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 Only Time Will Tell, OTH Brucas (In Progress)
Posted: Apr 16 2011, 03:01 AM

PM me for any questions or comments about the forum.

Group: Admin
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Fandom: One Tree Hill
Title: Only Time Will Tell
Characters: Brooke Davis, Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, Haley James Scott, Peyton Sawyer, Marvin "Mouth" McFadden, Julian Baker, Millicent Huxtable, Skills Tanner, Rachel Gatina.
Pairings: Lucas/Brooke, Nathan/Haley, Julian/Peyton, Mouth/Millie
Summary: What might have happened if Brooke really had been pregnant in season one? How would she deal with raising a baby and how would she handle the man she loves and the father of her baby being with her best friend even if it's not permanent? Rated M.
Rating/Warnings: Rated M for strong language, possible sexual situations, AU, Het.
Disclaimer: I don't own OTH, the characters, settings or anything you recognize and I make no money for writing this story.
A/N: Thanks to my friend and beta Judy and thanks to anyone who reads this.

*Only Time Will Tell*

Chapter One:

It all started with four simple words. Four words that might not seem important in the grand scheme of things but meant the world to a lonely girl who only wanted to have friends and be loved.


She had been sitting alone at a table outside, trying to cram for a History exam, the first time she ever laid eyes on him.

The sound of his voice and the fact that he was actually talking to her like a normal human being was what got to her.

“Hey there, pretty girl.”

For a moment Brooke thought that she must be dreaming because with all the rumors about her flying around school, who would actually want to talk to the town slut, as Rachel had so eloquently put it.

At first she didn’t answer, instead she just continued to focus her attention on her History book. But when Brooke felt the bench shift a little when he sat down, she immediately looked up and was instantly dazzled by the beautiful blue eyes that met her hazel ones.

Brooke had set her book down and turned to look at him before she spoke. “Why are you doing this?”

The look on his face turned from friendliness to confusion as he said, “I just thought you could use a friend. There’s some pretty nasty stuff being said about you around school.”

Brooke had grabbed her book bag off the ground and shoved her History book into it before she replied. “I don’t need you as a friend. Why would I be friends with a guy who can’t be faithful to his girlfriend or a guy who has more problems than any woman in the world?”

As she zipped her book bag and got to her feet, she paused when he grabbed her arm and then spoke.

“You might not want to turn down my offer of friendship so fast, seeing as you don’t have anyone else banging down your door to be friends with you.” After a moment of silence Lucas finished what he had to say.

“Just think about it. Get back to me, pretty girl. I’ll be waiting for your answer…” Moments later Lucas had let go of her arm and walked away. Brooke had just stood there, not knowing what to say and not knowing just how important Lucas would come to be in her life.

~End Flashback~

"This can't be happening," Brooke Davis said softly as she stared down at the home pregnancy test she held in her hand. No matter how many times she squeezed her eyes shut and then opened them, the results were still the same.

The test was positive. Tears fell from Brooke's eyes as she dropped the stick into the trash and then washed her hands, before she left the bathroom.

How was she going to tell him? Scratch that. Was she going to tell him? Brooke didn't owe Lucas anything, not after he called her a slut and made her feel like she didn't deserve to be loved.

Brooke silently walked over to the mirror and stared at her reflection. After a moment, she lifted the bottom of her shirt a little, resting a hand on her still flat stomach.

She would have to set up an appointment soon to find out if she really was pregnant, because everyone knows you can't fully trust home pregnancy tests.

The thought of being pregnant scared Brooke more than words could possibly say. What did she know about babies? Sure they were cute, but she didn't know how to take care of one on a regular basis.

The thought of being a mother nearly sent Brooke into convulsions. Her fear was that strong. God, how was she going to tell Lucas? They weren’t together because he had decided to try and make things work with Peyton and now this had to happen?

What the hell was she going to do? Karen was going to kill her and if she didn’t then Dan more than likely would. For both of his sons to have children before they had completed high school would piss Dan off more than anything because it would make him look bad.

But also because he thought that having a family was a mistake and would ruin Nathan and Lucas’s chances at making it to the NBA.

Brooke let go of her shirt and it settled back into place. She continued to stare at reflection in the mirror, worried about what was going to happen in the future.

Unable to stand being worried, she quickly walked over to the phone and picked it up. Several minutes later she had set up an appointment for tomorrow.

As she hung up the phone a few minutes later, Brooke reminded herself to breathe and she told herself that no matter what happened, she was strong enough to get through it with or without help from anyone else.

With nothing else to do to take her mind off things, Brooke walked over to the stereo and turned it on and turned the volume up full blast. She needed something to clear her mind and with the music blaring in her ears she could barely think, which was just what she needed.

With the music blaring throughout the house, Brooke sat down on the couch and put her head in her hands and wept. She never let anyone see or hear her break down before and she would be damned if that started now.

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Posted: Apr 16 2011, 03:01 AM

PM me for any questions or comments about the forum.

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Chapter Two:

A/N: Thanks to those who have reviewed! I love hearing from the readers. BTW, this fic now has an M rating for strong language and many thanks to my wonderful friend Judy who always does a ROCKIN' job betaing!

A week later…

A week had passed and Brooke still hadn't decided what to do. She hadn't been to school since the home pregnancy test came back positive and the following day when she went for her check-up which had confirmed what she already knew to be true.

She was pregnant with Lucas's child. It had been seven full days since she'd seen or talked to anyone and seven days since she'd done more than cry and scream at how stupid she'd acted.

Lucas, Haley and Peyton had been calling her non-stop since the second afternoon. Apparently they had become concerned when she never showed up for cheerleading practice.

Brooke had simply let their calls roll over to voicemail and she'd kept all the lights off since the day after her breakdown. They had all stopped by at one point, knocking on the front door, pounding on it, yelling at her to let them in and let them help her, but she couldn't.

As tears fell down her cheeks again, she curled into herself on the sofa, wanting nothing more than to confide in her best friends but something stopped her from doing so and after a moment she realized what it was.

Fear; and not just any type of fear either. Fear that choked her, made her feel like she was surrounded by it and constantly drowning in it with no way to escape.

As Brooke hugged her knees to her chest and tried to fight the feeling of dread that had settled into her chest, she nearly fell off the couch when the sound of insistent banging started at her front door.

She was tempted to stay where she was on the couch and just let them wear themselves out when suddenly a voice she knew all too well yelled out, "Davis, open the damn door!"

The sound of Nathan's worried voice made Brooke smile. It was the first thing she'd had to smile about in a week and it actually felt good, not that she would ever tell Nathan that.

"Open the door or I'm calling the cops!" Nathan yelled and Brooke immediately got to her feet and moments later she unlocked the door and threw it open.

Nathan stood on the front porch, surprised at the sight of one of his best friends. "You look like shit, Davis." He hadn't meant to say the words out loud but once they were out, he couldn't take them back and besides, it was true.

Brooke glared at Nathan and then she started to slam the door on him when he quickly pushed it open and forced his way inside the apartment.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Brooke shouted, completely outraged that Nathan would push his way into her home without an invitation.

Nathan didn't answer at first; he just closed the door and turned to face Brooke with a concerned expression on his face. "I could ask you the same thing, Davis. You haven't been to school in a week and you haven't returned any of our calls in over a week. What? You thought we were gonna just sit there and take that? If something's going on, we want to help you."

Brooke pulled the robe she was wearing tighter around her thin frame. She took a few breaths to calm herself and then said, "While I appreciate you coming over here, Nate, there's nothing to worry about. As you can see, I'm just fine. I haven't been to school in a few days because I've just been out a lot and I really can't deal with school right now."

Nathan scoffed in disbelief. "That's complete and utter bullshit, Davis. I've talked to all the people you party with and I've talked to your other friends. Nobody has seen or heard from you in over a week, so tell me what's so damn important that you feel the need to stop going to school and hide from all of your friends, because whatever it is it can't be that important."

Brooke shook her head in disagreement before she turned angry. "There's where you're wrong! It is that important. It's… Oh fuck it, get out, Nate! I don't want to talk about this anymore!"

Nathan watched as Brooke turned and started to leave the room. He quickly followed her and before she could reach her bedroom, he gently but firmly grabbed her left arm and turned her back to face him.

"What's going on, Brooke? I'm being serious now. You know that I only call you by your first name when I'm concerned and I'm concerned right now, so let me in, dammit!"

Brooke suddenly whirled around to face him and it startled Nathan so much that he immediately dropped his grip on her arm in surprise.

"You're so concerned; you want to know what's going on? You couldn't even begin to handle it if I told you!" She shouted angrily.

Concerned about his friend's sudden anger, Nathan forced himself to be calm as he said, "Why don't you try me and see? I'm here for you, Davis. You're one of my best friends and there's nothing you can say that will make me look at you any differently than I do now."

Brooke laughed and Nathan felt a chill immediately roll down his spine at the sound. The brunette shrugged her shoulders and said, "Oh, what the hell! At least when I tell you; you'll run so fast out the door there's no way I'll ever have to worry about you coming back."

She took a deep breath, released it and said, "I'm pregnant and Lucas is the father." Silence immediately followed her words and when she turned to look at her friend, Brooke nearly burst out laughing at the stunned look on Nathan's face.

She walked back over to the front door, opened it and stood there waiting for Nathan to leave. When he didn't automatically leave, Brooke waited for him to speak.

"You're going to tell Lucas, right? I mean, this is his child too. He has a right to know." Nathan couldn't believe the words that were coming out of his mouth.

Brooke rolled her eyes and sighed as she leaned against the front door, waiting for Nathan to get the hint and leave. When he didn't make a move to leave, Brooke glared at him again and said, "Why the hell should I tell him anything? He dumped me for Peyton; AGAIN. I'm so damn tired of always being the one to get fucked over!"

Nathan stood there for a moment and stared at Brooke after her angry outburst. Then he said, "I'm not saying that you don't have a right to protect yourself against my asshole of a brother, because you do. I'm just saying that it's not fair for you to keep his child a secret from him, that's all."

After he spoke, Nathan sighed and decided that it was time to leave. Brooke was pissed off and probably stressed out and he knew that she didn't need that right now, so he decided to leave.

"I'll be back in a few days, Davis, whether I hear from you or not. But make no mistake; I'm bringing Haley with me the next time I come over, so try not to be too bitchy to her. She's pregnant too, you know."

Without another word, Nathan got into his car and headed over to Karen's house. He and Lucas were gonna have a talk and his brother was gonna listen to what he had to say, or he was gonna knock the shit out of him. Either way was fine by him.

Brooke watched as Nathan left and she slammed the front door shut before she quickly slid the locks back into place and headed for the bathroom. She needed to relax and a bath was just what she needed right about now.

Even though she had finally shared her secret with someone, Brooke knew that the shit was going to hit the fan. Nathan had always been protective of her and Peyton, even before Lucas had entered the picture.

With a soft sigh she slipped out of her robe and into the tub, turning the water to hot. As she sat down in the tub a calm feeling passed over her and even though she knew it wouldn't last, Brooke let herself believe that everything was going to be okay.

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Posted: Apr 16 2011, 03:02 AM

PM me for any questions or comments about the forum.

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Chapter Three:

"Is Karen here?" Nathan asked as Lucas opened the door. When his brother stared at him in surprise, Nathan just pushed past the blonde and headed for the living room.

Lucas closed the door and followed his brother into the living room. The two of them stood facing each other from opposite sides of the room. Moments later Lucas spoke, "No, my mom's at the café. She had to work late. What's going on, Nate?" He asked. He was curious and concerned about what had ticked his brother off.

"You're a dick." Nathan said and he glared when his brother stared at him in shock. "Don't look at me like you don't know what I'm talking about. You dumped Brooke for Peyton, again! I mean, I know you can't choose who you love, but this time it's… Shit, you're an idiot."

Lucas raised an eyebrow at his brother in confusion, right before he spoke. "I thought we were getting along, Nate. What's going on that's gotten you so angry?"

Nathan didn't reply at first, but seconds later his fist shot out and he punched Lucas right in the mouth, knocking his brother off of his feet in the process.

"Dammit! What the hell was that for?" Lucas asked as he slowly got up and got to his feet, a hand cupping his mouth which had started bleeding.

"You're a dick," Nathan repeated and he waited to see if his brother finally understood what was going on. After a moment, he knew that Lucas still didn't understand.

"You idiot, you left Brooke for Peyton!" When Lucas only left the room to get a towel and an ice pack for his mouth, Nathan followed him into the kitchen. Part of him wanted to hit his brother again, hoping this time the blonde would understand.

After he got a towel and an ice pack for his mouth, Lucas sat down at the kitchen table and faced his brother. They sat in silence for a moment and then Lucas moved the towel away from his mouth.

"Why are you making such a big deal out of my break-up with Brooke? We both know she can handle herself, so why are you so damn pissed?"

Nathan looked his brother square in the eyes and then said, "I'm pissed because Brooke's pregnant and you left her for Peyton, again, you moron!"

Lucas dropped the ice pack onto the table in shock. "That's not funny, Nate. You know Brooke and I were always careful. We were ALWAYS careful so that we wouldn't end up like Dan and my mom."

Nathan shook his head in anger and said, "You want to know what's not funny? What's not funny is that Brooke's all alone; she's probably scared, worried about what's happening to her body and yet, you're just sitting here acting like an ass!"

Nathan got to his feet and said, "I'm getting the hell out of here before Karen comes home and finds your stupid ass unconscious on the floor."

The door slammed shut and Lucas could only stare after his brother in shock and disbelief. Brooke was pregnant. Brooke was pregnant and she hadn't told him. What the hell were they going to do? Hell, what was he going to tell Peyton?

After a moment of wondering what to do Lucas got to his feet, grabbed the towel and ice pack and his keys, and exited the kitchen, locking the door behind him. It wasn't long before he got into his car and drove over to Brooke's. They needed to talk.


'Brooke, why aren't you answering the door or your phone?' Brooke stared at the text message that Peyton had just sent her and after a moment she deleted it and turned off her phone.

There was no way she was going to respond to Peyton's text. Even though she and Peyton had been friends for years, Brooke knew that even though her friend was very understanding, there was no way she would understand this.

What was she going to say? 'Oh hi, Peyton, sorry I haven't seen or talked to you or anyone else in over a week. I've just had trouble adjusting to the fact that I'm pregnant with your boyfriend's child.'

Yeah right, that was never going to happen. Brooke let out a quick shout of aggravation then she picked up her phone and threw it across the room with all her might, where it hit the wall and broke into tiny pieces.

As she stood there, staring at her shattered cell phone, once again came the sound of someone pounding on her front door. Not in the mood to deal with Nathan again, she stormed over to the door and unlocked it before throwing it open so hard that it slammed into the wall.

"WHAT?" Brooke demanded as she opened the door. In the moment that it took for her brain to catch up to what her eyes were seeing, she stared at Lucas in shock.

"Brooke, we need to talk. Can I come in?" Lucas asked hesitantly, taking in the sight of his obviously enraged ex-girlfriend.

When she could speak again, Brooke said stubbornly, "What's there to talk about? Nothing, since you dumped me for Peyton again!"

Lucas sighed softly and pressed the towel and ice pack to his mouth for a moment before lowering it again. "That's where you're wrong. Nathan was just at my house. Brooke, why didn't you tell me that you're pregnant?"

Brooke stared at Lucas in disgust. "Why the hell would I tell you? Since I surely can't count on you; there's no way this baby will be able to count on you and I don't want my child to get hurt like you keep hurting me."

Lucas walked toward Brooke, getting the feeling that she needed a hug but as soon as he got close, she immediately backed away from him and glared when he spoke.

"This is our child, Brooke; our child, not just yours but yours and mine. I want to be there for the two of you, if you'll let me. Come on, Brooke, what do you say?"

Brooke took one look at Lucas and said, "You can go fuck yourself for all I care. The baby and I will be fine without you. I have Nathan and Haley if I need anything. Now get out of my home and don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out."

After speaking, Brooke didn't give Lucas a chance to reply. She just turned and left the living room for her bedroom, where she slammed the door shut and locked it.

Lucas sighed and headed for the door, which he locked and then closed softly behind himself. He needed to think and a few minutes later he found himself pulling up in front of the River Court.

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Posted: Apr 16 2011, 03:03 AM

PM me for any questions or comments about the forum.

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A/N: TONS of thank you's to Judy for betaing and to all the readers!

Chapter Four:

After sitting in his car for a few minutes, Lucas turned off the engine and took off his seatbelt before he exited his car and went to sit on the bleachers.

So much was going through his mind right now that he had no idea what to do. While he loved Peyton, Brooke was pregnant with his child. What was the right thing to do?

Lucas sighed softly. He didn’t want to hurt Brooke or Peyton but no matter what happened; someone was going to be hurt by the time everything was out in the open.

He ran his hand through his hair in frustration and then looked up a moment later at the sound of someone approaching him and he couldn’t help but smile a little when Mouth and Skills walked into sight.

Mouth took a seat next to him on the bleachers while Skills dribbled once and then took a shot that went perfectly through the hoop. “What’s going on, Luke? We haven’t seen you around much lately and when we’re at school, you’re always on your phone during lunch or free period. Then today, you show up suddenly sporting a busted lip. What happened?”

Lucas looked at Mouth and began to explain. “You know that Peyton and I are together, right?” When Mouth nodded, Lucas continued speaking. “Well, when I broke things off with Brooke, I knew she would be upset but I never thought something like this would happen.”

Mouth waited a few moments and when Lucas didn’t continue to speak, he prompted him to continue. “Come on Luke, you can tell us. You know Skills and I would never tell anyone anything that you wanted to stay between us.”

Lucas nodded and after a moment he looked over at Skills who had set the basketball down and was now sitting on the bleachers with him and Mouth. With a shrug he started to speak. “Brooke’s pregnant and I don’t know what to do. I tried to talk to her, but she doesn’t want to talk and Nate and I, well, I’ve got Nate to thank for the busted lip. Though I don’t blame him really; he was just looking out for Brooke and Peyton. Hell, he’s known them a lot longer than I have.”

Skills shook his head and then said, “Dogg, it’s not simple what you gotta do. You gotta decide which woman you love more. You gotta think about which woman makes your heart race when you see her. Which woman makes you feel like you can do anything or be anything with no limitations or restrictions and which woman loves you enough to let you do what’s best for you? When you can answer those questions, you’ll know which woman is right for you, Dogg.”

Lucas thought about what Skills was telling him and when he looked up again, Skills and Mouth were leaving the River Court. Moments later he got to his feet and headed for his car once more. He needed to talk to Peyton and it wasn’t going to be an easy conversation.


Peyton didn’t know what to do as she paced around her room. She had called Brooke at least fifty times in the last week and she had left the brunette at least twenty-five text messages on her phone, but so far her friend hadn’t responded.

She and Lucas had gone over to Brooke’s apartment and had tried to get her to see them, but Brooke hadn’t bothered to answer her calls or texts, much less open the door and Peyton was starting to worry that something was wrong with her best friend.

As she picked up her cell phone and was about to try calling Brooke again she looked up and suddenly noticed Lucas standing in her doorway, leaning against the frame.

Before any words could be spoken, Peyton dropped her phone on the bed and she quickly got up from the bed and moments later she was in Lucas’s arms kissing him.

Moments later Lucas pulled out of the kiss and Peyton stared at him in shock. Lucas never broke their kiss. She was usually the one who pulled away first.

“We need to talk,” Lucas said and he could tell by Peyton’s facial expression that she was surprised. With a soft sigh, Lucas led Peyton over to the bed where the two of them sat down.

“Luke, is everything okay?” Peyton asked as she searched his eyes, trying to find out what could be going on that would make him look so serious right now.

Lucas shook his head and said, “Peyton, there’s something you should know.” He cleared his throat nervously and then continued. “Brooke’s pregnant and the baby's mine.”

After Lucas spoke, Peyton immediately pulled away and out of his embrace. She got up and started to pace the room again. “You’re lying,” Peyton said flatly, wanting with everything in her for what he was saying to be a lie.

Lucas shook his head again and said, “I’m not lying. Brooke pretty much confirmed it when I tried to talk to her earlier.”

Peyton still didn’t want to believe it. “You must have heard her wrong. I know Brooke. She’s my best friend and she would tell me if something important like this was going on in her life!”

Lucas got up and walked over to Peyton. He tried to wrap his arms around her but she pulled away just as he began to speak. “We haven’t been hanging around her much lately, Peyt. We’ve been a little busy with our relationship and I just wanted you to know what’s going on. It doesn’t change the way I feel for you.”

Peyton stared at Lucas. “Brooke’s my best friend,” she repeated. “How can you even be here worrying about how I’m going to react when Brooke’s the one who’s pregnant?”

Lucas tried to speak but Peyton cut him off. “Go home Lucas, or better yet go and see Brooke. She’s probably a mess and she needs you right now. Oh you know what? Just leave! I can deal with you right now.”

The look on his face almost made Peyton take back the words she had sad; almost but not quite. There was more at stake now, then an old relationship or a new relationship. A baby was involved now and things were going to change whether they were ready or not.

Peyton watched as Lucas finally realized that she meant what she said. He walked over to the door and with one last look at her, Lucas left. Peyton walked over to her bed and dropped down onto it and the tears she had been holding in, started to fall. Everything was such a mess.

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Posted: Apr 16 2011, 03:03 AM

PM me for any questions or comments about the forum.

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Thanks to Judy for betaing and to everyone who has read and reviewed!

Chapter Five:

Two days later…

Brooke didn't know why she was doing this. After the way they had treated her, she didn't owe them anything, especially not Peyton. But there was still this voice in her head that kept saying 'What about Peyton? What about your best friend?'

So now she had to make the voice disappear. Brooke squared her shoulders and straightened her spine before she finally knocked on the door of what had once been her best friend's house.

A few moments later the door opened. Instead of the usual horrible music that usually blared from inside, there was only silence as Peyton opened the door and stared at her in surprise.

"Brooke, what are you doing here? I mean, is everything okay? Is something wrong with the baby?" Peyton asked and Brooke didn't answer, just pushed roughly past Peyton and walked into the house as Peyton closed the door and turned to face her.

"I want to be your friend, Peyton. I want to go back to the way things were before Lucas ever got between us but I can't. The two of you screwed me over. Now I can understand Lucas doing that because he can never make up his mind, but I thought I knew you better! You're supposed to be my best friend and best friends don't steal boyfriends and date them behind their back. You did and it hurt me! I don't know if we can ever be friends after this. How much am I supposed to put up with? He's ALWAYS saving you and I thought if I asked him to save me that it would fix things. But no matter what I do, no matter how much I love him, he always chooses you!"

After her outburst Peyton stared at Brooke in surprise. It was so like Brooke to keep things bottled up inside to the point of where they almost made her sick and she worried about what this could do to the baby.

Peyton took a moment to gather her thoughts before she spoke. "He didn't choose me, Brooke. He didn't choose either one of us. But if I know Luke and I do, then I'm sure he's thinking real hard about what he wants. Though I'm pretty sure that he's terrified of becoming a parent and your insecurities don't help things, I'm sure."

Brooke glared at Peyton and said, "You know, even though I said that we couldn't be friends I was hoping in time that things would get better between us. That I'd change my mind soon, but we can never be the friends we once were. I was going to give you a chance to apologize to me and then I'd let you know that maybe we could attempt to be friends again. But since you seem to think so little of me, you can just go to Hell. Oh, and since you seem to think that my insecurities are so horrible that they would make me bad mother, think of this. At least I had one! You had two that died to get away from you and even though Victoria isn't a great mother, at least she's still alive!"

Moments after speaking, Brook hauled off and punched Peyton in the eye. After punching Peyton, she froze for a moment and then said, "Don't you ever imply that my insecurities will affect how I raise my child! I love this child already and if Victoria has taught me anything it's to never be like her!"

Brooke turned and left Peyton's house, getting into her car and immediately starting it before driving off. The only problem was that in her rush to get away from Peyton, Brooke had forgotten one very important thing that one should always do when in a car. She had forgotten to put on her seat belt…

Nathan and Haley had gone over to Brooke's apartment to see how she was doing. They had stood on Brooke's porch for twenty minutes knocking on the door and when no sound came at all, they called the building manager. After saying that they were worried something had happened to their friend, they had gotten him to open the door to Brooke's apartment, only to find that she wasn't home.

It only took Nathan a moment to realize where Brooke had gone now that she had finally decided to come out of hiding. "Oh shit," Nathan muttered and when Haley stared at him he said, "Brooke's gone to see Peyton and I can guarantee you that nothing good will come from this visit. Come on, Hales. Maybe we can head her off before she gets to Peyton's house and the two of them start a fight."

The two of them stared at each other moment a moment and then they both hurried for the car. Before long they were pulling up in front of Peyton's house, just in time to see Brooke pulling out of Peyton's driveway, wheels squealing as she left.

Nathan immediately parked the car and jumped out of it. "Stay here, Hales," he said as he ran after Brooke who was already halfway up the street. The next thing that happened made Nathan's blood go cold in his veins as Brooke's car was hit head on. He heard Haley's scream of horror from behind him but he didn't stop and instead just started running toward Brooke.

Her car was destroyed and Nathan started doing something he had never in his life done before; He started to pray, hoping that Brooke and the baby would be okay.

As he reached the scene of the accident, the driver in the other car had managed to get out and was unscathed as Nathan tried to figure out a way to get Brooke out of the car without hurting her more than she already was.

Neighbors were lining the streets now as Nathan circled the car and tried to come up with a way to remove Brooke from the car, when he felt arms slide around his waist. He stopped walking, turned to Haley and spoke.

"Did you call the cops?" When Haley nodded, Nathan continued. "How about Luke, did you call him? He's gonna freak when he hears about this." When Haley nodded again, Nathan hugged her quickly before he motioned her to back up and stand a safe distance away with the crowd.

When Nathan was sure that Haley was safe, he turned his attention back to the wreckage and walked over to Brooke's door. A moment later he felt someone tap him on the shoulder and saw that it was one of the residents that lived nearby and they handed him a bat and he broke the window.

At Haley's gasp, he again motioned for her to stay back and then motioned for the other driver to help him get Brooke out of the car. As they tried to pry open the door, Nathan suddenly felt a soft hand near his and when he looked to the side, Peyton was there trying to help him and the other driver open the door.

"What the hell are you doing, Sawyer?" Nathan demanded; surprised to see the long piece of metal she held in her other hand.

"Not now, Nathan! Let's get Brooke out of here first and argue later!" Peyton said as she managed to get the piece of metal inside the window and was able to jam the bottom of it in between Brooke's side and the door. Then she motioned for Nathan and the other driver to help her pry the door open.

Between the three of them, after several failed attempts they managed to pry the door open with both of the men doing more of the work since they were bigger than she was. But finally they managed to get the door open and all they could do was stare at Brooke's still figure.

It was only a few moments before Nathan heard the second sound that made his blood run cold. He heard his brother's voice as he approached the wreckage.

"Haley, where are you? What's going on? Why are there so many people around?" Lucas called out as he tried to find his best friend in the crowd.

When he had pushed his way through the crowd he stood staring at the sight of Brooke's wrecked car. The scream of agony that left his lips made everyone cringe, including the paramedics that had finally showed up and were now removing Brooke carefully from the car and loading her onto a stretcher…

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Author's Note: First off I just want to say thank you to my friend and beta Judy for doing such a wonderful job betaing for me, thanks Judy! Next I want to thank everyone who has read or read and reviewed this story and I want to let you guys know that I'm changing the summary. I was going to have Lucas and Peyton be together and have Lucas and Brooke just have the baby together but I've changed my mind, hopefully for the better. While this next chapter is sad, it sets up for the upcoming chapters but don't worry, Lucas and Brooke are still endgame with a few surprises like who Peyton will end up with and who else is together. By the way, a tiny Baley scene is in this chapter. It's one-sided but that will change soon enough. So thank you for reading everyone and I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

Chapter Six:

Two days. In two days a lot can happen. A hurt friend can entertain the idea of forgiveness enough to go and find the person or people who hurt them and let the person or people know they forgive them.

They can also lash out when one of those who hurt them, says something out of spite just to get under their skin.

In just two simple days someone you love can be perfectly fine, until they act without thinking and get into a car without wearing their seat belt…

Lucas felt like he was going to go crazy. They had been sitting around for two days, waiting to hear about Brooke and the baby. But so far no one had had any news.

He looked over at Nathan who was hugging a sobbing Haley, before he turned and searched for Peyton. Moments later he spotted her sitting in a far corner by herself, red rimmed eyes and a worried expression on her face.

Not knowing what else to do, Lucas got to his feet and walked over to Peyton, where he took a seat next to her and slipped a comforting arm around her.

"She's going to be okay, Peyt. Brooke's strong and she's not going to leave us," Lucas said softly when Peyton started sniffling.

Peyton grabbed a tissue from the box on a nearby table and after she wiped her eyes she said, "Brooke's my best friend, Luke. She's one of the few people who's been beside me and had my back for as long as I can remember. She's been there for me through everything and I don't know what I'll do if she doesn't make it."

Lucas hugged Peyton gently and repeated himself, "She's not going to leave us." Deep down Lucas hoped that if he said it enough, it would turn out to be true. When the waiting room suddenly fell silent, Lucas and Peyton both looked up to see the doctor scanning the waiting room.

Both Lucas and Peyton knew that he was looking for Brooke's parents, but no one knew where they were. The last time Brooke had heard from her mother, Victoria had been in Hawaii and she wasn't coming back any time soon. As for Brooke's father, no one knew where he was anymore.

As the doctor continued to scan the room, Lucas removed his arm from around Peyton and he got to his feet and walked over to the doctor...

~!~ ~!~ ~!~ ~!~

Thirty minutes later Lucas walked into Brooke's room. He paused in the doorway and stared at the sight of Brooke lying so still in the bed. The doctor had said she was unconscious and would be for a few days, but that was nothing compared to the pain Lucas knew Brooke was going to be in, when she woke up and heard about the baby.

He forced himself to enter the room and then he closed the door before he took a seat in one of the two chairs next to the bed. Lucas grabbed one of Brooke's hands and held it in his own.

Brooke looked so fragile right now, like she could break at any moment and Lucas was worried about how she was going to react when she heard about the baby.

He had talked to the doctor and it had taken a while but he had convinced the man to let him tell Brooke about the baby when she regained consciousness.

After spending an hour with Brooke, a nurse came in and told him that visiting hours were almost over. He nodded and said, "I'll be back, Brooke." Then Lucas got to his feet and exited Brooke's room…

~!~ ~!~ ~!~ ~!~

While Lucas had been seeing about Brooke, Peyton had pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and left the building before she had dialed a number that she hadn't called in years.

When he answered, it was like she was back in first grade and he was standing before her, pulling her hair and then telling her that they would always be friends.

"Julian, its Peyton. I need to talk to you. It's about Brooke. There's been an accident…."

~!~ ~!~ ~!~ ~!~

Lucas had left Brooke's room and was headed back for the waiting room. As he entered the waiting room, Lucas paused as he stared at Peyton wrapped in the arms of some guy.

He quickly looked over at Nathan and Haley, and then at Mouth and Millie and Skills and Rachel who had just arrived. He was surprised that none of them were asking about the stranger Peyton was hugging.

However when Peyton stepped out of the guy's embrace, Lucas froze as the guy turned to face him. A voice he hadn't heard in years asked, "Hey Luke, how's Brooke doing?"

Seeing the guy who had been one of his best friends as a kid was a shock to say the least. He and Julian had been best friends along with all the others since they were born.

Their mothers had all been best friends and they had all been best friends until Julian and Brooke's father had decided to move to Los Angeles when they were in seventh grade.

Julian and Brooke's father had taken Julian with him and Brooke had stayed with Victoria the few times the woman had been around.

It took Lucas a few minutes to pull himself together and to be able find the words to speak and when he did, he slid to the floor as the devastating words left his lips.

"She lost the baby. The doctor said that since the other car hit her head on, her body slammed into the steering wheel with such force that there was no way the baby could have survived. He also said that Brooke's lucky she didn't break her neck, or it would have been fatal. The good news is that Brooke's only unconscious right now and that she should only be like this for a few more days… I don't know how I'm going to tell her when she wakes up…"

~!~ ~!~ ~!~ ~!~

Usually Haley would have been the one to comfort Lucas, but she knew that everyone else would be there if he needed something. So she gently squeezed Nathan's hand and said, "I'm going to see Brooke. Will you stay here in case Luke needs something?"

When Nathan nodded, Haley smiled sadly, kissed his cheek and then headed for Brooke's hospital room. Haley gently pushed open the door to Brooke's room and took a seat in one of the chairs beside the bed.

"I don't know if you can hear me, but I'm sorry, Tigger. I'm so sorry about your baby. I know you would have made a great mom and you still will someday." She took Brooke's hand into her own and she held it.

"I know it's gonna be hard when you wake up and find out, but I want you to know that no matter what, we'll be here for you; all of us, if you'll let us. We love you, Brooke Davis. You're more than just a friend to all of us; you're family and whenever you feel like talking we'll be here to listen. I know that you and I don't always see eye to eye, but you're one of my best friends and I want you to always know that…"

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A/N: As usual, A huge thank you to my friend Judy for betaing. It's always appreciated! Thanks to the reviewers!

Chapter Seven:

The next night Lucas found himself pacing back and forth across the floor of Brooke's hospital room. Today was the second day that Brooke had been unconscious and even though the doctor had said she would be unconscious for a few days, Lucas couldn't help but worry.

Each day that went by and Brooke didn't regain consciousness was another day that increased the risk that she would never wake up. The doctor had said that while she was unconscious her body was healing itself.

It would just take some time for her to come back to them. He had also said there had been no brain damage or broken bones and that Brooke had been lucky.

Brooke had been lucky, yeah right. Lucas would have laughed if his heart hadn't been broken. How was he going to tell her that their child was dead? How was he going to look Brooke in the eyes and tell her that she would never get to hold their daughter?

Lucas was barely holding it together himself. He had almost broken down when the doctor had told him the baby would have been a little girl. Apparently someone had come up with a new way to find out a baby's sex earlier in pregnancy.

Brooke had only been eight weeks along in her pregnancy. It was bad enough the accident had happened. Now this had to happen. Lucas quickly and silently wiped his eyes with his sleeve.

The thought of never getting to hold his daughter, or see her laugh or cry tore at his heart. Lucas felt like someone had ripped his heart from his chest and shredded it into tiny pieces.

The only reason he wasn't on the floor crying like a child was because he was afraid that Brooke would hear him. The doctor had said that even though Brooke was unconscious, there was a good chance she could hear what was going on around her even if she couldn't see it or respond to it.

Lucas told himself to keep going, that Brooke needed him to be strong for her while she was unconscious. A few tears fell from his eyes and he froze when the door to Brooke's room opened and Julian walked in.

"How's she doing?" Julian asked as he came and stood beside the blonde man. When Lucas didn't reply, Julian turned his attention to Brooke's unconscious form before speaking. "You gotta have faith, Luke. You gotta believe that even though you're in pain right now, that things will turn out okay in the end."

Lucas nodded before he said, "How the hell can you be so calm with Brooke lying there not moving? I'd think you of all people would be the most worried. She's your sister, after all."

Julian was silent for a moment and then he said, "Sure, I'm worried about Brooke. I'm worried about you, too. Losing a child is difficult for a married couple let alone two people that love each other and have been friends all their lives. Hell, I'm worried about everyone, but Brooke most of all. She's going to need us, Luke, and it's not going to be easy…"

~!~ ~!~ ~!~ ~!~

An hour later…

Almost everyone else had gone home and Lucas had finally drifted off to sleep in one of the chairs beside Brooke's bed. Julian had been sitting next to him, keeping an eye on both Lucas and his sister.

The door opened silently and Haley walked in. Julian was surprised but he quickly got to his feet and walked over to Haley and hugged her. "How are you doing, Hales?" Julian asked softly as he steered her into the chair he had just vacated.

"I'm a lot better than they are," Haley said worriedly. When Julian nodded, Haley got to her feet once more, reached for Julian and hugged him again.

"I'm glad you're here. I've been hoping that you and Brooke would find a way to be friends. You're brother and sister; you guys can't go on hating each other for your parent's actions. It was a long time ago," Haley said gently. "Besides, Brooke and Lucas are going to need all the help and support they can get after this."

Julian nodded as he continued to hold onto Haley in their hug. "I know, Hales. I just can't believe that it took something like this for me to finally come and see about my sister. Brooke's the only family I've got left since both of our parents are MIA and have been for a while now."

Haley sighed softly before she spoke. "We should have called you sooner. We've all been worried about Brooke for a while now. She and Peyton had a falling out over Lucas and Brooke had locked herself away in her apartment for a week before Nathan had finally gone over to see her and had gotten through to her."

Julian nodded again as he released Haley from the hug. As Haley resumed her seat next to a sleeping Lucas, Julian said, "I just want Brooke to be okay. I want the chance to get to know my sister again. She's only a year younger than I am and I barely know anything about her except that she has good taste in friends and that she likes cheerleading."

Haley smiled a little and then said, "I'm glad that you finally came back. We've all missed you and I know that Brooke might be a little surprised to see you when she comes to, but I know she'll be glad you're here, even if she doesn't say it out loud."

Julian sighed softly and Haley smiled sadly at her friend. "I think it's time for me to get out of your hair for a while. Nathan and I are going home, but if you or Luke need anything I want you to call us. We care about all of you and if something happens with Brooke, no matter what time it is, we want to know."

After she spoke, Haley hugged Julian again then kissed his cheek before she silently left the room.

When Haley left, Julian turned back to Brooke and Lucas and he sighed softly, wondering what he could do to make things better.

It didn't help that he wanted to hit something or someone. Julian hated feeling useless and helpless and that was how he felt…

~!~ ~!~ ~!~ ~!~

It was the next morning, almost 5 am and Julian still hadn't gone to sleep when Lucas woke up. He watched as the blond looked around the room and paused when their eyes met.

"There's still no change, Luke. A nurse came in about fifteen minutes ago and said there's still no change. Shit!" Julian cursed softly before he continued. "Brooke's been here for two and a half days. This isn't a good sign, Luke. What if she doesn't wake up?"

Lucas turned and looked at Julian. "That's not going to happen. Your sister's stubborn and you and I both know that she's not going to let this stop her from being where she wants to be. We both know that she wants to be here with us…"

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