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Title: Roma Hijealo

Tifa Mysteria - May 11, 2008 03:37 PM (GMT)
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Name: Romanio Hijealo

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Light brown

Height/weight: 5’ 10” / 140lbs

Appearance: Roma is an athletic looking person. Slim, toned and still looking like she’s in her late teens, Roma works hard to maintain this level of fitness. In terms of her general appearance Roma is an average size for her age. She has long brown hair, normally allowed to flow long around her shoulders.
She can usually be found wearing very casual clothing, so casual in fact you’d hardly recognise her as a captain. Whatever she is wearing though she will always have a small pair of glasses perched on her nose, Roma not being a fan of contacts.

Personality: Roma is a young and energetic captain, prone to frequent bursts of over excitement. Although in a position of power many of those serving under her see her as an older, or younger, sister, someone they can go to discuss problems and issues. Roma is much the same way, involving her officers and those around her in problems she faces and accepting suggestions from everyone.

As a captain she has shown great skill in both tactical thinking and development of unorthodox and unusual way of solving problems. She is also very hard, ready to make tough decisions if needed, although her second has found that she confides her feeling in him regarding these decisions soon after taking them.

Roma tends to wear a smile at all times, having a very bubbly personality that oozes good feelings. She brightens the day of all those around her and as such finds things run very smoothly. She tends not to let bad situations get to her and tries to find the good in all situations. In such a way she is prone to cracking jokes in the middle of life or death situations. A little inappropriate…but none the less effective.

Roma life has been a series of ups and down, nothing every being what you might call stable. In her younger years she spent her time in the military nursery for a lot of the time. Her father was a pilot of the new generation mobile weapons and her mother ran errands for people during the day.

This gave her a lot of time on her own, as there were not very many children in the nursery. She had no siblings, her birth actually being an accident in the first place. Roma’s parents had met in a bar during one of her father’s shore leaves. Her mother had been an assistant at the bar and rather inexperienced in the field of love and romance. Her father had taken advantage of this and used his charms to coax the slightly younger female into bed with him.

It was the typical pattern afterwards. The next day Roma’s father, Alastair, shipped out again and a few months later Willow, Roma’s mother, found out she was pregnant. At first she was unsure about what to do but eventually she decided to let it run its course. The pregnancy was too far along to do anything about anyway and it wasn’t long after that Roma was born.

It was nearly four years later when Alastair’s next shore leave came and a very unexpected sight met him. Willow was still living in London and the soldier was quickly met with a lawsuit. Due to Roma’s birth, Willow had to leave her job in order to care for her and was now nearly broke. Alastair was given two choices, either help to support Willow and Roma or go to jail.

Being on a military pay cheque, Alastair didn’t have the money to help support the pair but he didn’t like the prospect of a jail sentence. There was only one thing he could do to get himself out of the mess he was in, he decided to marry Willow. Not that he didn’t enjoy this prospect anyway, in truth the pair had gotten along quite well and Alastair had felt a little bad about leaving her in the first place.

Their marriage was a little awkward at first and Alastair still had his military duty to perform. However, Willow was now listed as his partner in the military books and thus they helped to give her support when and where she needed it. This included the nursery that Roma usually spent most of her days in. As the years went by and Roma grew up, she started receiving proper schooling from the military academy. Roma didn’t even realise what was going on until she was entering her teens but the way her life was going was straight into the military. When she realised this she was immediately a little distraught and upset, thinking her mother didn’t really care about her and had just left her.

When she spoke to her mother about this she was quickly removed from the military school and put into normal public school but Roma couldn’t help thinking about the military school. It was as if something was tugging at her to go back now that she was out. She had been having a good time and had learned a lot while she was there. It was probably a year later when Roma, now eighteen, suddenly pulled of her normal school and re-enlisted in the military academy.

Her mother was horrified, wondering what had made her go back after she had pulled out before. Roma explained things to her mother and eventually Willow understood. She was still worried but she knew Roma was only doing what she felt was right. For the next two years Roma spent her time in the academy, finishing her studies and training in the military life. It was hard, harder than she had thought it would be, but she kept reminding herself that her father had once done it. If he could, then she could.

Finally, as she turned twenty-one she was shipped out to her first post. Serving as a junior officer under a very capable captain she began to pick up tricks and ways of accomplishing things very quickly. Her skills also saw her climbing the ranks quickly, making second lieutenant in the space of a year. That is when war broke out.

Many battles ensued and Roma found herself encircled by death and destruction on all sides. Her former captain was one of those casualties, dying in a sneak attack by enemy forces when they were on route to another assignment. Her father was another, killed during a battle in the skies over Africa. Roma took his death hard and had to take time off with her mother to grieve. Roma, however, no longer had a desire to fight for either side and the military she was involved in understood her wish.

As she was an only child and had served her required time the military allowed her to go. Roma spent some time doing very little and trying to come to terms with the demise of her father. Eventually though she found that she needed the companionship her military life had given her. With the world still in an unstable state and the need to make her own life she decided to become a vagrant.

Surprisingly her mother supported the idea and the next few years became a search for a ship and a crew. All was found, and bought using a variety of loans which were eventually paided off, and now Roma is in command of her own ship again.

Tenrai - May 31, 2008 12:25 AM (GMT)

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