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Title: Digimon Masters

Chaos/Light - April 11, 2008 03:19 AM (GMT)
Digivice= any you want
Digimon= please try to make it look good if you fuse it
Character= good or evil
Modplaying= no
Godmodding= no
Pokemon= NO
Crazy reatrds= NO

Chaos/Light - April 11, 2008 03:19 AM (GMT)

Chaos/Light - April 11, 2008 03:26 AM (GMT)
"You Little brat!!!" Sara yelled at her little brother Ryo "You better stop running from me or i'll kill you" As Ryo was running with a grin on his face "It wasn't me!!!" yelled ryo locking his door "Fine if you won't admit it i'll break something of yours!!" screamed sara as she ran towards the living room. Ryo unlocked his door and watched quietly, until he saw his sister pick up his deck of digimon cards and pulled out a lighter. "STOP!" ryo screamed while lunging for his cards. "No you broke my Tv now i will burn your cards." said sara as she started up the lighter. Ryo thought fast and grabbed his cards swiftly. Sara got extremly mad at this and then thretened to destroy his Online Digimon tamer game. Ryo begged her not too but she did. But for some reason all the lighting crashed. "What happened you idiot" said sara "I don't know" said Ryo. At that instant both of them saw 2 digieggs flashing. The digieggs went away when the power turned back on. "What just happened" said the electrition "I don't know. No fuses were busted and no bugs in this wiring" said another as ryo and sara listened. The next day ryo grabbed his backpack and said "Bye Sara i am going to school". Sara Replied "Ok but remeber the new law". Ryo forgot about the law the major placed after the whole county got a power outage, But then as Ryo ran into the school he remebered. "No Child under the age of 14 are allowed to have use of a D-Hert". Ryo knew that ment he couldn't go home by himself cause that was what powered his skates. Though most kids at his school have one (because it powers almost everything) he was the only one who knew how to use one. So after school he walked to the Privet High School his sister went to. He waited about 30 minets then figured he should do his homework. He started on his home work and then relized that his friend was sitting next to him waiting to. Ryo happened to have his digimon cards with him, so he asked "Hay Nate want to battle?" Nathan Replied "We can't battle we need D-Herts to power my card slasher". Ryo thought for a moment then said "Well we are at the highschool no one will notice we are using them, besides it won't hurt". Nathan took in that thought and then they started dueling. When all of a suden the the D-Hert stopped working. "What gives" said Ryo. "I don't know" said Nathan. then Ryos card slasher turned into a digivice. "Woah" said Nathan "I thought that only happened on the Tv serries". Ryo went to pick the digivice up but then it shocked him. "Ow!" Ryo said as the high school bell rang. Ryo noticed there was 2 digieggs in the digivice. "Ryo lets go" sara said in her car. "Coming" ryo said picking up the digivice wich slightly burns him. The next day was a saterday. And bearly anything happened. But one thing did happened. The digivice split in two. one had one egg, the other had the other. On sunday Ryo was at detention for using a D-Hert. Unfortanatly the school camrea caught them. When Ryo was almost out of detention his digivice rang and the digiegg hatched into a demiveemon. Ryo grabbed the Demiveemon quickly and put it in his Backpack. When Ryo got home his sister said "Ryo why is there a kitten in the house" pointing at salamon. Ryo replied "That is a Digimon". Sara and Ryo pondered this for a minit

Spirit of Illusions - April 11, 2008 03:31 AM (GMT)
Digivice color:Red/black
Digimon:Guilmon X
Digimon Evolution:Guilmon X/ Growlmon X/ WarGrowlmon X/ Megidramon X/ Gallantmon CM X fuse Omegamon X
Character name:Aero Illusion
Character type:Good
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Spirit of Illusions - April 11, 2008 03:59 AM (GMT)
Aero was lying in bed staring at the stars without a care in the world. "The stars are very bright tonight." "Hmm huh? AAAGHH!!!!!" Aero was surrounded by endless light. "Where am I? Huh? What's this? A Digivice?" suddenly Aero was back in his bedroom like nothing happened. The next morning when Aero got out of bed... "It must've been a dream? or could it?" Aero goes to brush his teeth and sees in the mirror a digivice hanging on his neck in a thick peice of string. "Huh? The digivice from last night? It couldn't be? Can it? Then it must've not been a dream... well I'm gonna go to school." "Don't forget your lunch!" yelled Aero's mom. "I won't!" replied Aero. Right after school Aero's digivice flashed with light then suddenly a digiegg appears inside the digivice. "A digiegg! This just makes me wonder... am I chosen to have this digivice? Am I supposed to have a secret destiny I never knew? Well I guess I'll have to wait." The next morning Aero woke up with lots of spit in the face "AGH! AAAAH!! A Guilmon?" the Guilmon growled "Don't worry I'm not gonna hurt you Guilmon." Aero said. "Guilmon?" the Guilmon was filled with curiosity. "Yeah thats your name, Guilmon." Aero said

Chaos/Light - April 11, 2008 04:03 AM (GMT)
It has been 3 mounths since the digimon apeared and nothing much has changed. Ryo and demiveemon still look around the city for digimon. Sara and Salamon still act girly. But there was one strange thing on this one day. "Hay look its a email from Ryuuchi" Ryo said as he opened the email. The screen turned black. "Hay didn't you and Ryuuchi loose that card game" Demiveemon said. "Yes he was secound i was third and after that he moved away" Ryo said. The computor screen loaded."Hello Ryo how long has it been 2 years now? Me and BlackAgumon are coming in town this weekend, and we thought Demiveemon and salamon would like to have a battle. Meat me at Town hall in 10 minets, or else!" the screen turned blank again. "How does he know you have a digimon" said veemon. "I don't know but town hall is far away (ryo grabs he skateboard) come on veemon" ryo said as demiveemon digivolved into veemon.

Spirit of Illusions - April 11, 2008 04:19 AM (GMT)
"Man keeping you still is hard!" said Aero chasing Guilmon. "Oooohh!!!! food!!!" Guilmon said. Guilmon starts to gobble down the food. "Guilmon! That was my lunch..." Aero said angrily. "Me sorry..." Guilmon said with a whimper. "It's okay really." Aero replied "I can always make me another lunch." Guilmon jumped on Aero. "Stop it Guilmon! hahaha!." Aero said laughing. "Well I gotta go to school behave while I'm gone." Later that day at the park after Aero got home from school. Guilmon and Aero gets some food for both of them.

Chaos/Light - April 11, 2008 04:24 AM (GMT)
ryo broke into aero's house because he left his gameboy at his house. "A GUILMON!!!" shouted ryo at the instant guilmon found food in his pocket

Spirit of Illusions - April 11, 2008 04:48 AM (GMT)
"I see you met Guilmon." Aero said coming into the room. "Why are you here?" Aero asked. "I left my gameboy here so I came to get it back, then I stumbled upon Guilmon sniffing around in my pocket founding food in it." Ryo replied "Since you have a real live Digimon I guess I should show you..." said Ryo slowly. "Show me what?" Aero said puzzled. DemiVeemon comes out. "Hi!" DemiVeemon shouted out. "Oooohh!" Guilmon said curious seeing another Digimon around. "So you have a DemiVeemon?" Aero said. "Yep! Also my sis has a Salamon" Ryo replied. "Well its interesting to know it's not only me who has a digimon." Aero replied back

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