch)
Dislikes: Bugs, lazy people, ignorant people, tomatos, people who think they're better than others, scary movies
Personality: Smart (like top 5% of school smart) and quiet. She is a very kind and patient person (has to be to put up with Caleb). Doesn't like to get involved in other people's drama. Very strong-willed, independant and reliable. Is a tad kooky when its around people she is comfortable with. At heart she's a total tomboy trying to find the girl within.
History before high school: Before high school, Dani was the quiet nerd type who spent all lunch reading and playing video games at home after finishing her homework. She has an older brother who just graduated high school last year and her parents are both doctors. She idolized her brother, hence why she was such a tomboy growing up. She decided she'd be more girly going into high school in an attempt to get her first boyfriend. Best friends with Caleb, although she kinda has a crush on him (she'd die before she'd ever admit it though)
Appearance: Blue eyes; long, curly golden-brown hair; petite frame and about 5'4". Wears a lot of comfy clothes, but will occasionally wear a skirt.

user posted image
Posted: Jan 31 2009, 05:20 AM

Sexe's lurve slave xD

Group: Exorcists
Posts: 494
Member No.: 3,174
Joined: 12-May 08

Name: Jonathan Greyson
Gender: Male
Likes: Reading, video games, signing, listening to music, playing mind games
Dislikes: Writing assignments, responsibility
Personality: He is the type of person that has the tendency to blend into any surroundings. He is quite bright with and insane IQ. He finds the sciences to be one of the more interesting subjects that isn't an art. He is quite easly one of the top students in any given class he is in but not always the top student. He is also the type of person that quite frequently when there is a problem people go to for help. He isn't the type to put down others and typically tries to get along with everyone. He can be found reading, playing video games(typically rpg's or strategy), listening to music or just singing when he has free time. He may come across as quiet or shy but in reality, once people get to know him they find this quite typically because he is a deep thinker and can get lost on a train of thought, sort of spacing out while thinking. His one pet peeve is when people deliberately act stupid. He also has quite impecable hearing and can hear somethings most people can't. He does wear glasses for near sightedness and astigmatism.
Appearance: He has brown hair that is currently in need of a hair cut. He wears wire frame glasses. He prefers to wear clothes that are loose and comfortable and doesn't really follow fashion but does try to avoid clothing faux pas. He is 5' 7" with deep blue eyes which many a person has been lost staring into them.

Jonathan Greyson
Posted: Jun 25 2011, 03:45 AM


Group: Exorcists
Posts: 20
Member No.: 6,142
Joined: 17-June 11

Name: Kirie Yuiko
Gender: Female
Likes: horror movies, skulls, gore, basically anything dark with the exception of her friend, Mai and rock music
Dislikes: people in general
Personality: Despite her normal upbringing, she is very anti-social, talking very rarely to people (excluding Mai). She is very intelligent which led to people at her old school thinking she was a snob. She has a very dark aura but when befriended she is very loyal and protective.
History before high school: She had barely settled into her new school when she felt she had to leave. The only positive experience she gained was her new friend and sister (i guess?). Due to bullying (due to them thinking she was a snob) at her old school, her family moved and she transferred to this school.

Name: Mai Usagi
Gender: Female
Likes: everytype of movie, going shopping, practicing her english, pinks and whites (colors), Kirie
Dislikes: Nosey people though she can be nosey at times
Personality: She is very bright and social. Kirie's complete opposite. However when asked why she is staying with Kirie's family, she will show her hot temper. Mostly tolerant of insults but when she is angry, she will use her Karate skills.
History before high school: Went to the same highschool as Kirie, however due to circumstances unknown to anyone but Kirie and her family, had to stay with them. She is an adopted child in Kirie's family.
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