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Title: Exorcists: Tegoshi, Isabella and Tegoshi, Clarisse
Description: thw twins >:]

k2nessa - February 3, 2007 04:53 AM (GMT)
Name: Tegoshi, Isabella
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Job: Exorcist
Branch of the Black Order: ASIA!! ;)
Weapon: A bracelet, Rika, which is a regular metal bracelet with tiny metal heart charms on it. When activated, Rika releases the metal hearts which will then transform into daggers, arrows, or other missiles. They can be controlled by the original bracelet which she wears on her right hand.
Appearance: first one is normal attire, second is school uniform.
user posted imageuser posted image
Personality: Isabella, or Bella as she is usually called, is kind and generous. Both she and her sister come from a very noble family in Asia which has important political ties with other countries because she is half japanese and half french. She does have some points when she does get mad on account that she is a neat freak and somewhat of a person with a mood affected by weather.
History: Isabella was always pampered even since she was little. That was because she was the little princess of the Tegoshi household. However, when she was seven, her mother mysteriously died and all of the maids in the household spread rumors about how the lord of the house (her father) had grown tired of his wife and killed her in a state of drunkenness and fury. Isabella couldn't believe it and she confided in her twin sister, Clarisse, but Clarisse just brushed her off and said that it was impossible. Much to both of the sisters' surprises, their father re-married only a week after their mother died. Isabella threw a fit because she had always loved and cared for her mother, partly because she recieved much of her genes from her mother's side. She began to neglect her father even though she still showed kindness to everyone else. She also vowed she would never accept her step mother, who was a considerably normal beauty, one that was not too intelligent but excessively beautiful. She found her source of joy and peace in flowers and she started talking to them at a young age. The maids around the house started calling her the White Rose of the Tegoshi manor. And then, in a November's night, her father died from no real known cause. The Swedish wife that he had married took all of their possessions greedily and left only the belongings of the two sisters that had been contained in their rooms. The step-mother also moved out and sold the house for more money. A devastated Isabella took all of her belongings, with the help of the few loyal servants left, and when she was tidying up her room for the last time, she found a letter and a bracelet tucked under her pillow.
"I'm sorry for being such a disgraceful father. a horrible one. I feel as if my end is nearing, and that someone is watching me. If anything bad would happen to me and i leave this world, please gather the remaining loyal servants and your possessions, take this bracelet, and go to the address XXXX XXX. Everything will be explained there."
Bella started to sob, and for the first time in 9 years, she spoke the words,"Papa...I love you..."

Name: Tegoshi, Clarisse
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Job: Exorcist
Branch of the Black Order: Asia hellz yeah
Weapon: The Himebori. It is a thick metal ear cuff with wings ingraved on it that she wears on her left ear. She can use it to hear things from far away and when in desperate need, the wing ingravings dissapear from the ear cuff and become metal wings that form behind her back. They allow her to fly in the air at incredibly fast speed.
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Personality: Clarisse is rash, loud, and extremely talkative. She does not think before she does things and has a long list of boyfriends. But when it all comes down to it, the only person she's completely loyal to is her sister. She likes wearing showy clothes to show off her slightly tanned and model perfect body. Boys go gaga over her and she knows it.
History: Basically the same as Isabella's (too lazy to re-type everything again) however, when she is packing up in her oom, she sees an envelope addressed to her by her windowsill. She reads it and it said
"Papa is sorry for leaving Clarisse. Please be careful and take care of little Isabella for me. The future will be dark and by the time your ecieve this, my life in this world could be gone. be safe, and no matter what, hold on to this ear cuff. It will help you in rough times to come. If things get harsh, pack up your belongings, take your sister and some trusty servants to XXX XXXX. Everything will be revealed there."
Clarisse finally lost her cool composure and broke down in tears. She could really relate to her father even though she despised her brainless step-mother. She was often called the Red Sparrow of the Tegoshi manor.

thats it folks! double character post >:]

niasho - August 7, 2007 12:11 AM (GMT)
COOL!! wish there was a twin that was male though because twins reminds me of kaoru and hikaru from ouran host club!!!

jessie-angel - May 13, 2008 12:23 AM (GMT)

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