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Title: Special Battle Rules

Bryant Molirse - December 25, 2007 05:06 AM (GMT)
Gundam Vagrant Destiny

-- Special Battle Rules --
These rules are for all battles outside of normal battle situations. These rules encompass several different points awarded battle types, special reward types, as well as Storyline Battles. Read the whole of these rules to find out everything available to the members.

-- Area Capture System --
The system allows the factions to have visible gains, and losses from engaging their opponents in combat over controlling areas of the world. While this doesnít prevent people from posting in those locations, it does however generate revenue for those who hold an area. This revenue is added to the players standings every week during weekly pay. This is also the key to eventually winning the war.

-- Areas --
There is currently seven areas of the board that are considered play regions. Of these regions, one remains neutral, and cannot be captured by either side. This location is Luna. Due to itís own forces, as well as defensive systems, neither faction has been insane enough to attempt an assault on Luna. The other regions however will be available to be captured. Each of these areas will have a points value, and two of them will have special effects for the controllers. These areas will all be covered now.

North Eastern Hemisphere
Made the new capital of GAUG after the events of The Fall, the North Eastern Hemisphere is a heavily guarded asset to GAUG. Those who attempt to conquer the capital will face overwhelming opposition.

Value: 3 Points a week.
Special Effect: Defenders gain 1 additional action a post during area capture attempts.

North Western Hemisphere
The former capital of GAUG, as well as the home of The Shattered Sea. While large regions of this region have been destroyed due to the effects of The Fall, many manufacturing sectors remain at full power.

Value: 2 Points a week.
Special Effect: None.

South Eastern Hemisphere
While maintaining little strategic value of its own in resources, and manufacturing, this location does hold the importance of being located next to the capital of GAUG. As such it is one of the places they long to maintain control over.

Value: 2 Points a week.
Special Effect: None.

South Western Hemisphere
This hot jungle location is a good place to make a stand against any opponent. While not as predominant as other locations for known factors about it, this region is still desirable for both sides as a good location to organize missions from.

Value: 2 Points a week.
Special Effect: None.

Debris Belt
Well what is junk to one man, is reusable resources to another. This region is full of damaged machines, and vessels, as well as by products of years past. As such DOCIS has been harvesting form this trove since the start of the war.

Value: 2 Points a week.
Special Effect: None.

While neutral in the war, Luna is also home to itís own impressive military power as well as many freelancers. While both sides desire control of Luna, they know they would stand no chance against it in a capture attempt.

Value: Unknown.
Special Effect: Cannot be attacked.

Geosynchronous Orbit
The Capital of DOCIS is located here among the stars. Well attacked on many occasions, none have managed to make it fall as of yet. Any who attack will face unnatural opposition by DOCIS in any attempt to conquer it.

Value: 3 Points a week.
Special Effect: Defenders gain 1 additional action a post during area capture attempts.

-- Area Capture Rules --
There are some ground rules to area capture to keep it fair, and competitive. These rules must be followed, and are as follows.

Rule 1: You cannot attack a factions capital until you have captured all of their controlled areas. This means if DOCIS controls the South Western Hemisphere, and Geosynchronous Orbit, you cannot attack Geosynchronous Orbit until you have captured South Western Hemisphere from them.

Rule 2: Each faction my only target one area to attack a week. While you may think you can target multiple regions at once for conquest, you cannot. Once a target is decided, you cannot attack another till the next week. If one of the factions regions is attacked, they can still choose to attack one of their opponents regions.

Rule 3: Only three members of each side may enter a capture battle, to make a total of 6 members. Meaning these battles can only be 3 vs. 3 maximum. While you may think you can do a all out push against a region, this leaves you open to attacks elsewhere. It would be irresponsible to leave the whole of your territory unguarded to capture a single area. There is one exception to this rule, and that is in the case it is a capital region is being attacked. At this point all members may engage in the battle.

Rule 4: Luna cannot be captured. Do not try it.

Rule 5: If a faction wins an area capture, the area will become under their control, and they will gain the bonus that the region gives. When a faction loses an area, they lose the bonus given by it. If a faction fails to gain control of an area they attempt to capture, then gain nothing outside their basic roleplaying rewards for the battle.

Rule 6: If a faction has lost all of its areas, and its capital, that faction will be defeated, and the war will be over. Meaning a lot more work for me to come up with the next story arc, but well so be it. The war will have an eventual end, and it is up to the faction members to make sure that end will be to their advantage.

Rule 7: Freelancers, and Profiteers cannot carry out area captures on their own, they can however do supply raids. Rules for supply raids can be found below. Freelancers, and Profiteers can however be hired to assist a faction during an area capture for a fee. The Freelancers, and Profiteers do not gain anything weekly from this, and will only receive the one time negotiated fee from the players that hired them. The maximum number of Freelancers, and Profiteers that can be hired to participate in a battle is 2. There must always be at least 1 member of the faction on the side that a Freelancer, or Profiteer is hired to fight for in the battle. If all the faction members on a side retreat from the battle, the Freelancers, and Profiteers must as well.

-- Supply Raid Rules --
This type of battle allows a freelancer an attempt to steal supplies from a faction for their own use. When a freelancer chooses to do a supply raid, they choose one of the factions areas to temporarily invade. During which time they have to battle off the defends and attempt to gather resources for their own use. The reward for victory in a supply raid is 15 points on top of anything earned from roleplaying. Supply Raids have there own rules, and can be found below. These rules must be followed.

Rule 1: Freelancers do not get to occupy the areas they have raided. Once they have won they receive the 15 point bonus, as well as any roleplaying reward they earned for the battle. If they lose the battle, they receive no bonus beyond their roleplaying reward for the battle. Factions that have lost a supply raid launched on them lose the revenue for that location for one week.

Rule 2: Freelancers may only individually attempt a supply raid once every two weeks. Even if they accompany another freelancer on a supply raid, this will count as their supply raid for the two weeks. If there is more then one freelancer in a supply raid, they will each receive 15 points.

Rule 3: Only three freelancers and three members of the faction being raided may enter a supply raid, to make a total of 6 members. Meaning these battles can only be 3 vs. 3 maximum.

Rule 4: Luna cannot be the target of a supply raid.

Rule 5: Factions cannot carry out supply raids.

-- Profiteering Rules --
Unlike the other factions, Profiteers are not motivated by power, instead they are motivated by profits, and conflict. As such they cannot launch Area Captures. Unlike Freelancers they have no need for supply raids, since they are paid to do what they do. As such they cannot launch Supply Raids. How Profiteers do make their money though is through sustained conflict. To that end, Profiteers gain 2 points for each battle that ends in a victory for the factions. This is due to their masters supplying arms, and supplies to the factions. As such a Profiteers goal is to incite further turmoil and strife between the factions to keep the war going, and their profits constantly streaming in. Profiteering has its own rules, and can be found below. These rules must be followed.

Rule 1: The Profiteers can not profit from any battle started by Freelancers. Freelancers eat into the military contracts that the Profiteers sponsors have with the factions, and typically the merchandise taken by Freelancers, are items that the Profiteers sponsors have not been paid for yet.

Rule 2: Profiteers cannot directly start battles, to profit from them. For a profiteer looking to make a profit, starting a war against yourself is financial suicide.

Rule 3: Profiteers can attempt to start battles through devious actions behind the scenes. In order to incite a battle, at least 2 Profiteers must attempt to manipulate the factions through a Non Combat RP of consisting of actions meant to increase the tensions between the factions. When this has been completed to a satisfactory level, the faction leaders will be contacted by Bryant to alert them that they must fight. Bryant will setup up the battle parameters, as well as any faction rewards for victory. These battles will not be Area Captures, or Supply Raids, instead they will be like the Storyline Battles that are initiated from time to time.

-- Storyline Battles --
There will be battles regularly that will be incited by Bryant for the purpose of waging the war. The leaders of the factions will be contacted by Bryant with the information on the battles, the limitations, and any bonuses for winning said battles. Faction's have the ability to launch battles whenever they desire, with whatever situations they wish, and as such, these few controlled battles will add to the games progress, as well as activities for the members. This will be done at Bryant's discretion alone, and will be announced in the News Forum when these events transpire.

Rule 1: Whatever limitations set by Bryant must be followed in these battles.

Rule 2: Bryant sets the battle bonus, and it will be received by those who reach the conditions to receive it.

Rule 3: Everyone must participate in these battles if instructed to do so. Failure to do so will bring a punishment decided by Bryant.

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