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Title: Reality 101 Check
Description: Kind of goes with my other post

oneswtgrl - June 18, 2007 08:10 AM (GMT)
Maybe to help bring in interesting topic to talk about since I really don't like going to forms with the same topic you see on other anime/mangas (Eek Maybe this is on the other forms as well but I don't know, I can't remember all of them! I have like 10 or more screen names on an anime/manga site and just to get manga). I thought maybe this would help people understand or express his or her feelings about certain things:
(Oh thanks to the other user who reply to my other post ^^)

What do you think our society needs to be in a reality 101 check?

Like for example or you can express your thoughts: How our society view on sterotypes. Like when we see a smart, loner, geeky, person we automatically assume the he or she is a nerd and loser! Or the fact that we see an overweight person, they are disgusting and low and no one should like them because they aren't cute or hot.

That we need to start waking up and looking at the world without being so condition to being so negative, and take a look at ourseleves and not be judgemental towards one another. I see that America has us played on being so condition to look at the worst in other people! Especially how you view those fake reality shows. We see like on Flavor of Love, which is actresses promoting or being opportunist but look how African-American is portrayed? They are sterotype to being loud and ignorant! (which sadly, some do portray that way...i seen it here in oregon)

Another is the issues with how girls are portrayed? How come we need to feel like we need to be anerxia looking! I mean if you took health course or know that being a size 0 is not consider healthy but being around a certain weight is consider healthy. I hear so many girls with anxiera problems and like how the media feeds us on how girls should be portrayed?

Another is interesting to bring is how you view on anime/manga? Are you influence by it? IF your a girl, do you think you need to act kute and be vunlerable and navie so that a handsome guy would be in your life and he has the right to over power you! there's a difference between liking a manga and then there's a different of basing your life as a manga!~ And Anime/manga are soo easy to anyalze. I go through manga and delte a lot of them but I read manga cause I do like some of the artist work and that how I learn how to draw but I don't think of putting myself in a manga's shoe and dream of my life as a manga. IT's good to have imagination and fansty but I wonder if there is girls in Japan that might take it too a whole reality level!

These are just some thought, I'm not trying to be like Oprah and force you guys to post! :music:

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