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 Frome Friends to Something More, RoEl One-Shot
Posted: Jan 4 2009, 05:30 PM


Fandom: General Hospital
Title: From Friends to Something More
Characters: Robin and Elizabeth
Pairing: Robin/Elizabeth (RoEl)
Rating/Warning: PG. AU, FemSlash, Friendship, Minor Character Death, OOC.
Summary: Robin remembers how she and Elizabeth went from friends to lovers.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except this story.
Author’s Note: Thanks to my friend and beta Judy for all her help and to all the readers for all your support. This story is major AU in the way Robin and Liz met. Seeing as I don’t know how Robin and Liz met, this is my version of how they met, in a FemSlash setting. Robin and Lucky were best friends instead of Lucky and Emily. Cameron and Jake don’t exist and this fic also deals with the death of Lucky.

*From Friends to Something More*


I remember the first time that I ever saw Elizabeth. She was sitting on the stairs at the docks, the wind blowing her hair out of her face and she was crying. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and she was clutching a small box in her arms, looking like she never wanted to let it go. She looked familiar to me and it was apparent that she could use a friend. So I decided to try and see if there was some way that I could help. So I approached her and introduced myself.

“Hi, my name is Robin. You look like you could use a friend.” She had turned to me then and set down the little box she had been holding. After getting a tissue from her purse and wiping her eyes with it, she tried to smile and then she introduced herself to me.

“Hi Robin, my name is Elizabeth. As to having a friend, yeah that would really help.” Unable to help myself when she fell silent a moment later I asked, “What’s made you so sad?” Elizabeth wiped her eyes once more with the tissue and then said, “A friend of mine died yesterday. His name was Lucky and he was a cop on the Port Charles Police Force.” I paused for a moment, wondering if Elizabeth was talking about the same Lucky that I had known all my life.

“What was his last name?” I asked softly. Elizabeth took a breath, let it out and then said, “His last name was Spencer. Here, this is a picture of him.” Moments later Elizabeth set down her tissue and pulled a picture from her purse.

When she handed me the picture, I knew that it was true. I hadn’t heard from Lucky since the previous morning and I was starting to worry about him. But now, with Elizabeth sitting next to me telling me that my best friend was dead, it was like a punch to the gut. I handed her back the picture of Lucky and watched as she slipped it back inside her purse. That day which had started out so terribly, turned into what would be the best relationship of my life.

We went to the funeral the next day, both of us unable to stop crying the whole time. Seeing Lucky lying so still in the casket was what broke me. The last thing I remember is standing next to Elizabeth in front of the casket, saying a few last words to Lucky, before the world went black.

I remember regaining consciousness and then feeling someone take hold of my arm and help me into a sitting position. I also remember several people talking to me at once, asking if I was okay. The only thing I could manage to say was, “Lucky?” The pain and sorrow in Elizabeth’s eyes almost made me come undone again and I had to ask for help getting to my feet and to my car, because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to make it on my own. All I knew at the time was that I had lost my best friend and I needed to find some way to make the pain end.

As I started to slip from the church and get to my car, I felt a hand on my arm once more and turned to see Elizabeth again.

“I know that you’re sad Robin, but Lucky wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself because he’s no longer alive. He would want you to go on living and taking care of yourself.” I had watched Elizabeth as she paused and I had wondered what she was going to ask me. “Did he know? Did Lucky know that you have HIV?” I could only nod my head and watch her reaction. I thought that she would be like everyone else when they found out about my HIV.

They would get a look of disgust on their faces and then they would decide then and there not to associate with me ever again. I knew that the whole town thought I slept around and that that was how I had gotten HIV. But the truth is I had gotten it from a man who had been my first boyfriend when I was a teenager.

I had thought that I had been in love with Stone but in the end we had been better off as friends. I ended up saying this to Elizabeth that day and by early evening I had wanted to drink myself silly. I had had a few glasses of wine, but I want to get good and messed up to try and forget about Lucky’s death and the fact that the only two men I’ve ever let get close to me have died. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t had Elizabeth there with me in the time after Lucky’s death.

She was the glue that held me together when all I had wanted to do was fall apart and break into a million shattered pieces. We had become friends in the weeks following Lucky’s death and I’m glad to say that since then we have gone from friends to something more.

We have become lovers and I swear that Lucky is smiling down on us every day. I can still hear his laughter and the silly comments he used to make, when I tell a joke to Elizabeth. It’s like he’s sitting nearby watching us fall more in love with each other every day and he wants to make sure that both of us are happy. When I tell Elizabeth that I can still hear Lucky’s laughter or feel his presence in my house, she nods and tells me that it’s because Lucky and I were good friends and we loved each other very much and that he’s still with me.

I know it’s true because I know that Lucky would like Elizabeth and I being together and this was a way to make it happen. I just hope that wherever Lucky is he knows that Elizabeth and I love him and miss him. We talk about him every day and we visit his grave five times a week. The two of us sit on the grass next to Lucky’s grave and we talk to him about our lives and friends and family.

We have kept in touch with Lucky’s family, knowing that his parents and siblings could use some help with things and all of them could use some friends. Lulu and Nikolas have changed since Lucky died and I wonder if things will ever be normal for them again. But what is normal when your brother is dead? I just hope that all of Lucky’s friends and family can love and remember him but still be able to get on with their lives. That’s what he would want.

The end.
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