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 A new fic I have been working on, Rated: G
Posted: Mar 6 2005, 12:25 AM


Group: Minions
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Joined: 6-March 05

It's a bit...crap. But it's only a first darft type thing and it's really very teeny but meh.

Here goes:

Carly sat with her back against the wall of her apartment, feet in front of the fire. She sat and thought about what she was going to write next, whilst sucking on the end of her pen. Not knowing what to write she put the pen and paper pad down and walked into her tiny bedroom. She looked in the mirror and stared back at herself. Her short brown hair, her pale colouring and the boring brown clothes she was wearing. She hated what she looked like, she wasn’t pretty and she wasn’t skinny. She was just…boring. She looked through her wardrobe and found out the one dress she owned, a beautiful black dress that made her feel like someone special, like a faerie. It gave the impression she was skinny underneath the layers. She brushed her concealer over the spots on her face and put on a bit of eyeliner. She wasn’t going anywhere, but she needed to feel like someone, someone spectacular and important. She grabbed her black heels and looked back in the mirror once again. She still wasn’t satisfied. She needed to get out, but she didn’t know where to.
She stuffed her purse in a small black bag and grabbed her keys from the coffee table before she left her apartment.
Where the hell am I going? Carly asked herself repeatedly. I must look like such a dork…I should go back and change into something more…me. She thought, as she looked down at her clothes.
She wandered down to the park, and sat on one of the benches in the late sunshine. She saw a goodlooking man, with a Mohawk and shaved sides, on the bench over from her and caught him looking at her a few times, he smiled at her, showing his pearl white teeth. What’s his problem? She thought as she watched the skies.
So I decided to go to the park last night, I don’t really know why. But something drew me there. I sat there as the sun was about to go down and this girl arrived. She looked spectacular. Dressed in a black dress over jeans with minimal make up and natural beauty. I watched her for a while until she caught me looking, I smiled at her briefly but there wasn’t any response from her. I wanted to catch her eye so I would have an excuse to go over and talk to her. She didn’t look like other girls. There was something different about her and he wanted to know what made her so special. He had to see her again…but where, and when and how?
Carly found herself sleeping late the next morning. She awoke at ten am to the sound of her phone ringing. She rubbed her eyes and fumbled around for the phone.
‘Hello?’ She said sleepily into the receiver. She battled with her work and finally won, managing to get the day off, to rest.
Carly managed to get up and get dressed quickly. Pulling on her comfy black and white Rugby shirt and jeans and her green converse and dug her hand into the front pocket of her jeans and pulled out some money. ‘Should be enough for a paper.’ She thought, as she left the apartment and started walking to the local shop. She stood in the queue to pay for her newspaper and looked around herself, when she saw someone she recognised walk into the shop. The guy from last night had walked in; he saw her and got into the queue behind her, picking up a random object from the shop to pay for without looking.
This girl must think I’m crazy…maybe I am. But I need to speak to her. It was only by coincidence that I saw her in her as well today. She was moving from side to side, I caught her eye and smiled at her again. This time, she smiled back. Her smile was exactly the way I imagined it to be, her eyes glinting with energy.
‘Hi.’ I ventured.
‘Um…hi.’ She replied, looking at me, smiling still.
‘You’re the girl in the gorgeous dress from last night at the park aren’t you?’ Great line Ike…smooth…
The girl nodded. ‘Carly,’ She told me, holding out her free hand.
‘Isaac,’ I told her, taking hold of her hand and shaking it. She smiled at me and I smiled back.
He had spoken to me…Isaac…what an interesting name. He had a really nice smile, he really did. And that hand…wow. It looked perfect.
‘Next please,’ the girl behind the cashier was getting impatient. When I finally realised it was my turn, and I still hadn’t let go of Isaac’s hand. He must think I’m some kind of weirdo now. I let go of his hand and put my paper down in front of the girl. She ran it through the till as I reached into my pocket to get my money.
‘Would you like to get a coffee?’ as I was paying the girl.
‘Um…sure,’ I replied, turning back round after picking up my paper and moving to the side. ‘There’s a Starbucks right across from here.’
He nodded and smiled again.
I don’t know if asking her for a coffee was a good idea or not, I hadn’t even thought about it then I found myself asking her the words. We walked across the street over to Starbucks, after I put back the box condoms I had picked up to pay for blindly. Well, that was a bad idea, why the hell didn’t I look when I picked something up to get in the queue? Whilst talking to her I could see that she’s even more attractive than I first thought her out to be…and believe me that was already high. She had a sweet laugh and smile. Her eyes glinted with a deep passion and she keeps flicking looks at me, as though she’s making sure I’m still here.
We walked over to Starbucks and sat down on the stools after ordering with out coffee’s in hand.
‘So, Carly,’ Isaac started. ‘Do you live around here?’
‘Yeah, yeah I do. Just up the street in fact,’ I told him, leaning over near him and pointing in the direction of my apartment. ‘I take it you don’t?’
‘No, well, yeah, I do. But I’m new around here. I just moved here with my brothers. I’m originally from Oklahoma.’ He told me and smiled.
‘Oh I see. Why’d you move?’ I asked, sipping my cappuccino.
‘Better music facilities here.’ He shrugged; he looked at me over his mug.
‘You do music?’ I asked, intrigued.
‘Yeah. Yeah I do. What do you do?’ he asked.
I cannot believe I almost blew it like that. I had to change the subject quickly, otherwise she’d start asking questions and my cover would have been totally blown. I would tell her, after I felt I could trust her.
‘I’m film.’ She told me, ‘well, actually at the moment I’m doing some TV shows and other stuff like that…’
‘You’re an actress?’ Maybe we were very alike…
‘No, no I just film them. You need to be skinny and pretty to be an actress and I am neither.’
‘What? That’s not true!’ I burst loudly. I couldn’t believe she said that. She was incredibly pretty and just the right weight.
‘You don’t need to humour me, I know I’m not great looking.’ Carly smiled faintly. Did she really believe that?
‘I’m not humouring. I’m saying the truth.’ I smiled at her.
Isaac was being really sweet, but I wasn’t sure still whether he really believed that or not. That incredible smile he gave me, told me he wasn’t lying but…I don’t know, it just seemed so hard to believe. I knew I wasn’t very pretty and I wasn’t super skinny…but this guy seemed interested in me…it was sweet. I bit my lip and smiled up at him.
‘Thanks,’ I told him. ‘Your not too bad yourself.’ I laughed, I was joking of course, I though Isaac was incredibly good looking.
‘Cheers,’ Isaac laughed back, looking at me. His eyes glistened in the light from the window.
Posted: Mar 6 2005, 12:56 AM


Group: Minions
Posts: 37
Member No.: 5
Joined: 6-March 05

I really like it... biggrin.gif keep up the good work
  Posted: Mar 6 2005, 02:36 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Minions
Posts: 73
Member No.: 2
Joined: 5-March 05

I think that is cute... I can't wait for more of it...smile.gif
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