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Title: Chalk Ammelid

Tifa Mysteria - January 14, 2008 05:02 PM (GMT)
Name: Chalk Ammelid
Faction: DOCIS
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black, dyed white tips
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 146lbs

Chalk is quite a tanned individual and not really afraid to show it off. Usually seen in strappy tops and loose jeans she seems not to care about formalities. Even so she dresses properly when required and takes pride in her uniform and its meaning.
Her hair is usually cut around her shoulders and is black in colour apart from the tips, which are bleached white. In addition to this a single black ribbon can normally be seen tied around a few hairs, a keep sake from her mother that she has yet to let go off.

Chalk is cool, calm and collected, responding to situations with patience and a thoughtful mind…most of the time. She has a mixed temperament and depending on her mood she can be extremely friendly or downright hostile. Normally it is the former though, Chalk normally only resorting to hostility when someone really annoys or upsets her. She is also very book smart, often coming up with plans and strategies before others and having the know how to pull them off. Her temper is also to be feared, the young woman having a strong vision of right and wrong.
She tends not to take risks unless they are unavoidable and doesn’t take lightly to risking others in pursuit of her goals. She is quite bubbly to be around, holding a strong southern accent that refuses to go away. That said she is a very committed person and expects others to be. As such she has been known to give out some serious scoldings when she felt others were playing their part properly.
Her way of doing things has caused her to be labelled a bit of a tomboy, a remark that Chalk doesn’t care about, she figured that out years ago.

Aim: 10
Control: 42
Guard: 10
Melee: 45

Attack Score: 55
Defence Score: 52

Chalk grew up in the southern areas of the former United States, Texas to be more exact. For much of her life she was a carefree girl who’s mission in life seemed to be to enjoy herself. Schooling went well for her, pleasing both her parents and her teachers with her grades and abilities in other areas. Even so, amongst all this Chalk had very little idea what she wanted to do for the future. She thought about it often, trying to imagine herself in various different job, but none of her thoughts ever seemed right.

Even so it seemed, as the years went on, that she began to get more and more involved in boys activities than girls. For a start she ended up playing in the schools football team, often being more aggressive than the other boys on the team. When you compared this to the fact that she was the only girl on the team it became something of an embarrassment for the rest of them.

This continued as her life continued, Chalk not caring for girls stuff such as fashion and fancy haircuts. Instead she much more enjoyed a good play fight or a spot of mechanical tinkering. This tinkering was more than anything what set her on her path for the future. Chalk seemed to have a strong knack for mechanics and proved this many times in her youth, fixing the family car and such like.

When she was seventeen she finally got a small break she had been looking for, a local mobile suit haulage company employing her as a mechanic and mecha operator. Chalk fell in love with the job, being able to puzzle over broken machinery and learn how to pilot construction suits was something she had never thought of as a job she might end up in. This small job soon grew in size and eventually Chalk found herself applying for a new job, construction and maintenance on the space colonies. She didn’t think she’d get chosen for the job at first but when the results came in she couldn’t believe it, it was her.

After a week of organising and celebrating with her family she found herself leaving the Earth behind to start her new job. It was tough at first, the effects of zero or low gravity effecting her for a while before she got her head around it. Things went well for a few years although Chalk could feel trouble brewing all over. Workers kept whispering their contempt for the Earth powers and the various terrorist like attacks they had been doing.

Chalk didn’t believe any of the rumour, still feeling like the Earth was her home whatever happened. That was until the incident on Diaz 6. She was so shocked by the event that her loyalties wavered slightly. She had developed so many friends since she moved to the colonies and some of them had had family on Diaz 6 when it was destroyed. She tried to console people but it didn’t seem to work. Then rumour of GAUGs involvement began to leak out and DOCIS made their move.

Chalk was stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand the Earth was her home, where her family was, but they had gone too far this time. Her own life had been effected by the Earth as well since she’d moved to the colonies. Pay had been cut, prices had been raised….all little things but they all added up. Finally Chalk made up her mind, she would fight for the colonies.

The news was all but shattering for her family and after a very heated conversation of the vid comm Chalk hung up. Time slowly passed, the months went by, but Chalk was not idle. She wasn’t going to go back on her decision now. She joined the newly formed DOCIS military and soon proved that she had skills, her years in construction mecha proving to be very useful to her training.

She progressed quickly, her tomboy like nature helping her to get one up on her fellow cadets at nearly every point. Soon enough she found herself being promoted and given command of her own squadron and such. Chalk was so busy she hardly had time to think about anything but her duties, almost forgetting about her family back on Earth.

That was until the fall. To this day she still has no idea what happened to them. At the time she searched as many databanks as she could, trying to find their name somewhere but never found a thing. Her family never tried to contact her either, either because they couldn’t or didn’t want to. Unknown to Chalk they had survived but had been so disgusted with what had happened that they severed all links to Chalk as if she had never existed.

Chalk herself took a little time to come round after the incident but eventually decided that things happened for a reason. She had not found her families names anywhere on the recorded dead lists and so decided to try and get on with her life again. Hopefully she would see them again, but until she did she was determined to carry on with duties and that was just what she was going to do.

The months continued to pass by and Chalk’s devotion to the cause saw her rapidly promoted again, the young woman now finding herself in charge of a large bulk of the DOCIS forces. That said she never left the cockpit behind and ran everything from behind the controls of her mobile suit.

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