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Title: If Autumn is Fall,
Description: Can Summer be Rise?

Garrin Hamren - September 1, 2007 05:34 AM (GMT)
"Here squidey squidey..." Garrin murmered, smirking with definite amusement as he gazed absent-mindedly at the lake. He blew out a large puff of air that surely could have been seen had it been at all chilly that afternoon, and vaguely let his eyes wander his immediate surroundings. Everyone, it seemed, had retired to the castle for the day---and such a shame on what very well could have been the last sunny day Hogwarts would see for awhile.

Despite the somewhat warm autumn sun, however, Garrin's hands were wrapped snuggly around his timely cup of coffee. Somehow he couldn't get through the day with a cup in the morning, and cup in the afternoon, right after his last session of the day.

The crispy crunchy sound of someone stepping on leaves nearby told him he was no longer alone.

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Professor Synyster Feagreen - September 4, 2007 03:18 AM (GMT)
Though not many people ever got why, many truly believed that scarves were fashion statements, and to be worn only to look stylish. Many others also believed scarves to be useful for keeping your neck warm on a cold day. Synyster had a mixture of these beliefs, though on that particular day was using a scarf as more of a fashion statement then a neck warmer, which was quite obvious as it wasn't THAT cold out yet he still wore a scarf. Typical Synyster.

Nyster happened to be out on that rather nice day, as he was often out side whenever he didn't have to teach a class (Or prep one. He had gotten most of the preparation for the current sets of lessons done already though. Thankfully). After being stuck in a class room all day he needed to get outside, and away from walls. He was almost starting to become a variation of claustrophobic that only worked in classrooms. Classroomaphobia? Something like that. At least most of his classes didn't have someone that was causing trouble for the sake of causing trouble (AKA: At least none of his classes had a mini-him in it.).

Synyster was, as suspected, beginning to get a bit bored of the job. This was always the first thing that happened in all of his previous 'office' jobs. Boredom. Then boredom lead to deviation from what he was supposed to do, and that lead to chaos, which led to him being questioned, which led to him being fired. He kept on telling himself that no matter how bad or boring it was, it could be worse. At least with this job he got to see his family every day, which was the main important thing to him. If they were happy with his job, he would keep it... Or he'd try.

As Synyster walked the grounds today, he couldn't help but notice he wasn't the only one out, which he usually was. He didn't exactly recognize them (His signature memory showed here.), though he was able to identify him as the head of Hufflepuff. Hamren maybe? Yeah. Now he remembered a bit. He had a kid here, a kid that apparently had gotten in a fight with Sean Sacrat, a snotty nosed brat Slytherin first year student. He couldn't blame the kid that wasn't Sean, as Sean seemed to not only invite trouble, but he was like a lightening rod for it.

Nys (At this point he realized he had too many nick-names. At least they were all better then the name his mother gave him. Changing his name had been one of the best mistakes he ever made.) decided to be social and try to 'play nice' as he had termed it with the other professors. Making friends never hurt.

"Nice day, isn't it?" Synyster asked (Or is it said? With phrases that were rhetorical it was always hard to tell) in a friendly tone, and with the best friendly smile he could muster. Lately he hadn't had a huge deal of reason to be exceedingly kind or happy. Though it was just one of those hands in the card game of life that you had to play off, and hopefully you'd get over it soon. Either that or deny that anything bad at all ever happened. Synyster leaned toward that last one.

Garrin Hamren - September 4, 2007 03:54 AM (GMT)
"Mhmm, nothing like the warmth of summer with the colors of autumn," was Garrin's reply. He added a cordial nod and smile, though his dimples remained hidden (they usually only made an appearance for Luna, Chayce, or Cody).

He knew the man to be a fellow professor, though in all honesty Garrin would be somewhat alarmed if there was an adult he didn't recognize roaming school grounds. Out of pure conversational habit, Garrin scratched thoughtfully behind his ear.

"It's erm...Feagreen, isn't it? Synyster?"

Professor Synyster Feagreen - September 4, 2007 04:41 AM (GMT)
Synyster nodded at this, "Yep, and though I am fairly certain I'm going to get it wrong..." He paused searching his memory for the guys first name. He knew he heard it at some point, and amazingly considering Synyster's normal memory, it came to him. "Hamren. Garrin if I can remember correctly, which I probably can't but still" He had been muttering the last part mainly to himself; he had learned the unfortunate habit of saying things he meant to think out loud from the rest of his family members, who all do it with some regularity.

Synyster didn't know a great deal of the other professors really. He could identify them out of a police line up, but probably couldn't do much else about them. Though it was an immense comfort that if any of them ever committed a crime he'd be able to tell the police which one was which. Completely a happy thought that. Such a little ball of sun-shiny thoughts. Though sun causes skin cancer, and darkness causes cancer of the soul and pretty much anything will cause cancer for something. So he was kind of glad his thoughts weren't sun-shiney.

Garrin Hamren - September 5, 2007 12:58 AM (GMT)
"Eh, your memory serves you well," Garrin replied with a shrug, giving a single nod as he momentarily shifted his gaze to the waters. His cordial smile returned as he looked again to the man, and getting a better look, Garrin remembered the subject he taught was band. Later on it occured to him that the only friend he really had at Hogwarts was Luna. Garrin tended to miss a lot, spending all day in his office, or outdoors away from the crowds---he made a mental note to attempt to be more socialable.

"'ve got a kid or two here, don't you?"

Professor Synyster Feagreen - September 5, 2007 06:36 AM (GMT)
Synyster's smile put on a slightly different tone as he smiled. "Yeah. Currently, only one. My oldest just graduated last year though my youngest won't be coming here for another year or so, and my niece is here too. Same age as my daughter. It's a big-ish family." He made a huge attempt not to dwell on a lot of those words. It made him seem old. Er. Older. Though it brought him pleasure to know that his brother was just as old as he was. The show-off.

Just then it struck him again. He had to phrase it that way didn't he? Only one. His smile faded slightly as he looked out to the lake. He shook his head a bit (Shaking out the emo as Fally would term it, it seemed most of her sayings involved the word 'emo'.).

"And you?" He asked, even though he was fairly sure he knew the answer a bit, though it was entirely possible that he had misread the name. Names good not he was. Or words.

Garrin Hamren - September 5, 2007 07:07 PM (GMT)
"Rather close to my story," Garrin remarked in a mild grin. He sniffed as the wind picked up a bit, and took a sip of the comfort drink he held in his hands.

"I've only got the one kid, but he's here, as is my niece---both first years." He nodded vaguely in reflection for a moment, then took another sip. He made a bit of a face---he had used the coffee as a hand-warmer for too long, it seemed. It was starting to turn cold.

"What does your oldest plan to do now?" he asked, casting hesitant glances to his mug. He could warm the liquid with a simple spell, but it would be very likely he would simply use it as a hand-warmer until it went cold again.

Professor Synyster Feagreen - September 12, 2007 03:35 AM (GMT)
Synyster thought for a second on the question. Gina was a very peculiar person. He knew that she was going to (Or currently planning to and getting a summer job to help with the tuition of) Shiz University, and he knew that she was planning to major (He forgot the fancy Latin words they used for it though) in fashion, and minor in photography. Or at least that’s what he remembered hearing from her, and he usually could remember conversations fairly well. He decided to answer with the simplest answer he could think of.

“She’s going off to Shiz fairly soon, which she is excited about.” He said, adding the last bit with a small smile. If Gina was anything, she was excitable; though she also had a tendency to obsess over one thing for a while, and then completely lose interest, but you take the good (Or at least neutral) with the bad. Most of the people in his family were excitable, which led him to believe that it was a sad, sad state of affairs when he was one of the mellowest people in his family. A VERY sad state of affairs.

Synyster then began to wonder about what she would do after Shiz. Probably go off and become a world famous fashion designer or something; knowing her she’d invent something crazy like singing tattoos and become a trend. You could never tell with the Feagreens with their various quirks and randomness.

Garrin Hamren - September 12, 2007 03:57 AM (GMT)
"Wish I could have gone there myself," Garrin replied with a wistful tone of voice.

"All of my schooling beyond Hogwarts was at various muggle institutions. Top of the line, no doubt, but they can hardly teach a course in how to talk down a suicide threat when there's wandless magic involved."

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