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 Fanfic Contest Voting, Closed.
Posted: Nov 13 2008, 10:07 PM


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GHOnline Fanfic Challenge Voting!!!

First off I would like to thank the three people who entered, you guys know who u are so thank you. I wish more people would have entered but we got three awesome stories so you are all winners in my book. All of your stories were wonderful. So thank you for taking the time to write them for us.

Here are the guidelines for voting:

1. Only Vote for ONE story, and DO NOT vote for yourself(if you are a paticipant)!!! Please do not be bias as to the couple used in the story. Do not vote for a story just because that is your favorite couple, vote for it because you think it's the most creative and your favorite story.

2. PM me your votes, DO NOT post your vote in this thread!!

3. Voting will last til December 14th.

Good luck to everyone and if you sent me your fanfic entry but I didn't get it please PM me as soon as possible with your fanfic.

Thank you for entering , and here are the stories:

Entry 1

It was a cold December day in Port Charles when Logan Hayes last walked the earth and sent Lulu Spencer to the hospital. For Lulu it was a normal day, coffee from Kelly’s and then to work at Crimson with her, off and on again BFF, Maxie Jones. Kate had a business meeting in Manhattan with Jax so she was absent from the office. Maxie was out running some errands. So once again it was another day that Lulu was left alone. However, she never knew that, that day was the day that would change her life forever. No one knew for sure what happened that day but the PCPD knew that if Logan hadn’t died when he did that his harsh obsessive play would have continued until Lulu did.
Logan was obsessed with Lulu, probably because she was beautiful and they had a short romance. However when Lulu met bad boy, Johnny, her heart turned from Logan to Johnny almost just like that. Lulu & Johnny were trying to make a relationship work despite his father’s disapproval and Logan’s strong feelings that he still had for Lulu. Never mind Anthony’s disapproval and Logan’s love for Lulu, Lulu & Johnny managed to keep a romance going and going strong.
Months later they had finally thought everything was fine with their relationship. Anthony had decided to back off for the time being and Logan really seemed to be out of the picture. Johnny felt he had nothing to worry about. All he wanted was for Lulu to be safe and he would go to any measurers to do so. Being apart of a mobster family was at time difficult for Johnny but he knew how to protect himself and the people that he loved, even if his father disagreed. Lulu being his girlfriend was of course at the top of his list.
It was December 10th and it was an ordinary day for Lulu. She grabbed her morning coffee at Kelly’s and went straight to crimson, a magazine managed by Kate Howard. Typical for Lulu she arrived late.
“You’re late, once again” Maxie scolded as she heard the footsteps coming off the elevator. Of course knowing it was Lulu.
“Yeah and again, I’m sorry. I over slept a little then ran to get coffee at Kelly’s.” Lulu responded walking straight to her desk. “I brought you a coffee but since you’re being a bitch to me, ONCE AGAIN, maybe I’ll just through it out”
“Do whatever you want with it, I have errands to run” Maxie told her getting up from her desks picking up some packages. “But since you went out of your way, I’ll take it with me.”
Lulu sat down at her desk and logged on her computer. She rolled her eyes and Maxie’s comment and nodded her head in the direction of Maxie’s coffee cup.
Maxie flashed a half fake smile “Thanks. Oh and if Spinelli drops by, don’t automatically think he’s here for you. I’m helping him with something for Jason. Just telling him I’ll be back later, okay? Chow” Maxie added and left on the elevator to run some errands.
As Maxie walked off Lulu mocked her voice saying, “Tell him I’ll be back later, kay? Chow” she once again rolled her eyes.
Just as Maxie left none other then Logan Hayes stepped off the elevator to see Lulu. He walked over to her desk and gave her a smile. “Lulu, Hi”
Lulu finished typing the sentence she was writing and looked up quickly at Logan “Oh, hey” she said and began typing again.
“I was hoping I could talk to you?” He asked her trying to get her attention.
“Logan, I’m working” She told him still typing “Can this wait until later?”
“No!” Logan snapped banging his hand down on the table “I need to talk to you NOW!”
“Okay, okay” Lulu said saving her files on the computer. “What brings you here?”
“You do, Lulu. I love you & I miss you.” he told her honestly out of the blue. “I want to be with you. Every time I see you, you give me the chills, the chills you get when you know you’re meant for that person. Even when you’re not around and I think of you, I get chills up my spine”
“Logan, you can’t do this. I’m with Johnny now, I love him.” She told him calmly “You know that. Johnny & I are together. You & I ended what we had months ago.”
“I can’t bare to be away from you, Lulu. I want you, I NEED you.” He said getting closer to her.
She could hear the desperation in Logan’s voice and it scared her. “Logan, you don’t want me. You need to move on.” she told him trying to make him see that she was with Johnny and was happy with him. “You need someone who loves you back, not me. I can’t love you back Logan”
“Dammit Lulu.” He yelled and grabbed a hold of both of her arms. “You’re going to sleep with me if I have to rip the clothes off of your body.”
Lulu became even more scared with Logan’s threat to rape her. “No, you don’t want to do that Logan. Think of what will happen to you, think of how disappointed your father will be in you.” she added trying to stay strong and not start crying.
“My father wants us together, he’s been telling you that for months” He said getting up in her face, still angry.
“But he doesn’t want this. He doesn’t want you to do this.” She told him starting to panic. “Logan, you’re really scaring me. You’re giving me chills down my spine, and not the kind you get when you’re in love with someone. The kind you get when you’re terrified for your life!”
He threw her up against the wall. She fell down, crying. He picked her up and gripped her arm with one hand and smacked her across the face with his free hand. He did this repeatedly for a few minutes. He then began kissing her neck.
Lulu tried to squirm her way out of Logan’s grip. “Logan, no, Logan stop!” she yelled panicking “Please, stop... SOMEONE HELP ME!”
A few miles away from the Crimson offices, Maxie had realized the package she had forgotten. She turned around in a local homes driveway and headed back to the office. She got on the elevator and went to the floor of Crimson. While she waited for the elevator doors to open she thought she heard someone screaming for help. Could it be Lulu? She asked herself. She quietly came around the corner when she saw Logan back on. To Maxie it looked like her was trying to rape Lulu or at least hurt her in some way. She quietly picked up an empty vase. She walked over at his Logan across the head. Logan dropped to the floor. He was unconscious. Once he was on the floor Maxie hit him over the head once again to be sure he wouldn’t get up.
After the shock of what Maxie did and noticing that Lulu was in the corner on the floor beaten black and blue, she called for an ambulance. Right after that she called the PCPD. They came and the paramedics announced Logan dead at the scene. Lulu was rushed to the hospital where she was said to have 2 broken ribs and a fractured jaw, along with a black eye. The police got Maxie’s statement there on the scene but decided to get Lulu’s once she was recovered.
A week later Lulu was still in the hospital in recovery. Johnny was by her side almost 24/7She was sat up in her bed reading a magazine. That’s when Maxie arrived.
“Hey...” she said walking in Lulu’s room.
Lulu looked up from her magazine then noticing it was Maxie, laid it down on the table beside her bed. “Hi.”
“How are you feeling? Silly question, pretty crappy I guess, huh?” Maxie said
Lulu nodded a little again “Pretty much, yeah”
“Kate wanted me to tell you that your job is waiting for you whenever you’re reading to come back to work. She also said there was no rush to get better.” Maxie told her walking father into the room and sitting on a stool next to Maxie’s bed.
Lulu nodded a little. “Thank you.”
“Oh, no need to thank me.” She smiled a little “Thank Kate”
“No, I mean thank you for saving my life” Lulu told her.
Maxie shrugged “You’re welcome. I really didn’t think about it, he was hurting you.... Lulu we haven’t talked about that night since it happened. What exactly did happen, what did he do?”
Lulu looked down at the floor then up at Maxie. “He gave me the chills Maxie, and not the kind you get when you know that person is made for you. Thinking of him gives me the chills”
A few days later, Lulu was released from the hospital. However she didn’t go straight back to work. She was staying at her apartment, which she shared with Johnny. He was doing everything he could to help her and make a speedy recovery. Within the next month Lulu was back to her job and back to her life. Except she was never okay with staying at Crimson alone, even if she knew Logan could never give her the chills ever again.

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Posted: Nov 13 2008, 10:08 PM


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Entry 2: Just You and Me

Title: Just You and Me
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Jason Morgan and Samantha McCall
Summary: A talk between two old friends bring back the feelings associated with them.
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone you recognize.
Notes: 2008; Jason and Sam talk to each other, have become friends again; Lucky is baby Jake's father; LnL2 moved away to raise their children together
Prompt: "True love is not about the hugs and kisses, the 'I Love You's' or the 'I Miss You's', but about the chills that hit every part of your spine when you think about him/her."


Can you imagine being in love with someone that you can't have? Can you imagine them being right there in your face but you can't declare you love? For fear of reject or some other reason?

The love I have for her can't be declared because we simply can't be in love with each other. We have both moved on and she could care less if I dropped dead and she thinks that I could care less that she drop dead herself. What she doesn't know is that, I would never want that to happen, even when I was suppose to hate her, I just couldn't. I know that we caused each other pain and heartache but that doesn't matter to me anymore. I've tried to move on from her but it's difficult. It's like she gives you a soul when you are inhumane. She's gives you a smile when you've been through nothing but hell. She tells you what you need to hear whether than what you want to hear. She's honest and truthful with you, even if she knows that it will hurt you. I never would have imagined that she would be able to make me feel again. I never thought that someone as broken as I was, would be able to make me feel safe again. Like I had a purpose in this world, like I was better than what I was. I wanted to be a better person for her but in turn, I took everything she had, without giving her what she deserved in turn. I feel like shit when I think about what happened to us. I say that it's cause of other things in my life but when I am at home, in private and by myself, it's the reason I can't function anymore. But I have to keep in mind, that it's not a home anymore. It's a place with my name on it, nothing more, nothing less. It's a place that has pain, heartache, deceit and lies written all over it. It's a place that with her, it was a home. It was much of a home but she made that place feel like it was. I wish it would have worked out. We could have made it work but we both had accusations about the other that neither was even close to feeling. She thought I was giving up and I thought she was done. That couldn't have been anything further than the truth. She wasn't done with me, per say, but the way that I took from her and never gave a damn thing. I'm sure that IF I put her first, she would have stuck it out, for me and we would have been stronger than ever. What she didn't know was that I wasn't giving up, it's just that I've never been good with expressing my feelings with others. I've never been able to outright say the things like 'I love you' or that I wanted something I wasn't getting. Even right now, I should pick up the phone and tell her that I miss her, love her and want to be with her but I can't. I've never been one to do that. I've always had others tell me that, never was I the first one to initate a contact of that magnitude. I was incapable of that impulse. That impulse was never going to be me, I was taught that it never could, unless it was business. Business that I put in front of everything and everyone, including her. That business that I loved so much, never loved me back and never could. It didn't love anyone and took away everything that a person had. Maybe that's why I excleed so much in it, because we were had the same statistics. The same background of not initating the contact, of dragging people in so deep that you take everything within the person's soul away.

As the elevator comes to the floor of my penthouse, I am so deep in thought that I don't reccognize the scent. The unforgettable scent of her and her favorite. I miss it because I am too busy in my own thoughts of how I fucked up everything I ever touched. I wave to the guards that are posted outside the door as they try and get my attention of what's in front of me, but I am too deep lost within myself to see that. It's not until I get to the door and look down, that I notice what they were trying to say to me. Here was the object of my thoughts, the person who couldn't escape.

"How long has she been here?" I asked of one of the guards, one of the guards that tried to tell me.

"Not long, boss. About 20 minutes. She said that it was important and that she wasn't leaving until it was addressed" the guard who had worked for him for over two years now, said.

"Why didn't you let her in?" I ask, as if it's the most simplest thing in the world for them to comprehend.

"I offered her that, she said she didn't want to go in until you came in."

"Okay, but next time, whether she protests or not, make sure that she is in the house and not outside" I tell him in the tone that left no room for argument. I pick her up like old times and smile as she mumbles something incoherent. She always did do that when I picked her up, it's nice to see that nothing has changed. But then that thought of everything has changed creeps in my mind. I open the door and immediate place her down on the new couch of his house. After he placed her on the couch, he sat on the ground and did like he always did. He watched her sleep. Call me crazy or a staler, or just plain weird, but watching her sleep was one of my favorite things about her. It's like I can remember every curve of her face, everytime she took a breath, it's like it was magic happening right in front of my eyes. I know that it's sappy as hell for me to think about this, but this is what she does to me. It's like I can't help but think about sappy things with her, like I am some romantic or something. I laugh a little at this thought. I try to keep quiet though, I don't want to disturb her. As I do this, a piece of her hair falls out of place and I can't help myself when it comes to this. I have to put it back in place because it's unjust to let it stay out of place. As I do this, she stirs some more and I am forced to put my hand beside myself as she is not only stirring but waking up. I allow her to take in her surrounds first and then wait for her to say something.

"Hey, I needed to talk to you" she said as she looked into my baby blues, with a seriousness I've never seen before.

"Okay, what about?"

"I--I don't think is a good idea now that you are here. I don't know what I was doing coming here. I just wish it would stop though. I can't come running to you everytime I feel something like this. I am so sorry that I wasted your time, I don't know what I was thinking. I thought if I came here, it would go away but it didn't so I got to go now" she begin to say, in her usual self, before I just stop her from walking away from me. I hated it months ago and I hate it when she does it now.

"Sam, Sam! Calm down, tell me what you are here for. I promise not to get mad." I say to calm her down. She always went into those rambling spurts when she was nervous or just felt the need to talk. I could tell that she was more nervous than needing to talk.

"I can't say it out loud right now, not in front of you, though it's about you." Sam said as she out her head down, refusing to look into my eyes now.

"Hey, you can always tell me what you think, even if it's bad." I say as I ease my finger under her chin, to get her to look into my eyes.

"Jase, it's not something that is bad but with our history, it is bad." she says as if it pains her to admit that. That it could destroy the balance we have again.

"Then just say it and we can work it out from there." I tell her as I see that she takes a deep breath before speaking.

"I think I love you again?" she says as if testing it out to see if it fits. Like she was admitting to herself that it was possible and that she couldn't believe it but she could.

I must take too long because she pulls her hand from mine. I didn't even know that we had done that until I lost the tingling sensation in my hand. The contact with her sent a chill down my spine, one that hasn't been there in a while. I wish that I could take that leap of faith and say it how I want but I can't. At least not yet. I pull Sam back to me as she gets up to walk away.

"I think I love you again, too." I say just above a whisper. After I finish saying this, I let out a calming and breathe I didn't know I was holding out. I don't know where this puts our relationship but I know that this will be unlike any other relationship I have had, including the one I had with her.

"Jase, what are we thinking?" she asked as she realizes that we just admitted that we love each other again.

"I think that we need to take it, one moment at a time. We have done everything there is in a relationship but let's start over and make it work this time." I tell her before I slowly descend toward her lips. It's like she expects the same thing when she slowly moves her way to my lips.

As our lips connect and we explore the others tongue, I think about something. It's not about the way that we know what the other is thinking, or the way that we say what we say to each other, it's about the tingles and chills that run down my spine as I think about her.

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Posted: Nov 13 2008, 10:09 PM


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Entry 3: I Do

Rated R for language

Elizabeth felt relief for the first time in months. She was in her studio, lying on the couch, in Jason’s arms, basking in the afterglow of an earth shattering lovemaking session. When Spinelli told her that Jason had been having an affaire with a Russian woman she was jealous but a part of her knew that he loved her and was faithful to her, even though they weren’t together. But she had to know for sure, so she called him to her studio and he came. She wasn’t sure he would, but she made it sound important and to her, it was. She had felt like her life had been slipping away from her and she wanted to take back the control. When she kissed Jason and he kissed her back, she couldn’t believe her luck. She led him to the couch and he pulled away but she brushed away his protestations and when she started kissing him again she felt him giving in to this attraction that never seemed to falter.

Even though she very much enjoyed sex with Jason her favourite moment was this moment, when their heartbeats had come back to a normal rhythm and they weren’t slaves to their passion anymore. But what she liked most was the way Jason opened up to her during these moments. He would tell her how he felt about her, or what was going on in his life. There were times when he didn’t even have to talk. His eyes told her everything. Even though she could read him well most of the time, in those moments he held nothing back and it gave her a rush like no other. She had been in love with him for so long that when he looked at her with affection, lust, love and possessiveness she wondered what she did to deserve it. But she didn’t dwell on it, Jason had the ability to help her stay in the moment with him and she loved it. When she was in his arms nothing else mattered, the entire world would just disappear. She didn’t have to worry about schedules and paying rent and doctor’s appointments for the boys because those things would simply vanish from her mind.

Jason was lying on the couch, his head on the armrest, and she half-lying on top of him, her head on his chest, right over his heart. She liked to listen to his heartbeat; it comforted her somehow. She wanted to stay in this moment, in this frame of mind for as long as she could but she knew that it was over when she heard Jason sigh. He had started thinking again and that was when they would start fighting about being together. She knew it was selfish of her to ask him to meet her and throw herself at him, but she was past the point of no return. Without him her life lacked meaning and she sometimes felt weak for giving into him and staying away like he asked.

“Elizabeth,” Jason started, but before he could finish his sentence Elizabeth raised herself on her elbow and pressed her fingers to his mouth.

“If you’re going to say we shouldn’t have done this,” she said, “so help me God,” but Jason shook his head and she took her fingers away.

“I was going to say that I’ve missed you,” he said, slowly running his hand through her hair. She loved the small touches that he seemed to make absentmindedly, as if they were an old couple who had been together for years and were used to constantly touching each other. Those couples probably didn’t even notice when the man would lead his wife with his hand on the small of her back, or when he would lightly rub her arm as they talked, but Elizabeth felt each and every touch to her core.

Jason shifted and sat up. Elizabeth had to follow him and rearranged the blanket so that it covered them. Jason turned toward her and laid his arm on the back of the couch, taking her hand in his. She looked at their joined hands and marvelled at how different they were. His thumb was softly going back and forth, caressing the back of her hand in what felt to her like the most intimate gesture.

Elizabeth looked into his eyes apprehensively and was relieved when she only saw love in them. “I love you,” he said.

“I know,” she replied.

“I haven’t stopped loving you because we’re not together,” he continued. “I miss you, I miss us, but I don’t care about me. Only your happiness matters and you say you’re not happy.”

“I don’t think I can do this anymore,” she started, tears automatically coming to her eyes, “being without you is too hard, a lot harder than I thought it would be, and it doesn’t get easier. I thought it would, I thought that with time I would be okay, but it’s been months and my feelings for you haven’t changed, it feels like they’ve only gotten stronger. I see you around all the time, we know the same people, we hang out at the same places, I know where you live, where you work, and it is really difficult for me to stay away.”

Jason nodded. His free hand lifted to her hair and he tucked a stray strand behind her ear. His hand slowly travelled down her arm and grasped her hand in his. He was still looking at her face, searching her eyes; she wasn’t sure for what exactly. She could tell that something was running around in his mind but that he didn’t know how to phrase it yet. But nothing could have prepared her for what came next.

“Let’s get married,” he said. Elizabeth’s eyes grew huge and she had to remind herself to breathe.

“How did you get from ‘we can’t see each other’ to ‘let’s get married’?” she asked.

“I love you so much, and I am committed to you. I proposed to you before… before Michael got shot and taking it back was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, because asking you to marry me felt so right,” he explained.

“Jason, I would marry you in a heartbeat, if I thought that that was what you really wanted, but I know it’s not. I know you’re not ready to take the risk to make our relationship public and claim Jake as your son.”

“And you’re right, I’m not ready. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get married,” he said.

Her eyebrows raised and he answered her implicit question, “we’ll get married, but we do it for us. No one has to know.” Elizabeth took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She was not yet convinced that it was right. “I never want you to doubt my love,” he continued, “and we’ll meet in secret, if you want. I won’t be able to get away as often as before and we’ll have to be extra careful, but I hope that one day my life will be safe enough that I can tell the whole world how much I love you, and the boys, but until then at least we’ll have this.”

One week later

Jason was making one last check around the house before Elizabeth was supposed to be there. There were two cars already parked in the driveway. Everything was set up inside, and he rounded the house to make sure everything was ready in the backyard as well. The patio was clear except for his two accomplices. He had never seen the woods look more beautiful: the leaves were red, orange, and gold and it more than justified his choice of location. It was 4:30 in the afternoon and the weather was warm for September. There were four coloured lanterns dangling from the roof and various unlit candles on the banister around the patio. If the wind fell he would be able to light them.

“That is the most freaking romantic thing I have ever seen,” said Diane with a dreamy look in her eyes.

“Thank you both for helping me set this up,” Jason said, looking at his lawyer and her “boyfriend” Max. Suddenly, Jason heard the gravel crackle under the weight of car tires. He took a deep breath, looked at his accomplices one last time and walked around the house to the driveway.

Elizabeth got out of the car and was surprised to see Jason meeting her in a suit. She immediately went to him and he took her in his arms, holding her closely then laying a kiss on the top of her head. He loosened his embrace and she took the opportunity to look inquisitively into his eyes. He seemed nervous and she couldn’t guess the reason.

“I have a surprise,” he said. Her smile widened. He took her hand in his and led her to the backyard. It surprised her because they hadn’t spent a lot of time there since they used to meet in the winter. She stopped suddenly when the patio came into view. She took in the candles, the lanterns, but most of all Diane and Max standing next to each other, smiling.

Jason turned around and hesitantly took a step toward her, searching her eyes to gauge her reaction. He saw surprise but no panic and this urged him to go forward with his plan. “I asked Diane to marry us,” he finally said. Elizabeth’s eyes widened, taking turns between looking at Jason and sending glances toward the couple on the patio. Her mouth opened, and closed, not a sound escaping her lips.

“I… I can’t get married in this!” she said, pointing her scrubs.

“Diane chose a dress; it’s waiting for you in the bedroom. We only do this if you’re ready,” he said. Her only response was to grin widely, walk toward the patio then inside the house, grabbing Diane along the way.

An hour later

He had imagined many times over the previous days what Elizabeth would look like as they got married, but in all of his fantasies he had forgotten one important detail: the look of love and trust she held in her eyes. That alone was enough to take his breath away. The wind had fallen and Jason had been able to light the candles. The sun was setting and he could not have picked a more perfect moment. It seemed that nature itself had been invited to the ceremony and had gotten dressed up for the occasion.

Diane started the ceremony but Elizabeth barely heard her. Her senses were on overload and her mind could not keep up. Jason looked wonderful in his dark suit and his hands were warm in hers. The artist in her could not believe all the colours that surrounded them. She knew she had a stupid grin plastered on her face but she could not care less. She couldn’t remember a time in her life when she had been this happy, or felt this special.

“Jason said that you might want to say your own vows,” Diane said, and Elizabeth nodded. “Jason, you may start.”

I'm telling the world here and now,
That I'm gonna love you and love you
I take this vow
You captured my heart
So long ago
Still there are some critical things
That you should know

“Sometimes, when I think back to when we met, I can’t believe the journey that we’ve taken together. We’ve been through so much and yet here we are. I don’t know what I did to deserve your friendship, your loyalty and your love but I feel like the luckiest man in the world every time I am around you. You make me feel special. I can’t promise you as many things as I wish I could, but I can promise you this: I will be faithful to you, and I will do my best to make sure that you are happy. I know it’s not much, I know you deserve more than that, but I don’t lose hope that one day, I’ll be able to make more promises to you in front of our families and friends. I love you.”

Do I give all I am, to be now and forever your man?
Do I take you to be, without question the woman for me
Do I promise you?
I do
Do I promise you?
I do, I Do

Diane smiled and blinked a few times to clear her eyes of the tears that were already forming. She knew that Max was already crying and she promised herself she would not give in until her duties were fulfilled.

“Elizabeth, your turn.”

This love has been worth, worth waiting for
'Cause love doesn't matter to me if it’s not yours
As we become one through and through
I dedicate all of my life to loving you

“It’s amazing to me that even with everything we’ve been through we’re still friends, even more. We are so different from the people who met at Jake’s that night, yet we are here today. That gives me faith that we will be able to overcome any obstacles that are in our future. I promise to be faithful to you, to let you protect me and my sons, and to make our time together count. I will never take our love for granted. Jason, I love you with everything I am, now and forever.”

Do I give all I am, to be now and forever your man?
Do I take you to be, without question the woman for me
Do I promise you?
I do
Do I promise you?
I do

They couldn’t exchange rings and quickly went through the I Do’s. Elizabeth was smiling through her tears and gave a silent thank to God for this perfect moment. When Diane pronounced them husband and wife, Elizabeth felt safe in the fact that she was legally tied to Jason. She and Jason would never be able to hold hands in public, but she liked the fact that she alone knew how she felt whenever she saw him. And now she would be able to tell herself, ‘he is mine.’ For now it was enough.

Song: I Do by Boyz II Men

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