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 With You In Your Dreams, RATED R
Posted: May 15 2005, 05:11 AM


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Title: With You In Your Dreams
Author: Andie aka zacsnuttybuddy
Rating: R
Summary: Taylor and his twin sister, Kaydence are practically inseperable. But what happens when one of them is murdered and the other falls victim to horrific dreams? It will be up to them to solve the other's murder using the clues given but the closer they come to finding the killer, the more danger they find themselves in. Will they solve the other's murder or will they wind up becoming a victim themselves?

Warning: Character death, violence and language. Do NOT read if you can't handle any of these. Reading past this point forfeits your right to complain.

Copyrighted to and Distributed by Andria Turner(ZacsAngel), 2005. All rights reserved.

And without further adue...here goes nothing!

~Chapter 1~

"Taylor, quit tickling me you freak!" 16 year old Kaydence Hanson squealed as her twin brother, Taylor had her pinned to the ground, tickling her mercilessly, trying to wiggle from his grasp.

"Never!" Taylor yelled with a wide, victorious grin as his blue eyes sparkled. "Say it and I might let you go." he offered.

Kaydence knew very well what he wanted her to say and it was the only way to get him to let up so, she gave in; "Jordan Taylor Hanson is master of the universe and Kaydence Madison Hanson is nothing but a sticky wad of gum on the bottom of his shoe." she sighed as the grinned and released her.

"I knew you would give in, Kay, you do every time." he grinned as their Mother, Diana entered the living room.

"What are you two loons up to now?" she asked her two children

"Having a tickle fight, and I won, too!" Taylor puffed out his chest, feeling very proud of himself. After all, he had defeated his much smaller sister in a tickle war.

"You two will never grow up, will you?" Diana rolled her eyes, trying to hide the grin that was quickly trying to spread across her face.

"Nope!" they said in unison and then got up and headed into the garage.

Taylor and Kaydence had been close ever since they were little kids. They were born within minutes of each other and since then they have spent every moment together. Diana called them shadows because wherever one was, the other was not far behind. Taylor even wanted Kaydence to join the band that he and his two brothers Isaac and Zac formed when they hit it big but Kaydence politely turned down his offer, insisting that he got the musical side of the egg when they were in their mother's womb. Taylor heard her singing along with the radio many times and insisted that she had a good voice and would do well in the band but she jokingly shot back saying that he was enough of a girl and that they didn't need another one in the band.

Once in the garage Taylor got in his usual position behind the keyboard and started playing a soft melody;

If I'm gone when you wake up
Please don't cry
If I'm gone when you wake up
It's not goodbye

Don't be lookin at this as a time of heartbreak and destress
'Cause I'll be with you in your dreams...

Kaydence felt herself tear up at the sound of Taylor's sweet voice that fit the song perfectly.

Taylor noticed her whiping her tears away and walked over and pulled her into a hug, "Don't cry, Kay. Nanna is watching over all of us, remember?"

"I know, Tayter, but I still miss her."

"We do too, Kay-bear." Taylor said as he motioned for Isaac and Zac to come over and they all shared a group hug.

"Hey guys, lets go out for ice-cream!" Zac said, trying to lighten to mood.

"Ha, okay Zac, we'll go so you can have your sugar rush for the night, but I'm driving!" Taylor yelled as he ran out to his mom's van.

"Hey, can I go with you guys?" Mackie asked.

"No honey, it's your bedtime but I'm sure they'll let you go next time." Diana said as she scooped the little boy up off the floor.

"But I wanna go, momma!" Mackie cried as his mother carried him up the stairs, mouthing 'just go' to her four eldest children.

They climbed into the van and headed off to Cold Stone just as it started to rain.

20 minutes later they realized that they were nowhere near the ice-cream store and were in fact going in circles, "Dammit Tay, what the hell are you doing?" Isaac asked.

"I don't know, man. With this rain I can't see a thing. I'm going to pull over to this gas station and find out where we are." Taylor said as he pulled into the parking lot of the Texaco station and ran inside.

"Excuse me, sir." Taylor said, getting the attention of the gas station attendant.

"Can I help you?" the man asked politely.

"Yeah, me and my brothers and sister were heading to Cold Stone but because of the rain it seems we got turned around somewhere. Can you tell me how to get there?"

"Well, go to Maple & 8th and then take a right and then go two stop lights and it'll be there on the right, ya can't miss it." the man instructed.

"Great, thanks so much." Taylor smiled as he walked away, bumping into someone in a ski mask as he went out the door, "Oh, I'm sorry sir." he said as he ran to the van.

"So, where are we, Columbus?" Zac asked, sinking back into his seat when Taylor flipped him off.

"Well, we're close to it. I just took a wrong turn on Maple but we'll get there soon...hopefully before it closes." he said, looking down at his watch.

They drove down the road following the directions that the gas station attendant gave them but their journey was cut short when the van sputtered a few times and then came to a full stop.

"Jeez Taylor, we were just at the gas station and you didn't even think to fill the car up?" Isaac rolled his eyes, "So, which one of us is going to go back and get a tank of gas to bring back?" he asked, as all eyes turned to Taylor.

"No way, I'm not going out in that. Ike did you bring your cell? Maybe dad can come get us." Taylor said.

Isaac pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and flipped it open, "Shit," he muttered "no signal."

"This is juuust great" Zac shouted, "now we're stuck here until the rain lets up or until one of us gets of their asses and gets some gas for us...in this!" he made wild hand gestures toward the window to prove his point.

"Ugh you wimps, I'll go...but you owe me so big!" Kaydence said, hopping out of the van.

She began to walk back to the gas station when she came across a dark alley and shuddered, "Ugh, I hate dark alleys, they've always given me the creeps." just then, a large man in a ski mask jumped out at her.

"Give me your money!" he screamed, pointing a gun towards her.

"I-I don't have any..." Kaydence's voice trembled.

"Liar!" he yelled as he grabbed her.

"Let go of my sister, asshole!" Taylor yelled, running up to them, Ike and Zac close behind.

The man threw Kaydence to the ground, "What are you gonna do about it, pretty boy?" he chuckled as he pointed the gun towards Kaydence, pulling the trigger.

As a reflex, Taylor jumped in front of Kaydence, taking the bullet for her.

"TAYLOR!" she cried as she and the others ran up to him, propping him up on her lap. "Why Tay?! Why did you do it?!"

"Because...*cough*...I love you, sissy...*cough*..."

"Ike, go to the gas station and call an ambulance...Zac, go back to the van and get that old blanket in the back, we need something to stop the bleeding. HURRY!"

Isaac ran to the gas station as fast as his legs could carry him as Zac ran to the van to grab the blankets. He got back and handed them to Kaydence with shaking hands.

"You gotta push it down hard, Kay, and keep him talking." Zac instructed as Kaydence pressed the blanket to Taylor's stomach, causing him to groan in agony.

"I'm sorry, Tay. I'm so sorry." she sniffled as she kissed the top of her brother's head. "Hey Tay, remember that time we were riding our bikes to the park and you tried to go down that one hill and you wound up falling off and busting your ass? Haha, that was really funny. Remember how we thought mom was going to need oxygen because she was laughing so hard when we told her?" Kaydence laughed tearfully.

"Yeah, that was funny..." Taylor whispered weakly, his breathing becoming more shallow as he closed his eyes.

"Taylor, don't you dare close your eyes!" Kaydence screamed, but it was too late... "Please, don't leave me." she wept as Zac kneeled down beside her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders, crying.

They heard sirens in the distance and Zac jumped out into the middle of the road flagging them down as Isaac ran up to them.

"He's gone." Kaydence whispered.

Isaac, Kaydence and Zac stood there clinging to each other as the paramedics put Taylor into the body back and loaded him onto the gurny. "I'm so sorry for your loss." the young female parametic whispered softly to the three.

"Wait!" Kaydence stopped them from shutting the door, "Can we ride with you?"

"Of course, climb in." the female parametic said as she helped them in.

After the long ride in the ambulance they finally arrived at the hospital and met their parents there.

Diana collapsed in tears when three of her eldest children came in and the fourth being wheeled in on a gurny in a body bag, "No! Not my baby...oh Lord, not my baby..." she cried as Walker tried to hold her up, feeling the urge to collapse himself.

"C-can we see him?" Walker asked as the tears flowed down his cheeks.

"Of course." one of the night nurses offered as she led them to the Morgue, seeing Taylor laying on a metal table was a sight they had hoped they'd never see.

"Goodbye, baby...mommy and daddy love you." Diana whispered as she smoothed his hair and lightly kissed his cheek.

Kaydence walked over to her brother, "Why did you have to leave me like this? You promised you would never leave me, remember? When we were little? You lied to me Tay...you broke your promise." she cried as she gripped his lifeless hand. "Oh God, he's so cold mommy, he's so cold!" she screamed as her mother and father held her up, trying to be strong for her and Isaac and Zac, who were standing in the corner of the room, looking on at the scene, wimpering silently.

Kaydence carefully removed his wrist watch and stopped it at 7:32pm on October 18th 1999, the day Taylor Hanson breathed his last breath, the day the music died...the day her world ended...

I'll be with you in your dreams...
Posted: May 18 2005, 10:43 PM

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That was good, but sad...
Posted: Jun 30 2005, 02:32 AM


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omg that is so sad...i like it more soon
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