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 Coltum, Jaden
Jaden Coltum
Posted: Aug 30 2005, 09:58 AM

Hogwarts Alumni
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Group: Auror
Posts: 5,078
Member No.: 599
Joined: 29-August 05

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Name: Jaden Kathleen Coltum

Age: 20

House: She was a Gryffindor

Sex: Female

Homeland: U.S.A., but she grew up in Nottinghamshire, England.

Personality: She is outgoing, bold, sometimes loud, sort of sporty, though somewhat moody. She's not afraid of a challenge, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She can get easily depressed and will shut down at times.

Weaknesses: Sometimes she doesn't know when to stop--when to end a joke, when to shut her mouth--it can get her into *a lot* of trouble. She's known for taking dares, and even upping them to the next level, which again, can get her into trouble. Despite her driven personality, she is easily discouraged when it comes to school. She takes criticism very personally. Her Dad used to compare her marks to Sariah, so Jaden eventually quit trying. (Since her parents' death, however, she has picked up the slack and has improved her marks quite a bit.) She also has an addiction to nicotine, though she swears to everyone she's quit smoking.

Strengths: She's brave, though some might call her bravery stupidity. She'd risk everything to save the life of even a perfect stranger. She's the go-to girl if you're feeling down--unless she's depressed herself, she can have you laughing in no time. Jaden is a natural born leader--she won't take control unless she knows she can have it.

Family: Half Blood

user posted image

Mother: Jenna Landers was a free-spirited, peace-seeking hippie. She spent her time writing novels and drinking chai tea, when she wasn't worrying about her kids being away from home. She was a Muggle, and tended to be more leanient with the kids than Kevin, her husband. She and Kevin were murdered by Robin Abraxis.

user posted image

Father: Kevin Coltum used to work for the Ministry of Magic as a bodyguard for the Abraxis family. (The Abraxis' oldest son's friend (Robin Abraxis) was a Death Eater until he was put in Azkaban; and Robin's family turned in a number of his fellow Death Eaters, Robin escaped and killed Kevin and Jenna.) Kevin was an animagus, he could transform into a kneazle.


Triston Donald Coltum, served time in Azkaban for association with Robin Abraxis, but was released as he never actually committed a crime. Triston is like a second Father to his three younger siblings, though he too can be a goof-ball. He is usually the only one who can get Ben to do anything, including getting up in the morning. He is eleven years older than Jaden. He is now the legal guardian of his four younger siblings.

user posted image

Benjamin Christopher Coltum, was two years younger than Jaden. He was a fourth year at Hogwarts when he died, and Jaden loved to torture him--she loved him very much. He had crazy sense of humor, tended to be a bit immature and at times selfish, but he was brave in the face of trouble. He was murdered by Robin Abraxis, although as this point, Jaden and Sariah assume it was Robin's brother, Ben.

user posted image


user posted image

user posted image

Sariah Liane Coltum, the fraternal twin of Jaden. She is not as outgoing as Jaden, but she also has a crazy sense of humor. She is in Hufflepuff. (Sariah's profile.)


Taryn Elizabethe Coltum. Kevin, as a gift to a friend of the family, donated his sperm, resulting in Taryn. She and her mother moved away after Taryn was born, so Jaden, Sariah, Ben and Triston never got to know their half-sister. They knew of her existance, but until Taryn came to Hogwarts, they never had any sort of a relationship with her. Taryn's mother died of cancer, and so Taryn was sent to live with the Coltums in England.

(For more on Taryn see her profile.)

Jaden has two Aunts: Pandora Flora Coltum. Pandora loves plants, is unmarried, and is one of Sariah and Jaden's favorite persons. She teaches Herbology at Hogwarts.

Catherine Clark is Jenna's twin sister. She is quite the opposite of Jenna, in that she's straight-laced, conservative, and estranged from the family. She has one daughter, Katie.

Pets: Jaden used to have Keek-Ball, a magical cuddly creature named Sprinkle, but he died from old age (they only live two years). She now has a Sugar Glider, the second "Sprinkle".

Other interests: Along with Quidditch, she loves Muggle sports, such as baseball, basketball, and especially soccer. She also loves to draw and write poetry. On the outside she's loud, on the inside she's poetic.

Jaden gets along well with the boys. She loves to tease, but it sometimes gets her into trouble. She has dated David Ruiz, and Zero O'Ryan, Jeremy Perleberg, and dozens of others. . She was Seeker for Gryffindor, and team captain in her seventh year.


Wand: Rowan, Unicorn, 12 inch
Rowan is known for its longevity and new life.
It is good for new creations and magical inventions.
Unicorn Tail Best for the pure of heart. It is good for Legilimency.

user posted image

Jaden has completed first year Charms: "E"
Jaden has completed first year Herbology: "A"
Jaden has completed first year Defense Against the Dark Arts: "O"
Jaden has completed first year Potions: "A"
Jaden has completed first through sixth years Astronomy: "A"

Talents/Special Abilities: Jaden is an animagus---she can transfigure herself into a majestic, yet curious golden eagle
user posted image

This post has been edited by Jaden Coltum on May 19 2010, 09:38 AM

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